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Found 113 results

  1. shadstarn

    Blogging word wrap ?

    why cant evernote sett a limit .. my lines can go forever and i cant read.. where is the word wrap effect? can someone help me?
  2. evernotesofarmeh

    PDF text in annotation is blurry

    Hi, I have been having trouble annotating pdf in evernote desktop. I can read the pdf text fine, but when I try to annotate it, the text becomes blurry. I have tried changing DPI scaling, disabling it. Nothing improved. I started this topic because I got no help after submitting a ticket a few days ago. Any suggestions?
  3. As a relative Evernote beginner, I'm trying to find an efficient way to add text to a Note in a different style (like in MS Word). Frequently, I would like to differentiate in a Note between my text and input from others. I have not found an easy, efficient and repeatable way to switch to different styles in Evernote. Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I have long notes and I have small notes. I see that I can only encrypt small note texts? I think we would love the LONG NOTES - ALL TEXT ENCRYPTION feature i.e., no matter how long the note is, we should be able to encrypt all the texts. LONG NOTE ALL THE TEXTS ENCRYPTION feature gives the peace of mind. Kindly consider this and you will have a LIFELONG PREMIUM customer. I like EverNote very much due to its smoothness Regards. Thanks in advance!
  5. Paste the following code into evernote and it creates a mystery link that goes to http://Comparator.comparingInt(String::length)).get().length(); final int longest = errors.stream().max(Comparator.comparingInt(String::length)).get().length(); Typing it in doesn't, though... only pasting.
  6. On Mac Evernote at the start of a blank line, type: a b c shift-left arrow (selects last character) cmd-c (copy) cmd-left arrow (moves to beginning of line) cmd-v (paste) cmd-z (undo) Result: instead of the cursor being at the beginning of the line before step 7, it is back at step 4 with "c" selected.
  7. You can do so much more with evernote. You can build a complete CRM and that is what we did. Yet, the problem ist that you write text and text about one issue and this section of your note gets longer and longer. Jumping to the next section of the note is difficult. How awesome would it be to put the long text block into one table THAT I CAN SCROLL UP AND DOWN, so I can skip the table easily when scolling the note OR I can dive deeper into the cal protocol. I already can scroll LEFT to RIGHT, so UP and DOWN must be possible too. Do you also wish for it?
  8. When copying/pasting text from another location into a note, there should be an easy way to erase or clear the formatting that travels with it (ie - size, font, bold, etc.) This is a feature on many word processing applications, and on google docs. Thanks!
  9. Hi! My understanding is there should be a way to use Evernote to read text back in a computer voice (so I can hear what I have written). However, I cannot for the life of me find it, and I have been looking. I can get my Windows PC to take dictation, no problem, except that is the exact opposite of what I am looking for and it's got nothing to do with Evernote, anyway. So, thoughts? Or at least sympathy? Many thanks, in advance.
  10. I'd love to be able to have presets normal text, Title, Subtitle, Header 1, etc etc the way that Google Docs does. I rely, heavily, on visual hierarchy when it comes to text content. As such I'm big on using Various sizes of text. It's a pain to constantly hit enter > change text size > change font weight. Would love this feature. Would be EVEN better if I could tag my note with a link to my Google Drive that would then create the document (in a folder you'd set up when creating the tag) and have two way sync. This way I can keep documentation in ONE place (since I'd rather have some stuff private).
  11. warten.jetzt@gmail.com

    Remove formatting

    While in the settings the text formatting is adjustable, there's no option in the text area to set everything to the default, or like in gmail "remove formatting".
  12. Hi everyone, So … I restarted using Evernote, mostly the web version, and here's my feedback: we are in 2017 and Evernote is one of the only apps I know that doesn't allow to apply styles or format text with headings and so on. IMO, it doesn't make sense. Even Google Docs allows some styles, or at least, allows to import/paste from word and maintain a few styles. Evernote does not. I kindly request the Evernote team to add this feature to your roadmap. I really want to keep using Evernote but I really need to use something better for my notes. Kind regards, pedr
  13. Hi: I am a huge EN fan and have been for years. the recent update to 8.0 is great, save one critical issue: Several notes will not display the text/body of a note. The headline / name appears, but where the body of the nte should show, all it shows is "Start writing." Oddly, the body of these notes shows in the EN app for Mac, and also in the snippet of the nte in card view on iOS. I use a notebook named Call & Mtg Notes for work each day. I now have 5 notes I need in the coming week for remote meetings and need to see the body of the note on my iPad. Anyone having similar issue? Anyone learned of a fix? Many thanks -- MM1
  14. How can I prevent Evernote from interpreting host names in pasted plain text as URLs? I have disabled the option "Note -> Automatically format text elements" in an attempt to preserve the original text as best I can, but URLs are still created. Also, how can I clear large numbers of URLs from existing pasted plain text? Neither "Simplify Formatting" nor "Remove Formatting" (as suggested in the below forum post) will remove the URLs. I can right click each one and remove the individual URL, but in a list containing several hundred such URLs, that gets pretty old pretty fast. Post that suggests remove formatting:
  15. Any thoughts on adding footnoting functionality?
  16. It’s nice that if one holds down the backspace delete button for a few seconds it goes faster. Problem is, that it can be too fast, deleting text I want to keep. Evernote needs an undo button or some way to undo the last bits accidentally deleted. Plus the choices within your support ticket fields are too limited.
  17. xuv224

    Font Size Changing

    On a regular text note, the font size keeps changing. I start a note on my phone, it starts with a medium font size. Then, in order for me to write more letters on one line of text and the inavailability of a font size button in the Android Evernote app, I use a desktop to open the note, then change the font size to i.e. size 12. Then, when that note is opened the next time on the Android phone, the font size stays at that smaller size, but only until I copy and paste text within that note. Once it gets pasted anywhere else in the document the text size changes to even bigger that it was when originally created on that Android (Galaxy S8+) phone. The same issue has been there for many years and all Android devices tested. A screenshot showing these 3 different font sizes is attached. I would like all the text to stay at the smaller size, but that is not possible on an Android phone. And the lack of a font size selection button means a continous need of a dekstop computer to re-format the text to smaller font. Such a very simple function (font size) has been available on every computer since 25 years ago and it hard to believe that Evernote has so many features, but yet lacks this very basic text formatting possibility.
  18. First Problem About Font: I really hate the Evernote app. If there's one strong alterantif, I won't use Evernote again. Now, in the "Evernote Web" app, some 12 of my notes seem to have been prepared in 14 fonts. When I look through the Windows app, it all looks like it's written in 12. This program is really freaking out. All my buddies complain about similar problems. I don't want to do any more experiments. Please make an update hurry. Second Problem About Font: This is definitely a bug. It's a matter of update, believe me. I wrote in the table, tried it in the new note, or wrote it in the ongoing paragraph. The problem is that the "Evernote iphone" program appears to have a font size of 12 when the small font is set. In fact, the Evernote installed on the computer has a size of 10 fonts, but the phone says it's like it's written at 12. How did I know that? I tried in order. When I set up 12 font sizes in Windows Evernote then there's no problem. Because the little typecharacter from the phone adapts immediately to it. But if we make one step smaller, it doesn't matter 11 or 12. Then again it seems as if the iphone is writing at 12. Well, it doesn't actually say 12, but it's the way it looks. Like the photo I had before. I say it's a little complicated, but I can tell you there's no other way. * Windows Evernote If font 10 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 but it actually writes with 10 (when l look at pc). * Windows Evernote If font 11 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 but actually it is written with 11 (when l look at pc). * Windows Evernote If font 12 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 and it really writes with 12. Third Problem About Font: I erased Evernote and seduced him on the phone and on my computer. The writings came in the size of 10 fonts and the character "Segoe UI". Everything is normal. However, I enter a note from the phone (you can see from the enclosed photos) and see how big it looks from other posts. At first, I thought you were writing a different size font. But when I go through the computer and look at it (the yellow mark) I see that it's a font that's 10 written on it that's not different from the others. But it looks like it's still bigger on the phone. This is seriously disturbing. I hope I can be descriptive. I'm sorry for my bad English, by the way. My native language is not English. Finally: This is literally rude and disrespectful. I'm a "premium" user. There are millions of "plus" and "premium" Users like me, which means "Evernote" makes millions of dollars a year, thanks to us. And what does he do for our problems? I have almost 100 emails about this "font size problem". They're stalling you with Mail traffic. Everyone is turning on each other. No results. Why can't I get a quality service from my premium purchase? The only thing Evernote needs is a rival. He acts like a spoiled little boy, Evernote. All they need is a strong opponent.
  19. When annotating a pdf its not possible to vary the font size of text. That really poor. Moreover it should be possible to choose other font characters beside the one with the light shadow.
  20. Hi There When I type I always bold some keyword or phrases in my text. When I have finished typing I go through every piece of bolded text and change the colour of the text this helps me with memory. I there any way this can be done automatically
  21. Hi folks, At this moment in time, I have two devices with Evernote. One iPad Air2 and one Samsung Tab S 10,5. I wanted to use the sync feature between the two, because my main device have a broken LCD screen (I mean, the device itself works, not the screen) but I’m totally unable to sync and find ‘quick notes’ or any saved simple text notes (from one device to another), all I see it’s only one note from a booknote, but nothing about quick text notes and such text (only) notes (since I’m unable to say how I organized these notes imside the software, because the app organized the notes itself (not like a PC nor a Macintosh where you create and organize folders yourself as you wish, and where you want, here with Evernote, it’s a proprietary and closed structure of all your Evernote datas, as I understand) So, do I have any chance to resurect the missing notes from the Samsung through my iPad, from the web or/and from a PC/Mac as the app is able and supposed to do? It’s text files only, after all... If I go for an upgrade version of Evernote (Plus or Premium), does that sync will works way back (without the need of a new configuration on both devices, by the nature and the structuration of datas inside the app itself, as promised by the 'sync' feature)? Best Regards. Loom
  22. Boris_89

    Formatting text in the notes

    Hello i'm writing to ask some things, sorry for my english. I have some request; 1. when i'm importing a text in the note, i would like that with one click of 1 botton i apply a styke that i choosed for my note ( style of the character, height of the text ecc). So that i do not change every box to format my text. 2 . i would like that in evernot there will be more stacks in one original stack. ( more folder in one stack). so that i can organice better my files and notes 3. i would like to make a link of one of the my notes on my computer desktop. So that i don't have to open every time evernote and search my note 8it's a waste of time) Thant's if some one respond and i hope the tecnichans will work on this points.
  23. qax

    Copy Format

    The function "copy format" for text like in word or pages (style copy) would be fine. If I copy content out of other sources it is way to much effort to format the text like I want to have it. It would be way easier if I could copy the format of existing text in a note to other text in the same note.
  24. Milli


    Back in the day, you used to be able to pinch zoom a note and the text would get bigger but remain within the window width. I believe this is called 'Autoflow'. Nowadays when you pinch zoom the text runs off the right side of the window and you have to scroll over, down, and back, over, down, and back to read with larger text. Needless to say, annoying. I found this old thread on the topic, but it is dead and has not been acknowledged by the Evernote team. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50402-page-autoflow-not-working/ It seems that Evernote Android is using an outdated WebView component which is the core of the problem. I would really like Autoflow to be repaired so I can read comfortably. If anybody has any information on fixing this or has their own experience with Autoflow working please let me know.
  25. When I try to enter text into a text note, the input is completely bizarre. The background will sometimes flash black, or the line I'm editing will flash black and text over and over again. I've looked around, but noone else seems to have this problem. This is on my Android tablet version 5.1. Sorry: Example steps: 1) Open text note 2) Move cursor right 3) Wait Expected: Just the flashing cursor Seen: Flashing text AND cursor, with text flashing all black and momentary text on white background