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Found 110 results

  1. Copy Format

    The function "copy format" for text like in word or pages (style copy) would be fine. If I copy content out of other sources it is way to much effort to format the text like I want to have it. It would be way easier if I could copy the format of existing text in a note to other text in the same note.
  2. Formatting text in the notes

    Hello i'm writing to ask some things, sorry for my english. I have some request; 1. when i'm importing a text in the note, i would like that with one click of 1 botton i apply a styke that i choosed for my note ( style of the character, height of the text ecc). So that i do not change every box to format my text. 2 . i would like that in evernot there will be more stacks in one original stack. ( more folder in one stack). so that i can organice better my files and notes 3. i would like to make a link of one of the my notes on my computer desktop. So that i don't have to open every time evernote and search my note 8it's a waste of time) Thant's if some one respond and i hope the tecnichans will work on this points.
  3. Please implement a way for paragraph lines to be shorter. It's a pain reading long texts when width adapts to window size. Also, allowing for line-height adjustments on the Font settings would make the reading/writing experience a LOT better. Typography at Bear and Dropbox paper are two amazing examples of attention to this kind of detail.
  4. Text Font Color

    Hello everyone, One of the usages of Evernote is to add HTML code snippets and use them as references and so everything works fine expect when I apply font color to highlight some of the text. Thing is, on mobile it breaks immediately and its all over the place. Is this normal? Thank you.
  5. Please add wildcard searches, even at the beginning of a search term. Searching for *eschäfts* should return Geschäftsführer At present it is impossible to add wildcards at the beginning of a searchterm. You can not search for *eschäftsführer You only can search for Geschäftsfüh* which will lead to the correct result Geschäftsführer Looking forward to this feature! Best regards from the north of Germany. Michael
  6. On a regular text note, the font size keeps changing. I start a note on my phone, it starts with a medium font size. Then, in order for me to write more letters on one line of text and the inavailability of a font size button in the Android Evernote app, I use a desktop to open the note, then change the font size to i.e. size 12. Then, when that note is opened the next time on the Android phone, the font size stays at that smaller size, but only until I copy and paste text within that note. Once it gets pasted anywhere else in the document the text size changes to even bigger that it was when originally created on that Android (Galaxy S8+) phone. The same issue has been there for many years and all Android devices tested. A screenshot showing these 3 different font sizes is attached. I would like all the text to stay at the smaller size, but that is not possible on an Android phone. And the lack of a font size selection button means a continous need of a dekstop computer to re-format the text to smaller font. Such a very simple function (font size) has been available on every computer since 25 years ago and it hard to believe that Evernote has so many features, but yet lacks this very basic text formatting possibility.
  7. Part of the text is not preserved, we need help, here is the log file
  8. Blogging word wrap ?

    why cant evernote sett a limit .. my lines can go forever and i cant read.. where is the word wrap effect? can someone help me?
  9. EN hangs when editing a note

    I often create notes in other apps (Word, Bean, textedit) and then bring them into EN. Then I may do some further editing as I use the info. I find that if it is a larger note (200-300KB), after I input an edit, the app will hang. It may last for a second or up to 15 sec. This does not affect the other running apps. Any idea on how to get around this problem?
  10. After taking a photo of a page of text with my iPhone, how can I process the photo of said page in order to extract the highlighted area of the text as a note using (EN) for Mac?
  11. After taking a photo of a page of text with my iPhone, how can I process the photo of said page in order to extract the highlighted area of the text as a note using (EN) for Mac?
  12. iOS Accessiblity

    I wish Evernote would respect the accessibility settings in iOS for text size. I've had to squint for years using Evernote. I've resorted to writing my notes in iOS Mail.
  13. Black flashing bar over input

    When I try to enter text into a text note, the input is completely bizarre. The background will sometimes flash black, or the line I'm editing will flash black and text over and over again. I've looked around, but noone else seems to have this problem. This is on my Android tablet version 5.1. Sorry: Example steps: 1) Open text note 2) Move cursor right 3) Wait Expected: Just the flashing cursor Seen: Flashing text AND cursor, with text flashing all black and momentary text on white background
  14. As much as you can change the default font and size, I think it would add a lot of functionality and customisation potential to the Evernote editor if you could change more defaults. Some that come to mind, Default font type and size for code blocks Default highlighter colour (linked to this idea)
  15. I am baffled by the Match Style Paste on Mac, as my formatting is no longer retained. I am Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.4 and I did a routine software update today. Yesterday, anytime I pasted from any source (specifically Chrome content), I could see the format of clipboard with a simple command + V (no shift) after copying. Today I am pasting from my clipboard and the formatting is not "matched." I tried Paste Match Style from Edit menu, the shortcut command + shift + V ... I even tried fiddling with "simplify format," to see if I had "toggled" a setting ... nothing. Frustrated by the lack of consistent behavior, and lack of any defaults or setting adjustments in Preferences. Did something happen after the software update? Or was some account setting altered after I used the app on android? Can anyone help, or provide an update on this issue? Is it a known bug? Thanks!
  16. Hi everyone. I'd really like to see a possibility to add text zones next to images (as seen in Word), as it is really useful to build compact notes without empty places and thus saves paper. As a uni student, I have to take screenshots or images from the classes and it would really allow a more practical layout. Also, I'd like to see an option to visualize while taking notes where the A4 page would end in order to anticipate the printing phase. Adding an option such as: see with lines or some kind of editable preview would make Evernote so much more functional as a student note app.
  17. I think an important feature is to disable the automatic OCR function in imported pictures. I have many old documents, which are systematically misread by Evernote, and I am not able to make a proper search with this software because it all gets messed up
  18. Drop-down color selector would be great. It's a bit cumbersome to highlight text, click the color icon, select the color, then close the color window. I'd like to see a drop-down where I click once, it shows my saved colors, and when i click one, it goes away.
  19. Hey guys! I was using evernote the other day on my tablet and was using an input method in which the base of the screen was a white space that i could write on with my stylus and that converted the written words into proper text and punctuation up top on the page. I went back to do so again today and just can't figure out how it is i got to that particular tool. Every other method i come across is strictly the handwritten way that doesn't convert to text. Please help!
  20. When selecting some portion of text for overtyping with new information, Evernote 6.10 often simply ignores the previous selection, and inserts the new material before the selection, causing typographical errors in the resultant document. This is absolutely unexpected behaviour, and simply adds to editing frustration. Whenever I try to replicate this behaviour, I am not able to consistently replicate. However, mostly, it seems to occur, when having typed something, I choose to replace this with new information. My steps in maOS Sierra are: Type some information, half a dozen characters are all that is necessary, Makes difference whether bullets or normal paragraph Hold SHIFT + COMMAND and press Left Arrow to select entire line, OR, hold SHIFT + OPTION and press Left Arrow to select by words With text highlighted, now enter replacement text. NOTICE: The previous information remains, and is preceded by the new information without any adjoining space. Evernote for iOS does not exhibit this behaviour, but operates exactly as expected, overtyping the selected material with the new information.
  21. Hi there, I'm finding it very time consuming, when creating notes, to format everything properly. I created a page to copy formats from for this: Section Header Sub Header Mini Header Regular Text Definition, name of something, foreign word or meaning, quotes Edits or removed text Side Notes Strong, emphasis Warning Text External Link $ Code Block Unordered List Ordered List Todo The thing though, is it's still a lot of work to format notes as I go even though I have this note ready to copy stuff. It would be nice to be able to set predefined styles such as a section header, so I can just highlight text, go up to the toolbar and click 'Styles', and then in the dropdown select 'h1', where h1 is the name of the style I created. Thanks! Brett
  22. Hi everyone, So … I restarted using Evernote, mostly the web version, and here's my feedback: we are in 2017 and Evernote is one of the only apps I know that doesn't allow to apply styles or format text with headings and so on. IMO, it doesn't make sense. Even Google Docs allows some styles, or at least, allows to import/paste from word and maintain a few styles. Evernote does not. I kindly request the Evernote team to add this feature to your roadmap. I really want to keep using Evernote but I really need to use something better for my notes. Kind regards, pedr
  23. Hi: I am a huge EN fan and have been for years. the recent update to 8.0 is great, save one critical issue: Several notes will not display the text/body of a note. The headline / name appears, but where the body of the nte should show, all it shows is "Start writing." Oddly, the body of these notes shows in the EN app for Mac, and also in the snippet of the nte in card view on iOS. I use a notebook named Call & Mtg Notes for work each day. I now have 5 notes I need in the coming week for remote meetings and need to see the body of the note on my iPad. Anyone having similar issue? Anyone learned of a fix? Many thanks -- MM1
  24. Hello folks, Firstly, I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this post but as it has to do with the desktop app I assumed it was. Mods, feel free to move it if need be. I use the Evernote desktop to write first drafts of posts for my website. Once I'm happy with them I then copy the posts over to the website's post creator. However, in the copy/paste process some, if not all, of the formatting is lost. I'm just wondering if there is a way to ensure that this doesn't happen? I understand that it could be because I am copy/ pasting that I'm losing this, but I figured there is no harm in asking, right? Cheers.
  25. When annotating a pdf its not possible to vary the font size of text. That really poor. Moreover it should be possible to choose other font characters beside the one with the light shadow.