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Found 29 results

  1. Javiervall

    ¿Any Productivity Templates?

    Hi there! i´d like to know if there is any template designed specifically for plannig and tracking one´s productivity. For example, imagine you are doing a proyect in your company and you have to finish tasks every day or in a specific date. I´ve seen that some websites like basecamp or trello, have a very good and attractive desings for planning your actions, but so far i haven´t found a similar way in evernote, or at least a simple one. If anyone could tell me whether i can find templates or how i could organize my proyects it would be very helpful Thank very much Javier
  2. lisajolley11

    Duplicate Notes?

    Hello, Is there is a way to duplicate notes, without copying and pasting the content of the note into a new note? Example: I publish a small, local magazine. I am keeping all of my editorial in Evernote, until I am ready to compile to publish for a particular month. There are standard articles that I use for every issue, every month. Each of these articles has a specific header (title of the note) and a structured template with designer notes and footnotes. It would be quite helpful to be able to create a template notebook, and each month copy all of the standard article notes to that month's notebook so I have them all there ready to work on with their specific footnotes, etc. Right now I am utilizing the copy and paste method, but still have to re-type the note's title each time. I'm hoping that I am just missing an easy way to complete this task. If not, please add as an upcoming feature!
  3. Hi, I would like to introduce my app Klevernote. In a nutshell, klevernote is a productivity app that combines the power of a personal database with the simplicity of a note-taking app. Klevernote uses note templates to make note-taking a breeze. Templates are a collection of fields (think of web forms) that are organized to record any kind of information. Klevernote send your notes to Evernote so your records are always on the cloud. Examples of things you can do with Klevernote: Track your collections (cards, stamps, sneakers, you name it!) Track expenses Keep records of your customers Jot down your ideas .. And much more! Brief Highlights: 13 kinds of fields for your Evernote templates: Text, Draw, On/Off Switcher, List, Photo, Video, Voice, Date, Location, Video, Emotion, Weather Supports background posting Save notes as draft and post them later Text editor with shortcuts and customisable snippets Prepend or append contents to a note in the full version Supports Text Expander Note history, check the content of already sent notes Powerful note search Template reminders Backup and restore templates with iCloud And many more features will be added soon! Coming soon: Evernote sync (modify notes already sent to Evernote), Dropbox sync, template passcodes, more kinds of fields, etc. Please do check it out and let me know what you think! Link to Klevernote in the app store. Thanks! Fran
  4. I am a tech manager for a small school with about 170 students. I am working on a digital planner for them that I am creating in my Evernote account. Here is my basic question: I have to share this notebook (with literally hundreds of notes) to the entire student body to use as their own planner. At first I thought I would share the notebook with each of them, then explain to the students how to copy all the notes into another notebook that the student owns. But there has to be a better way. Evernote publishes templates that individuals can add to their own notebooks and then populate, edit, or fill out as needed. I tried to publish my notebook, but when I opened the published link in another Evernote account that I own, the notes in the notebook were locked and I couldn't add them to a different notebook or otherwise edit them. I have a Premium account, which is where I'm doing my basic testing and publishing/sharing, as well as a free account under another email address. So what am I missing? Thanks, Barbara
  5. All--I can't imagine I'm the only one looking for this but does anyone have a Notebook set up as a "note a day" with simple annotations like: appointments, journal, follow up? I would like to download an Evernote Notebook for 2017 or next year that lets me download my daily schedule from my google calendar and then let me annotate that daily summary.
  6. Freddi

    Line width (rule)

    Hi, Re: Penultimate I would like to change the line width on the ruled paper template so I can write more on a page. There's a "kids" version that has a wider rule, but it would be nice to have a lined template choice that has a smaller rule (lines that are closer together). It would be great if Penultimate could create new templates with more lines on a page or, better yet, give a user the option to individually adjust line width on the fly or as an adjustment in settings. Anyone else want this? Found a workaround? Am I just being overly-particular? Thanks! ~Freddi
  7. I've made an AppleScript for creating a new note from a template. You can choose a template from a pop up list of template notes which are stored in a single template notebook. You can then choose where (in which existing notebook) to place the new note. Next you can enter a title for your new note. The script can insert a date/time stamp into your note. You can configure the name of the template notebook (default '_templates') and the value of the template tag (default 'template'). The new note can be configured to open in an existing EN window or in its own window. You can view the code here. The script is attached. I hope you'll find this script usefull. Please comment. evernote_new_note_from_template.scpt.zip
  8. When I spend a lot of time making a matrix or table of so many rows and columns of fixed widths to make copies of, to then fill in the blank cells, the "Fixed Content" formatted cells should be able to be locked so that when I reopen them on the Desktop version (Mac OS) or the Smartphone version (iOS) they all are identical (isn't that the whole idea bending cross platform support??) and the formatting that I have painstakingly created is not only retained, but also locked and unable to be changed, and only the blank cells can have text entered into them. Perhaps Im expecting a Note taking app to act like a input accepting forms application or database input form, but whats the point of being able to create Tables when they end up all screwed up every time you open them? I've been told to make them shared notes, but I am not sharing anything with anybody, I am the sole user. If that will fix the problem great, but what a kludge solution begging for a better solution. I've been told to use Excel or Word to create the Tables. So why have a Table making function if it doesnt work, effectively making a a beta tester of the Table functionality?
  9. If anyone is interested I just published a blog post on this. Hope it's useful to someone! http://bit.ly/1eXUKXn -- Cheers Mark
  10. (iOS) copy and pasting of images from Evernote App to Apple Mail App causes the images to be missing from the recipient's end. It's not an Apple Mail issue, because Evernote stores the images in iOS differently, i've checked with other Evernote users, and are experiencing same issues. Please advise
  11. Is there a way to create a default note template in EN? For example, I like to have a simple table with several rows and columns. That way I can keep track of activity of a project. I hate copy and pasting every time I have a new project. Also, if there is a way to do this, is it possible to take an email which is sent to the evernote email address and either 1) have the email put into the template (so the table is somewhere in the note) or 2) add certain text to the top or bottom of the new note...all automatically? Thinking there must be a registry edit or template somewhere? My thinking is similar to Normal.dot startup file in Microsoft Word. Thanks!
  12. After setting up a Bullet Journal in an Evernote Moleskein notebook, it struck me that I was missing the boat, and should just build a Bullet Journal notebook in Evernote. To do so, I need a monthly log template. Before I create one, does anybody have one to share?
  13. I'm happy to announce the launch of a brand new resource for support and learning, the Evernote Help Center. We've reconfigured/edited/updated all of our content, improved search, added additional learning areas, and generally made everything more functional. We think you'll dig it. The new site is at: https://help.evernote.com/ Check out the new templates section as well as the tips and tutorials section. In particular, let us know: What other templates you would like to see: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/sections/200930137-Templates What other tips you'd like to see: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/categories/10681-Tips-TutorialsAll feedback is appreciated. Speaking of feedback... One other notable improvement is the "was this helpful" selection at the bottom of every article. If you find an article useful (or not) tell us. We'll use your votes to calibrate and update content.
  14. Birdforms form templates are standalone and for use with Evernote. Perfect looking forms that look exact within your Evernote account as well. SIGN UP: http://login.birdform.com http://www.birdforms.com
  15. I am switching from Ask Sam to Evernote. In Ask Sam, there is a phone call log template that when opened, lets me write down the name, phone number of the person I am calling, and then the date, time and duration of the call are automatically entered into the form. Then I can type notes during my call, including several pages if it is a long call and then save the file. I can then enter follow up actions including the date to make a return call etc. I can store and search the call logs by name or date or topic etc. The same note taking system can be used for meeting notes etc. How do I do this with Evernote? Is there a built in form for this that does the same thing as the Ask Sam call log I just described? And while we are at it - are there other built in forms templates that can be used? Unless there is either a template system or a work around - I do not see what value evernote has -is there a way to do this or do a work around? Thanks, Rob25
  16. Birdforms

    Form Templates

    WWW.BIRDFORMS.COM | Form Templates / Evernote!!! Please sign up for free at Birdforms.com. This is "Early Access" and the full site is not yet complete. However, you may utilize our "Free" form templates! Link your Evernote account and start sending our beautiful looking "Free" form templates directly into your Evernote account. They look GREAT! Please sign up and give us feedback. The full web site as well mobile & desktop apps are currently in process. PLEASE JOIN US! Thank you. PS: Yes, when the website is complete you will have the ability to upload or build your own "custom forms" and send them directly into Evernote with ease. Please check us out!
  17. Birdforms

    Form Templates

    WWW.BIRDFORMS.COM | Form Templates / Evernote!!! Please sign up for free at Birdforms.com. This is "Early Access" and the full site is not yet complete. However, you may utilize our "Free" form templates! Link your Evernote account and start sending our beautiful looking "Free" form templates directly into your Evernote account. They look GREAT! Please sign up and give us feedback. The full web site as well mobile & desktop apps are currently in process. PLEASE JOIN US! Thank you. PS: Yes, when the website is complete you will have the ability to upload or build your own "custom forms" and send them directly into Evernote with ease. Please check us out!
  18. Hello all! I'm new to EverNote. I'm hoping to be able to use this to make a nature journal. This would consist of a photo or photos of an object with a place for notes such as location, habitat, species, description,etc. First of all, can I do this with Evernote (by creating a notebook?)? Second question is, since these would be sections that would repeat on each item page, can you make a template so you do not have to keep typing in those subheadings on every page? I'm hoping this can be a reference journal I can keep with me during my explorations. Thanks for any suggestions to accomplish this. --EverPAK
  19. I just recently wrote this article on Lifehacker on how to Create Desktop Shortcuts to Your Favorite Evernote Notes and Tags. I know you can use command line to do even more than just saved searches -- e.g. creating new notes with certain tags, etc. But I'm not sure what that looks like. In the example pictured above, I add the following code to the end of the "Target" field in the desktop shortcut: showNotes /q "notebook:Lists"If I was to create a desktop shortcut to create a new note with a given tag, what would that syntax look like? where would I put it? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi Evernote designers. I use Evernote for my Art Department Crew as a breakdown. Everyone in my crew has always the same information. It works great! I make a note for every location we are planning to shoot. In every note I use a kind of formattted index, which I copy to every new note. The index includes space for: scenes, locationpictures, scripttext, construction, messurements of locations, maps of the location etc etc. Would it be possible to make Evernote work better with some kind of templates you can design yourself? It also would help me a lot if you could use a kind of a tabstructure within a note, because my notes are very very long in the end. But maybe I'm asking to much? Alfred
  21. I'm currently using Toodledo as my task manager but really want to try to get everything into EN so been thinking about how to best bring my tasks over to EN. I'm thinking about creating a dedicated task notebook and making each task or project an individual note but using a standard task template so I can have my most-used fields from TD and they will also be searchable. (Considering using tags...not sure yet.) I like the idea of tables for consistency but we all know the table formatting is somewhat limited and I also wanted to bring in some color to EN. Just to mess around, I took a daily printable "to do" sheet I had previously created in Excel and played with the formatting to see if I could get something decent to work in Evernote. The result is attached and I gotta say, I'm actually pretty happy with it. Note that I just did this tonight so haven't played with it too much to see if it will be functional for the long term (y'know, 'cause the tables can be wonky and I've already found some things I need to be careful of). One thing that I really like the idea of is that I can use note links to link a task or item on this note to the detailed note that the task or item lives in (e.g., the "Keurig K-Cups" note link under "BUY" links to my note that contains a list of favorite flavors). One thing I'd like to share is that I found a bit of a hack to get decent formatting results. Copying from Excel into EN doesn't work at all. A few people mentioned copying from Excel to Word to EN and I found that worked BUT the row height got stretched out and I didn't like it. So...I copied from Excel to Word, from Word to a blank Gmail, then from Gmail to EN and got the end result that you see; I then added in the checkboxes manually. I recognize this three-step process is sort of a PITA but I'm essentially just creating one blank note template that I'll then copy over and over each time I want to make a new note from it. (Kinda don't get exporting/importing templates to/from my computer...the whole point to me is to have everything immediately accessible within EN...not on the hard drive of a PC I may or may not be sitting in front of?!) And lastly, by tweaking and adjusting the column widths in Excel, once the table was finally pasted into EN I got it to just about fit perfectly across the width of my phone's screen when in landscape mode so no scrolling left or right. So...pretty pleased with my little experiment and look forward to playing more and eventually freeing up one pinned tab (TD) on Chrome! Also, have to give props to GrumpyMonkey for inspiring this colorful idea by sharing his colored background EN templates. Thank you GM! Images: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s37/nl/3991498/53075c38-c70d-4354-9d39-1a4687817a93
  22. Add functionality that allows users to create a template. For example, if users find themselves constantly creating new notes that have the same format, they can create a template so they do not have to structure the new note every time.
  23. guymanstuff

    Groups of Tags

    Maybe this already exists in Evernote ..or maybe not; if not I'd like it to be a feature request. So the idea is that when I am working with things in Evernote there are certain types of information that I enter that get the same tags. For instance, manuals for products I am doing development with get organized in my Evernote account. Sometimes that kind of product gets repeated by the same manufacturer and so I'd like most of the tags to be the same except for 1 or 2. Well it would be nice if I could add the bulk of those tags to a group which I could then apply to my note and it would just drop most of those tags in without my having to type all of them in every time. We can think of it as a custom template or even a tag for the tags. Cheers
  24. Hello. I know that many people request template functionality. I badly needed it too for I decided to create my Farley file. I tried KustomNote and quite a few other things; it seems to me I managed to find a solution that is comfortable enough for me. I didn't try it at Mac; it definitely works on my Windows 7 computer. Here we go: 1) Create a template (ehrm, I mean a post that you'd want to use as a template. For instance, post that contains a list of meetings, names of attendees and so on) 2) Drag and drop it to your Desktop. 3) Chances are that you can't run it. Right click, Open, choose Browse and select Evernote. It typically placed by setup program at you Program Files (x86)/Evernote/Evernote folder. 4) Now you have a template at your Desktop with a neat elephant. Double-click it. 5) Here we are. You've just added it to your default notebook. You can also pin it to your taskbar. Right click on an elephant icon and choose your template to create it. Hope it helps.
  25. stefan@willinet.ch


    Hi I'm already using evernote and it is really useful. I mainly use it for meeting minutes and therefore we have several preformatted (tables) templates. It would be very useful to have the possibility to setup those templates and when creating a new note beeing able to choose the template. Any enhancement planned towards templates? thanks stefan