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  1. Hi, I'm sorry, been using Evernote for ages but can't find the tags on my iPhone Evernote for IOS. I've been told this is the way to go now "Tags" and not Notebooks but for some reason can't find them in Evernote IOS for iPhone
  2. A wish list, I guess. I clip a lot of stories, articles, reviews – for research, or the basis for further work. This involves subsequent organization into overlapping and constantly developing areas of interest. I find myself wanting to be able to do two things: 1. Highlight and annotate text in notes. I know you can do this with pdfs, but I wish I could highlight text selections or add comments to things in notes – much in the way I might use a highlighter in a physical book or notebook, or scribble some comment in the margin. 2. Add the same new tag to multiple notes. My areas of interest overlap. I notice a connection between tag A and tag B. They're separate things, but there's an overarching relationship, so I want to add a tag C. Instead of opening all the notes with tag and tag B singly, and adding the new tag to each of them, I wish I could do this with a single action. Or two actions. Search for notes with tag A, add tag C to every note on the whole list of results. Same with tag B.
  3. The company i work for develops a note/research management system which provides an option to the clients to sync their notes to Evernote and vice versa. Hence, the system relies heavily on the Evernote api. So when the user syncs for the first time, we fetch all his notes, save them into our system and store the time at which this sync was done. In the following iterations, we fetch all the notes updated/created by the user after the last sync time stored in our system, using the NoteFilter provided by Evernote. In the existing architecture of Evernote, suppose the user adds tags to a note without modifying the content of the note, in this case we are unable to fetch this particular note using the note filter since the updated for this note isnt modified (Since, Updated for a note doesnt get modified on addition of tags to a note) . Any solutions/ work arounds for this particular problem will be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Greg Brodsky Jan 26, 09:24 PST Hi team, I wanted to give you feedback that the way you have modified search is actually slowing me down within Evernote. When I enter search terms, the search box it now defaults to a search within that note book. notebook: (notebook:Finance will only search for notes within the 'Finance' notebook.) . However it really slows me down because I often use search to navigate, and now I have to delete the notebook before I can search for what I want. (also sometimes I think a note is gone, when really it just isnt in that notebook). I appreciate what you were trying to do defaulting a search to within a notebook, but it is really ***** a lot of us up. If search were slow, then we would want to search within a default notebook, but its not slow. So please provide an easier way to turn that default notebook on or off within the settings. thanks Greg Brodsky (premium plan and long time user) gregbrodsky@gmail.com
  5. This may not be news to power users, but I just discovered that Evernote will add tags from my search to a new note! If I put this into my search box: tag:MyTag The results show all notes tagged MyTag. If I do not clear the search box, but immediately click the New Note icon, Evernote opens a new, blank note in my default notebook. The MyTag tag is added! Is there a list of other neat tricks like this? I wonder what other time-savers I've never seen. Cheers, Mitch
  6. Can't add tags while using web

    Can't add tags while using web Given the "not responding" problems using the Windows app, I'm exploring using Evernote on the web. Help https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314388 says "At the top right of the note, click inside the 'New tag...' field at the top of the note, then enter your tag(s), or select an existing tag." However, when I click "New tag ..." nothing happens. Screenshot below. Any ideas?
  7. Hello When I started with evernote, I didn't study well how to organize notebooks and tags. So i did it a little bit spontaneous, as much people do. As a result, i have a lot of unusefull tags and i have notebooks who should be tags. After a few months i understand I have to reorganize my notebooks and tags. I have a lott of notes and a lot of tags, when i must do this, note by note and tag by tag this is impossible for me. For the notebooks, it is not a problem since it is easy to take all the notes in a notebook and put it in another notebook.in one action. But for the tags it is a big problem. It should be possible to give a same tag to many notes in one action and not note by note. It should also be usefull to delete many tags with one move or to give many tags the same name in one move. It should be a great help for me if someone has tips for me, how to do this, thanks for answering, Tony
  8. Dear all, I have a very simple request: To switch from the title of the note to the tags field by using <tab> Right now both <tab> and <enter> take you from the title to the body of the note, skipping the tags field on the windows or mac client. I know that the shortcut <ctrl>+<alt>+<T> does bring up the tags but as a pop up field.
  9. Hi, I've been having an issue with Evernote's Outlook 2016 Clipper for the past week. The tags don't appear to sync from the Outlook Clipper to Evernote. Everthing else appears to sync ok (contents of email, title, notebook), but none of the tags are syncing up. I've made sure that I was signed in correctly. I've reinstalled evernote and the outlook clipper. Still doesn't work. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions on what can be done?
  10. Problem Scenario A: I am editing tags on notes. I accidentally delete the tag from the note I’m editing… it’s the one from the search filter, So pOofff! the note disappears. I don't remember the titles if it was multiple notes. The same happens when I remove a word from a note, when having a search filter active for that word. Problem Scenario B: I restore a note from the trash: it disappears from the Trash can screen: I have to search for it again. -> it also does not show up in ‘recent notes’ in the sidebar! -> ‘Undo’ does not undo the action! (like many actions that I would like to be able to undo, in Evernote.) Or at least create a way to keep the ‘disappeared' note available in the screen, like in a mall popup on the side. Please please please, let ‘Undo’ just undo this. Related request: make the ‘recent notes’ list more sensitive, so it really lists all notes that were touched. Including the ones I only removed an innocent tag from. The way it is now, I have to kiss a note and stroke its hair before it shows up there. And please provide the option to let that list get as long as I want it. Hell, give me access to the full memory of the notes edited or clicked in any way. Thanks you vary mutch
  11. I really like the tag filter menu when viewing notebooks. It provides an additional overview of notes, tag-based, and even allows to further filter the list. Unfortunately, this is a missing function in the search results view. Please give us that feature as it would really add some more value to the search function.
  12. hi id like a shorcut to create notes with predefined tags . For example id like a shortcut from my work pc to always create notes tagged as WORK . I found the shorcut to create notes Evernote.exe /Newnote but cannot add tags like Evernote.exe /Newnote /t:WRK ..any idea ?
  13. Greetings, Within Evernote Windows or Chromebook, can I combine two tags and make them into one or have them all in one of the existing tags? More than two tags and make them into one or into one of the tags? Thank you! Tom
  14. Greetings, Is it possible to print a listing of my all tags (the names I use for tags in alphabetical order)? I want a printed out list to edit and rethink how I use tags. But I can't figure out how to print such a listing. Thank you. Tom
  15. Hi. Combining multiple tags in Android, by pressing and hold them is a very good feature. E.g. When I long press on tag "Animals", it displays me the tags that exist in notes that have also the tag "Animals", e.g. "Elephants", "cats", "dogs". Then if I long press on "dogs" I have selected both tags "Animals" and "dogs", and by pressing "View Articles" I can see all articles that they have those tags. However this is not working properly if I use firstly the "Search tag" feature, on the top of the tag list. E.g. If I search "Anima" to find the tag "Animals" among thousands of tags, and then long-press it, the other tags won't be visible as before. Only tags containing the phrase "Anima" will be visible, even thought I have selected the wanted tag. And there is way to see other tags that can be combined with the selected tag! What I would expect, is that after the long-press to "Animals" the search to be cleared, all tags that co-exist in articles with the tag "Animals" to be visible and "Animals" to be green-highlighted (selected). From there I should be able to search again e.g. "dog" in order to find "dogs" tag and be able to long-press it again. This seems to be huge problem when I'm trying to find old notes fast (e.g. during a meetings) by searching and combining tags using the press and hold procedure quickly on tags. This just doesn't work! Could you please fix it to the wanted behavior (as I have denoted with italics)? Thanks.
  16. When editing tags for selected notes wait until I click away to re-filter the search results. (Mac)
  17. I am looking for a special character which is sorted after the normal letters. Every special character is ordered before any number or letter. I need a special character to put in front of tags so that when searched they are put in the end of the list of possible hints. Gianluca
  18. Hi all I've had a quick search of the forum but wasn't able to find what I needed. I am an Evernote Plus member. I have created a Notebook that contains various notes, all catalogued by a series of tags. I've just shared the Notebook with my supervisor but she's not able to sort the individual notes by the tags, which was the whole point of doing it this way. Is there a workaround for this or have I wasted a colossal amount of time? At the moment I've given her my login details so that she can see all of the tags but this is obviously not an ideal situation. Thanks Sione
  19. I recently had the pleasure of using the iOS note app called Bear and I have to say, I'm a huge fan of how it handles tags -- in particular, nested tags. I wonder if something similar could be adopted by Evernote? The key difference between Bear-style tag nesting and Evernote-style tag nesting is that, in Bear, the combination of a parent tag plus a child tag yields a unique tag. That means you can actually have multiple tags of the same name, as long as they are each children of different tags. This makes it easy to set up a real parent/child relationship between groups of notes using tags alone. In contrast, in Evernote, tag nesting is for organizational purposes only. That means that tags must be unique, even when they are nested underneath other tags. So, let's imagine that you own two cars, and want to organize information about insurance and service records. Bear You can set up something like this in Bear: car1/insurance car1/servicerecords car2/insurance car2/servicerecords You could then filter by car1, or car2, etc., or drill down. You could also potentially search by insurance, servicerecords, etc., and cross cut across car1, car2, etc. Evernote In Evernote, you would need to do a workaround, as you can't create two tags with the same name. One workaround: car1-insurance car1-servicerecords car2-insurance car2-servicerecords etc., but you lose the information that the sub-string "insurance" is really supposed to "mean" the same thing for both car1 and car2. Or you could use completely independent tags car1, car2, insurance, servicerecords, etc., and then organize the tags into a hierarchy with all of the tags underneath a general cars tag. But then what if you also have, say, health insurance, and use the insurance tag for that? Or home owners insurance? It wouldn't make sense to put the insurance tag under cars, right? You might say that you could keep insurance as the high level tag and nest other tags like cars, home, health, underneath, but that causes its own problems. You might say, then, you could have organizational-only tags like ^INSURANCE or ^CARS, but then you end up organization-only tags and the ensuing messiness (with especially huge amounts of messiness on iOS, where there is no tag hierarchy at all). Or you might have two notebooks, Car1, and Car2, and use the insurance, servicerecords, etc., tags. This is pretty much what I do now, but the 250 notebook cap is always looming in the back of my mind. Plus , there's no clear place to put the insurance tag under, i.e. the tag nesting problem is still there because tags must be unique, even when they are nested. And for people who want to don't want this new fangled tag hierarchy, an option could be put into settings to enable / disable. Thoughts?
  20. Hi, I'm using Evernote with very few notebooks, as I prefer to organise and to search with tags. As I'm using Evernote also for task management, I've created tags for recurring tasks: 'REC - 1 Day', 'REC - 2 Months', 'REC - 6 Weeks', etc. Until recurring reminders is implemented one day (if at all), this is working very well for me. Now my question: How can I search for all notes with a tag for recurring event? (So, how to search for notes with tags starting with 'REC'?) For a second, I thought I've found the solution myself by creating a tag group called 'RECURRING', with all my 'REC-tags' nested in it. Except tag groups are not really groups, but in fact just...a tag, referring to 0 notes. I was hoping it would show me the total of all notes nested within it. I hope I'm making sense here as english is not my native language : ) Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Vincent
  21. I'm very curious what sorting rule determines the order of the tag color labels in the note list. It's not the same as the order of the tag list of the note, which I would expect. It's also not based solely on color (e.g first red, then yellow, etc.). I use prefixes for certain types of tags (e.g. !tag1, !tag2, @tag100, @tag101) and I find it confusing that sometimes the color label associated with a @-tag comes first, and sometimes the label of a !-tag. Even notes with exactly the same tags, the color labels are sometimes sorted different. In this example, the tag !active always comes first in the tag list, but not in the color labels: So it seems sorting is not consistent, but maybe I am missing something here. Anyone has an idea?
  22. note + tags for books

    hi everyone, i need some advise, i would like to take memos fore several books i'm reading and i want to make myself some note per page, and every note to give tags what would be the most elegant way to do it i think opening a new memo for every note is not so useful...
  23. Counters using numbers can be added for all menus in Main Menu, also counters in title bars. The Reminders in blue text above all notes is still handy, but upon entering the app, there are times where I just want to see my reminders as its own menu settings with other options for reminders as its own entity. Please see screetshots for examples:
  24. Premium user on a Mac here, have been using EN for years now. When I am searching for something in my notes, I usually get many choices, most of which do not seem to find what I want. I use tags, so why am I getting so many results that do not even fit my search? It's really inefficient and makes it difficult to find what I want.
  25. Incomplete Sync - iPhone 6S

    IS THERE A SETTING TO NOT SEARCH THE TRASH ON THE PHONE? (I've looked, not seeing it.) I've discovered FacileThings facilethings.com and combined with Evernote it seems to be a easier way to acclimate to GTD. In the process I've deleted and almost tagged my 4000+ notes. They sync fine with web.evernote but not the phone. On the phone I have items I trashed on the app that are still show up on the phone with a -tag:* search. I know because when I search notes with -tag:* I get 193 results on app and web, but 594 on the phone. I've cleared the phone Evernote cache (account>settings>clear cache). What else should I try?