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Found 725 results

  1. I use Evernote for some fairly extensive research, and some more robust tools for managing this would be appreciated. In particular, quote management tools. Features that I would like to see include: Highlight colours. "Quote blocks" (I currently use code blocks for big quotes but they are a bit fiddly). Tagged highlights (e.g. a tag for the author or subject of the quote). Quote compiling: a dynamic list of all highlights, with the ability to sort by tag. I currently use an app called PDFExpert for highlighting PDFs, due to it having multiple highlight colours and a dynamic list of highlights/notes (though you cannot tag quotes).
  2. I find very often that lots of new notes in a notebook will use the same tags as the first note in the notebook... It would be so fast and easy to be able to copy the tags from the first note and paste (or share) the tags to the new notes as they are created and added to the folder. Please add this feature!
  3. Kit Kaplan

    tags tags are missing

    Oh my search tags are missing. My Internet has been out so I spent some time off-line setting up tags in Evernote and then tagging all my notes. I went out today and connected to Wi-Fi in my car and didn’t think about it if yours later I tried to make a note and add some tags and all the tags are missing. Not only that, some of the notes I tagged we’re missing also. Oh my search tags are missing. My Internet has been out so I spent some time offline setting up tags in Evernote and then tagging all my notes. I went out today and connected to Wi-Fi in my car and didn’t think about it if yours later and tried to make a note and add some tags and all the tags are missing. Not only that, some of the notes I tagged we’re missing also. I’ve never really worked off-line before did something happen in terms of syncing?
  4. Is there a way to filter tags by notebook? For me that would be very helpful. Michael
  5. http://www.harmonenterprises.com/blog/organize-evernote-notebooks Thought I'd throw some chum in the water for the relentless notebook sharks. I'm one of those taggers who uses very few notebooks, based on access (local, synchronized, shared, offline), not content, but I have to admit that Harmon makes a compelling argument, especially since tag organization cannot currently be viewed on all platforms.
  6. Hi, I've been having an issue with Evernote's Outlook 2016 Clipper for the past week. The tags don't appear to sync from the Outlook Clipper to Evernote. Everthing else appears to sync ok (contents of email, title, notebook), but none of the tags are syncing up. I've made sure that I was signed in correctly. I've reinstalled evernote and the outlook clipper. Still doesn't work. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions on what can be done?
  7. I find it cumbersome to have to switch to my tags overview whenever I want to move a tag in my sidebar. Because I have one nested tag for 'Active Projects' and one for 'Inactive Projects', and it would be much easier to manage these when tags can be edited directly in the sidebar. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I shared a Notebook with a new user. The new user is able to see the Notebook and the notes tags. However the user doesn't see any tag in the Tags page, see attached screenshot.
  9. I use tags that reference "Files" like "FIL-AT&T" and types like "TYP-Bill". This allows me to create filing cabinets for the companies and reference the type of document it is. In this latest release (5.5.1), it appears that as soon as I type in "FIL" or "TYP", then press the "-", it fills in the very first tag in its entirety. This really really sucks and it needs to be changed or at least allow people to disable it. Is this a bug or was it done by design (for what reason I have no idea)? Can you please allow people to disable that "feature" or fix it?
  10. Guessing this has been suggested already but didn’t come up in a simple search. Would love to be able to create tags on the fly when adding content to Evernote on iOS via the Share widget (mostly often used when in Safari as a web clipper). This functionality was added to the Safari Web Clipper plugin on Mac at some point and definitely led to an increase in my Evernote usage.
  11. BGBeeblebrox

    Color-coded tags for Mac

    Add optional color-coding for tags in Evernote for Mac, so that a note with the tag "Needs work" could appear highlighted in red in my notebook, while a note with the tag "Done" could appear highlighted in green, for example. This functionality already exists, as I understand it, for Windows, but it has yet to be added to the Mac side.
  12. Mehboob Elahi

    Tag Rename

    Hi, how can we rename a tag, with any other existing tag name? For example, I have a tag name "defence sector", which has more than 50 notes. I want to replace tag "defence sector" with "defence". How do I do that? I mean, replacing a tag with another tag.
  13. Can you search for tags in Spotlight, similar to how you can search for notes?
  14. Is there any way to create "internal links" for tags, similar to how there are internal links for notes? (See the attached.)
  15. When I create a new notebook, most of the notes within it will have many of the same tags. I would like to have the ability to copy or import tags from another note so that I do not have to keep typing the same tags for each note that I create.
  16. Things like "Years" 'Dates" "Months" (dates as whole dates and also as individual components by themselves) should all be treated as smart tags automatically. Instead of requiring me to make a tag before I can send to it in email, please let me just add any year or date or month or day of week automatically to any note and send in via email so that i can be organized on a whim. this would 1) make our tag lists more condensed and organized (Would create more screen real estate on phones and desktop as if i have a list of 10 different years that i tag notes with then it makes a list) 2) make inputting of notes easier and more streamlined Note: i find that yes, i can technically search by date in the apps some how - at least on desktop i know i can, but the date the note was created is not always the date that i'm tagging something with and searching by date is not visually infront of us, and only needs to appear as a tag option if we happend to lable stuff as it. You can put it all under a single smart tag group called "calendar" for notes deliberately tagged with certain dates days of week, months or years.
  17. Hi. I'd like to be able to filter out notes based on tags. For example if I tagged notes I've read with "#read" it would be nice to filter out those to see which notes I haven't read. Thanks!
  18. Hi all! Afaik, Evernote search supports either boolean AND (just concatenate search terms) or boolean OR (use "any: ..."). Is there any way available now or planned for future releases to support full boolean search, that is: combine both methods. Real life example: I use Evernote to keep track of my tax records and for my yearly tax declaration. For this I have tagged all relevant notes with tags "tax", "<year>" (e.g. "2013") and "tax-longterm". Tag combinations like "tax 2013" mean "this is a document relevant for 2013 tax declaration". But there are also older documents I need each year, like rental agreement contract from 2005. For this I use the additional tag "tax-longterm". Any document tagged with "tax-longterm" means: "this is relevant for this year's tax declaration, regardless of the year with which it is tagged". So my rental agreement is tagged with "2005 tax tax-longterm". When I want to create ONE Evernote search that gives me all relevant documents for 2013 tax declaration, I'd like to search for something like "any: (tag:tax tag:2013) tag:tax-longterm" meaning: "give me all documents that are tagged with 'tax 2013' OR 'tax-longterm'". But unfortunately, Evernote search doesn't support bracketed searches or any other kind of combining search terms with AND or OR as of now. Does anybody know a trick, hack to make this work? Hacks like combining tags "tax" and "2013" into one tag "tax2013" are no good since I use the year tag for lots of other purposes and don't want to end up with a gazillion combined tags like "house2013" and "income2013". The way I do it now is to use two separate searches "tax 2013" and "tax-longterm", but this becomes tiresome when you have to switch back and forth between both. Thanks for your help! Ax
  19. Huge fan of Evernote. I use it as my personal filing system for all of my scanned documents. Embracing the "true way" of Evernote, I have only 8 notebooks, meaning each notebook has hundreds of notes, but I make thorough use of tags. There are many files that I need to access offline (especially for traveling), such as my ID, passport, medical licenses, insurance card, etc. Right now, I have to make my entire "Personal Documents" notebook available offline, meaning there are hundreds of unnecessary notes taking up space on my phone. I would love the ability to select a tag for offline availability, or to anoint individual notes for offline, a la Dropbox.
  20. Hi, Today I finally installed EN5 to see whether the initial issues I read about in this forum have been resolved. On EN4 I can nest tags created by someone else, in a notebook they shared with me, into a main category (called, for example, NOT MY TAGS). Doing so keeps their tags out of my visual field, and they don't disrupt my workflow with my own tag hierarchy. On EN5, however, I could only nest the tags I'd created myself, not the ones from a shared notebook. Those tags appeared flat, on a hierarchical level identical to my personal tags' main level. Every single one of them was followed by the email address of the notebook owner. I like knowing whose tag it is (especially when it's something long and too detailed like "bread_suppliers_benjamin_franklin_stone_bakery_2013_may"), but for me the final effect of not being able to nest them is that of EVC: Extreme Visual Clutter. I also couldn't find a way to make those tags disappear by selecting only my own notebooks. For me, having other people's tags in my face all the time is a dealbreaker. Someone shares a notebook with me, and their tags are more important than my own? Perhaps pertinent distinctions: Was running EN5 on an XP computer; EN4 on Windows 7; Was running EN5 on a free account; EN4 on a premium. Does this happen with premium accounts on Windows 7? If so, is it by design or is it a bug? Thanks, Lena
  21. Sometimes we all think about our tagging behaviour and this sometimes results in editing, assigning or deleting tags from a number of existing notes. In such a case, the edit date of those notes will immediately be changed. This seems obvious, but it might get a bit cumbersome, e.g. when I delete a tag on 50 existing notes, I don't necessarily want to change the edit date of those notes, because this action has nothing to do with the note itself, but rather with my decision to re-consider my tagging behavior. This is why I'd love to see an option to assign or delete tags from notes without this resulting in changed edit dates.
  22. The old version of EvernoteWeb could help in search when I wanted to search with more tags and words. I have a lot of tag, and I miss the tag autocomplete function. It is very annoying that I have to type everything (and correctly!) each time, like: tag:bar tag:"multiple words tag" foo text Please (re)add autocomplete function when I type "tag:" in the search field to help and speed up searching.
  23. groover1964

    Creating Business Tags

    Hi, I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here, but when I click the +New Tag option in the main panel I don't get the ability to create a Tag. There isn't the +Tag option in the left hand menu panel (like there is in Personal). I can only create a Tag by adding a tag to an existing Note in a Notebook. Which leads me to another problem, can I have a Tag which doesn't have any active Notes? I'm not sure I am explaining this well but please asks questions for clarification. I am using version Cheers Rory
  24. Dear all, i was wondering as a heavy tag user and recommender if and how tags are supported in spaces? best, steve
  25. Dear Evernote iOS development team, Please include nested tags / hierarchy into the iOS version! I finally made the move to become a premium user after discovering the the usefulness of tag nesting / hierarchy in organising notes on the Mac Evernote. Just about to port all my notes into evernote, then I realised the iOS version can't see the nested / heirarchy structure !! aagh and I've just paid for a whole year subscription ...bummer~ I understand there are tonnes of requests out there, but this seems to be a crucial notes organisation feature to be considered for inclusion? Please add this feature in line with the desktop apps please? My setup: Mac Evernote (on iMac) - for work at home iOS 8 Evernote (on iPad + keyboard) - for taking notes during work and conferences.