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Found 26 results

  1. Currently only Notebook titles are displayed on tabs in MacOS (with the latest 6.11 beta 1). It would be much more helpful to instead have the Note title displayed on tabs. I have many notes within Evernote "Notebooks" and they're indistinguishable when opened via tabs. Please change this behavior. Thank you.
  2. When you enable the tabbed view inside Evernote, it would be more useful for the tabs to display the name of the specific 'note' you're working on, rather than the name of the Notebook. This is especially useful where you're working on multiple notes within the same notebook (that you've split across various tabs). As in the example below, you can see that both tabs display "All Notes" and "Diary" however its the same case if I was working on two different notes in say the same notebook "Diary" This can get a bit confusing, because if they both display the same name, you have to then click on each of the tabs to find out which one it was that you were working on. My recommendation is to essentially display the name of the Note, or you can show the path of the note i.e. Diary > 12102017 just to make this feature that bit more useful (just like how we currently have it when you open a note in a new window). The tabbed view becomes less useful if you have a number of notebooks and notes inside them that you might be working on at the same time and therefore harder to manage. I've also attached a screenshot of what the "open in a new window" looks like.
  3. Unless I'm missing something on my Mac app, if I have 3 tabs open, all from one notebook but different notes, they ALL are titled "All Notes". This is very frustrating to have to remember which tab has what content. Is there a workaround (besides making a new notebook)?
  4. Today I launched Evernote on a secondary Mac, and while it was updating and migrating notes to the new version, I created my document temporarily in TextEdit. It's a simple list with two columns, separated by tabs, and I was able to create it effortlessly. Then, after Evernote was finished updating, I copied the text from TextEdit and pasted it into Evernote. And anarchy ensued. :-/ And yes, both apps were using the same font: Helvetica Regular, size 13. But...anarchy! (Please see attached screenshot, showing the difference between TextEdit and Evernote.) So, I began positioning my cursor in front of the 2nd-column lines and hitting Tab to correct the discrepancies. But that doesn't work either -- because in Evernote, tabs are not really tabs. It's difficult to describe Evernote's implementation of tabs: Sometimes, tab aligns the cursor with previous columns, but often it does not. So, the user is then forced to experiment with various combinations of tab, plus-or-minus a few spaces, in an attempt to get items to sorta line up. I say "sorta," because it's often simply impossible in Evernote to get tabbed columns to align perfectly at all. Why, after all these years, hasn't this been addressed? Sure, I'll admit I don't use tabs every day. I probably use them once a month or so. Perhaps most users don't need tabs frequently. But is infrequency of use a reason for a feature not to work properly at all? :-)
  5. Joe Loves Watercolors

    Real Tabs

    Please add tabs that actually work as tabs and not something that generates 5 spaces. I want to align text and this is impossible with proportional fonts and the goofy way Evernote implements its tab feature. As an alternative, how about a non-proportional font that resembles your default font so that things line up?
  6. 'Tabs or Pages' Feature Within a Note I'd like to be able to split a note up into 'tabs', with a similar UI as the 'sheets' tab at the bottom of excel
  7. Hello! First off, I love Evernote. Thank you for everything you do. One (huge) pain point I have while using Evernote is working around only being able to have one note open at a time. On web, it's easy enough to work around by opening Evernote in multiple browser tabs, but on a desktop client, there's not even a workaround. I don't know anyone, including myself, who sits on one note at a time while doing serious work. Currently, with no back button and no option to view more than one note at a time, I find myself often avoiding even going back into Evernote to look for something, or navigate within it. This would be a game changer! Thanks, Adam
  8. I have been using Evernote to document some software development courses and for some time have been able to copy Javascript code directly from Visual Studio Code into the Evernote web application (not the Mac OS X client app). For months I would copy and paste code snippets directly from Visual Studio IDE into an Evernote note, and the result would look exactly like this: At some point in the past couple of weeks, something changed on the Evernote Web App. Now all of my notes containing copy and pasted sections of code suddenly look like this: AND I can no longer copy and paste directly from Visual Studio Code, as it results in this: Did some update to the Web Application break this?
  9. When opening a saved search in a new tab, the title of the tab shows the name of the notebook, or "All Notes" if the search is not limited to one notebook. See attached screen clip (v.6.13.1 for Mac) – the "All Notes" tab is active and you can see in the top-right that there is a search filter applied. (But you cannot tell this when the tab is not active.) I suggest the tab title should show the search/filter being applied. Even better (although not as simple) would be to show the name of the saved search when the filter is an identical match. -- Andrew
  10. uepsilon

    Pin Tabs

    Hey guys, it would be great to have the possibility to pin / fix tabs in Evernote-Desktop (Safari-Like) ... . THX!
  11. I would like all of my notes when viewed open in a new foreground tab current window rather than a new pop-up window. I see no option to make a change. Is there a way to do it ? Have I missed a setting option somewhere?
  12. BrooklynBen

    Tab names

    Currently, tabs are marked with the name of the open note's notebook. However, I would find it much more useful to have the tab name be the note name. Otherwise I end up flipping through all my tabs to find the correct note anyway.
  13. I'm thinking of starting to use Evernote in place of notebooks I keep but, I use color tabs extensively (and gotta assume other people do to given their availability). I've been reading forums and help over the past few day and, best I can tell, Evernote does not have the feature. Am I missing something? Is there an add-on?
  14. kzuk

    Tabs in 6.11 Beta

    I just updated to the beta 2, which now includes Tab support in MacOS. Is there a way, when you open a note to a new tab, to just have the note viewable, like it does when you open a note to a new window? Looking for a distraction free way to edit a note without going into fullscreen mode and that allows me to jump through Tabs in EN.
  15. What would be nice is to be able to get "lists" or what I call lists, to be able to be "clean" and consistent in tab behavior... What I am trying for is this: SHOPPING SITES: Publix joeschmo@me.com 273656HutHut! LingerieWorld.com joeschmo@me.com 99999$WhoDatx somethingORother.com joeschmo@me.com 2323booyahX But what usually happens if try and use tabs is: SHOPPING SITES: Publix joeschmo@me.com 273656HutHut! LingerieWorld.com joeschmo@me.com 99999$WhoDatx somethingORother.com joeschmo@me.com 2323booyahX Make sense? Consistent tabs eems like a basic, structural nicety in ANY quick note, no? Otherwise I spend a lot of time futzing with the space bar...and kerning issues make that unreliable as well - especially screen to screen and inter OS (I use Mac desktop and laptop iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone) my 2¢ Michael
  16. GreyWullf52

    New Evernote iOS Main Page

    Ok, So i upgraded to the newest version of Evernote for iOS (V 6.10) . On the previous main page I was able to search for content via "TABS", how do I do this is the new version? Thanks
  17. Rick Auricchio

    REQUEST: Tabs in notes

    It would be nice to have traditional handling of tabs in notes.
  18. I read some requests for tabs. Especially, tabs that represent each note within a notebook. Evernote is very searchable and makes it easy to find anything in even the most vast collection of notebooks. But, tabs (that represent notes in a notebook) would really support the way I work. I do a lot of research and have to flip back and forth to different notes within a notebook. Having the option to view notes as tabs would really make my work w/in Evernote much more manageable. It works for web browsers Good idea for a product that has access to the EN API maybe?
  19. Hi, I work in EN for many things, so I develop a complicated search list to work through the items (EN notes) one by one . . . and then I need to go look something up, completely unrelated. Could there be a way for me to have separate TABS across the top of the screen, which had unique queries in each? TIA
  20. Like many people, I find myself opening zillions of tabs every time I do a new research project. Then I don't know what to do with them, and they clog up and slow down my browser for days at a time. There are many good solutions out there, like Session Manager, TooManyTabs, etc, but I prefer to keep everything in Evernote. What would be super-awesome would be a way to use the clipper to copy every tab URL in my current window to an Evernote note. Until that feature is introduced, I have come up with a pretty decent work-around: 1. Send Tab URLs. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/send-tab-urls/ This addon allows a list of open tabs, including titles and URLs, to be sent to the clipboard. Just go to Firefox's File menu to find the first step, choosing "Send Tab URLs" and then choosing the clipboard as your destination. After that, they can be pasted into a note. (If you have the Windows Evernote app running, you can simply do a Ctrl-Alt-v to paste to a new note.) Bonus: Send Tab URLs also saves the titles of the tabs. 2. Multi-Link Paste and Go https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/multi-link-paste-and-go/?src=api When I want to get a collection of URLs out of a note and back into the browser, I use this extension. Just copy the list of URLs (Ctrl-c) and then paste into Firefox's address bar using the special Ctrl-Shift-v command added by the extension, and each one will open in its own tab. Magic! It doesn't matter if non-URL text is mixed in--it will ignore the "garbage" and only open the URLs--so the titles inserted by Send Tab URLs won't hurt anything. You can even have miles of note text in there, and it won't mind. This means that a quick Ctrl-a (Select All) and then Ctrl-c (copy) will do the trick if you want to open every link in a note. Score! :-) If you prefer to use the mouse to get the URL list back into Firefox, there is an extension called URL Lister which will let you paste the list into a box. (Look under the Tools menu.) https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/url-lister/ (URL Lister is also good for getting Tabs out of Firefox, but it doesn't list their titles, so Send Tab URLs might be preferable for that task.) Have fun!
  21. I'm an Evernote Premium user since years and it's probably my favorite app ! Thanks to the Evernote Team for the job and the help to organise my projects ! But after years I see I'm Everlost in Evernote. And yesterday I discover Onenote for mac. Today I dream to see 3 Onenote features in Evernote: - Tabs - Pages and Subpages - Type anywhere: like request in the mac category of this forum here 3 keys to stop being ever lost in my notes Maybe I'm not the only one ?
  22. Hello! Please please please please PLEASE can the devs sort out tab sizing so that they're not just a fixed number of spaces relative to the preceding text. They're pointless as they stand today as they only provide a 'large space' in a single line rather than to provide vertical straight line list structure to a document. When will this be sorted? Many thanks.
  23. One of the best and biggest chords and tabs webpage out there is http://www.cifraclub.com.br/ They have chords for guitar, piano and many other instruments, as well as one of the most up-to-date and high quality tab collections out there. But it is not compatible with Evernote. The web clipper clips "to much" of the webpage, the extension "Clearly" takes out all the tabbing code and the chord images at the end of the page. Imagine the possibilities: Every musician would love to save his favorite chords/lyrics into evernoteEvery musician would love to have offline access to that content (more PREMIUM USERS!!)Cifraclub is the perfect page for users to do this (standard formating, high quality, etc)But, there is no easy/fast way to save all this content into evernote. Give this post a +1 if you think evernote should work together with Cifraclub to make my dream come true! PS: Cifraclub already has a "print view" of chords that could be used for that if it was changed just a bit. Example print view: http://www.cifraclub.com.br/maroon-5/this-love/imprimir.html
  24. Hello. When selecting "Share, Copy & Open" from inside the share menu, the browser opens the landing page in three tabs at once. When selecting "Copy & Open", after the item is already shared, (as expected) one tab is launched.
  25. Feature request: On new notes I like being able to tab through the header, from subject to tags to text. It would be an enhancement to enable the shift-tab to go back into the tags field if I overshoot, which does happen from time to time. That one should be easy. This is a renewal of a request I made several versions ago. It would make the workflow much smoother IF we could tab into the notebook field and change it from the keyboard. This was the drill until two or three editions ago. I thought it made note entry much slicker and quicker.