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Found 35 results

  1. Fumo

    Tablet Mode

    Just got a new Asus 2 in 1 with Windows 10, and one of things I was looking forward to most was using Evernote with it. (I also have it on my Android phone). However, it works very poorly in tablet mode. When tapping on a note, it won't bring up the keyboard. I have to call it up manually from my taskbar. When I try scroll a note by sliding my finger up or down, it will only select text. I can scroll using the scroll-bar only, which is very narrow for a touchscreen. However, other apps handle these things just fine in tablet mode. Thus, Evernote needs some serious Windows 10 touch optimization. At minimum, we need: - The ability to scroll by touch-sliding on the note - The touch keyboard to pop-up when tapping on a note One thing I appreciated most about Evernote is the fact that they have a good PC app to complement my phone, so I dearly hope they can fix this soon! Since more and more Windows 10 touch-PCs and 2-in-1s are coming out every day, this seems important going forward.
  2. Dear Evernote Community, We are happy to announce the beta release of our Akreet product. http://beta.akreet.net Akreet is a unique way for user to organize and visualize their Evernotes. Our philosophy is deliver tools that can allow users to get the most out of their own content. We are looking for any and all feedback. Got an idea on how we can better improve the categorizing and visualization experience? Tell us about it, we’ll build it in. A few videos to get your started: What is Akreet? How to Akreet.
  3. Hello, I've started to use my new Lenovo Yoga X1 Ultrabook. It has Touchpad and Touch Pen onboard. I'm an Evernote user since a couple of years now and one of the reasons to buy a X1 was to use the pen function within Evernote. But, to be honest, the pen support within Evernote on Windows 10 is horrible. There are very good implementations for any other Tablet including Android and iPad, that are really useful. But Windows 10 support does not even allow to start with handwritten notices by default. I think it'll be very helpful to come up with full tablet support in the Windows 10 App like it is in other tablet apps. This will help Evernote to spread widely within that community. By now, I'm using MyScript Nebo instead, at least to use handwriting features. In the first it would be helpful to make imports vom Nebo into Evernote possible, if full include of all handwriting features is a longer track to do. Hoping you'd thing about my request and make it work in the near feature :-) Wirh best regards from Germany Olaf
  4. Alwyne

    EN in tablet mode

    Hi there - sorry if this question has been asked already. When in tablet mode in windows 10, and inside a note, is there any way to scroll through the note with your finger, rather than having to drag the scroll bar? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Hello I often used to open pdf files by windows tablet devices, more precisely 2-in-1 pc, but recently I cannot open pdf files on my notes even when I long press on pdf files. So, when it is necessary to view pdf files by Adobe, I have to click-right with mouse. It's very user-unfriendly, so if possible, could you kindly update evernote so that all windows tablet pc users can easily open pdf files? or is there any way to open pdf files without using mouse? with best regards
  6. I have for some time considered starting using digital writing using a tablet and from what I understand Evernote seems to be a recommended plattform to use to in order to work more effective. However it is a complete mystery on how to do it and with what others applications one can use to synchronise all my work and hence be much more effective working as an individual and in teams or groups. Can you help me on the was? Best regards Christopher Weber-Fürst
  7. I am just wondering why specific features are not available to all devices??? For example - I often use an iPad, and Macbook - especially for work. I can make tables on my Macbook, but not on my iPad Pro.
  8. I loved the Presentation feature on the "old" Evernote app!! I used it daily to read my many notes on my phone and tablet and to be honest it was one of the main reasons I purchased Evernote Premium! I don't understand why the Presentation Mode is only available for the PC now.. And I would like to have the feature back please!
  9. Cobatamaz

    Libretas o Notas?

    Hola, Por que al iniciar Evernote Basic, siempre salen primero las "Notas" y no las "Libretas"?. Muchas gracias. Cobata.
  10. sttrebo

    tablet suggestions?

    hi- Been a long time Evernote user (premium) and have used it over the course of several jobs and personal life. My company recently upgraded our laptops to larger/bigger/heavier engineering grade laptops which make it a bit more challenging to drag around for meetings (I'm partially paperless, but haven't made the transition complete). I was looking for a better solution for meeting notes etc. than the new brick that I've been given. I was hoping for a few opinions on good tables (10" or so) that I can take to meetings. Something with acceptable Evernote performance but also something that I can carry with relative ease. I'm open to windows or android only devices. the new Surface Pro devices look great just a bit out of my price range. Can anyone offer any other options? thanks ps, is/are the IOS devices a better way to go?
  11. I am consistently unable to install Evernote on my Win 10 tablet (Acer). If anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it.
  12. Hi, I've been using Evernote for a very long time, and can't do without it Recently, for working on the train during my commute, I bought a Linx 1010 2-in-1. It's a surprisingly capable machine, but (like all of these things), it's incredibly light on storage - 32Gb. To mitigate this, I've added a class 10 64Gb SD card extra capacity, which is serving me well in most regards, Windows 10 even allows me to install some apps to it. I thought it would be a smart move, when installing Evernote desktop , to put the database on the SD card. However, I noticed that it took a long time to sync all my notes, and now whenever I try to create a new note, I can't get more than 50 characters in without being told the app is 'Not Responding'. My best guess is that this is an SD card related issue, I've seen similar issues when attempting to download steam games to the SD card (Hey! it's not ALL work!), but before having to find 700Mb on my onboard storage, I thought I'd check here to see if anybody had encountered and solved this before... Thanks in advance for any advice.
  13. I am moving my life to Evernote, and I'm loving it so far. However, I'm struggling to use the speech-to-text functionality, as in: I have no icon for that function. I have an Android Tablet, Asus Transformer Pad TF300T, running android 4.1.1. I have installed and uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote, and am running version 5.7.1. I have searched the forums with my best Google skills, searched the web with Google, and then Bing just in case (I do NOT choose Bing, unlike the commercials. Those fools!) But I cannot find this problem. I have seen screenshots of this working on android devices, and have viewed YouTube videos of people using it with great joy. I want great joy. Unfortunately, I have no "microphone in a comical thought cloud" thing as somebody described it. I can record voice memos in a new note. But following every instruction I can find, I cannot find the "speech to text" icon, and cannot get speech to text to work. I refuse to shop for Valentine's Day until I have this problem solved. I worry that not having speech to text on my ASUS Transformer TF300T will ruin my relationship. Save me! Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. Evernote rocks.
  14. I use nested tags to identify notes better. However, I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro tablet and EverNote came installed with it. When choosing tags, it lists all tags and not in a tree format. Essentially I do not want to choose the top most tag as well as its nested tag for a note. With me nesting the tags, I am being forced to remember the nesting instead of having to see it on the screen while choosing tags for a note. The only way I am able to do this now is to go to TAGS and see where it is. How do I achieve this? (I am referring to the "Choose Tags" option when you try to tag a note).
  15. can i reach my deleted files and records? its very important. my evernote account had always been opened in someone's tablet and i had using it. She formatted her tablet and my evernote account and files which is connected to this account are gone. is there any way to find them?
  16. He comenzado a utilizar Evernote recientemente y me gusta mucho su funcionamiento en el ordenador de casa, pero cuando consulto las notas a través de la Tablet no veo la forma de filtrar las notas por libreta y etiquetas como se hace en el PC. ¿Hay alguna solución para realizar este tipo de filtro en la Tablet?
  17. I'm loving the 6.0.1 Evernote update on my phone, but the corresponding tablet version has (to me at least) a serious problem with list view. In the phone version, an entire line is devoted to the note title, which displays quite a bit of text: rarely truncated, and even more rarely truncated enough to make it hard to identify a note. The situation is quite different on my Nexus 7 tablet. In list view, the line is shared between the note title and any tags assigned to the note. The division between title and tags seems hard coded, so title text is truncated at the division even if there are few or no tags. And at least on my tablet, the truncation is very severe. For example, In my recipe notebook, there's a long stretch where all I can see is: Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - You get the idea. Bunch of chicken recipes, but no way to figure out which one is which. Ok, I can remember that the first one is "Chicken - Adobo Chicken", but after that, I'm lost. Since most of my notes have only 0-2 tags, the lines have a LOT of unused white space, increasing the frustration that the title text is so heavily truncated. I'd really like the list display be to identical to phone version - it just shows a lot more information. Any chance you'll reconsider/rework the tablet layout?
  18. I have a wifi-only tablet which I use on my morning/evening commute. I've got wifi access at home and at work, so at those places I'll make/edit notes using my phone or PC, and my tablet will auto-sync over wifi so that I can then edit/organise them on the train. Very handy. Except it doesn't quite work that way. As an example, last night before I went to bed, I made a note in the desktop client and hit Sync. This morning I opened up Evernote on my tablet, ready to commence writing, only to find that the note was empty. All I had was a title. I know it uploaded from my desktop correctly, because I just turned tethering on my phone and opened the note itself, which then loaded properly. So,question is: Can I get notes to sync (download) in their entirety without having to open each individual one while connected to the internet?
  19. Hi all, since the capabilites of tablets to take handwritten notes seem to be evolved far enough to be really usable, I decided to give it a try. I'd like to switch from my good old paper-notebook to a tablet and take handwritten notes on it. Notes are usually text but can include some simple sketches. Evernote seem to be the best and most commonly used software out there and has some quite nice features. No I am wondering what the hardware of choice would be. I've heard the galaxy note 10.1 is the best one for handwritten notes, but seems like the integration with evernote is not the best. So are there any suggestions? upskuhr
  20. I think it would be a good idea to allow edit tables in Evernote for Android OS (smartphones and tablets). If I want to edit a note that includes images or tables from my tablet, the editor behaves strangely. It seems that this type of content is not supported on this platform.
  21. Hi guys. I recently got a Wacom pen and touch because I found myself really limited with the keyboard for things like mathematical formulas or diagrams. I am aware that it's easy to edit images w/ skitch or an image editor. Also, I know the PC version has pen input. I am on the mac version. Does anyone have a good workflow for starting written notes in Evernote Mac? The only things I can think of are I can make a blank template graphic and continuously import that into new notes. I don't really want to do this, it seems tedious. Secondly, I know with a PRO account I can edit notes in PDF and that would be an option. Any other solutions?
  22. Lately I've been running into an issue that frustrates me to no end. I pair a Minisuit Bluetooth keyboard to my Google Nexus 7 tablet when I want to use Evernote to journal. It may have been due to the latest update but now whenever I use Shift+U to capitalize the "U", it toggles the underline formatting instead as if I were pressing CTRL+U. Similarly, if I use Shift+I to capitalize the "I", it toggles the italics formatting instead as if I were pressing CTRL+I. It does the same thing with the letter "B". I looked through all my keyboard settings in the app and in the settings on my tablet. I do not have this issue on any other apps that I use as word processors. I am very upset about this because I've been using Evernote to journal and for schoolwork for a long time now and this issue prevents me from continuing to do so. In order to capitalize now I have to use the Caps Lock key which is too annoying to have to do. Is anyone else having this issue? Any recommendations?
  23. Is there a third-party app which lets you do simple diagram sketching inside a note? I have been playing with something that lets you do box and arrow type diagrams very quickly, using a variant on the DOT syntax from Graphviz, but I keep also finding myself wanting to just do little napkin sketches. (I'm designing a house and there are odd ideas I scribble.) I also want to accompany my sketches with my usual long-winded typed notes and don't find either PenUltimate or Skitch helping. I have iPad, Android and Surface RT tablets so something for any of those would keep me happy.
  24. I am buying a tablet specifically to run Evernote. While I'd love to get a 32Mb tablet, the more memory, the higher the price. Is there a minimum memory I should look for in an Android based device?
  25. My question is: how to view the PDFs I upload from my PC as a note and not as an attachment in the note on my tablet? They appear as the full PDF on my PC but not on the app version of Evernote on my tablet! I only see the attachment and have to open it. What am I doing wrong? I am relatively new to the world of Evernote as I only currently use it as a repository for lists but I want to use it to view PDF docs uploaded from my PC. I am a Premium user and have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 using Android 4.1.2. Hope someone can enlighten me...