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Found 66 results

  1. Can tables be sorted by columns, either ascending or descending?
  2. Alessandro_Evernote

    Tables on iOS devices

    I think that Evernote should add tables on the iOS app. I am a student and I use tables a lot with my pc, so I don’t understand why I can’t use them with my iPad when I am at school. They represent an incredible way to put things in order and I think they would improve the user experience a lot. Don’t you think so?
  3. Hi , I think it is would be cool and useful if the Table in evernote could do some basic Calculation like excel , no need so complex like what excel do , but some calculation between cell. This can Help a lot when someone want to sum the value of ingredient for example or many things that need some basic calculation . Well , that is what tables usually used for , isn't it . Hope you would reconsider this Idea , Thank you .
  4. Maik Schurrer

    calculations in tables

    I would love to have the possiblity to make simple calculations (sum, multiplication, ...) in the tables.
  5. I would really appreciate the ability to "set" Tables of Contents to update automatically with new notes added to the notebook, and the ability to PIN the Table of Contents to the "top" of the Notebook.
  6. I make a lot of my notes in a tabular format to keep them organized. Typically I have an item number, a couple of check boxes, a description, and maybe a image. As of Evernote version 5.2.0 the things you can do with tables are still very rudimentary. I can't set column width, border style, or even vertical cell alignment . To get these tables to show as I want them I have to edit the HTML source in a text editor. Can we expect to see additional table commands in the near future?
  7. I was having trouble with the last column of a table not having the text wrap as it should. And often I couldn't make the table wider -- the marker to resize on the right wouldn't appear, and it would be darker than the usual column boundary. It's been a pain for a while until I found a workaround. The problem is easily duplicated: create a 2x2 table in a new note put some long text in there that needs wrapping, especially in column 2 shrink the window's width past the right edge of the table. The table will retreat in size leaving a margin on the right and a darker edge to the right border of the table. Now the right column cannot be made wider and any long text in it will not be visible unless you use your mouse in the text To resolve: widen the window out enough so that the thin right border of the table appears. Now all the text is visible and wrapping normally, and you can adjust your table size. Then you can readjust the table width if you want and resize the window. Hopefully this helps some others, at least until EN fixes it. I'm on Win 10 running (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) but it's been a problem for a while.
  8. bambooparadox

    Request: BETTER table editing!

    PLEASE Evernote-Team give us BETTER table editing! Table editing in Evernote for Mac is very limited and frustrating for daily use. CRITICAL Features:* Select entire Rows and Columns.* Rearrange (Copy / Paste) entire Rows and Columns in a table. (this is a real PAIN with a bigger table!)* Format selected Rows and Columns at the same time. (try to format an entire column with an identical background on lots of rows ...) Wishes:* Edit Default Cell Padding for all tables. (todays default takes a lot of space)* Would be great if tables could be defined like in HTML or Markup style.* Optionally define cell width as percentage value. Bugs:* <Backspace> does not work on an empty line in a table cell!* Cell width adjustment handle appears about 4mm to the left of cell border when using two screens and if note is longer and has a vertical slider!* No cell width adjustment possible on a copied table in the same note! (focus change to other note fixes this)* iOS: Vertical Cell Alignment in iOS-Apps should be top (not middle) like with Evernote Mac! Thank you for your efforts :-)
  9. You can do so much more with evernote. You can build a complete CRM and that is what we did. Yet, the problem ist that you write text and text about one issue and this section of your note gets longer and longer. Jumping to the next section of the note is difficult. How awesome would it be to put the long text block into one table THAT I CAN SCROLL UP AND DOWN, so I can skip the table easily when scolling the note OR I can dive deeper into the cal protocol. I already can scroll LEFT to RIGHT, so UP and DOWN must be possible too. Do you also wish for it?
  10. I administer several applications at work and use Evernote mainly to write how-tos and other documentation like installation procedures, reference and troubleshooting articles. I make a huge use of lists and have noticed that tables: help keep information neatly organized (like commands to run, options the user has, etc), like this: prevent multiline text to be pasted as list items, like this: Unfortunately, it looks like Evernote has never supported inserting tables in lists (at least since November 2016, when I became a Plus member). I worked around this limitation by creating a table and then pasting it to the list. This worked until version 7.x. I feel this would be a great feature.
  11. RememberingAndThinking

    Table not formatable

    Cannot see borders on table, cannot format table. Does not work as Help page indicates.
  12. I want to resize the width of one of the columns in a table that I just entered but nothing I try works, To see this behavior, insert a 2x2 table with a 100 pixel cell width. The table looks like this: Now enter "word1 word2 word3" The table now looks like this: I would expect to drag the column to make it wider. Is there a way to do this?
  13. hellotheredude

    Table feature in Everynote Web

    I was pretty shocked by the level of inflexibility of the table feature in Evernote Web. There's no way to add or delete rows/columns, and I can't even seem to resize the columns and rows. I saw that I had to download the app to do that, which seems absurd. In my opinion, if a feature is this incomplete, you shouldn't include it in the product, because it really makes me consider switching to another note-taking product.
  14. I use tables in Evernote a lot. I liked how they adapted, together with their content, to the size of the window. Now, with the new version ( they don't adapt anymore, but a horizontal scrollbar appears. This feature makes it really tedious to navigate over tables. Imagine when navigating on the internet the browser behaved this way and that we constantly had to scroll to the sides to see the whole content! To use "Match Note Width" is not an option as I'd constantly have to match notes width. Would it be possible to have the autoadjust tables as in older Evernote versions? Many thanks.
  15. I'm using a big table. My problem is I cannot create a new row if I'm using iOS (iPhone or iPad). Please give us this function
  16. I had the need to create a table with merge cells, so that I could export it as .enex file, which I can import to create multiple notes. That way I can keep the format as consistent as possible, I read through here but no luck, talked to support and they said evernote does not support etc. So for fun I created a table of my desired format in Pages and in MS word. Copied the table and pasted in evernote. Then exported as .enex file and saved it on desktop Imported back to evernote. it works. see the attached screenshot. I am not sure why Evernote could not support this feature in their native app. This is like basic formatting. If import to evernote failed then I can understand that in general it can not support but importing worked like a charm.
  17. I'm running Evernote on iPad with iOS 11.1. When opening a note fullscreen in landscape mode there are broad margins to the left and right of the note content which reduce the usefulness of the fullscreen view. My use case is a songbook where I use a table with multiple columns (2-3) to allow me to see the whole song lyrics without having to scroll (good-bye Ultimate Guitar ;-)). Currently the unused margins to the left and right of the table easily take up 40% of horizontal screen real-estate so multi-column tables do not expand to the full screen width. Please remove these margins in an upcoming release for iPad (they're not present or much smaller on iPhone).
  18. How do I change the default font color in a table? I've tried different things, and I can certainly change the color of text, but the bullet point keeps appearing in some default sort of color (see image below).
  19. I'm glad Evernote has simple quick tables, but for taking notes, they use way too much space. A note with even a moderate amount of information either doesn't fit, or isn't nice to look at as there is too much whitespace around the text in each cell. I'm not asking for word processing/spreadsheet functionality, just the option of a more "compact" table layout for my notes. Example
  20. I have information stored in a spreadsheet which I would like to import/place into a table in a note. I have tried copy/paste, copy and paste tab delimited file, copy and paste comma delimited, pure text, rtf and .doc but all of the data always pastes into one cell. There appears to be mo import command available. Any idea how I could accomplish the import? Thanks, Jim
  21. niamh_connolly

    Lost table, can't restore it??

    Hi, somehow a table was deleted from one of my notes (an in-built Evernote table). Ctrl+Z or Undo doesn't restore it, and now everything is synced. I'm not a premium user, so don't have note history Is there any way I can get it back?? I didn't delete it to my knowledge, it just disappeared. There are two blank lines where it was. and Ctrl+z doesn't work. AAAAArrrrggghhhh - lots of important stuff in there!! Niamh
  22. What the heck happened to the "Paste as Plain Text" command that used to be available?! I think there must've been a recent update that replaced it with "Paste and Match Style" which, in my experience so far, means "strip out all the line breaks and turn your clipboard into a giant blob of text." This used to be one of my most frequently used commands ... Copy a selection of text from an email, a web page, a PDF, whatever ... if you just paste it (CTRL+V) into the Note, you're going to get all the formatting, which will usually make a mess of the text. But if you use Paste as Plain Text (CTRL+SHIFT+V) you'd get JUST the characters, including line breaks and bullets, and then you could clean it up with formatting or indents if needed. Now that it's "match style" it's stripping out everything except the text, which includes the line breaks, making it virtually impossible to capture a lengthy section of email or web content, without spending ages going back in to insert line and paragraph breaks. If this was an "enhancement" I'd say FAIL! Also, it looks like they've changed the way tables work, because all of my older notes that had tables in them, now when I try to add a column or edit anything in the table, the table blows apart! Augh. REVERT, REVERT!!
  23. Not sure how long this has been in the program. I'm using and just noticed it for the first time today. After years of hoping and asking it looks like we can now navigate around a table without having to go row by row. Are there other improvements in the table functionality I've yet to discover? This is a huge one and much appreciated. Thanks!
  24. The new table formatting is awesome however if there is a PDF document within the note and it is in the vicinity of the table you are trying to format, the formatting pop-up menu is sent to back. See attached screenshot. PDF basically blocks the options available for formatting the cell/table.
  25. Taliesin2

    Other Printing Issues

    NOTE: I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I upgraded to v. 6.12.2 since I downloaded/bought Evernote in the Apple App store. I have a note with a table made of several rows and three columns (across). But when I print it out on a letter size (8.5x11) sheet of paper, it only prints TWO COLUMS. I have not tried printing in landscape, only portrait. And the groupings of tables will not "fit together" like I had them previously. Thank you for any assistance given.