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Found 69 results

  1. I'm using Freedom on OSX 10.9.5 to block the internet. I've managed to whitelist a few websites, including evernote.com, but I can't get Evernote Mac to continue syncing. What domains/hosts does Evernote Mac use to sync (that I might whitelist)?
  2. fangmarks

    Constant Syncing

    I am having constant issues with the desktop app continually syncing in the midst of my typing. Not only is it continually disrupting the flow of my work, when its done syncing, it is often "refreshed" at the top of my note and then what I was typing at the bottom of the note appears at the top, so not only is it slowing me down, it's causing me to fix and retype content. THIS IS MADDENING. I use this application for its efficiency. This making it borderline unusable. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I've looked at other posts with similar problems that directed users to update to 7.1. Done that. Problem is still here. Mac Desktop App 7.1 / Mac OX 10.11.6
  3. Hey friends, I'm a long-time Evernote user and web developer. I'm considering building my own web application, tailored to me, for organizing and tracking my learning progress and resources and I'm wondering if there is a way to connect my custom web application to my Evernote account and thus be able to programmatically update notes in my Evernote through an automated process. I'm guessing that I might be able to do this through the Evernote API. Does this sound like a reasonable goal? Does evernote allow syncing this way? Thanks, Aaron
  4. I know this has been a recurrent subject: many people ask about syncing in two different computers. My issue with this matter—which I think hasn't been talked about yet—is why can't we select which notebooks to sync on each computer. For example: I have a home pc with more space than I can use, and I have a notebook which I use at college. I'd like to have access to certain notes in this particular notebook, but I don't want to download everything in there (it hasn't got that much space, and is also shared by many members of the family). Moreover, I'd there are many notes which I need for a particular lesson or group discussion or for a particular class, and once that's over, I wouldn't have any immediate need for such notes; i'd still like to keep it on my main computer at home, for further reference and so on, but I wouldn't need it on my day to day at college. Is there a particular reason why we can't get a feature like that? or am I the only one who thinks this is something useful?
  5. LilAnn

    Email Issue

    I have forwarded several emails to my Evernote account without any problems. I sent an email on Sunday, which shows up in my Inbox, but just the title--no content. When I go to Evernote on the web, the note shows the full content, and it also shows on my android. Why won't it show on my PC? I deleted the note today and resent it, with the same results. I have other mail that I've sent over and it shows correctly. I am not anywhere near my limit of uploads, or X number of emails per day. There is no attachment on this email, nor any pictures. It's just straight text.
  6. I have two different email accounts set up with Evernote. One is a gmail account that I use at work, the other is a comcast account that I use at home. I have everything in my comcast account at home and would like to access it at work but I can't. I have the Plus version. Why don't I see my evernote stuff at work when I sign in using my comcast credentials? I used to see everything on my phone but that has disappeared too. Not sure what to do. I downloaded the app on all of my devices but only see it on my laptop using my comcast email. Also, if I delete an account and decide later that I want it back. Can it be reactivated? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. annoyedwithevernote

    Evernote won't sync

    My Evernote won't sync across all devices. I only have two devices (iPhone and iMac) My notes used to appear on the evernote web, and it doesn't anymore. Does Evernote have the backend capability of syncing on a user's behalf? Is there something I need to turn off in my OS settings that maybe interfering with the sync? I've tried every evernote suggestion--nothing works. thank you in advance!
  8. Hi there, I have been using Evernote Premium for a long time. A few months ago it started having "conflict" problem. When I am writing my note, the problem comes up, and a conflict note is created, I keep writing, It keep creating new conflict note after few minutes. It is very annoying. I think there is something wrong with Evernote syncing system. Please check and give me a solution. I do not want to change my note app, I like Evernote. Thank you, James.
  9. Hello, Evernote peeps! Long time user, first-time discussion poster. I use the business card scanning feature a lot, and love it! I somewhat recently noticed that the contacts were not syncing to my contacts on my phone like they used to. I have tried to force the sync, I have tried turning the feature off then back on, and I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app, and still nothing! The app responds and tells me it has synced contacts, and in the settings, everything is set up properly. I have access granted to contact from Evernote... and I have searched the web high and low for someone else with this problem, and I think I am all alone. I need help. I will be at a conference in a couple of weeks and really would like this feature fully functional by then. Any input, feedback, suggestions would be great. PS: I did upgrade to iOS 11, and have the first update already. I am also a premium user.
  10. I am an Evernote Plus user, using on 3 devices. About 50 of the 200 notes I have on my Windows computer contain a small blue arrow in the top right corner indicating that they have not been synced. See attached photo. I am using the most recent version of Evernote on Windows 7. The unsynced notes are not showing up on any of my other devices or on the server when I just log in through my browser. Some of the notes that are not syncing are just text, some of them are PDF attachments. Here are some of the steps I have taken thus far: I have manually pushed sync multiple times without success. (The sync button also has a red exclamation mark on the icon) Every time I push sync the activity log shows 2 errors. see attached screenshot Is there a way to force the sync of these notes or something that is preventing these notes from syncing regularly?? I am switching laptops soon so need these to sync properly. Thanks,
  11. pinemeadows

    Won't stop syncing on iMac

    Nothing has changed on this computer - no updates, no new software, nothing....but Evernote will not stop syncing! I am using El Capitan, 10.11.6, Evernote 6.12.2 - and of course can't update THAT because it is eternally syncing. Emailed support but have heard nothing. I'm a premium member.
  12. I am an Evernote International Premium user living in China. It has become practically impossible to get to sync my account. The few times it did sync I was using a VPN, but presently, it won't sync even with the VPN on. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the program many times now. I post this message here as the customer service in China is directed to the app Yinxiangbiji, it is all in Chinese, and they have no suggestions other than "use a VPN". Has anyone suffered the same frustrations here, how did you solve it?
  13. Hi there, despite the bug fix in version the international version of Evernote is still not syncing in China. It still tries to connect to app.yinxiang.com. Here is the activity log: 12:28:34 [8088] Client synchronization started12:28:34 [8840] 0% Connecting to app.yinxiang.com/edam/user12:28:34 [8840] 0% Updating user "submono"12:28:34 [8840] 0% EDAMSystemException: errorCode=INVALID_AUTH message="authenticationToken"12:28:34 [8840] 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 0s12:28:34 [8840] 0% * sent: 131B, received: 57B12:28:34 [8840] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=INVALID_AUTH parameter="authTokenProvider.ensureAuthentication"12:28:34 [8840] 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 0s12:28:34 [8088] Client synchronization finished, status: failed12:28:34 [8088] * error: Invalid username or password12:28:34 [8088] * elapsed time: 0s This is becoming very annoying. Please fix again! Thanks, Sven
  14. I was editing class notes for my Sunday volunteer teaching class on my Mac. After editing (which was slow with a lot of beachballs) I synced and went to look at it on my iPad. But the iPad, even though it said it was just synced, was not showing the current contents. Then I went back to the Mac and it was showing sort of a mess of current and past contents. In the edit menu I didn't see anything to undo changes. Is all I edited lost? I had just switched back from Onenote to Evernote this week after a year of doing the class notes in Onenote because I thought Evernote synced better in general, but this is disastrous. Any way to recover?
  15. I'm a Mac user, but wanted to import notes from Onenote into Evernote. That feature doesn't exist in the Mac version, but does in the Windows version. So in Windows 10 in Parallel's Desktop on my Mac I installed both Evernote and the Onenote desktop version. After taking its own good time Onenote synced with the cloud. Evernote synced very quickly. Then I did the import of the notebook I wanted from Onenote. That also seemed to work fine and 77 notes were imported into Evernote. But Evernote does not seem to be syncing them to the cloud so they can be synced to my Mac desktop. Some points: 1. Immediately after the import was completed, a message came up saying the import was successful and that the notes had been imported to a local notebook. It asked me if I wanted it to be a synchronized notebook and I clicked yes. After that, I check the notebook properties, and it said it was a synchronized notebook. But it didn't sync. 2. So I create a new notebook called "Onenote Import" and moved the imported notes into that notebook. That also says it's a synchronized notebook. 3. I've clicked the Sync curly arrow indicator and it seems to go through some syncing motions. But nothing from that notebook is showing up at evernote.com or in my Mac Evernote. So I think it's really not syncing. Any suggestions?
  16. Hi, We have evernote for a letting agent and it never syncs. I am constantly putting in error forms and i do what is suggested when you reply but it never works. We are getting quite frustrated now, as none of our files will sync and we can't use it property. Please can you call me on 012## ###### and discuss how to fix it. Many thanks, Rose, Homelets
  17. Hey everyone, Running into a dilemma here: I have a new email that I would like to implement into my Evernote account that is currently active and used often. However I am coming across the issue of Evernote not allowing me to actually remove one email address, and replace it with an up-to-date email address. It tells me something about creating a new account and syncing them. I think I've done that, but not as successful as I would hope. I now have two accounts (one old and full of notes, and a new one with 0 content) and still cannot send notes and notebooks from my primary account due to the email it is attached to not being active. I can't even find a way to activate it it is so old (hotmail). I do not want that email anymore as all of my business comes from my new Gmail account. How can I remove the old and replace it with the new so I can send notes? Please help! I am a writer/musician/psychologist and all my content is extremely difficult to get out!
  18. Can someone please help. Where can I find simple step by step instructions? I have scans i took on my ipad but how do I see them on my PC? I have synced my ipad & PC but what I see on my ipad I cant see on my PC. There are no instructions on anything anywhere. Do I really have to pay for a subscription in order to get some support?
  19. Robin H

    Syncing Problems

    I'm constantly losing data due to syncing issues. Before I used to at least get syncing conflict info on my notes, so I could go back and find what I've lost, but no longer. It just disappears. This happens, for example, when I have the Evernote app minimized in my macbook, and I make changes on iMac or iPhone, then go back to my laptop. I'd like to see a better implementation of automatic syncs, for example, when an app has been idle for a while the sync should happen before any editing is even allowed. Yes, I know I can hit the sync button myself to force a sync, but I cannot remember to do this every time, and as soon as I've typed one letter, it's too late. There's no way I can trust Evernote for really important data, because I lose it too often.
  20. Hi all, I'm having an issue with a specific note not syncing from my computer (Sierra 10.12) to my phone (iOS 10.0.2). A few days ago I updated this note via the desktop app, and just noticed last night that it hadn't updated on my phone. I checked that the app was up to date (it was) and I manually synced even though I have automatic sync set up. The note still would not update on my phone, even though the updated version was showing on the desktop app. I didn't check every single note I have, but other notes were updating properly. There were no weird characters in the title, the note isn't too big, and I hadn't reached my quota. Perhaps stupidly, I typed something into the phone version of the note to see if it would sync to the desktop app. It did, and reverted the desktop note back to the old version so I lost my updates. What I know from doing that is there was an issue with syncing from computer to phone only, and not vice versa. My biggest concern with this is that I happened to notice the note hadn't updated. But it's a possibility that this could happen again and I won't notice, and I'll alter the note on my phone, thereby losing all my updates on the desktop version. I hope this makes sense, and that someone can help. Is it ok/safe to post my activity log here? Thanks in advance.
  21. I am having a weird and obscure problem with Evernote on a new iPhone syncing properly to my account. The situation: a few days ago I upgraded the OS on my desktop Mac to El Capitan before activating the new phone. The computer had been running Evernote 5.1.1 and things worked fine in the old OS syncing with my old iPhone. This older version of Evernote also worked fine with El Capitan, and the old iPhone still synced properly. So far so good. Next, I activated the new phone with the latest Evernote on it, 7.18.1. The Evernote app on the phone was working, but only loading a few of my more than 600 notes. (For the first couple of days the phone did not have cell service, and I was doing everything over wifi; the problem persisted subsequently with either wifi or cell service.) After a while I noticed that the notes which were syncing to the new phone were all notes which had had changes made subsequent to the El Capitan install on the desktop; if I modified an old note, it would now sync. Next, I upgraded the desktop version of Evernote to the current one, 6.10: same thing, only recently modified notes sync to the phone. All my notes are there on Evernote Web. My account settings show that only two devices are active in my Basic account, and in any case the new phone sort of works, it's just not loading everything, so it's not being blocked (the old phone is off; if I turn it on, it syncs properly with the new desktop Evernote). I don't know what is causing this problem. I don't think it is too many devices. I have tried rebooting everything, syncing manually, everything I can think of. I was going to try trashing the .plist file on the desktop, but I can't find anything like that, and I'm not even sure the desktop version is the culprit. I can't figure out where the problem is localized. Advice would be appreciated!
  22. When i started using evernote i created many notes on computer application of Evernote. But when i reinstalled the window and evernote application on computer it only sync few notes not all. but on web and android app it shows every note i ever written. I tried many times after reinstalling and latest version of evernote.
  23. Recently I noticed that Big chunks of data just vanished from the thin air from many of my notebooks on evernote. It is not a problem with a particular platform as I am using evernote over the Web, evernote on Android, evernote on Mac, I am convinced that there is a problem when my data was syncing to the cloud, something must have malfunctioned. As I take notes a LOT, what happened to me is such a disappointment. Just wondering whether someone also experience such issues before, and if yes, how did you fix it? Or anyone know any better alternatives to evernote? Many thanks.
  24. Hello Everyone, for some weeks now, since around the time Evernote changed it's business model and had basic users choose two devices, my Evernote is behaving oddly. Both of my devices (Win7 machine and iPad) are correctly listed as connected, but sync on the PC is only working sporadically (red !) and I recieve lots of unwanted status notes (see image). Do you have any ideas on how to solve that problem? Kind regards Christian
  25. I gave a friend viewing and editing permissions on a notebook because we are trying to work on a project together. she is using the web version of evernote, and I am using the desktop version. at first, it seemed like her edits were overriding my previous ones, but then we came to realize my notes on my computer and what she can view in the browser are not syncing up two notes that she edited were placed in the "conflicting changes" tab on my end. I deleted them, but said project partner still can't see my changes to notes in her browser. when I log onto the web version of evernote, none of my changes made on my desktop app are reflected. the sync icon in my version of desktop evernote is continuously spinning, suggesting my changes aren't being synced, even when I manually use the sync shortcut I don't want to lose my work and I can't figure out how to allow us both to have matching syncs, as well as stopping whatever is blocking evernote on my desktop from syncing with the web version