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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everybody! I used my Evernote app for Windows7 successfully in corporate network. But a week ago, our system administrators restricted access to File storage category sites and Evernote app stopped synchronizing. Log is written: statusCode=403, statusText=Forbidden. Site evernote.com doesn't work too in this corporate network. Can I use some alternative setting for Evernote app synchronization? Version APP is 5.8.13 AppLog_2018-04-19.txt
  2. poll73

    Sync issue

    Hello! The problem with synchronization. Yesterday the program refused to work. After reinstallation does not show notes after 2012. But in the web account they are. Sync does not work? I tried to press synchronization. No changes. How to fix? before was premium akaunt. Now basik. Could this be the reason?
  3. I don't understand why EN doesn't sync/autosave a note across devices in "real time" like any other modern app (think apple note or Google docs). If I have a note opened on two screens and I make a modification in one I will always end up with a sync conflict instead of both screen updating in "real time". This is the bane of my existence as I tend to work across devices and those sync conflicts are a pain and also scary as I always fear that some data might be lost. I have been plagued by this issue for years. What's up Evernote? Am I the only person with this problem?
  4. Hi. It was badly surprised me that EverNote on Android is not able to load all note updates by one chunk during synchronization! So, to have all my latest notes with me I have to click every note in a list to make it loaded. That is really looks deadly bad! :-( When I face such stupid and user-unfriendly behaviour from EverNote side I got a desire to develop own software to replace EverNote. Here is my question then - is it possible somehow to make EverNote to load all note updates by one chunk during synchronization? I mean - the work scenario must be following: turn WiFi ONstart EverN
  5. Hi Guys, I recently bought the Samsung Note 4 which is great. It came with a year Evernote Premium so I've been checking it out. Both S-note and Evernote have some distinct and great features, so I would like to use both applications. Both applications feature a synchronization option, which I have checked. But applications are not synchronizing and I can't figure out why. My ideal workflow would be that the hand written action memo's in S-note, are saved in text to Evernote. I was hoping this would be possible via an S-note files (action memo/s-note file/transforme to text). I was expec
  6. I'm using Evernote with the newest Android Version on Samsung s4 and Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 edition 2014. Since yesterday I have the following problem: after updating (editing in the sense of adding some text and adding tags) between 20 to 50 records the evernote app freezes. The thinn blue line is running continuously, synchronization seems to run for ever. I have the feeling that it seems to hang on "downloading headers". The list of notebooks and the list of tags on the left cannot be displayed any more. Notes cannot be read, but the list of all notes can be displayed. I have around 1
  7. This issue first occurred a couple of weeks ago. I start a note on my phone and it syncs correctly at the first few attempts. Then it refuses to sync again, resulting in the loss of everything typed since the last sync. I can start a new note but the same thing happens again. Web syncing is working correctly. I am on Android 4.4.4 and the most recent update of Evernote. I think that the recent update has caused this. (I have used Evernote for 2 years but am not on Premium)
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