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  1. I just had to rebuild my EN Windows database and again found it very annoying, that color codes for notebooks and tags are not backed up and synced across different devices. I took my almost half aan hour to rebuild the color code for my note organization. Another disadvantage here is that one can only apply a style to one notebook / tag at a time.
  2. So the sync button on my Windows 10 machine shows the general appearance for an error. However the sync process takes place as it should and works fine. I'm running Evernote (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) [side note: this seems to be a beta issue, maybe?] I tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling but the problem persists (really just a cosmetic thing). I confirmed that the syncs happen because my phone and the web client show my changes... Attached is an image of how this looks on my machine (just the image of the button) Anyone else have this (slight) issue?
  3. After almost 10 years of using Evernote, I'm still frustrated the most by sitting and watching the sync symbol. Why, why why can we not select to have an audible signal letting us know it's done? I work editing tagging and moving large numbers of notes at a time, and I have learned that I need to wait for the changes to sync before moving the notes, or disastrous things happen. I've had to re-do work because I've not waited for the sync to finish. Over the years, I've been told that Evernote is working on the synchronization happening faster, or in the back ground, or note by note - rather than simply adding an audible sound to let me work on something else while I wait. So, still, I sit and swear at the circling sync logo.
  4. Dear community, Let me introduce a new product called Calendar Cloud. It is a cloud-based service that helps you to sync events from different sources to Google or iCloud calendar. In contrast to others solutions available on the market we are focused on simplicity and want to solve end user's problems. We started early access around 2 months ago, but last week we released Evernote integration. Now, I want to share it with you. Check out Calendar Cloud is the simplest way to sync Evernote's reminders to Google or iCloud calendar If you are interested. Use any of the following communication points to ask your question, share your experience or report any problem. Product page: https://calendar-cloud.com/ Blogger: https://calendarcloud.blogspot.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calendarcloud/ Support email: support@calendar-cloud.com (generally we respond within 24 hours) Moreover, you can ask your questions in this thread. Thanks for your attention.
  5. Hi folks, At this moment in time, I have two devices with Evernote. One iPad Air2 and one Samsung Tab S 10,5. I wanted to use the sync feature between the two, because my main device have a broken LCD screen (I mean, the device itself works, not the screen) but I’m totally unable to sync and find ‘quick notes’ or any saved simple text notes (from one device to another), all I see it’s only one note from a booknote, but nothing about quick text notes and such text (only) notes (since I’m unable to say how I organized these notes imside the software, because the app organized the notes itself (not like a PC nor a Macintosh where you create and organize folders yourself as you wish, and where you want, here with Evernote, it’s a proprietary and closed structure of all your Evernote datas, as I understand) So, do I have any chance to resurect the missing notes from the Samsung through my iPad, from the web or/and from a PC/Mac as the app is able and supposed to do? It’s text files only, after all... If I go for an upgrade version of Evernote (Plus or Premium), does that sync will works way back (without the need of a new configuration on both devices, by the nature and the structuration of datas inside the app itself, as promised by the 'sync' feature)? Best Regards. Loom
  6. Getting a red exclamation on my samsung 8 with a note I created. Not syncing with my windows laptop. How do I get this fixed without losing data?
  7. I am a premium user and heavily reply on evernote to manage my ideas and activities. Sometimes I have large files, the mouse keep showing waiting while I edit and greatly slow down my productivity. Although I have thousands files in evernote, the most frequent files are just a bunch. I would like to suggest to be able to configure sync on: 1. Frequency to Sync while editing. (could be much longer, like 5 or 10 minutes). To avoid lost of editing, using history on local to recover the last editing. Without frequently sync with server, my editing would not be interrupted all the time. 2. Sync whenever no activity for configured interval, or exit evernote, or put the computer into sleep/shutdown/standby I also found a bug on Sync on the evernote 6.13 version, the shortcuts that I add on Mac could not show up on Windows, while windows newly added shortcut can be seen on Mac.
  8. Missed changes made to a note

    Using my Tablet Galaxy TabA I have exported a text from Pocket (Android) to Evernote; then I marked, using the mark text, some passages of the text; I finally added notes with the S-pen, using the "Writing" tool, in some parts of the note, I did this on the street, I was connected to the Internet through the Internet sharing of my Galaxy Note5; Everything seemed fine; already at home I accessed the note of my 2 in 1 Yoga 520 and noticed that the annotation using the tool "Writing" had disappeared, I took a look at my Tablet and there also the note had disappeared. I do not know if there was a problem saving the note in Evernote for Android or if it was a problem in sync. Anyway it was a problem. What I lost is not so serious, but it could be. Has anyone had similar problems? Does anyone know a way to avoid this problem?
  9. As a user, I would like to have the ability to sync a notebook offline, but choose not to sync the attachments to those notes (as the attachments are big and take up space). That being said, if I could in note, choose to sync a certain note's attachment(s), that would be amazing.
  10. I had evernote on my phone under googlemail before it became gmail. I then wanted to put on my Windows pc. Downloaded onto windows and ZERO notes or notebooks (used my gmail account which automatically should have synced to googlemail one that created the account). Looked at my phone and they're there. Deleted app of phone and pc again and reinstalled and re-logged in, now both have ZERO notes and still sync yet it's empty. This happened last night and the CHAT for some reason is still unavailable. I'm on a basic account but have probably 75-100 notes in there over the last 4 years or so. I need a solution. I've checked the trash but it's EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY. I had the newest app on my phone befoere deleting it and logging back in. I don't want to revoke my old access as that I feel is recoverable by the team to use those notes. But nothing and no one on twitter is helping. Really stuck, really want back my years of notes.
  11. I successfully scanned business cards using iPhone App. These appear in my iCloud contacts & Evernote web. When I make changes to the previously scanned contacts in the App, these changes DO NOT sync back to iCloud. (They do sync back to Evernote web though.) I also tried to make changes straight in iCloud, and these changes DO NOT sync back to Evernote - web nor App. I have checked to make sure contacts access is enabled on Evernote, iPhone, Mac, etc. Settings are OK as far as I can tell, since contacts sync when originally scanned, just not when edited. I would like any changes I make in Evernote to show up in iCloud contacts, and any changes in iCloud to show up in Evernote. I don't understand why the original scans show up, but the edits do not. HELP!
  12. My Windows EN (on Windows 10 creators update) syncs all the time. In options | synchronization the only thing I have checked is 'Synchronize changes on exit.' What do I need to do to have EN synchronize changes only on demand?
  13. Evernote won't sync

    My Evernote won't sync across all devices. I only have two devices (iPhone and iMac) My notes used to appear on the evernote web, and it doesn't anymore. Does Evernote have the backend capability of syncing on a user's behalf? Is there something I need to turn off in my OS settings that maybe interfering with the sync? I've tried every evernote suggestion--nothing works. thank you in advance!
  14. Last night I noticed that the number of notes I have across different devices do not match. I don't have any local notebooks, all synced across all devices. My work iPhone showed 10,918 notes while my personal iPhone showed the correct number of notes at 11,044. My iMac Evernote app showed 10,979 while online Evernote showed the correct 11,044 notes which is also correct on my work PC and my home PC. I sometimes notice a note missing from one device, but I wasn't aware of this kind of discrepancy especially on my iMac and work iPhone. Screenshots are taken after a sync to make sure everything was up to date. Any ideas?
  15. My Evernote is not syncing on my Windows 10 desktop. I've logged out then in again, but it's still not working. Any ideas why?
  16. Detailed sync status

    I'd like to see which individual files are syncing and what their status is, similar to cloud storage platforms.
  17. Guys, imagine you have that massive folder tree with tons of slides, videos, etc. sorted out by topics. Finding the right thing may be a problem, especially without tags. So the Big question 1) Is it possible to link each file and folder in my Finder (Mac) to the Evernote 2) If yes, can you explain with screenshots how exactly it works? with/ without Google drive? Thanks a lot!!
  18. Incomplete Sync - iPhone 6S

    IS THERE A SETTING TO NOT SEARCH THE TRASH ON THE PHONE? (I've looked, not seeing it.) I've discovered FacileThings facilethings.com and combined with Evernote it seems to be a easier way to acclimate to GTD. In the process I've deleted and almost tagged my 4000+ notes. They sync fine with web.evernote but not the phone. On the phone I have items I trashed on the app that are still show up on the phone with a -tag:* search. I know because when I search notes with -tag:* I get 193 results on app and web, but 594 on the phone. I've cleared the phone Evernote cache (account>settings>clear cache). What else should I try?
  19. HELP - Evernote Web Sync Issue

    Happy Saturday everyone, posting here because tech support is offline during the weekend. I use the free account version and keep notes on Evernote Web at work and at home. Yesterday I edited/updated a note at work and I opened up my home computer today continue working on it. I didn't refresh Evernote, just began working. I then realized that some of my edits weren't up to date, and hit refresh, but it was too late, the latest draft of my note was saved to the Evernote servers and my work yesterday was lost. Has anyone experienced this issue? Are there historical records I can find? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  20. Hallo, ich weiß nicht, ob es möglich ist, auf Deutsch zu fragen. Ich versuch's mal, weil technische Erklärungen mir auf Englisch doch sehr schwer fallen: Meine Frage ist: Wenn ich auf die Premium-Funktion upgrade, habe ich dann irgend eine Mögichkeit auch mit dem Windows Phone auf mein Konto zuzugreifen? Die bisherige App funktioniert nicht mehr (auch nicht, wenn ich das Phone als eines von 2 Geräten einbinde). Könnte ich wenigstens auf Evernote Web zugreifen? Wenn ich evernote in Edge aufrufe, bekomme ich jedes Mal die Meldung, dass evernote web nicht von Android-Bowsern unterstützt wird (auf Windows Phone, also mit Win 10, nicht Android wohlgemerkt!). Ich würde ja gern die Premium-Version abonnieren. Aber wenn ich mein wichtigstes Gerät dann doch nicht mit einbinden kann ... Grüße aus Lübeck Monika Prechel P.S.: Eine Email-Frage direkt an den Support zu stellen, ist offenbar nicht möglich Dafür muß man erst upgraden. Da meine Frage aber nun gerade das Upgrade betrifft ...
  21. sync delay while writing

    request regarding evernote win desktop I really hate it when the app freezes for seconds when you create a new note and try to write something. I suppose this happens due to auto sync feature. Maybe, this triggers the note to be synced whenever it's modified. I hope they add a sync exception while I'm still writing. It's totally okay even if the sync is delayed until I have done/paused writing.
  22. Evernote support seems to be missing in action. I opened up an official support ticket 3 days ago, but at the support site they said it would take a week to get back (I'm a premium member). The site also suggested trying Twitter help, so I wrote them yesterday, and they said I should open an official support ticket. Why doesn't Evernote add enough support staff to get back to people within a reasonable amount of time? Their support has been slow forever. Anyway, I'm turning here to see if anybody has ideas in the meanwhile. Evernote on my Mac is constantly spinning and stopping the sync wheel and showing a red "!" mark when it stops. I assume this means a problem with syncing. The activity log is showing messages like this: Version: Evernote Mac 6.12.3 (455520) Locale: en-JP-JP OS: 10.13.0 WebKit: 604.1.38 WebCore: 604.1.38 Username: douglerner Email: doug@xxxxxxxx Mac Model: MacBookPro11,1 CPU Type: Intel CPU Count: 4 CPU Speed: 2.600000 GHz RAM: 16.000000 GB Date: 2017-10-21 12:09:34 +0000 [ENSyncEngine(Notes) updateServerNoteFromLocalNoteWithID:resourceFileMap:attemptRetry:] | note exception thrown: <EDAMUserException: 0x604000072240; errorCode = ENML_VALIDATION; parameter = Illegal to contain CDATA;> 2017/10/21 21:09:22:537 E|*** 29419 -[ENSyncEngine(Errors) addSyncErrorForObjectWithID:title:message:underlyingError:] | Adding error: Error Domain=ENSyncEngineErrorDomain Code=-2000 "The content is invalid." UserInfo={underlyingError=<EDAMUserException: 0x604000072240; errorCode = ENML_VALIDATION; parameter = Illegal to contain CDATA;> Any idea what I can do to get rid of the error?
  23. Constant syncing....

    I am running High Sierra on my Mac and Evernote is 6.12.3. I am running into an issue which is REALLY slowing down my productivity. That issue is that it is constantly syncing. I turned off all the options for syncing and selected manual but it doesn't make any difference. Not only is it syncing often but it's SOOO slow... It seems like it takes forever when I first open up Evernote. I am a Premium user. I do have a lot of notes (17000). But this constant syncing is very annoying. I can't do anything until it finishes which I mentioned TAKES FOREVER. Or so it seems. Anyone else run into this issue? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  24. Sync issues with patchy wifif

    Hi guys! I've been having some trouble with spotty internet connection as of late (i.e. goes out for 30 seconds, is back, a minute, is back etc.) I primarily use Evernote Web as I am often pasting in screenshots and pictures. The issue is that when my wifi drops and then comes back evernote deletes everything I did whilst the wifi was out - I think this is because it constantly syncs, and when wifi is restored it goes back to the last sync? Is there a way to turn off continue sync, so it only happens when I want it to? I've lost a lot of university notes in the last few days and have had to retype things. I do have premium but that doesn't seem to be any help. I know I could just use evernote on my desktop but then I have to go back and add all my pictures later - which is sort of pointless, and I much prefer the web aesthetic. Thanks!
  25. Really like Evernote but one think that continues to frustrate me is how all activity in Evernote is halted during the sync process. I would like to see an improvement make in this process that would allow me to continue to work on my Notes while sync is in progress. I understand the difficulty in doing this but I am sure that it can be implemented with a bit of work.