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Found 12 results

  1. I have a problem: I want to prepare my lessons in Evernote and I have to submit a copy of each lesson plan via Email in a PDF-format, so that my colleague can save the file to her computer. Is this possible in Evernote - I've just started using it on my Surface Pro 4 (I switched from OneNote to Evernote, because I like the options for structuring your notebooks better). Summarized: 1) Is there any possibility I can export Evernote notes as PDF files on my Surface Pro 4 and then send them via e-mail? 2) Do you know if this would also work on my Android phone?
  2. I would love to see the Windows Client have functionality to work with the Surface Book/ Surface and the Pen. The "Windows App" is really not that great but I use the full Windows client all the time and would love to be able to use the pen like you can with OneNote. I have changed my Surface Book to open Evernote instead of One Note with the click of the eraser already.
  3. patriciabuoncristiani

    Sync OneNote with Evernote

    I have just purchased a MS Surface and would like to use the stylus handwriting option for my notes. I can only use the stylus ion OneNote so is there any way to sync OneNote notes into Evernote?
  4. I have been searching for videos and or reviews that address evernote inking on the surface pro and or surface book. Is it accurate that Evernote for windows (Native app or standard windows) does not support the pen and inking? If it does, does that inked note get indexed like a photo of handwritten notes? Same question for iPad Pro. The demo app of EN on iPad Pro doesn't even let you ink. It that because you can't ink in evernote on iPad pro. Is that because you can't do it or that the demo is out of date? All I want is to see is inking and the features that accompany it on the two platforms!! Help?
  5. I have a surface 3 and would like to use Evernote instead of Onenote to take handwritten notes with my pen. Can this be done? Can only see the option in Evernote for Android and that's stange. Am I missing something?
  6. I have changed the default action on my Surface Book pen. I am now able to pen Evernote instead of OneNote. I would like to also change the double click of the eraser to start a clipper action using Evernote. I see the EvernoteCipper.exe but not sure if I have to supply any args to make it work. Any ideas?
  7. I recently got a Surface Pro 3 and have been looking forward to using it with Evernote. The biggest barrier to that right now is the annotations editor is doing something awful to my handwriting, to the point where it's unrecognizable. If you've ever used an art program with a smooth-stroke option that's exactly what it looks like: pen strokes with the smooth setting on max. I'm used to using Evernote with my Wacom Intuos attached to my desktop. That doesn't have any issues with the editor. I've attached two handwriting samples to show you what I mean (I'm sorry they're not inline images, but for some reason they're gigantic.) Handwriting with Surface pen. Handwriting with Intuos pen. Does anyone know what's going on here?
  8. Literally nothing Evernote works on my new surface pro 3. The app in the windows store won't let me log in. Ever. I can download and log in to the desktop version, but Evernote can't retrieve my archived work. What's the deal? Can I fix this somehow or is it just a faulty product?
  9. Dear all, I am using Evernote on all my devices. And I really Love it. I just miss to insert check boxes in Evernote Touch (at least the version form Microsoft Marketplace) Can you help me? Regards Andreas
  10. I just got a Microsoft Surface 2 (RT) tablet, and installed the Evernote Touch Windows app. It allows me to sign into my account, but won't sync any of my other notes, (I have 6,000+). I've tried to unistall and re-install, give it time, etc. The sync stays at 0% and doesn't react when I hit the sync button itself. Am I missing something or is something else amiss? I love Evernote and use it for everything from work, school, everything, so I really need this sorted out. Any suggestions would be welcome!!
  11. Hi, Evernote keeps crashing when i launch it from the metro screen. If it does open occasionally, it will try to sync and exit abruptly. Help
  12. I have a lot of images in my Evernote and I'm trying to get them to my SurfaceRT. So far, only headers/text are synced for offline use, all images are missing and are downloaded only when I open the note. Opening 500 notes to see thumbnails is boring, to say the least. I rely on thumbnails a lot for finding the right note Some notes show attachement icon in thumbnail view but only of a fraction of them Sync crashed multiple time when I installed Evernote first time Missing images - is that bug or a "feature"? - if bug - how can I re-sync so that images and thumbnails will follow? - if feature - please consider adding full sync option, "off" by defaul Remember - Surface RT (and quite some other tablets) is without 3G/4G option and really needs better offline caching to be useful on trips or just outside (yes, I can find WiFi-less spots even in Estonia )