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Found 94 results

  1. Currently, it's only possible to get a two step verification code via text message or Google Authenticator. it’s important to keep my accounts as secure as possible, so I was really happy when Evernote announced that two-step verification is available to all Evernote users. I enable it immediately. But now i’m forced to use Google Authenticator. I’ve had to switch to Google Authenticator to copy my one-time-paswsword and quickly switch back to Evernote to paste it before it expires! It’s very stressful. For all my other accounts (that use two steps verification) I simply use 1Password (build in time-based one-time password (TOTP)). Only for Evernote I’ve had to install the Google Authenticator App. Hopefully Evernote will supports the time-based one-time password (TOTP) feature of the 1Password extension, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
  2. I am a paying Evernote customer who wants to enter a request for tech support. If I go to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new, then that page: 1) fails to recognize that I am signed into Evernote and; 2)after signing in again, provides no way to enter a tech support request. How do I enter a tech support request?
  3. I opened a support ticket with Evernote and received an email response. Is there a way to view and respond to the ticket through Evernote's web site, or is it just through email? I do have a ticket # and I can respond to the email, but despite searching I can only find where to open a new ticket, not view an existing one. Thanks
  4. since several days I try to get contact to the support chat. But no matter what time, day or night, the chat is always offline. :-( Bad support is the worst thing you can do to a future customer! Maybe it will cause ,that I will never use evernotes.
  5. So Evernote employees don't use Evernote. They use something called Growsumo. Only one person (Charlotte Boyd) monitors it and that is the only way we ECC's have of getting support regarding EBA referral support. I've spent most of today trying to get ahold of Charlotte, from emails, to Growsumo posts, to Facebook ECC group - I'm frustrated that there is no one available - and the EBA prices change tomorrow. Coincidence?
  6. My note which was password protected for years suddenly lost. The only thing left behind is the title of the note with no content. The most interesting part is how on earth, a password protected notes suddenly becomes password-less. I was on a free plan and in order to report and get support from Evernote I had to upgrade to a paid plan (Plus). It's been more than 48 hours and I did not get any response yet. Today, I sent my second message and still waiting!!! I am already upset due to my lost notes and even worse very frustrated that support is not taking care of this urgent matter. Am I missing something here?
  7. Darmaji Gunawan

    [ ask ] need help

    Hello, i need help. for some reason my notes on evernote website didn't show up. but if i access it from my phone. my notes still there and i can see the content. can someone help me up ?
  8. palinapol

    Support Right to Left (RTL) direction

    Hello there! Unfortunately there is no support in Middle east language - Hebrew,Arabic, which is a bit frustrating since the notes look a bit mess - or it require you to write English only - which sometimes not the best idea because the mother tongues are different... Middle east are usually written from right to left, so it could be great if you add this to the very coming future list of tasks
  9. So, I'm trying to figure out how to create a local notebook and there seems to be very little information about it except how to create one. Which doesn't work in my case. Edit: I'm speaking of the EN on OS X El Capitan 10.11.1, latest version. Incase you didn't recognise from the screenshot.. Here's a screenshot of when I try to create a new local notebook trough the menu -> file -> new notebook -> : http://imgur.com/N1FS53n So, is this normal, a bug, or because of I am on basic evernote and I need to pay to unlock a local notebook feature?
  10. Hi, I wanted my API key activated for production (via the activate key form). I have to mention that I only want to access my own data via the API. Two weeks, no answer. Then I wrote directly to support, again no answer. I am surprised that although Evernote is a good product it has such bad support. That shows me that they do not care for users concern. A pity. Anyone from support is reading this??
  11. CallMeShirlie

    Bug Obscuring All Buttons

    As a basic member, I can't send in a ticket (which is honestly not good form, but whatever). However, I would like to ask about a particular bug that has only begun occurring over the last day and seems to obscure the button symbols throughout the app and even on my Mac menu bar as shown in the attached photo. Has anyone else had a similar issue, whether before or after any recent updates? Am I missing an update?
  12. Hey guys ! So, I wanted to know : how can I make most efficient use of my 60 mb upload limit when using web and pc client ? Is there any point in using web client if I have the pc one ? What sync settings would be the most optimal to reduce my upload limit ? Maybe some general tips on how to avoid exceeding upload limit ?
  13. I have Mac OS X 10.6.8, how do I download a version of evernote that is compatible?
  14. I just started using Chrome again on one laptop after Firefox was using far too much memory and CPU time for comfort, and noticed that the usability of the help and learning pages is vastly different if you use Chrome. This is my Firefox view on this laptop - notice the search bar? That's pretty important for looking up stuff, right? OK - now check out what I see in Chrome. No header, and no search; which means if the topic isn't on the front page, I have no way to find it. (Well OK, there's Google, but hey..) I also wonder whether this difference has anything to do with some folks' apparent inability to find the Support link, even though they're paying customers... If this is a settings issue I apologise - but meantime Chrome users - you're (maybe) missing out!
  15. Hi everyone, Every time I try to open evernote, it says there is an internal server error- can anyone help as to how I can fix it please? I have reinstalled/restarted/logged out etc and nothing. It just keeps crashing. I am using premium - Any help appreciated, Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, Since EN 8 launch the app is crashing on startup (iPhone 6s). Versions 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 didn't fix the problem. I sent a Support Ticket friday 20th : no answer. I contacted EvernoteHelps via DM : no answer. Now I want to access the Support Chat, but the "Chat Now" button is not functionning = nothing happens when I click. I tried to access the Chat from two desktop computers, using Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Also tried from my iPhone. To sum up : - the Evernote app is broken. - I'm unable to reach any support and specifically Chat Support which is a feature that I pay for. Can you help ?
  17. Hi All, Hoping I can get a quick answer to this question (or rather, I hope I am just overlooking something obvious). In the Web Browser view of Evernote I can choose to Show Images or Text in the left pane (which includes the note Title and the note Brief Synopsis). This is great because when I am looking at the notes I just want to see the title and click into it for details. What I am trying to do now is find the same view option in the Windows desktop version. All I am seeing is the list, snippet, and card options. I see no way to hide the Brief Synopsis like I can on the web browser. The obvious choice would be to just use the web browser, but I would rather have the desktop application open. Please let me know if there is a way to configure this and/or some type of workaround that would give me a similar result. Thanks!
  18. jonnyholland

    No support for Basic?

    Ok, first off. Pretty great product and I love the business angle of being the be-all/end-all for notes, storing information and collaboration. I must make a disclaimer: I'm a new Evernote user. I'm not a long-time user to this platform. However, to make support "premium" by making it only available to people who pay only makes YOUR product worse. I'm very technically proficient and code and take notes on the daily for my projects and ideas. And, before I invest in this platform with my money, I want to try it out and see if it really makes my life easier and more fluid. So, when I find a pretty significant UI bug and there's no way for me to report it without paying is absolutely ridiculous. Now, maybe you have an option somewhere that I could not find. But, that in it of itself is a pretty significant issue. Because, as a company, the only way to improve your product is through communication. And, since users out in the wild are always going to find little bugs that you never would be able to (for various reasons) it would make no sense to make them pay to tell you how to make your product better. And it's also crazy to make it difficult to do so. You should want that and you should make it so easy you almost get too much information. It's not like the communication has to go straight to the engineers. Just have it sent somewhere that they can search by keyword, etc to help them research and fix issues. I'll give you a great example. Right now Directv Now is riddled with problems. I called in once to report a bug and the guy was super eager to take the request and help. I'm not sure if he was even technically the right guy but he was willing to take the information and help resolve. Why? Because it's so very important to improve those things. And it was super easy to do so (even though I had to physically call. It still astounds me that companies don't have a "report a bug" feature right in the app or in support) Here's the thing that most companies still don't get: a user will almost ALWAYS follow nature's path of least resistance. They then will usually get frustrated, irritated and possibly mad and then probably give up if it's too difficult. The issue with that is now the user has had a negative experience. Which makes 2 things possible: 1. any future annoyances will be mentally tacked onto the last one and 2. they most likely will never try to report anything else again. Instead of paying for QA, you could have gotten it free. Instead I've wasted about 30 minutes of my life through this process and writing out this little speech. I hope you improve your product and keep doing better. And, since seeing how many improvements you've made over time, I'm sure you will. UPDATE: I forgot to mention that yes I did go through the support pages and yes I know you have a "report a bug" option. I'm remarking on the inability to do so. Best. PS. Just to be the nice guy I've included the pic of UI. If you want the logs, please provide a way for me to send.
  19. What keyboard button is used to select into a different notebook? In the screenshot I'm highlighted onto "Korean" but it won't let me select the highlighted portion. I tried a multitude of keystrokes including but not limited to: ENTER, RIGHT ARROW, TAB, SHIFT+ENTER I really try to avoid using my mouse as much as possible, especially when it comes to entering text.
  20. I have had Evernote basic for years. I have a key note that now comes up only with the name of the file underlined as if it was a link to go somewhere, but the notes that I have stored in this folder for the past several years are completely missing. I have tried without success to restore a backup of my computer and I have searched for days to find someway to get an email out to Evernote for help, but I have not found a way to contact them. I would just like my note restored as I desperately need the information. Has this happened to anyone else?
  21. When I visit https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action, I got this message Which said >Sorry, we met a problem. >Unexpected error. >Our server is having difficulty handling your request(/SupportLogin.action) >You may need to login to your account to view this page. But I got the same error after I login. I use another browser (Firefox) and met the same problem.
  22. I want to contact Evernote customer support, but I keep going around in circles. I go to the support page: https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action but it always says "you have to be logged in to see this page", but i AM logged in. I log in again, try the link again, and back in the same circle. Someone at Evernote PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE or give me another link to file a support ticket. (Attached is the error screen I keep getting) Thank you!
  23. I should probably start this off by saying that I do not spend every waking minute in front of a PC (or smartphone) somewhere. The majority of my time is spent working, keeping up with the required daily tasks of a person, being with and contributing as much as I can to my family, and yes, even sleep. Neither my work or play centers abound a PC or the internet. I use it as a tool just as I would my auto, my meters and instrumentation, a calculator or even a pencil. (Yes they still exist and are used sometimes.) The following was sent 'as a ticket'. --It was my understanding this started as something easy to use and would help me. So far this has gotten further and further away from this. Every update I get, the more times I have to repeat the actions until Evernote application works. When it first started, it sounded good and was quick on the problems. Now it seems that I can find not support or help!?!-- To be the clearest and to the point as much as I can muster, this is my dilemma; "How much time and effort on my part should I have to put out in order to make use of something that I am paying someone else to help me with?? I do apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors for I am a Systems Engineer, not am English language teacher. Thank you for you patience.
  24. The support submit form on iPad is ridiculiosly Small - limited to only 500 characters. Could it be increase to allow 2000 or 5000 characters? Note that text box in a form is not restricted and message shows funny negative "left -987" when text exceed the limit. If for some reason you are not able to increase the limit, add instruction like "if you need to provide more information, you can send it in reply email, when you will receive receipt email for you support request"
  25. I have all my notes for work on my iPad, I wanted to link it to my phone to it but i didn't know my username so i logged out and logged back in only to realize that I guess i made another account. And the new account that I need i don't know what username and/or password it is under so i cant get into it and i cant get a hold of their customer support. The only clue I could come up with is that when I try a certain username it says it has sent me a reset email, but I dont know what email it is sending it to or even if its for me. Please help.