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Found 36 results

  1. Is there future support planned for the new Wacom stylus (or perhaps other advanced stylii)? I've tried out the Jot Script in the past and the clicking sound and overall experience was not to my liking. With the recent release of the new Wacom stylus, I have found that the experience on Bamboo Paper is phenomenal and am looking forward to being able to have that same experience within Penultimate + Evernote integration. Is this something that can be added to the roadmap, and if so, is there an approximate timeline for it? In the meantime, it's a hard choice to choose between a great experience and the convenient integration.
  2. Regardless if using a stylus or Apple Pencil, it would be extremely useful to be able to extend the drawing area in all directions (left, right, up down) and create more space for drawing. It is too small today and I can't fit everything I need into a single screen sized drawing.
  3. runforestrun

    SonarPen Support

    Long time user, first time caller here. How can we get Evernote to support this great stylus that will be releasing soon. I have reached out to SonarPen about supporting Evernote and they said they've contacted Evernote with no response. Can someone at Evernote please reach out to SonarPen (elton.leung@greenbulb.com) as this would be an excellent partnership opportunity. I would love to be able to use a stylus with my older iPad and this is the only one I know of that will work.
  4. Hi We need a full integration of EVERNOTE with Bluetooth Stylus: Bamboo fineline & others in order to have a good handwriting experience PLEASE !! // the handwriting experience in EVERNOTE Android is excellent in SAMSUNG tablets with S-pen , We need this in iOS
  5. I use Evernote on a Surface Pro 2, which has a Wacom stylus (not capacitive). I can write into the desktop app using an Ink Note. It's great! Only scrolling is basically impossible in this mode. The scroll bars have been made far too narrow to get a finger on, and swiping in the note draws a line. The only real way to scroll is to use the stylus itself as a mouse, which is still quite difficult, or to use a mouse scrolling capability. Any chance of a fix here? I don't suppose it's possible to have it write only with the stylus and recognize the finger as scrolling, is there? Win 8.1, Evernote
  6. I've been an Evernote user for years now. Just upgraded to a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet, which came with a stylus. Tried using Evernote, with the assumption that an otherwise great product would obviously support a stylus. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do with a stylus (unless you have an iPad) is to use a bare-bones system to make an "ink note". How is it possible that your support for this is so terrible? I was hoping to be able to use the stylus to write on existing notes and jot things down, etc. No dice. Then to add insult to injury I learned that there is support for this, but only for iPad users who need an additional app to use the feature. Not acceptable, Evernote folks. Any chance of this getting implemented into the windows version? If not, I will have to switch everything over to One Note :-(
  7. I was wondering if Penultimate app on ipad works with wacom intuos creative stylus. I was about to buy a smart stylus and my choice was falling on wacom intuos because I'm afraid jot touch 4 could scratch my screen. I seem to find no clue to understand if wacom intuos would work with penultimate or not.
  8. Hey guys! I was using evernote the other day on my tablet and was using an input method in which the base of the screen was a white space that i could write on with my stylus and that converted the written words into proper text and punctuation up top on the page. I went back to do so again today and just can't figure out how it is i got to that particular tool. Every other method i come across is strictly the handwritten way that doesn't convert to text. Please help!
  9. Hi, Since 53 just released their SDK for their bluetooth stylus, Pencil, I was wondering if you were looking into incorporating it into Penultimate? It would be awesome. SDK Information Thanks, Lukas
  10. Ian Stark

    Can I use any stylus?

    I appreciate that there is a specific stylus designed to work hand in hand with Penultimate, but can any stylus be used, even though the full functionality of that stylus may not be utilised? I have just bought a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 which is specifically to be used with the Adobe Sketch and Draw apps, but having just come across Penultimate I am hoping that I can use them together. It's the one thing that will encourage me to upgrade to a full Evernote account so I can sync between desktop, iPhone and iPad (the device I would use for note taking with the stylus, but not currently syncing since Evernote restricted the number of devices on the basic account). I see others have asked for specific support for the Wacom stylus in Evernote and I wonder what the status of that is?
  11. I've used Evernote for a couple of years to sync my notes / lists between my Android devices and Windows desktops. I used my Samsung Note 8 to take notes using the SPen and then export them to Evernote (via LectureNotes). I also make lots of To-Do lists in Evernote. All of this works great but I'm hoping to extend it to my new Windows laptop. In particular I'm trying to find the best Windows 10 app for note taking with a active digitizer pen (Lenovo Yoga 260) which either syncs or exports cleanly to Evernote. I've tried a number of options but none are nearly as nice as my Android tablet solution. I realize with a number of the Window 10 apps I can share a note with Evernote Touch. However I prefer to use Evernote Desktop but can't figure out a way to have Evernote Touch sync in the background without opening it. Is this possible? Additionally the Windows pen note taking apps don't play nice with Evernote. Here are the negatives for each: OneNote: when sharing a note with Evernote I only get a broken image, which has been discussed elsewhere. I'm also not that happy with the OneNote interface. Scrble: shares the note name to Evernote as expected. However Scrble has very few options and the primary issue I have with its defaults is the line spacing is way to close together. Squid (Papyrus): has a great interface but when sharing a note it doesn't send the note name (it either exports the note as "ScreenShot" or "Squid" depending on whether you export the image or pages). I don't want to have to rename my note in Evernote after its imported. Bamboo Paper: only allows .pdf export, nothing directly to Evernote. Until Evernote supports pen input in their Windows application (and hopefully abandons the "Touch" version) I'm hoping to find the best application to take notes and export them to Evernote. Please share any recommendations or tips for making this process smoother.
  12. Frecuentemente nos llegan preguntas acerca de poder crear notas escritas a mano utilizando Evernote de la manera que ahora se puede con Evernote Android y Evernote iOS. Aunque todavía estamos trabajando en mejorar esta función en Windows (ahora que más y más equipos tienen pantallas Touch), existe una manera ya incluida en Evernote que puede ayudar: se llama NOTA MANUSCRITA. Puedes utilizar esta función con una pantalla touch con stylus o incluso sin una pantalla táctil con un mouse o stylus externo/tablet con stylus. 1) Añade el atajo de Nota Manuscrita en la barra de Herramientas 2) Presiona el atajo para crear una nueva Nota Manuscrita --------------------------------------------------------------- ¡Espero este tip sea de ayuda!
  13. cifip

    Penultimate 6.2 Released

    Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.2 to the App Store earlier today. This version adds multitasking, iPad Pro & Apple Pencil support, and free paper for everyone! What's new in 6.2: All papers are now free!Now supports iOS MultitaskingApple Pencil pressure sensitivity support (iPad Pro only)More intuitive pen, highlighter, and color selectorsNew full-screen paper selector when creating a note or switching paper types within a noteAdded a grid view to the pages tray so you can see more of the pages within your note and quickly navigate to the page you want to editNotebooks look like notebooks instead of circles, and it's easier to identify business and shared notebooksAdded a page count to the cover of each note in a note listUpdated Penultimate Help screen (accessed from the writing screen)UI improvements throughout the appUpdated Adonit SDKPlease let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. You can order the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market. Cheers!
  14. cifip

    Penultimate 6.1.2 Released

    Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.1.2 to the App Store earlier today. This release contains better zoom box controls, the ability to save higher image resolution notes in Evernote, and some fixes for iOS 9 issues. What's new in 6.1.2: Zoom boxScaling: drag the bottom right corner of the zoom box at the top to zoom in further (smaller zoom box) or zoom out (larger zoom box)Speed controls: when drift is turned on, tap the "-" button to slow it down or the "+" button to speed it up - speed increments from 1 to 9Drag to close: drag the center/resize button all the way down to close the zoom box - it will remember the last size used the next time you open itFocus will snap to edge of page and not traverse pages in vertical scrolling modeHigher resolution notes in EvernoteSome notes, especially with narrow lines / text don't look as good as expeced when viewed in Evernote. This feature will enable higher resolution images for notes viewed in Evernote.To enable, go to Settings > More settings > General > Notes Upload to Evernote in HD > OnNote: this will increase the size of every new and edited note synced with Evernote and will affect monthly upload quota usageAdditional updatesiOS 9 importing from Dropbox fixedImprovements to sync conflicts when modifying notes on multiple devicesPlease let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. You can order the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market. Cheers!
  15. cifip

    Penultimate 6.1.1 Released

    Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.1.1 to the App Store earlier today. This release contains some bug fixes and a couple of new features. What's new in 6.1.1: Pen stroke update - returning to the old style pen stroke for all new writingClear page option in writing mode- long-press or double-tap on the eraser tool to expose the clear page optionNotable bug fixesWriting performance improvementsNote thumbnail wasn't getting updated for new pagesSearch now opens to the correct pagePhotos are added in the photo frame of the photos paper collectionImage appears in proper rotation when pasting into landscape paperZoom mode blue overlay appears properly after resizing zoom boxImporting files from Dropbox go into the proper notebookPlease let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. You can order the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market. Cheers!
  16. cifip

    Penultimate 6.1 Released

    Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.1 to the App Store earlier today. This release contains major updates to many areas of the app. We've spent several months doing user testing and had several beta releases. We made a lot of updates based on user feedback, and we hope you like the changes. What's new in 6.1: Choose your paper scrolling directionHorizontal or Vertical. The choice is yours.You'll be given the option to choose what's best for your writing on the first launch of version 6.1. If you'd like to change it any time afterwards, go to Settings > More Settings > Writing > Horizontal scrollingNew Reading ViewQuickly scroll through your notes without any accidental marksTap to enter Writing Mode to edit your noteTap on the note title to rename your noteWriting Mode improvementsUpdated navigation controls that no longer block any page area while writingLong press to add a photo to your notePage controls to easily go forward or back or add a new pageSupport for multiple paper types within a noteModify paper types in the note settings tray (formerly known as thumbnail tray)New pages added at the end of a note will be the same paper type as the last pageZoom box improvementsAuto-drift starts moving the zoom box as soon as you start writingControls have been moved to improve user experience for right- and left-handed usersZoom box constrained to page areaNotable bug fixesNow able to download Writing paper collectionPinch to close note has been disabledExporting longer notes has been fixedImages can no longer be resized off of the pagePlease let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. You can order the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market. Cheers!
  17. Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.0.5 to the App Store earlier today. This release was focused around the new and improved Evernote Premium, and the introduction of Evernote Plus. You can read more about the new tiers on the Evernote blog: Introducing Evernote Plus and the new Evernote Premium. This release also has updates to address note editing and app stability issues. What's new in 6.0.5:Introduction of new pricing tier, Evernote Plus, and improvements to Evernote PremiumEvernote Plus users can enjoy 1 GB monthly uploads, mobile passcode, all the papers for Penultimate in the Paper Shop, and moreEvernote Premium now includes unlimited monthly uploads and many more features in the Evernote productsImprovements and bug fixesCrash fixes for newly created custom paper, deleting last notebook, and device sleepingImproved save and sync handling during note editingiOS 8.3 fix for settings toggles5/11/15 Update: Penultimate for iPad 6.0.6 was released to the App Store this evening with a fix for paid users on 32-bit device (iPad 2, 3, 4, & iPad Mini 1) that were getting prompted to upgrade their account. I'm sorry for an inconvenience. Please let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. You can order the new Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market. Cheers!
  18. I've searched and found no answer so I am hoping this question / problem fits here. I have a Dell 7000 2-in-1 and a Dell active stylus (and a passive one as well), and I am running under Win 8. For the life of me I cannot write with the stylus in a note. I know that the stylus works and I can write - either through the keyboard function, Paint, or OneNote. So, is this 1 a computer issue (you can't do it with the computer I have); 2 a stylus issue (you can write with a stylus in Evernote, but you need to use 'x' styli); 3 or an Evernote issue (it doesn't have the capacity (yet) to do that with a PC. If you can only write IN a note with specific stylu (say Jot 3), will that stylus work with the computer I have? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions
  19. Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.0.3 to the App Store earlier today. What’s new:Substantial Jot Script writing improvementsImprovements to stylus responsiveness, dropped strokes, palm rejection, and offsetUpgraded to Adonit JotTouch SDK view improvementsScrolling responsiveness: two-finger scrolling will now respond to your first swipe gestureImage resizing: long-press on an image to expose corner handles for easier resizingZoom box improvementsPanning within the zoom box: using two fingers within the zoomed writing area, swipe to reposition the zoom boxZoom box no longer drifts when using eraser or selection toolsInk renders at proper thickness on retina devicesPage no longer scrolls slowly after scrolling inside zoom boxOther improvementsPhotos can be saved to camera roll: User > Settings > Add Photos to Camera Roll (on/off)Default note title changed to “Written [date, time]”Link to Getting Started guide: User > Settings > Getting Started GuideNotable bug fixes:Copy / Cut / Paste menu not showing occasionallyLarge note warnings and sync indicators (on the note list screen)Performance improvements on iPad 3 & 4Top crashes were addressed Please let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. Cheers!
  20. Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.0.2 to the App Store just a short time ago. Release notes:Landscape support: create notes in landscape orientation and rotate all pages (portrait to landscape and vice versa)Move and insert pages within thumbnail trayMulti-page manipulation: create, clear, and delete multiple notes at onceMore responsive strokes and smoother inkNumerous performance improvements and bug fixes Notable bug fixes:Highlighter no longer spreading when selectingPaste menu no longer popping up unexpectedly while writingInk no longer being rendered too thin in zoom mode and too thick when it synced to EvernoteAbility to paste images into notesTop crashes were addressed Let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. More to come. Stay tuned. Cheers!
  21. cifip

    Penultimate 6.0.4 Released

    Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.0.4 to the App Store earlier today. What’s new:Support for the new Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition stylusA brand new stylus from Evernote and AdonitFaster, smoother, more precise, and rechargeableAlso includes 6 months of Evernote PremiumThe Pen, Mightier: Meet the Jot Script 2 - Evernote BlogFaster and more accurate Jot Script performance with the latest Adonit Jot Touch SDKMore improvements to the overall writing experienceUpgraded to Adonit JotTouch SDK ability to split large notes automaticallyNotes too large to sync? We'll split your large notes for you within the same notebookImproved syncing and large note editing experience Please let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. You can order the new Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market. Cheers!
  22. cifip

    Penultimate 6.0 Released

    Hi all, We're happy to announce the all-new Penultimate app was released today. Penultimate 6.0 is a complete redesign of the best digital handwriting app on iPad. Version 6.0 is focused around smoother writing and better organization. Included in Penultimate 6.0: New UI for focused writingWrite in full screen and keep writing without stopping to add new pages. Use two fingers to scroll up and down notes.Create new notes, and access different kinds of paper, more quicklyNew highlighting toolImproved connection process, writing quality, and accuracy for the Jot Script stylusMore powerful searchView by default all Evernote notebooks that contain Penultimate notesAccess and add notes to your Evernote notebooks, including business notebooksView your Penultimate notes in EvernoteLet us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. You can purchase the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus by Adonit in the Evernote Market. Cheers!
  23. I recently got the Adonit Jot Touch Pixelpoint, which I want to use to take notes in Penultimate on my iPad Air 2 in office meetings. I want a solution that just replaces my pen and pad of paper. I want to have all my notes in Evernote, where I can tag them, pull them up anywhere, share them, etc. The problem is, this solution is as reliable for taking meeting notes today as driving a car was in 1900. All the pieces are there, but you can't just start it up and cruise. The Jot Touch seems to drop out, the writing is erratic, and the tip isn't consistently recognized at the right spot on the page. I feel like I'm a long way from being able to put my iPad on the conference table and take notes as I interact in the meeting. I'd constantly have to rewrite things, wait for the stylus to be recognized, etc. It feels like I'm working with an early prototype of a system -- a proof-of-concept that will probably evolve into something reliable in a couple of years. So what's the weak link in the system? Is it just the Bluetooth communication? If that's all it is, I'd be happy to use a wired stylus that plugs into the iPad's Lightling port. I don't see anything like that, though. Is it Penultimate's ability to read the input from the stylus? I see it's been improved greatly on the iPad Air 2, and the Jot Touch isn't any more reliable in any other note-taking app I've tried. (I still get strange behavior in portrait orientation, when the input registers to the left of where the tip is, but it works much better in landscape mode.) Or is the iPad's stylus-sensing ability just crude? I've used styluses with drawing tablets, where I can write very precisely -- but those devices aren't also the display, so the technology is probably very different. So is anyone else having better results using an iPad Air 2, Penultimate, and Jot Touch or Script to take reliable notes? Or some other combination? I'd just love for my iPad to replace the stacks of notepads I create every year at work. Thanks, Peter
  24. Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.0.1 to the App Store just a short time ago. Release notes:Zoom and drift improvements: resizable zoom box, writing speed responds to your handwriting, drift pauses when you stop writingNote page thumbnail tray: clear and delete pages, insert new pages, and find specific pages more easily in long notesPage break and number visibleAutomatic note titles turned on by defaultJot Script accuracy improvements Notable bug fixes:Increased tap targets for tool menu (to avoid extraneous ink dots around menu)Note names created with system date format (was dd/mm/yyyy)Cut lines display in zoom viewCopied or duplicated Penultimate note from Android now synced properly in Penultimate app (orig from 5.3.1)Searching with Chinese characters Let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. More to come. Stay tuned. Cheers!