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Found 32 results

  1. Mac apps that handle rich text usually have Copy Style / Paste Style commands. These allow you to copy just the style of selected text and then paste just the style onto selected text. For example: TextEdit, Notes, Mail. It would be great if you could add those to Evernote including their standard keyboard shortcuts: Copy Style (Command-Option-C) Paste Style (Command-Option-V) It is particularly frustrating to move from Notes, which supports those commands, to Evernote Mac, which currently does not. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone reported the following? In the past couple of weeks I've seen a bug where my notebook and stack names suddenly appear with random styles I did not apply, including strikethroughs, bold, italic, and color, or a combination of these. If I select "style" to change one of these back, it doesn't show that any of these has been selected. The only way for me to clear this is to exit Evernote and go back in. This is becoming a major nuisance.
  3. Raoní Teixeira

    Projeto Evernote paper?

    Fala galera, nem sei se é aqui que posta, me corrijam por favor. Eu sou um usuário intenso do evernote, mas não gosto de utilizar ele no pc/smartphone, eu gosto mesmo é de guardar nota no papel, tipo Woody Allen. Esses aparelhos eletrônicos me distraem e acabo perdendo o foco muito fácil do assunto, sim sou igual a galera aí toda, ansioso, mal do século. Então para me manter focado nas tarefas eu anoto no papel, assim eu deixo o celular e pc de lado para anotar minhas ideias. Mas eu fiquei pensando: "Ainda gasto com a merda da 3M, que é caro pra raio, pra comprar post-its" Aí eu me pergunto: "Porque a Evernote não lança uma linha de postit, sei lá, digital talvez enviando um board eletronico, ou então postits mais baratos, envia uns 100 por mês, que é a média que eu gasto ou quem sabe até descontos de uns 60% na 3M que é a marca que a gente mais usa, e coloca como bônus de quem assinar Evernote Premium" Aí sim eu assino o evernote premium! O que vocês acham? Ps.: se der certo quero aquele 1%
  4. I just had to rebuild my EN Windows database and again found it very annoying, that color codes for notebooks and tags are not backed up and synced across different devices. I took my almost half aan hour to rebuild the color code for my note organization. Another disadvantage here is that one can only apply a style to one notebook / tag at a time.
  5. While it's arguably better to just type in the content and go back and format it later, sometimes I'm formatting as I go... So, if I type in some text bolded, say for a heading, it would be great if when I hit enter to start the next line, that it goes back to "normal text". [Really, most formatting like larger text, colour, etc., after I hit enter I'd love for it to reset to normal default text for the note... from the mindset of the application anticipating what the user will do next, and saving me the time or thought interruption of doing that] [for now I just created an autohotkey kludge].
  6. I use preset stylus a lot while using MS word, Markdown tools, or even writing in HTML. Preset styles such as Titles, Headings, Citations, Normal styles are very helpful for making well-organized notes quickly. BUT the current Evernote only provide simple text styling tools like the size or the font, so it is very difficult to have a beautiful and coherent note. Please add Styles feature.
  7. Is it possible in the Evernote Mac desktop client to use styles, such as Header 1, Header 2, Paragraph etc. Now I have to do all styling manually which really breaks the flow of making a note.
  8. Slava Orlov

    Main window styling

    Really need some style customization options for main window. At least background color. It's very hard to read a lot on pure white background. Also would be great to change basic font color, paddings, etc. Or "Read-friendly view" button. So user can easily change whole note styling with one click. Better if would be customizable too. Thx
  9. qax

    Copy Format

    The function "copy format" for text like in word or pages (style copy) would be fine. If I copy content out of other sources it is way to much effort to format the text like I want to have it. It would be way easier if I could copy the format of existing text in a note to other text in the same note.
  10. bobziroll

    Paragraph and Character styles

    Feature request - I'd love to see some kind of feature similar to InDesign's Paragraph and Character style functionality. I understand this might not be really considered as a good feature for Evernote in order to avoid feature bloating (too many features, leading to poor UX/UI), but in case isn't hasn't been considered, here it is! I was just writing out my notes for a speech, and I've been highlighting all the quotes from others I'm using in red, and at the end I wished I had done it in a different color, so now I have to go through one-by-one and change the colors. With Character styling, I could just change it in one place.
  11. I am baffled by the Match Style Paste on Mac, as my formatting is no longer retained. I am Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.4 and I did a routine software update today. Yesterday, anytime I pasted from any source (specifically Chrome content), I could see the format of clipboard with a simple command + V (no shift) after copying. Today I am pasting from my clipboard and the formatting is not "matched." I tried Paste Match Style from Edit menu, the shortcut command + shift + V ... I even tried fiddling with "simplify format," to see if I had "toggled" a setting ... nothing. Frustrated by the lack of consistent behavior, and lack of any defaults or setting adjustments in Preferences. Did something happen after the software update? Or was some account setting altered after I used the app on android? Can anyone help, or provide an update on this issue? Is it a known bug? Thanks!
  12. Evernote for Windows allows for the assigning of different colors to Notebooks but not for Mac... why???
  13. I often have this uneasiness of how my notes look. Often times I just dump thoughts that run through my brain in a note, using tags and Evernote's powerful search function, but is making my OCDness kick in. What are your best practices when you take notes? Are you following a specific outline? a specific style? or also dumping thoughts in a creative or free manner in a note? Please share your best practices. Thank you and appreciate it much!
  14. Hi all! I use web clien and russian language words. Interface have ceacilia font first on font-family style property, and this font has no support russian symbols. If i have english and russian words in the same header, i can see their differences.
  15. There really needs to be a mechanism to define a style and apply it to multiple tags without Evernote creating a duplicate style for each tag. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it looks like Evernote creates a new style each time you color a tag - even if other tags already have the exact same style. This wouldn't be a problem if not for the 255 style limit. As it stands, if you have over 255 tags you can't style them all without getting sync errors.
  16. Please create a setting so the user can set a default style/format for their link notes. Currently (on Windows desktop) when I right-click and "Copy Note Link" and paste that link into another note, the hyperlink is light green and not underlined. The text of the link is the title of the copied note, so when it's inline with other text, you don't even notice it's a link because it's not underlined. It's tedious to have to change the font color and apply an underline to a link every time a note link is created... just to make it stand out. If the link (note title) is not underlined, it merely looks like some text that is green for emphasis. Even if I couldn't set a default color for a copied notes link, at the very least, would you please allow me to make all copied note links be underlined by default so I don't have to manually do that each time?
  17. Hello, I am a heavy user of hotkeys, especially when I'm editing notes. For example, the highlighting text format style which has the control+command+H hotkey. Would be possible a hotkey for the last color used? Something similar to the highlighting text. Even if the button already available on the Style Bar could keep the last color used, it would be great. Today when we choose to format the color, it opens a new window and then we are able to finally change de text color. That's a lot of steps/work. So, the idea is offer 1) select and keep the last color, like in MS Word 2) create a hotkey to format the style color, similar to highlighting/bold/italic text format style. Thank you very much!!
  18. When I paste a block of text with various font styles applied (font-sizes, colors), I often see the font and font-size change on some of the paragraphs. This is annoying because I then have to reformat the text I've pasted to match the source.
  19. Is there a way to change the table's line colour and background within evernote?? Thanks in advance
  20. I am trying to figure out how to use the new "Style" attribute of folders to color code two Notebooks that I have. I can change the text style and the text color for individual folders, but there doesn't seem to be a way to change these attributes for the entire Notebook. What I would like to do is to select a color and a text style for all the folders in one notebook (i.e. RED and BOLD), and select a different COLOR attribute for all the folders in another Notebook. So far, I have only been able to do that one folder at a time. And if you choose SET THIS [STYLE] AS THE DEFAULT STYLE, it changes ALL folders in ALL NOTEBOOKS to that style. There must be a way to use the style attribute to distinguish folders in one notebook from folders in a different notebook, visually. Ideas and suggestions, please! I have way too many folders to do this operation one folder at a time! I tried selecting multiple folders before changing the STYLE attributes, but that option does not seem to be enabled. HELP!
  21. Aresende

    Favorite "Pen style"

    I use Penultimate as my school notebook, and I have my own title/importance system using pen thickness and color. I would love to see a favorite style set where I can save the styles and just touch them once (instead of up to 4 touches) to switch to a color/thickness style of my choice. It could be on the top of the zoom panel (each side of the "resize" button would be fine), the top left of the page or as a second row below the top bar. Anyway, thanks for having a space just for feature requests!
  22. George Bounacos

    Internal link color

    The default color for internal links is Evernote green. I find the readability difficult so I end up bolding the link. That's only a partial solution. Is there any way to change the link color so that it is automatically configured the way I want? I appreciate the consistency of blue for external and green for internal, but I don't need consistency with others. I need my preferences. If this isn't supported, does anyone have a workaround?
  23. I love the addition of styling/coloring the tags for tags and notebooks. I would like to suggest an addition to this feature - the ability to: Change the color swatches that are shown Select a color that isn't one of the swatches
  24. Rob Freundlich

    Customize the available colors?

    Is it possible to customize the colors available when styling tags and notebooks? I'd like to be able to: Change the color swatches that are shown Select a color that isn't one of the swatches
  25. I'm really interested in the new tag style feature, and I'd like to make use of it. I use a lot of tag hierarchies, and so what I'd like to do is to assign the same style to a given tag and all of its children. For example, I'd like to make my financial tag and its children financial.receipt, financial.bill, and so on green. However, when I multi-select them and set a style, only the tag that I actually right-click on gets the selected style. If the parent only has a couple of children, that's not a problem - I can single-select each and set them individually. But when the parent has a lot of children, that's a pain. Anyone figure out a way yet to assign a style to multiple tags at once?