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Found 15 results

  1. daljeet singh

    Revision reminder

    Hello, Evernote community I joined Evernote today first my experience with Evernote is awesome but I want some more features which are suggested in a moment. You already guessed from my tags I'm a student and notes is very important for me. Revision is an important part to learn anything for a long time. My suggestion is to add reminder to set many reminds in one time like first 1 hour Second 1 day third 3 day fourth 7 day fifth 14 day sixth 30 day eighth 60 day ninth 90 day tenth 120 day A user can set multiple reminders at one time.
  2. Jonathan Michael Copeland

    Your life's work

    This coming Tuesday I'm going to be giving a talk to 150+ students at the University of Pretoria. The goal of the talk is to get students thinking about their long term purpose and goals, and how keeping their digital lives organised (using a system like Evernote) can facilitate that success. Onwards and upwards!
  3. Hi everyone. I'd really like to see a possibility to add text zones next to images (as seen in Word), as it is really useful to build compact notes without empty places and thus saves paper. As a uni student, I have to take screenshots or images from the classes and it would really allow a more practical layout. Also, I'd like to see an option to visualize while taking notes where the A4 page would end in order to anticipate the printing phase. Adding an option such as: see with lines or some kind of editable preview would make Evernote so much more functional as a student note app.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm trying to figure out how to use my evernote account and a jotscript pen to go paperless in my student workflow for a writing class. I've looked far and wide and still haven't found anybody doing (or at least written about) this option. Here is what I'd like to do: Option #1 Students send me an email to my evernote email. I then use a jotscript pen to edit their paper like I would if they gave me a written copy I send it back to their email for them to revise Option #2 - Do the same via a chat in evernote with students who have an evernote account. Anyone have any advice? Experience? My goal is to go as paperless as possible. I've tried this with my son and his evernote account but the workflow using penultimate was less than ideal. Thanks!
  5. BryanHasAQuestion

    Higher Ed I need help with tags!

    Hi there! I've had Evernote for a couple of years now, but I really need you guys to help me out here! I'm a French student attending a business school, on a Bachelor's degree and I have had issues organising my notes in Evernote. From what I've read on the internet, it seems that using tags instead of notebooks is the better way to get organised. I am currently following a 3 year course, and I am therefore taking classes that have 3 different levels. I thought of a system of tags that would go like this: Maths Year1 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 2 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 3 Chapter Sub-Chapter However, Evernote won't allow me to duplicate tags (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 throughout all the different subject). Does anyone have a piece of advice for me? Thanks in advance!
  6. I recently recognised there was a massive price discount for students which ended on Oct 31st 2016. Just enquiring if there is anything coming up soon? Uploaded a few class notes and in the first time using it I've hit my monthly allowance already!!
  7. Is there still a student discount for college or grad school students for using Evernote Premium?
  8. I was was wondering how many college students have gone paperless with the help of Evernote. Is it possible? What is your experience? Thanks for your replies in advance! Looking forward to reading from you. If you like this topic, you might also want to have a look here:
  9. evernoteqwer

    Set multiple Reminders in a Note

    Hi, I really enjoy the work of the developers and the possibilities that the Evernote offer as a product. The only thing I would like to have more is to have a multiple number of reminders per one notification. As a student I sometimes have seminars at a list of different dates, and I have to be aware of them every time. I would find it much simpler to create one note of the seminar and attach to it the dates, and the array of reminders, rather then creating a special notebook, and filling it with a dozen of notes just in order to have the reminders among the other 5-6 important notes containing information. I would really appreciate it if someone would suggest me how to do this if it is possible, or otherwise if this would be implemented in one of the next updates. Keep what you are doing guys cause you are doing it right, it is by far the most advanced app of note taking and the most practical one. Thank you for your work! Have a nice day!
  10. Yu Zhengwen

    other Organising Evernote for Students

    This is my first post, hope I've posted in the correct section. So I've recently gotten into Evernote and its power I am a student. I would like to use Evernote to organise both school and personal stuff. For school, I have subjects like biology, physics, math, etc. Then I do some personal projects like programming and playing with my Raspberry PI, stuff like that. I want to use Evernote to organise them. I did it with a notebook for school and personal then using tags to organise, but I want to have a consistent layout in my task management app, which is Wunderlist, I use it extensively already and most of my tasks are on there. However it only allows me to organise tasks into folders which contains lists and I am unable to replicate my setup in evernote. I would like to be able to find individual projects. (I have many History projects and would like to go to them easily..) I also need a method to archive projects or at least organise the notes by year Can someone give me a suggestion? Thanks
  11. I will be purchasing a tablet for school and want a good note taking app. I've never used technology before to take notes, but I'm at a point where I think that is going to be the best way. I would like something with the functionality of Notability, without having to use an iPad. I would like to know if EVERNOTE can perform the following functions SIMULTANEOUSLY on an Android tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1 2014): -Open, annotate, highlight and save PDF documents -Record audio, sometimes up to 2-3 continuous hours -Sync timing of highlighted text to audio recording Those are the "must haves". If not, can anyone recommend a product that can perform all of these tasks simultaneously? I would also like to know if it is possible to save the documents to a microSD card, or must everything be stored in the cloud? Also, would any of this require a paid subscription? (I'm totally OK if it does) Thanks in advance, Scott S.
  12. Hello EN Community, (Sorry this post is so long and detailed) I am new to EN and I therefore have many questions. I've found many answers to individual questions in the forums, but I am having a hard time piecing all of the info together so I can determine how to setup the optimal EN ecosystem for my purposes. I have ascertained from the forums that it’s best to figure out as much strategy as possible before I purchase hardware/software and dive head-first into EN, or else I may have many regrets and may have to go back and redo a bunch of work as well. So I’m here for a ton of advice across the board. My questions involve the interaction between all of these areas: 1. Scanning in/uploading lecture notes/documents 2. Organizing them into a highly searchable database 3. Quickly accessing this database (primarily via a tablet device) 4. Quickly adding in new notes (preferably a mix of handwritten/recorded notes via tablet) First some background: I’m a pharmacy student who is about to complete years-worth of college classes this May and embark on rotations this August. These rotations will be in a hospital setting and will require me to take my knowledge and quickly apply it on the go (such as quickly answering drug info/therapy questions during rounds with the medical team), as well as learn many new things (and hopefully document them via notes, recordings, etc). So my goal is to have technology and EN on my side during this whole, demanding process. Here’s an example of my perfect hypothetical situation involving EN: While rounding, the doctors are discussing a patient’s case. Before we left for rounds I quickly reviewed the cases, used my tablet to browse relevant lecture notes and medical resources, and wrote some basic notes to myself. While making the rounds I have medical reference apps, a couple relevant lecture note sets, searchable PDFs (such as treatment guidelines) open in the background and I am able to seamlessly switch between them and note taking, while possibly even recording the team’s discussion. If they turn to me with a drug info question, I have hopefully been able to stay a step ahead of them and have either looked up the relevant info or am able to do so and provide an answer in a timely manner. Of course, all while jotting down notes in EN. After rounds I am able to use EN, Skitch, etc. to compile all of this into a note that I can review/edit later, as well as search my notebooks for more in-depth follow-up drug info answers for my preceptor. This may seem out of reach, but I want to find a way to get as close to obtaining it as possible, and I promise you that there are many medical and business professionals who are looking to EN for a slight variation of the same purposes. I’m also confident that there are medical/professional EN users who have iPads or Android tablets and are able to offer advice on their personal strategy to accomplish this. So please, do share your experiences with the EN community! #1 & 2: Uploading/Organizing: During the next few months before I start rotations I want to become a premium member and take all of the relevant lecture notes from the past few years and scan/upload them into EN into a well-organized and VERY SEARCHABLE database. My strategy at the moment to accomplish this is to purchase a Fujitsu Scansnap scanner (I’m leaning toward the s1500 or s1300i). Most of my notes are printed out PDF/Word/Powerpoint documents that have been marked up with multicolored handwritten notes and highlighting. I also have some digital searchable and nonsearchable PDFs, many with sticky-note comments on them, but preserving these sticky-notes is not as important as the handwritten notes. So for this uploading/organizing goal I want advice on how to best accomplish this feat in a manner where the database is extremely easy to search, ideally offline using a tablet device. My questions are: Is Scansnap the way to go? Should I upload everything directly to EN as searchable PDFs, JPEGs, or something else? (I know EN uses different OCR strategies for text vs. handwriting) Should I use Scansnap’s software to OCR the documents first and then move them to EN? Since the Scansnap s1500 comes with Adobe Acrobat (Version 9 Standard, I believe), and the cheaper s1300i doesn't, is there a reason I should spend the extra cash (think starving college student) in order to get Acrobat for my purposes? I also want to make these notebooks shareable with some classmates, but I guess that’s a whole different discussion. #3 & 4: Accessing notes: I plan to purchase a tablet for my rotations. This is where the bulk of my questions and uncertainty lies. Ideally I want this device to serve three main functions: 1) Be a powerful mobile drug/medical information database. 2) Be an excellent tool for quickly accessing lecture notes and saved documents on the go. 3) Be a great tool for taking quick handwritten/recorded notes while multitasking on the go. I also will have occasional access to desktop/laptop computers for more in-depth research and document creation, but possibly not very often until I get home in the evenings. Also, I should have decent WiFi coverage, but I'm not taking this for granted, and the more I can store offline, the better. At this time I am leaning toward a small Android tablet over the iPad Mini (any full-sized tablet is too large to be practical), but I am very unsure. The most intriguing device is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that is scheduled to be released at Mobile World Congress at the end of this month. It’s basically a smaller Galaxy Note 10.1, so for the purposes of this discussion in regards to apps and compatibility, just think of it as Galaxy Note 10.1 vs iPad. The main reason I’m leaning toward the Droid is the hardware, mainly the pressure-sensitive stylus. But also it has expandable storage (mini SD card), is a little cheaper and has some cool multitasking features such as split-screen apps. But I have many concerns about Droid tablets mainly just because of the app selection. The iPad is miles ahead in this arena, but the problem is the awful lack of practicality for quickly handwriting notes on a capacitive screen (think finger-painting) and limited storage unless you pay tons of money. FYI, I also have an iPhone, which I love (as a phone, but it’s not practical for these demands) and have never owned an Android product. Taking into account that the Apple is far superior to Android when it come to drug/medical info apps (but I believe I can get by with the growing Android medical app selection, plus utilizing my iPhone if I have to), which tablet should I buy from an Evernote perspective? If the iPad had a pressure-sensitive stylus it would be a no-brainer, but I just have zero confidence in its ability to replace paper and pen for efficient note taking; maybe I’m overly skeptical of the iPad's multitasking and note-taking ability. However, I’m also skeptical that the Android market has apps available (or will by August) that utilize its superior content creation hardware (pressure-sensitive stylus) to do things like fully replace paper and pen while multitasking with great medical resources and incorporating it all into a database like EN. I know I've asked a ton, and I know that some of these individual topics have been addressed elsewhere, but please provide your best recommendation for how I can setup the optimal EN ecosystem for my for all of my purposes. Keep in mind that the uploading/organizing stage should ideally take place soon, but I don't need to purchase a tablet until mid-late summer. I know many others who are interested in doing the exact same thing. Thanks! *Edit: Maybe this is a good option? Any thoughts? Pressure sensitivity for Penultimate or Evernote iPad app to utilize this please!!! *Another edit: I guess maybe pressure sensitivity isn't as important for note-taking as having a true digitizer stylus. That's probably what makes writing with the Galaxy s-pen so good, the fact that's its a digitizer, not the pressure sensitivity... Related links: Very good Galaxy Note vs. iPad comparison: Scansnap s1500: http://content.webcollage.net/apps/cs/mini-site/fujitsu/module/fujitsuamerica/wcpc/1326390902239/tab/demo-b462bb77?enable-reporting=true&showtabs=&channel-product-id=PA03586-B005Scansnap s1300i: ​http://content.webcollage.net/apps/cs/mini-site/fujitsu/module/fujitsuamerica/wcpc/1339599044285?channel-product-id=PA03643-B005&enable-reporting=true&showtabs=Current Galaxy Note 8 news: ​http://techcrunch.com/2013/01/24/samsung-galaxy-note-8-reportedly-caught-on-camera-inherits-design-language-of-galaxy-note-ii/Useful medical mobile apps resource (FYI): ​http://www.imedicalapps.com/
  13. I love my Evernote and have been using it to keep "life" which these days includes work, own business and grad school organized. Not to mention all the fun stuff too. I wish, wish wish.....Evernote could include a function(s) that reference manager software like Mendeley or EndNote have for writing papers that also embeds information into WORD doc as needed. Right now, I'm like a crazy person, with most of my resources in Evernote -- now migrating over to Mendeley as needed. Why? Well, I started off using Evernote for not only note taking all through grad school, but for organizing reading material, research files, etc. so everything is in there!! But now when I writing, I need those items in a reference manager tool -- so citing is easier (can I also mention, APA format...grrrr!!) Thoughts on my wish? Possible?? Soon?? Yes??
  14. Hello, I love evernote, but an inconvenience has cropped up that (I'm sure) plagues many users. I've been using evernote as my primary note source, then onenote, then catch . The problem is I'm a college student and can't afford to be a premium member and exceed the 50mb size limit. I propose a method similar to Amazon prime, allowing students at universities to get a free year or so of added premium space- they can then continue to use premium space at a discounted price (as long as they're a student) then pay the full fee or simply revert back to the 50mb limit. With countless pdfs, powerpoints, pictures [anatomy, diagrams, charts, ect...) the small limit simply doesn't cut it. When I went on a study abroad trip in Europe, I pondered how wonderful it would be to log onto a tablet, or go to the library and have all my data ready to go. This would certainly attract many students to evernote. Please take this into consideration.
  15. Hello! I've been using EverNote rarely until very recently, when I started studies. This time, I am using my special laptop - the Dell Latitude XT2, which is perfectly designed as Convertible Tablet, with multi-touch screen and Pen based on N-Trig technology, with Windows 7. I've been initially thinking a lot what to use - Microsoft OneNote, or something else, until someone showed me how Evernote is great to organize notes using Tags, and I liked it (because the idea works good in Gmail). And so, I've begun the pioneer experiment (to my knowledge and Google searches, no one uses Evernote as studies notebook, there is no such section even in the Usage forum section of Evernote). So after about a month of working and struggling with it, I would like to bring my feedback here, hopefully some of it would be implemented soon - I don't even mind purchasing the Premium subscription, if I knew it helped me assure more intuitive functionality for Ink note taking. so, without further intro, the issues I've had to fight with so far: Printing - When Ink Note sent to print, the automatic color (blue) comes out kind of Grey - it should be black for readability. ​ Ex-portability - It seems the only way to get the note outside in a widely known format, is as .MHT file which is a very old Internet Explorer format - I would LOVE to do so as a PDF file! It is weird to submit assignments as .MHT files on email, rather than widely acceptable PDF file format Printing Ink notes: There is a big problem with notes longer than A4 paper: They get cut off without any warning, sometimes half the line on one page, half on the other - this is VERY bad - a quick and relatively easy solution to implement, would be to add some kind of market in the Note itself, marking the end of an A4 sized page, which would allow me to skip the edge and write lines after that edge, so printing would be OK. When printing, I have not found a way to get rid of the margins, and at least use all the space on the page. Crashes often when synchronizing desktop computers with the Ink notes created on my Laptop. Crashes sometimes when I rotate my screen on the laptop (and resolution changes to match). Crash issues I have sent, and provided log files for - are gone.. I cant track their status, cant find their ticket.. nothing. Ink notes are way behind the normal notes in functionality - I cant copy/paste text, or picture snippet etc - sometimes I really want to copy/paste the exercise instead of switching windows to the word/pdf file all the time, and it seem to be impossible. Search function is limited and hard to use: there is no easy way to filter by 2 different tags (for example, filter by "Probability" AND "Assignment" AND "Documents" tags, which would then display me all the probability notes which are assignments, and are documents (like PDF, or word files), or instead of "Documents" tag, a "Solution" tag which would show the solutions only. Creation date modification feature needed - sometimes I missed a lecture, and I need to write it later, but then the sorting by Creation date (which normally would show me the real lecture's chronological order) gets broken because I created the document later - I would like to be able to modify the creation date to adjust for the real time the lecture took place. Sometimes, due to lack of time and other reasons, I am forced to continue next lecture (on the same subject) in the previous lecture's Ink Note - I would love a mechanism which would allow me later to split it into 2 separate notes - the current cut/paste methods are not good enough for large long blocks. Email Sharing of Ink notes - The sent sharing email is totally useless, and unclear what to do with the file.. I cant really use that function to share the assignment with friends, or to submit it to the teacher either. This is all for now, I would love to hear what other people think of the above, and of anyone else who uses Evernote for Studies. This is the largest potential market for Evernote, and would be shame to see it not getting the attention it obviously needs. Thanks!