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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Few weeks ago I have started using Evernote Sticky Notes. Everything was fine till last weekend, when the app failed to sync on one of my laptops. To deal with that I deleted my user account connection and tried to request new activation link from Evernote, but after clicking button, only thing, which I got is error: Remote server returned an error (411) length required. I have tried to reinstall Sticky Notes, uninstall and clean register, uninstall, clean register and install older version of Sticky Notes, and nothing is working. Requests for activation from Google or Dropbox are working. Anyone have any good advice?
  2. Simply, I want to have the feature of sticking a note, or multiple notes, on top of each notebook. Similar to the feature found on Google's Keep. It would help give an idea for the notebook purpose for example.
  3. Posted this on the main forum and there was a link to come here. SO I will post the same thing and mods can do whatever THe original discussion I have a similar problem on a Thinkpad SL510. Ive been using note s long time and they have been syncing till last week. Hadn't changed anything. I have tried a new activation link Also I have tried reauthorize. Get the same error message. So I uninstalled the sticky notes last night. I reinstalled this morning. The sticky notes came back but still wont synca They will sync computer to computer on my other Thinkpad but not with Evernote
  4. Just recently found out about Evernote + Sticky Notes - It's changed my life!!! lol The "Sticky Notes" app is awesome!, but it lacks the ability to show up on any other monitor other than the main one. When you drag a note to another monitor it goes into no-man's-land (disappears). This in my opinion is really setting me back on my usage plans for Evernote. Does anyone have any info on whether this is being looked into or not? Being in front of a PC for most of my day at work has changed the way I look at my PC at home. I'd love for both to be organized and configured the same way as well as contain the same data. Evernote is everything I've been looking for and more to optimize the majority of my time. Making dynamic data accessible/synced across multiple machines (home, work & mobile) is becoming the most sought after commodity in my opinion. And being someone who loves physical sticky notes; once I found that Evernote and Sticky Notes work together I thought it was a god-send! Both applications work great, are easily operated and are perfect for me, but I wish development on them was a bit faster. I would gladly pay $$ for more capabilities.
  5. Hi, i got stiky notes 1.5.9 and during installation required validation through a link where to log with evernote crediantial. I want just to be sure it is a validate application from Evernote side, does anyone else used it? If yes, there is also a MAC version? Regards, Vincenzo
  6. I had several sticky notes on my PC destop. However, upon restarting my computer, the notes have disappeared. If I click on the application shortcut, I only get one blank note. The notes are synced to Evernote properly. How can I restore them to my desktop?
  7. Hello. I installed the evernote sticky notes 3rd party app [http://hosting.edo-soft.com/stickynotes/] and I like it very much, but when I tried to use it for another user account on this computer I get the error message, "Failed to create an IPC port: Access is denied". I tried searching for how to fix this issue, but most results seem to be discussions for program developers not regular users. I wonder if it's because the other user account is not an admin account. I imagine it must be a fairly easy fix, something maybe to do with a firewall? Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks.
  8. jamesw182

    Sticky Notes

    I am new to this fourm but have used Evernote for a while and even started to get people at my work to use it... One of the things that I noticed and would be really helpful is the option to makes notes sticky, to always appear at the top of a notebook? Not too sure if this has already been raised, or being worked on? Many thanks, James
  9. He estado usando Evernote en mi PC y he sincronizado mis notas con Sticky Notes (http://hosting.edo-soft.com/stickynotes/), asi que las notas se muestran como notas adhesivas en mi escritorio, es una excelente fucionalidad; pero ahora necesito hacer lo mismo en mi nueva Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, ya está instalada la app de Evernote, y he probado muchas aplicaciones de notas adhesivas pero ninguna se puede vincular con Evernote. Alguien sabe qué aplicación me puede dar esta funcionalidad de mostrar las notas de Evernote como notas adhesivas en la pantalla de inicio de mi tablet Android?????? Saludos, Cristian
  10. I have been using Evernote on my PC and I synchronized my notes with Sticky Notes (http://hosting.edo-soft.com/stickynotes/), so the notes are displayed as sticky notes on my desk, this is cool; but now need to do the same on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Evernote app is already installed, and I have tried many sticky notes apps but none can be linked to Evernote. Anyone know what application can give me this functionality to show notes from Evernote as sticky notes on the home screen of my Android tablet?????? Regards, Cristian P.S: Sorry about my english, it isn't my native languaje.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if there could be a way to add supplementary text to a note, without getting redirected to another page. I know that we can add hyperlinks which can take us to different sections in Evernote, but that means we leave the page we work on, and that is not what I want. What would be very cool is having a feature that lets us mark text (single word or a whole section) and gives us the option to add a pop-up window or a balloon for writing supplementary text. This supplementary text would then appear on click or rollover, without redirecting us elsewhere. Do you think something like this could be developed or maybe already exists? And if it could look like a post-it, it would be awesome, but I might be pushing my luck here... Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Andrea
  12. Hi I just installed the Evernote Sticky Notes Problem and I loved it. But then after trying out different fonts in the Settings for my Sticky Notes, the program suddenly crashed and whenever I open the app this window with a message appears: "Input file or data stream does not conform to the expected file format specification." It appeared when I tried out a certain font. I don't know if that was the problem though. I tried re-installing it (but didn't anymore ask for my activation code) but that still comes out. How can I resolve this? I'm using Windows Vista btw
  13. Good Day, i have a Problem with Sticky Notes, its a little Application for Window(s) 7 i have... But after an Update, the Windows are very big if i will open a new Note! I do not find an Option in the settings! It is not a big problem, because i can do the Notes smaller with the mouse, though it´s any laborious... Nice Greetings