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Found 75 results

  1. I am using Evernote 7.0.3 on a Mac. I can't figure out how to move a notebook from one stack to another. Right-clicking on a notebook does not have a move option. Dragging a notebook also does nothing. In the menubar I can find "Move Note" but not "Move Notebook". Help!
  2. Christine T

    How to create Stacks in Evernote Web?

    I am trying to create stacks in Evernote Web. The instructions say to simply drag one notebook on top of another to create a stack. But I am unable to drag any notebook. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I am an organization freak, and not being able to do this is driving me nuts! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  3. It would be nice to be able to link to a tag, notebook, stack, and/or saved search within a note. I know you can make TOC notes on search results, but if new notes matching the search used are added, they are not automatically included in the TOC note. I think It would be nice to have a note that can guide me to related notebooks, topics, saved searches, or tags if I choose to do so. I would just expect the link to take me to the list view I linked to.
  4. Hi, is there any way we can mark Stacks as bold or underline and such? Thanks in advance, Mr Jumbo Guy
  5. At present, the structural organization of Evernote is in dire need of improvement. Here are the no-brainer features that should be added to Evernote as soon as humanly and technically possible. 1) The contents of every note are organized into sections 2) Every notebook is organized into sub-notebooks 3) Stacks are organized into folders aka meta-stacks. My request basically boils down to adding 3 new structural entities: 1) note sections; 2) sub-notebooks; 3) meta-stacks. If you agree that these features need to be added, please upvote this post. I hope to get an official response from the Evernote Development Team as to whether the abovementioned features are going to be added.
  6. After re-installing Windows app - My stacks are duplicated with only 1 notebook under a stack. So if I originally had 40 notebooks under a stack - I now have 40 stacks with a 1 notebook under each. I have ran a "fix all notes" and "optimized Database" and restarted - nothing changed. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, I use reminders to "Pin" certain notes to the top of the note list in the 2nd column of the Mac desktop app. Mostly, it works fine, but it seems that reminders in some notebooks disappear when viewing the note stack that contains them. To save screen space at the top of the list, I thought I'd consolidate notes into one notebook, because the notebook headers take up so much room. Wasted header space boxed red. Reminder I intend to move boxed green. Total number of "pinned" notes (5 Reminders) circled yellow: When I moved a reminder note from a "Clients" notebook to a "References" notebook, it shows up just fine when viewing the "References" notebook, as pictured below. Unfortunately, viewing a single notebook wastes space with a giant "+ Add a reminder to Referen…" link, so it's kind of a wash in terms of column space. But note that the number of reminders remains 5—my "Client Links & Status" reminder is present in this notebook: When I view the stack that contains the "References" notebook, the "Client Links & Status" reminder vanishes. Note that the header now says that there are only 4 reminders, even though we just saw that there are 5 reminders in "References": At first, I thought there was maybe a limit of four reminders per notebook in the stack view, but I created a new reminder in "References" and it appeared just fine in the stack view. Any wisdom from this august body of experts?
  8. Hi, I know this is not a new suggestion, but please please please make folder stacks that can go more than one folder deep. It is extremely obnoxious that this many years into the program you do not have this feature. Tags are great but they are not a substitution; i want to use them differently than i would folder organization. I want to use tags differently than you guys want me to, i guess. This lack of depth in organizing on top of a slew of new technical error is making me look into other programs. I have invested a lot of time into evernote and i would prefer not to have to change programs, but i am seriously considering it. If it matters i am a premium user and have been for a few years.
  9. greggc

    Stack Searching

    Used to be, I could click on a stack in the hierarchy in the left pane, and then search only that stack. Now any time I try to initiate a search on a stack, it automatically changes it to search All Notes. Even using the drop down menu to select the stack forcefully changes my selection. You can see in the clip where I select the "work" stack, see that it is ready to accept my search term with 'work' stack selected, as soon as I type the first character, it resets to search all notebooks across all stacks. Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 EN Version (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387)
  10. Two strong caveats: Don't get your hopes up. This is a Beta we're talking about, and one I've not used in anger yet, so I could be very wrong. But Evernote just introduced a new Business beta with a feature called 'Spaces'. Where previously you had Stacks, containing Notebooks, containing Notes, you can now have Spaces.. containing Notebooks, containing Notes. What's the difference? (I hear you ask). You can apparently share spaces. So far this is between members of the same business account, and Spaces are not (yet, and AFAIK) shareable to other accounts. But between partners, and within small businesses, it seems to me Evernote Business just got a whole lot more interesting. (Remember though that the Business client requires somewhat more admin than a personal account!) Don't know where Evernote is going with this, and I don't mean to hijack the official threads. But I don't usually look at the Business stuff that comes across my screen - I'm not a user, am happy with the accounts I have (premium plus a couple of basics) and didn't need the extra learning curve in my timeline without a very good reason to change. I hadn't heard of Spaces until it was trailed in a recent Mac update, but on first glance it does seem to have some very useful applications when sharing (to colleagues), and possibly also in project management and GTD - see the video in the first link above. I shall be making the switch soon... There may also be hierarchy implications - it's easy to make new spaces and add notebooks, and I don't yet know whether that makes things more flexible or not; but I'm keen to find out. I wanted to post this in the General thread so other Business post skippers will see the item, but if you do have any reactions after using the Business client, please post them in the appropriate thread (see the home page). Edited for accuracy. Another edit to include this link...
  11. Boris_89

    Formatting text in the notes

    Hello i'm writing to ask some things, sorry for my english. I have some request; 1. when i'm importing a text in the note, i would like that with one click of 1 botton i apply a styke that i choosed for my note ( style of the character, height of the text ecc). So that i do not change every box to format my text. 2 . i would like that in evernot there will be more stacks in one original stack. ( more folder in one stack). so that i can organice better my files and notes 3. i would like to make a link of one of the my notes on my computer desktop. So that i don't have to open every time evernote and search my note 8it's a waste of time) Thant's if some one respond and i hope the tecnichans will work on this points.
  12. Peter Piper

    Multiple Notebook Stacks

    I am just now coming back to Evernote because of it's ease of use. I love the simplicity of how documents get refreshed such as PDF documents when they are edited. However, one of the reasons I left to use OneNote was that they have the ability to set up multiple levels of stacks. In addition, you could share them to other people. With Evernote, you can have one main "notebook" with stacks that contain notebooks. If you want to share the entire stack, you have to share it by sharing each individual notebook in the stack. I see all over the website about "time is money" and making efficiency the key to the use of Evernote. I don't see how this is working in this regard. In OneNote, you can have multiple main "notebooks" that can be shared, you can have sub-folders with sub-folders that lead down to a specific notebook (I believe they allow up to 5 levels). At any rate, it would be nice to have something like this: Folder 2017 Week 25 Monday Note 01 Note 02 Tuesday Note 01 Week 26 Monday Note 01 Note 02 Wednesday Note 01 Anyway, it would be nice to "stack" notebooks in notebooks at multiple levels. For now, the ease of use out weighs the use of multiple stack levels, but it would be convenient to be able to have this feature in future updates.
  13. Rather than be restricted to sharing each notebook individually, I would like to be able to batch share entire stacks or the entire Evernote with read only privileges to colleagues. That would be really helpful. Thank you
  14. I arrange my notebooks in stacks, for example I have a stack called tasks, and within that stack I have Work Tasks, Home Tasks, etc as separate notebooks. In the desktop versions of EN you can see all notes in a stack by selecting that stack. So I can see all my tasks by selecting the task stack. However in the iOS apps you have to select individual notebooks within a stack. It would be great, for consistency across the versions, and functionality if this way of working could be added. Should be fairly easy as essentially that’s what the ‘all notes’ does but for all notes not just a specific stack Justin
  15. marchaarman

    Sharing Stacks in EN Business

    Is it possible to share Stacks of notebooks with other users in Evernote Business? I've set up a few stacks with several notebooks in them and want to share those with co-workers. So everyone has the same organisation of notebooks. So that my co-workers don't have to spend time organising these notebooks also. And it would also be far more efficient to share a stack instead of having to invite everybody for each individual notebook. It seems so logical that it must be possible already, but I just can't seem to figure out how. Suggestions anyone?
  16. I think we should be able to have notes in our stacks not just notebooks. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  17. For some reason I can't create stacks while in the notebook list on my device. The option simply isn't there.
  18. Tell me what the purpose of EverNote is again? Isn't it to get organized? A couple of years ago when I started using EverNote I assumed that some of the limitations were due to a learning curve on my part, but now I'm seeing them as intrinsic to EverNote. I've complained previously. These problems include: Only one level of nesting is possible (Notebook Stack and Notebook). You have more flexibility by just setting up a file structure in the cloud and storing files there directly, bypassing EverNote completely. This is a crazy limitation for software that I'm paying for monthly. This is something that hasn't improved in the last 3 years. When you select a notebook stack you see the full set of notes in all notebooks within that stack. The first impression is that it's showing notes at the level of the stack, not all notes in all notebooks within the stack. If you're trying to get organized you want to go through the files and place them in different notebooks. However if you drag or move a note to a notebook, the screen refreshes and the note appears again. Unless you open the note there is no way to see what notebook the note is in. This makes it impossible to clean up and refine where notes are filed. Here again, it's easier with a file structure, making me wonder again what the purpose of EverNote is if you're left with just a pile of random notes that can't be conveniently filed where they belong. Oddly enough you can move a note to a notebook, but there's no way to tell what notebook a note is in unless you open it. In other words, when you move a note you don't know if you're just "moving" it to the same notebook it's already in.
  19. Gerry Stephens

    mac All Notebooks Should be Stacks

    Suggestion: All notebooks should have folder properties. Currently the Stack, is inconvenient. It is not easy to make sub folders upon sub folders. I see no reason why every folder shouldn't be a stack.
  20. I've looked over the 33 page long thread regarding more deeply nested notebooks and some other threads. The only posts from verified Evernote employees that I saw only offered alternatives to notebook nesting (which is usually the hierarchical tagging system), which seem to have been clearly identified as useful, but not identified as negating the use of a more "folder" or "directory" like hierarchy, which also clearly seems to be desired by many many users. Personally, I'm at the point where I will be looking for an alternative, or making my own.. probably using Github, and making a small OSX wrapper app that is just a text editor along side the repository so I can make many generations of happy little folders. I'm sad to say that, because Evernote is superb in every way except this one, but this is the one I need most. My question is to Evernote, what are your reasons for not implementing this feature?
  21. Tob Ba

    windows Sorting stacks

    Hello all, Probably been addressed before (and I suspect the answer is NO), but can stacks be sorted in alphabetical order (in Windows)? I have numbered notebooks in a stack that I need to sort in that order, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4... thanks, tob screenshot showing the problem:
  22. I found the tech note on how to create stacks (ability to nest notebooks) misleading. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314158-How-to-organize-notebooks-into-stacks The part where it says to drag and drop a notebook on top of one another to create a stack DOES NOT WORK IN THE SIDEBAR! It only works in the Notebook main window. PLEASE update the link above to include this info or add a feature request so you can do it from the sidebar.
  23. Hi all, Is it possible to upon the act of creation, to create the Notebook within a stack? The behavior I am trying to simulate is to create a file within a folder as you can with any OS, rather than having to create the file, and THEN file it subsequently...an extra step and clunky. I have a lot of notebooks, so when i create a notebook, it's time consuming to have to scroll down and find it, right click, and then select "Add to Stack..." I don´t see a way to just go ahead and specify that the notebook should be created within a particular stack upon creation. Am I missing something? Thanks, Erica
  24. Hi Guys! I'm using Evernote version 6.6.1 on OSX EI Capitan Version 10.11.3, and I can't seem to search in notebooks stacks. I searched previous forums are they told me you could search by using stacks:<notebook name> except that doesn't seem to be working for me. Attached are a few images of my search.
  25. studioearl@gmaill.com

    ANSWERED How to create stacks on Mac

    I just started using evernote after years of not using it. I love most of it and am considering premium in the future. however, I can't seem to find anything about creating stacks in the current version on a mac. there are many things about stacks on MAC, but that was previous versions I believe. I have also discovered stacks are available and easy to create in Windows. Is this available on MACs or not? If not, why?