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Found 39 results

  1. I would like to use Evernote ask my "one stop" location to make notes at work. I need to be able to create a stack within a stack...for example Company Name (notebook stack 1) > Committee 1 (notebook stack 2) > meeting 1 (note) > meeting 2 (note) > meeting 3 (note) etc.... >Committee 2 (notebook stack 3) > meeting 1 > meeting 2 etc... Is this possible? I have been trying and it doesnt seem to work. Thanks.
  2. I am unable to move Notebook(s) into a stack. The drag and drop feature does not work. I am on 6.9 for Mac. I am a premium user.
  3. Richard Feynman

    Notebook Stack Sharing

    Currently EN only allows sharing at the notebook level. This greatly limits the functionality for those of us who use stacks, because it prevents us from sharing our hierarchical structure, and all context is lost. For instance, let's say I want to share: Project 1 (stack) - Tasks - Notes project 2 (stack) - Tasks - Notes All the users us going to see is four notebooks, two named tasks and two named notes, they won't be able to see which project they are stacked under. All context is lost. And I have to share every single notebook. And before someone tells me how I can use a workaround , I know I could but I don't want to use a cumbersome workaround, I'd really like to see this added as a feature. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have some stacks and notebooks that I would like to copy to my other Evernote account. How do I do that? Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm using the latest evernote on OSX. I have a notebook that is in a stack and I want to move it out of that stack. If I try to access the "move notebook" option is is grayed out. See screenshot. How can I do that? Thanks, -hb
  6. It would be nice to be able to collapse the stacks in search mode. I use search mode for quick notebook swaps because it takes up minimal screen space when taking notes. Currently other stacks take up plenty of space when they aren't being used in this mode. When I write notes in EN I enjoy having both the list of notes open as well as the smallest possible way to switch to a different notebook. I usually have a lecture opened to the left and EN on the right for a given screen. For this reason, I collapse the Left Panel, where you can collapse stacks and jump between notebooks.
  7. allpinkynobrain

    Better "Stack" icons

    In the shortcuts bar, it's difficult to distinguish between a notebook icon and a stack icon, so a more obviously different icon would help.
  8. Well, I suppose the title says it all but I would really appreciate the ability to collapse or expand all the notebook stacks at once rather than clicking each stack individually. Thank you!
  9. I think we should be able to add a Stack shortcut to the homescreen. Thanks and keep up the goodwork.
  10. Dear Evernote engineers, I love both Evernote and Onenote but I love Evernote better because of its simplicity and elegance of design. It started out with the elegant idea to help people "remember everything". Despite this, Onenote is full of features and functions for productivity. I find one of the features that makes Onenote very good to use is the levels of organization that it offers. If you could add a further level of organization to Evernote in the form of stack groups, then it should match Onenote in that respect. As I was using Evernote, I often found myself wanting this feature. Thank you for your consideration!
  11. Please add an easy way to restrict a search domain to the notebooks in a stack.
  12. It would be nice to be able to create/add a new notebook in a stack right from the sidebar context menu, rather than having to navigate to the Notebooks screen. Switching contexts is painful. See the screenshot...along with "Expand Stack", why not have "Create Notebook"? Also, it would be nice to be able to drag around notebooks between stacks right from the sidebar. Why do we need to go to the Notebooks screen each time to do this? I think it's way more natural to be able to manage notebooks right from the sidebar where you can see the structure clearly.
  13. With a premium account... If I preassmble a stack of notebooks am I able to share this as a stack... with editing rights?
  14. This should be an easy one. When displaying all the notes in a notebook stack, add a column that shows which notebook the note is in. You'll be on my Christmas list forever if you do this :-) Applies to all versions of Evernote, not just Mac, but I just happen to be on my Mac right now. Thanks!
  15. moldor

    Stacking Notebooks

    I know you can have notebooks in "stacks", but is it possible to have a stack within a stack ? For example, I have a stack called TAXATION, and then under that a stack for each financial year, and under each year the documents applicable for that year. Call it OCD, but my wife has me organised...:-)
  16. I would like a simple and immediate way to know in what stack a specific notebook is located. Right now the only option is to manually look in the content of each stack, which is very impractical.
  17. I'd like to have a different view style for stacks and notebooks, for example i'd like to see "card view" for recipes and "side list view" for news. Same for sorting, i'd like to sort "by name" recipes and sort "by update" news. Can you add view&sort options for each stacks&notebooks? Thank you
  18. I've been using Evernote for years, but only started using the macOS client late last year. I created a notebook in the local macOS client, synchronized, then tried to drag it into a previously existing stack. It wouldn't work. No error, just no option to create the stack when I dragged the notebook over the stack and let go. There appears to be no right-click option on a notebook to add it to a stack, nor any menu option to create stacks. I logged into Evernote Web and dragged the notebook into the stack I wanted and was done in 5 seconds. Is this a macOS bug? Surely this can't be a missing feature....?
  19. Hi there, I think Evernote is a great program, however there are two annoyances that (in my mind) keep Evernote from being great: 1) Creating of sub notes does not follow the standard paradigm Creating a subfolder is not easy... I get it - Evernote doesn't have folders, they have stacks... but sub categorizing things is important to me - so to do this I need to follow a work around: I) Create a temporary note II) Right click and choose "Add to stack" III) Choose new Stack IV) find the stack and rename it to a folder name that makes sense to you V) now delete the temp note VI) Start dragging new notes into the stack (folder) I find this a weird workaround. I rather just be able to right click a note and select "create note in", then have this subnote be the new folder. That would be just one step, instead of 6 Anyways Evernote team, other than this, I really like your product... cheers
  20. I believe there is no current way to create notebook stacks in beta. This seems like a fairly important function that should be developed. Hope it comes soon!
  21. When I am inside notebook on the dark background we see the name of the notebook - but not the name of the parent stack. For example, I have few projects (stacks) and every project have notebook TODO, but when I am inside of notebook TODO I don't know what the project it is - I need to name my notebooks like <project-name> TODO. I think that this is basic thing about managing information - please consider this feature for implementation.
  22. I am working with Evernote on a Windows computer via the website. Trying to add a new note to an already existing stack. I can no longer find the option to "create a new note in this stack" on the website so when i make a new notebook it creates outside of the stack i want to put it in. i can't drag it to move it into the stack and the notebook or stack options do not give me the choice to move it to a stack either. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I've been trying all kinds of gestures I can ever think of and searching on web but no helpful results. Looks like the new UI has been creating some usage habit problems and all the solutions I can find are not for the Web version. Please help!
  24. Looks like somebody just forgot to write a handler for an action the user wouldn't be expected to perform, but which they can perform trivially. If I click the Continue button Evernote continues to work just fine. Conditions: Mac OS X 10.9.5 Evernote 6.0.5 (451190 App Store) Either right after syncing or after editing a note but before syncing Procedure: Go to the Notebooks view. (It can be sorted by Name, Count, or Updated.) Try to drag a stack. (It can be open or closed.) Observed behavior: Error message: "Internal Error An uncaught exception was raised…" Expected behavior: No error message. The stack does not drag, and maybe the cursor changes to indicate dragging is impossible.
  25. Hi, what's the right way to move a Notebook to another stack? I expected to be able drag a notebook to a stack in the sidebar / shortcuts (from the sidebar or from the 'Notebooks' listing in the main pane) but that doesn't seem to work. I can drag and drop within the Notebooks listing, but the view doesn't scroll when I drag to the edge of the pane. So in list view I have to move the item one notebook to the left, scroll, move it to another notebook further on the left, scroll, then finally can file it where I want it. In 'icon' view (?) of notebooks, I would expect it to scroll up and down, but it doesn't. I not sure if I'm doing something wrong? Any tips? Or is something broken? Cheers Sarah