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Found 52 results

  1. Can tables be sorted by columns, either ascending or descending?
  2. A lot of user time is wasted on not having solutions, and going around in circles, so rather than try to place some answers on my own archived note (not allowed), or into an eight page discussion note, here are what is being asked for in sorting within a note, along with some time consuming workaround solutions in the meantime. Evernote is supposed to help you organize your notes, but it is not helping you to organize the content within a note, which is critical to organization. You have tables, unordered lists, ordered lists, check lists, even word lists separated by commas or spaces, and you should be able to organize them alphabetically without having to do it without help from the application. One word of warning though, one person wanted to be able to sort automatically, and that would be a bad idea, as you won't be able to see what you are doing or continue entering without interruption, or seeing what you've added or are working on. I provided a clear example of a list that contained hyperlinks. This is something that should be available and done within Evernote, forcing users to do this manually or externally is a big waste of users time. Feature Request - Sorting lists (bulleted, ordered, checkbox) by text [dmcritchie, 2011-11-29] However since Evernote will not do this for us, here are some ways of handling this yourself. Some are very convoluted and nothing really is going to handle data with links well unless done within the application. ★ Using MS Word seems like it would handle rows with included hyperlinks [oef 2014-10-08] Try Trello - more advanced list handling than EN, including internal alphabetical list sorting. [totochto 2014-10-19], and Ticktick [gazumped 2015-01-13] want to be able to sort a todo list with check boxes, as unchecked and check, and/or alphabetically [poppy ... 2015-01-13] Example in Excel of a table with multiple columns w/o hyperlinks [shanezam203 2015-03-10] use the Excel document with Evernote [Frank.dg 2015-06-13] Some online forms that allow you to paste text then sort using any browser ★ Alphabetize Text Words (online), ★ Alphabetize a text or word list Some Firefox extensions that allow you to sort tabs and sort HTML tables before pasting into Evernote, and to collect links for selected tabs Sort Tabs :: Add-ons for Firefox, TableTools2 - Copy/Sort/Chart/Filter Table&More! :: Add-ons for Firefox, Multiple Tab Handler :: Add-ons for Firefox Having the HTML code generated from Multiple Tab Handler, you can generate the HTML and then using Real-time HTML Editor generate the rich text format to paste directly into Evernote. A bookmarklet that would work in any browser (example you can test) Keep in mind that you can view and update Evernote in a browser. Understanding what can be done elsewhere is most likely to lead to a clear definition of what is needed. When I actually did the example in the request for enhancement I used a bookmarklet [href:] to carry the link after the wording, and then had to add insert the link back in afterwards (Ctrl+K in Windows). Basically each line orrow needs a text key and a rich text component to be placed after sorting. Think of how much time would be wasted trying to do this for 200 items, or multiple lists. And I think this is something that would be acceptable just from desktop or laptop but not from small devices without keyboards, just like keyboard shortcuts, context menus, and horizontal lines that are not available on small devices, but can be seen and modified from any device. My other enhancement request, may not look related, but I can generate data that I need in HTML format using "Multiple Tab Handler" (Firefox extension) from Browser Meta tags for a selection of tabs, and if I could paste it directly into Evernote I could create some lists quickly in one step. And in the case of tabs I can even sort them beforehand with another Firefox extension, but it would be nice to not have to rely on workarouds. Feature Request - Paste from HTML and/or Wiki source, actually got positive feedback from gbarry, but nothing appears to have happened. Feel free to add additional workarounds or other things, if any, within a note that need sorting. David McRitchie
  3. A thing that's been bothering me in this great service ever since I started using it 2 years ago, is that it is not possible to set a sorting order for a specific notebook. To me this seems very basic, so I was very disappointed that it's still not available in the new beta. I mean, am I the only one who wants my receipts ordered by date and my recipes ordered by title? My family photos ordered by date and my art photos ordered by title? I do sincerely hope this can be implemented!! Once again, thanks for the great software.
  4. drtw

    Two-step sorting

    Hi! Within a specific notebook, is there a way to generally sort by update time AND at the same time to ALWAYS keep favorite notes (eg those that are shortcuts/fast access) on top independent of their update time? Specifically, I am collecting webpages/pdf etc for a specific topic in one notebook that also includes a master note (with short summaries and links). I want to keep the master note always on top and sort the rest by update time. Is there a way for such two-step sorting: 1. By favorite; 2. By time ? I think that would be REALLY helpful ! Thanks! Thomas
  5. Evernote doesn't support sorting of the text within a note (alphabetically) and I think this would be a great feature to have. I have several lists of this and that, and after a while it becomes hard for me to find what I want. I prefer my lists to be alphabetically ordered. I have seen several requests for this feature, but invariably this feature is misunderstood with the sorting of notebooks or notes. It is neither of these things; these features are already present in Evernote. I did raise this with Evernote Support, but they just acknowledged my request and then closed the ticket couple of weeks later. Not sure what the status of my request is, or how to find out. Does anybody know whether this feature is likely to be added, or otherwise, and if not, are there any good workarounds I could try (other than copying and pasting to and from a text editor, which is very time consuming). Thanks Howard
  6. Hi! it seems to me that so far Evernote only allows sorting within a notebook by one specific feature such as name or recently updated. However, witihin a specific notebook, I would find it extremely if I could sort general notes by "recently updated" and at the same time keep favorite notes always on top. Specifically, I am collecting webpages/pdf etc for a specific topic in one notebook that also includes a master note (with short summaries and links). I want to keep the master note always on top and sort the rest by update time. I would therefore suggest to add 2-step sorting: 1. By favorite; 2. By time. I think that would be REALLY helpful ! Thanks! Best, Thomas
  7. I would like for Evernote to be able to sort a checklist within a note. The user should have the choice of sorting alphabetically or sorting into checked and unchecked.
  8. Is there a way (and if there isn't could you please feed this into your new features requests queue) to automate sorting of notes that land up in the default notebook into other notebooks according to title, tags and content. Please note that I am aware of the features of being able to put notebook names and tags in the subject line of an email and these are NOT suitable for my situation. I am also aware of IFTTT but cannot find any recipies that do what I need to do. At work I am working on anythign from 3 to 10 projects at a time. Each project has a unique 6 digit code. Whenever I send an email relating to a project I put the project code at the start of the subject line. I am gradually training my co-workers to do the same. In Outlook 2010, our corporate mail client, I have rules set up to put any mail with the project code in the subject line into a matching category, for mails from co-workers who don't yet put the project code in the subject line (now few in number) I manually add the category. This means that if I want to find all the emails to do with, say, project 104985 I just have to filter by category to category 104985. Now I'm using Evernote more I'd liek to set these rules to forward project emails to my Evernote email address. Unfortunately Outlook doesn't support adding to subject lines when you forward with a rule so I can't specify the notebook name in the subject line. Ideally what I'd like to be able to do is set up a macro of some kind that will periodically scan through my default notebook and apply sorting rules to each item. As a minimum simple rules like "If the title of a note contains the string '104985' then move it to the '104985 do the thing at the place' notebook" and the ability to set priority of rules (simple move up or down a list and execute in the order of the list, once a note has triggered a rule the rest of the rules aren't executed for that note). Ideally also be able to call other rules from within a rule and have them execute so the above rule may call a rule that is something like "If any line in the body of the mail contains the strings 'From: *John Williams*' or 'To: *John Williams*' or 'CC: *John Williams*' (where * is, in common with many systems/applications, a wildcard for 0 or more characters) then add the tag 'Half a Job'".
  9. According to some on this forum, the lack of the rather obvious and simple manual-sort feature was a 'design' decision. I doubt it's really that —it probably costs more to add, enact, and maintain a manual-sort algorithm— but if it's related to money/resources, you should consider adding manual-sort to the Premium Services. I'd pay for that in a heartbeat. Anyway, even iTunes —configured for anybody from the most uninitiated to advanced-customizers— has this manual sort option within their playlists. Just as iTunes would lose many users to another app that supplied the clear, obvious, and ultimately easily-satisfiable demand to arrange things as the user wants on the basic level, Evernote surely has and will (me included) lose users and good-reviews to other companies that include this basic option. That's one of the main reasons I will not be renewing my Evernote Premium service this time around. It's disappointing: as seen in the Beta online version, Evernote has gone in the direction of assuming that lessening options in and of itself offers peace of mind of a sort. While minimalism does avoid overwhelm, you should acknowledge the deeper psychological truth: make options bigger WHERE REQUESTED — meaning that you make the environment minimalist, with small buttons that open up options if the user wants. This is the basic design attitude for all mac-inspired folks and I would've expected this from Evernote since they seem to be in that aesthetic camp. This app no longer is useful for anyone who plans to use it for anything related to any sort of fluid and day to day prioritization, project, communication, or even just preferences that all can evolve quickly (the response that you have so-called 'workarounds' to codify every single note is absurd because each time things change as they do in real life we must re-code every time according to the newly-evolved priority levels) Sincerely — Hopefully, V
  10. I would like very much if each notebook would have the option for notebook specific filtering in the columns. Some notebooks I want to show tags, some I dont. Some notebooks I want to sort by date updated, some by name, etc.
  11. randyclark88

    sorting lists

    I was surprised that there was not a feature to take a list and sort it alphabetically. I don't believe it would be too hard to implement and it would be something I would use a lot.
  12. Victor V.

    Notebook Sorting

    Individual notebook sorting is a must! Currently, I spend too much time sorting over and over a notebook every time I switch back and forth to it--very inefficient.
  13. Instead of current options available (alphabetically, dates, etc), it would be great to be able to sort my notes in whatever order I want... Like it's not limited by the title of the note nor the time it is created. It would be so much more helpful if I can arrange the order of my notes like how I arrange notebooks in shortcut!! Please consider thanks!!
  14. Mike Kuplevatsky

    Custom sort of notes

    I'm a heavy Evernote user, which means most everything I do, either for personal use or work use, requires Evernote. I use Evernote Web. The thing I wish Evernote had was the ability to drag and re-arrange my notes list in any order. That means Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 I can drag Note 3 above Note 2, drag Note 1 below Note 3, etc. I find it so constricting to only have the notes in the order of either which they were created or a date. I'd like to customize my note order the way I'd like to, and all of the other services (Consol.io, Google Keep, etc) let me do this and Evernote being the productive power-tool it is, I wish it had such simple feature. I also wish we could customize the date the note was created. So, I'd be able to click on the date and set it as a past date or present date.
  15. I'm running Evernote under Windows 7 on one machine and 8.1 on another. In both environments, the default criterion for sorting notes within a notebook is when they were updated. In general, this is not what I want -- I prefer to sort alphabetically by title. So each time Evernote loads I have to go into the notebook list dialog box and select "sort notes by title". But I'm not done! Because now another default kicks in, to list in reverse order. So I have to go into the dialog box a second time in order to uncheck the "reverse sort order" option. I haven't found any settings option that changes this default so that each time I load Evernote the notes are sorted the way I want, alphabetically by title from A to Z. Can it be that this is impossible? (I haven't found this topic on the discussion board either; my apologies if it has been answered already.)
  16. Would you consider adding the ability to save the sort order when you save a search? For instance, it would be nice to add something like sort:"title:desc" to save the search sorted by title desc. Thanks!
  17. I just downloaded Evernote for iOS version 8.0.351713 and discovered that I can no longer sort reminders chronologically and can no longer truncate future reminders. Please return this functionality. Renner
  18. Hey all, I've been trying out Evernote as a platform for GTD via The Secret Weapon. I'm enjoying it greatly so far, however the mobile apps all lack the ability to sort notes by tag. Preferably, any view that displays notes would be able to sort them by tag in symbol, number, alpha order - both ascending and descending. This is a pivotal feature for TSW users and without it, I have to fumble through menus, and end up spending more time trying to review my notes than reviewing my notes. Thanks!
  19. One of the things I need Evernote for is keeping track of the books I am reviewing. While I use the "reminders" feature to help me plan out my review schedule, I really need a "due date" option. A reminder should remind me that something is coming due soon. The due date (obviously optional) would set a deadline for that item/task. Most importantly (for me) would then be the ability to see my notebook sorted by due date. Right now that's not an option and the only way to work around it is to use the reminders check list and as it to sort by reminder date. For my purposes, it's clunky. Which is so very unlike all the other slick things Evernote can do.
  20. It would be really nice to be able to move and drag checklist items inside a note page so you can change the order. The second half of that would be- if you check off an item in that checklist, the item should automatically move to the bottom of the list.
  21. Currently, there is a "hack" for notes that allows you to arrange them in any order you choose, with a super intuitive drag-and-drop. PLEASE make this a standard feature! The 'hack' allows you to take all notes in a notebook (or as many as you so choose), drop them in a reminder, and BAM, the order you want them is is stickied to the top of the notebook and editable at will. This allows the ultimate flexibility, especially for notebooks, because it sometimes people don't want 'INBOX' above 'PROJECTS' and below 'HOME.' Using renaming hacks is not intuitive, and makes thisng difficulty every time you add a new notebook. Drag and drop is super intuitive AND already available in other programs! (Like OneNote and ToDoIst). Please make it happen!
  22. Hello, Wouldn't it be great if you could view your notes by the TYPE of clipping they are? Bookmark / Article / etc etc Please can we have more VISUAL WAYS to categorise our notes, too, not just tagging. Surely I am not the only visually organised person here. What else is possible?! Thanks! Petek
  23. HI Evernote Team, 1) This is for you developers. More than the current dark mode update there are some features which provide a good usability like the custom sorting. This should have more priority. I do not accept the current reasoning given by the developer team for not providing this feature. Just having an additional feature is not going to hurt. We are not asking you to remove existing sorting methods for the notes, we are just asking for an add-on feature. This is not going to encumber people who are accustomed to existing sorting features. This is just going to ease the lives of additional users. People who want to reap the benefits of existing methods are free to choose their sorting methods. So adding the custom sort is going to make lot of users happy. Currently just because there is no custom sort you are losing a lot of customer base and people move to your competitors like one note( no offense, but its the reality. even I considered moving to one note ). Yes there are work-around for this: 1) creating a new note with custom ordered note links - ( In this case there is no point of having the note view. This is the simple feature we are asking for in the form of sorting ) 2) numbering the titles accordingly ( Think about inserting the last note of a large notebook somewhere in the middle, the rest of the notes have to be renamed pointlessly ) There is a reason why they are called work-around, because they are not actual solutions! Customization and ability to edit is actually good. Thats why people don't use type-writers anymore and instead use Text editors in combination with keyboard. So don't end up being the old fashioned typewriter. 2) So for the pinned note feature. Even in the sorted notes you want some notes to be always on the top or some custom sorted notes to be always fixed in that particular order.
  24. Alexandra69

    How to see Title in Notes?

    In Evernote Desktop in Windows 7 there is a row of Titles above the list notes. On my Surface Notebook (Win 10) i don´t see it. It´s very useful for displaying Noteattributes and for sorting Notes. How can i make it visible? Thank You Alexandra
  25. I would really like to be able to customize the order of the notebooks and notes, because I don't like having to constantly find where it has been placed, or scroll everywhere to get to the notes I want.