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  1. I'd like to suggest an improvement to the usability of the Shortcuts entry in the sidebar - it took me a few attempts to work out how to use it. This problem is that this is the only sidebar entry that doesn't do anything when you click it - instead, you have to use the tiny grey arrow to the left to expand a menu entry. This is not at all obvious given the behaviour of all the other items in this menu. Can I suggest that clicked the text of the Shortcuts text either expands the menu directly, or shows a list of shortcuts in a similar manner as clicking the Tags entry?
  2. My boss recently updated to (EN Business with Spaces). His shortcuts were missing, and it looks like they are no longer on the web version. He is using Windows 7 Pro. Synchronize Shortcuts is checked in Options. What happened and can this be recovered.
  3. Seems random that we can't add shortcuts just because we didn't personally create the note. Makes it hard for businesses who use Evernote on a daily basis for projects, processes, etc.
  4. Shortcuts in Mac app

    Shortcuts have stopped working in the last couple of updates to the Evernote Mac app. They work fine on my phone and on the web. What's up? Thanks Dan Kennedy
  5. It would be nice to structure the shortcuts sidebar. Things get messy with notes, notebooks, searches all mixed up together. I can think of non-clickable headlines or simple line dividers as structuring elements.
  6. For some reason (other than old age!), I've had the hardest time learning the keyboard shortcut keys in the Evernote Windows program for moving among the Left Panel, the Note List , and the current note I'm editing. It's annoying to have to use the mouse for all that. I had all the information in a list-of-all-the-shortcuts note buried in a Using Evernote notebook that I'd created. But I wanted faster access. So I created a note whose first line (and therefore title) was "TAB: Left<>Search<>List<>Title". In the body of the note, I expanded on this with some instructions: Use the Tab key to move from Left Panel > Search Bar > Note List > Title field of current note. Shift+Tab reverses direction. Tab from Title field moves to body of note. Use Esc to move from body of note to Note List. Then--and here comes the brilliant part--I dragged the note onto the shortcuts (which I keep in the toolbar at top). I massaged the note title till it was as above, which will completely display in the shortcuts. Now, whenever I forget, I can just glance at my toolbar, and there's the basic info as a shortcut: "TAB: Left<>Search<>List<>Title". If that proves too cryptic, I can always click on it and bring up the note. Thank you, folks, thank you very much.
  7. It would be great to be able to use the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys to navigate within notes. I can't think of another text editor that doesn't make use of these keys. Surely this would be trivial to implement. Thanks for your attention.
  8. Synchronization issue

    Hello, I recently had to reinstall my computer and then Evernote. Since I've done that I have a synchornization issue. It seems to go up to the end, according to the log. As a result : - The log tells Synchornization error - The Synchro icon shows an error - The Shortcuts are not synchronized. This is my second computer. Everything goes well on the first one. Here are the last few lines from the log file : 18:43:25 [INFO ] [10192] [3100] 100% Submitting a batch of 311 note calls, size=214 KB 18:43:59 [INFO ] [10192] [17896] 100% Submitting a batch of 373 note calls, size=473 KB 18:44:01 [INFO ] [10192] [15976] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 18:44:01 [INFO ] [10192] [15976] * elapsed time: 8m 16s 18:44:01 [INFO ] [10192] [15976] * 294 items received 18:44:31 [INFO ] [10192] [7152] Registered session count: 1, last session: 2017/11/01 18:30:00 I tried to reinstall Evernote with no better success. I also tried various fixes (from Ctrl-Help menu) on the first computer, but no changes. Any idea of what I can do to fix that problem? Thank you. Patrick
  9. The current system limit for shortcuts is 250, even for premium members. Compare this to the system limit for tags, which is 100K. I'm not sure why there's such a discrepancy. Regardless, 250 shortcuts simply isn't enough for many users, including power users. I'd like to see this limit increased to at least 1K for premium members and ideally for all members.
  10. I would appreciate it if when adding a note to the Shortcut List, particularly in iOS, that shortcut is added to the top of the list rather than the bottom. This would be particularly useful for “note a day journaling” as it would arrange shortcuts in order, the most current (today’s) at the top (and visible in a longer list) without having to edit the list and drag it to the top. A related but less essential request would be to allow the re-arrangement of shortcuts in the list without having to first put the list into an edit mode.
  11. I use Evernote on three devices iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC. I modify the shortcuts every week to keep track of my schedule in Evernote. I see sometimes that the shortcuts are not synced properly. The shortcuts of the previous week override the shortcuts of the current week on my PC, after using iPad for example. One week difference on itself was not a big problem for me. However, today, I ran into a disaster, after using my iPad, Evernote decided to sync the shortcuts of six months ago and to remove the shortcuts of this week. This is a big problem for me and makes me question whether I want to keep the premium version next year. Is there a way to get the latest version of the shortcuts? Or are they lost forever and we should not expect from Evernote that the shortcuts will be synced properly across different platforms. This seems to be a problem of the latest iOS version, because I didn't have this problem with the previous versions before 8.0.
  12. Delete Multiple Shortcuts at Once

    I searched ("delete multiple shortcuts") and didn't see this as a suggestion, and I also contacted support and the woman who responded suggested that I post this as a feature request . . . I would love to have a way to delete multiple shortcuts at once from the sidebar in the Mac desktop client. It's really easy to accidentally drag and drop notes onto the shortcut bar (if your hand slips even a bit when trying to move notes into a different notebook). When it's just one or two notes, it's no problem, but there are times I've accidentally added a couple of dozen notes to the shortcuts bar, and it's really tedious to delete them individually. Please come up with a feature that allows us to delete multiple notes at once. I'd even be happy with a feature that wipes all the shortcuts (rather than just hiding them, which I am able to do now). Thanks!
  13. Other note systems can do the following which I personally find really helpful. Say you have written a list ITEM1 ITEM2 ITEM3 ITEM4 ITEM5 You then highlight one of the entries and then use the keyboard SHIFT + ALT + UP-ARROW or SHIFT + ALT + DOWN-ARROW to move an item up and down the list.
  14. One of Evernote's primary strengths the workflow provided by its keyboard-friendly UI, which allows you to accomplish many things in a fraction of the time required to point and click. Reminders have been without keystroke support for a long time, and it's a major workflow disruption. Please consider a quick fix, which could be accomplished without dedicating an official "Keyboard Shortcut," by simply adding a keystroke sequence that lets you move through the File menu: Just as Copy Note Link is available mouse-free (Alt, N, L) , Add Reminder could be accessible via Alt, N, R (currently unused)
  15. Hello all, I've started using Evernote last week as I've been trying to standardize and centralize my note taking efforts. When I initially started working with Evernote, I only launched the webapp version which I started enjoying right away. I love the clean design and how responsive it is. I started using it quite heavily and the more I use it the more I am frustrated with the lack of certain "obvious" features that should be available. The most annoying of which are: No shortcuts available - Here I am not referring to shortcuts that apply to creating a new note, or toggle to a different notebook, etc; I'm referring to text input shortcuts such as a shortcuts for bullet points, for indentation especially, etc. My note taking efficiency significantly suffers if I constantly have to take my fingers off the keyboard so I can make an indentation or create a bullet point No Image Resize capability - This one just seems like it's a no brainer. The typical workflow for my note taking is sitting in a meeting and capturing notes and at the end I'll take a pic of a whiteboard or something along those lines. I use the evernote phone app to upload the pics to the respective note, and on my webapp version, these images are huge with no possibility of resizing. So now I have to open Evernote Desktop app to resize these pictures which is pretty ridiculous to me Other simple UI fixes; for example in the webapp, when you highlight a bunch of words and click to "insert a link", the box drops down with two fields: the link text and the link itself, however for some reason the cursor doesn't automatically go in the link box and in fact it just disappears which requires me to have an extra click. This is not the end of world, but it would be such a simple fix. When I'm taking notes, 90% of the time I'm documenting a meeting and an extra click slows me down quite significantly So why don't I use the desktop app directly you ask? Because from a UI design perspective the webapp is much more attractive. The design is much cleaner, note previews look much better and I'm finding much better response times with the webapp. Not only that, literally everything I work with nowadays runs in a browser (email, gdocs, music, etc) so I'd prefer to continue using my browser for note-taking as well. Also, when switching between the webapp and the desktop app, I constantly notice discrepancies between notes. For example, I'll find areas of text that are bolded in my desktop app but not in webapp. Implementing these features (or bug-fixes) seem like low hanging fruit and going through quite a few posts on this community forum, it seems like they would truly bring value to your users as they've definitely been in-demand (some even for a couple of years). Hell, even make these features part of your "Premium" offering and I'll purchase it right away. The lack of these features is not holding me back from using your otherwise awesome platform, however there's always going to be an asterisk when recommending it to a friend.
  16. After using the keyboard shortcut <ALT + SHIFT + B> to change a note's notebook, the program's focus disappears and I can no longer use the keyboard to navigate until I click somewhere with the mouse. Is there a why to restore the program's focus without using the mouse?
  17. When it comes to productivity, the ability to use keyword shortcuts which can be customized to personal tastes, is very important. Hard-wiring shortcuts in apps assumes that the user must remember those. Secondly, even if an user does so, it does not consider if he(she) can comfortably use those. A simple use case: While using Evernote for reading several long clipped articles on my laptop, I would like to recline a little in my chair. I want to highlight, change color, increase font size of selected text, and copy a note link, and so on, in that state. I do not want to switch between my mouse and keyboard for small but frequent edits. I want functionalities through keyboards shortcuts to be equally accessible as through the mouse/touchpad. I want functionalities through keyboards shortcuts to be easily accessible as through the mouse/touchpad. I want editing functionalities accessible through one (say mouse/touchpad) should not be inaccessible through the other. I should be free to use either as I please. But the predefined shortcuts are not friendly. For most shortcuts I have to use my both hands. For some, I have to lean forward. This makes reading/editing much difficult, particularly if that has to be done for longer hours.
  18. Does anyone know how to highlight an area of text using Evernote on the web? A control -shift -h command brings up history rather than highlight.
  19. How to View Shortcuts

    Hi, I can add notes to shortcuts BUT I see nowhere to show my shortcuts. I've searched everywhere but don't find a way to reveal shortcut list. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  20. I've seen this mentioned in the "asking for password' thread, but it deserves its own mention: shortcuts based on saved searches aren't showing up on the Shortcuts screen in 8.0.4. They worked find in previous versions. (They display correctly on the web and the PC client, and my full list of saved searches displays correctly in the search screen). Reinstalling the app didn't help... and I'm growing a wee bit tired of reinstalling Evernote every point update. These shortcut-based saved searches allow Evernote to work as an awesome GTD (Getting Things Done) client, so they're very important to many of us.
  21. Pulling down doesn't reveal a reminders filter button in a saved shortcut listing. Often, I have a saved shortcut to skim for notes tagged in several related projects, and would like to be able to isolate notes that are marked with reminders as opposed to those that are just reference material without making separate shortcuts.
  22. I like having shortcuts at the top of my sidebar, but I only want notes there that I choose. I haven't found a way to prevent Evernote from automatically adding recent notes to that list. It's a problem in that it pushes my list of stacks/notebooks down too far, and it clutters my otherwise useful shortcuts list, which I like to keep lean for quickly accessing my most-used notes.
  23. Some shortcuts do not work

    Hello, I've already read: "What are the keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows?" in help section: Help & Learning >> Tips & Tutorials >> Pro Tips >> What are the keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows? But, in Chrome for example "Add Hyperlink (Crtl + K)" does not work. (I'm Windows user). Please can you fix, or update the help's doc? Thanks!
  24. What do we usually do to bring order to our notes? - CMD + L. Change the title - CMD + ‘. Add tags. - CMD + CTRL + M. Move to another notebook. - CMD + SHIFT + F. Clear format to get rid of visual garbage. 4 different patterns for 4 most common operations aimed at the same goal. Seriously?? If Evernote is indeed for proffesionals, there should be the option to change shortcuts. Not only those called "global" - all of them! Thank you.
  25. It's wonderful that we have the ability to add a note as a shortcut. However, shortcuts are global. Sometimes, I think it would be handy to be able to have shortcuts that are specific to a notebook or a tag. These tag/notebook-specific shortcuts would be limited to notes. So, perhaps to avoid confusion with shortcuts (which can be any number of things: notes, tags, searches, notebooks), we should call these tag/notebook-specific shortcut notes "pinned notes". These pinned notes could operate similar to how Reminders currently work. If you want to pin a note, you can click a "pin note" icon / choose a "pin note" option from a menu. Then, whenever you view a list of notes containing a pinned note, there would be a collapsible section called "Pinned Notes" which lists the pinned notes, the same way that there is currently a collapsible section for Reminders. The notes listed in the Pinned Notes collapsing area would be the pinned notes that match the current list criteria -- the same behavior that the Reminders section has.