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Found 81 results

  1. Hi there, I know how to change the font of the note in Evernote's Mac client with the mouse, and I have found the keyboard shortcuts for changing the size of the font. My question is: Is there also a keyboard shortcut to change the font type? Alternatively, is it possible to do this with an applescript or something similar? Thanks, Jo
  2. Am I the only only that thinks the EN search function needs considerable work? I think this new collaboration with Google should also involve similar search techniques. I was extremely frustrated when trying to search for anything more than one word in multiple PDF attachments in one note. I really want to see features that allow me to search for phrases and modify my search criteria — just like Google! http://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/20-tips-use-google-search-efficiently.html if there are better was to search for phrases or sentences within Evernote, I haven't come across it and it's not readily apparent to everyone.
  3. I am using Evernote for my GTD Setup. I link my next actions to my projects. Right now I need to go to the top of the note, click on "note" and from there "copy internal link". Please create a shortcut for "Copy internal link".
  4. Dear users, every day I create a new note in which list various events; during the day the note is lengthened, how can I do to go faster at the bottom of the note to write the new event? There is a button, a shortcut, a way to avoid having to manually scroll through the display of my Android device? Many thanks from a novice user.
  5. It would be nice if the Evernote version for desktop systems (Windows, OSX, etc) provide keyboard shortcuts for moving paragraphs up and down. This feature is available in e.g. the Notepad++ text editor (ctrl-shift-up and ctrl-shift-down) and in Eclipse (alt-up and alt-down), and once you start using it, it is very convenient to reorder things.
  6. I have a large number of Notebooks (100+, one for each client I work with) and am constantly jumping between them on a daily basis. On the sidebar, I have to scroll up/down to find the notebook I'm after. I'd like to be able to just click into the sidebar on any random notebook and start typing and have the sidebar scroll and highlight the closest match. Just like you can on a folder list in Windows/MacOS. It would make life sooooo much easier. A keyboard shortcut to move the active screen area to that sidebar to begin typing would be nice as well.
  7. The current default WIN+A "Copy selection" shortcut is reserved by Windows 10 for Action Center. It should be changed to a non-reserved shortcut.
  8. Kisty

    Web app shortcuts

    Are there any keyboard shortcuts for the web app, such as quickly add a note, search, etc? Would be really useful. I use 'q' for new task in Todoist many times every day. Am on Linux, else would use the native client.
  9. Please consider what would appear to be a very simple and easy-to-do request. When I am organizing EVERNOTE using my GTD principles, I want to store my completed GTD lists in a NOTEBOOK entitled "GTD DONE". Being the simpleton that I am, I often go several days and forget to do this to my daily GTD lists. It would be super if I could move the first note to the "GTD DONE" notebook and then simply enter the next GTD note and use a hotkey/keyboard shortcut to do the same thing over and over. I know that the feature exists - on the NOTE menu pulldown. But its too many steps. If it was a hotkey - it'd be so much easier. Just a thought. Thanks for reading. 73, Larry
  10. Dear all, I have a very simple request: To switch from the title of the note to the tags field by using <tab> Right now both <tab> and <enter> take you from the title to the body of the note, skipping the tags field on the windows or mac client. I know that the shortcut <ctrl>+<alt>+<T> does bring up the tags but as a pop up field.
  11. Feature request: Control+Tab shortcut to switch between opened notes Just like many other software doing. In Chrome browser, press control+tab to switch to next browser tab. holding control button, tap tab button to quick rotate between all tabs. In NetBeans, press control+tab will popup a file list of all opened files, then user can holding control button, tap tab button to quick select a file to jump to. I like to have this feature on Evernote. Thank you.
  12. You use the search box to find a specific note and you have that note on the screen. It would be great if you could now right-click the note and click "Go to Notebook" or similar, whereby the notebook would be made visible and focused in the left-hand navigation bar (this is for Windows, but something similar for other devices). As it is now, you have to to right click the top of the left-hand navigation bar + click "Find Notebook", then type in the notebook name from the note - too many steps for something that should just be a click away.
  13. Evernote automatically converts 8) to ? and I can't undo it. How do I disable the shortcut?
  14. Seria muito útil acrescentar a opção de atalho "inserir data" nos formatos aaaammdd e aaaa-mm-dd. Isso porque facilitaria a classificação de notas pelo nome (descrição, título da nota). Will be very useful add shortcut option "data insert" in formats yyyymmdd and yyyy-mm-dd. This going to became very easy the note classification by the name (description, note title).
  15. I think we should be able to add a Stack shortcut to the homescreen. Thanks and keep up the goodwork.
  16. So I'm in the app, with a note open, I click the three dots, select 'add to homescreen'. The problem is that the newly created shortcut doesn't work IF Evernote is already open. All it does is open Evernote on whatever note was previously open. However if Evernote is closed, the shortcut works fine. What's even more mysterious is that my older home screen shortcuts work fine all the time. It's just all recent shortcuts I've added which don't work. I did recently downgrade from premium to free, could this be related?
  17. Would like to extend your fast note process. With a shortcut a single windows which displays 1 line for writing a note, in which you can use # for giving this note the right notebook and + for giving the note the right tags and ^ for setting a reminder on the right date. After you pressed # or + an autocompletion let you easily find the right notebooks and tags. So, a possible one-line command would look like this: #mynotebook +evernote +forum +request ^06-29 Write a note in the evernote forum to get the feature for 1-line notes No, its not my idea. I am using the tool of doit.im besides evernote, because of this fast and easy 1-line note feature. Do u like it as well?
  18. I recently discovered a quick way (though it may not be new) to post action items on Todoist using Evernote on my iPad for notes that I have captured and converted into actionable items. This is done by simply selecting the box with upward arrow in it and selecting Todoist as the app of choice. (It appears exactly like the one attached herein) I do, however, cannot find the same function on my Evernote App using Macbook Pro Retina. Is there a way to replicate this functionality, or am I just simply missing out something here? Thanks and appreciate your help! Cheers!
  19. Sorrentino

    Bug in clipping

    all of a sudden the shortcut to clip from keyboard W+*****+S stopped working gives a completely pale screen with crosshai but no action possible no result. I'm running on win10. This is a vital need to clip from keyboard. what has happened? PLEASE HELP Fortunato Sorrentino fortunato.sorrentino@virgilio.it
  20. I use Evernote to create lists of timings for video subtitles and chapters. These timecodes usually look somewhat like this: 01:34:58 It would be immensely useful to have a feature, that allows me to increment or decrement the digits in a timecode. Emmet is a Plugin that adds that feature to a number of code editors. You can set your cursor on a number, like the minutes in my above example, and by pressing Ctrl + Up, you increment the number by 1. Ctrl + Down decrements it. This is an unbelievable addition in terms of convenience! Ctrl + Shift + Up could increment by 10 and Ctrl + Alt Up by .1 It could be wonderful! Here's a video of what it could look like:
  21. I've tried researching this on my own and haven't found a good answer. Evernote says the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough for Windows users is Ctrl+T, but in the Chrome browser, Ctrl+T is for a new tab. Is there a different shortcut for Chrome users? Or can you create your own shortcut?
  22. I'm often needing to open Notes in order to change their Notebook or tag without having them vanish from view before I finish editing if I were to just edit in the right window. I can't find it but I gotta believe there is a keyboard shortcut for such a basic function as Open in Separate Window. Does it exist and my bifocals are hiding it from me? Thanks much. PS: BTW, Evernote's activating of the new Notebook and tag changes before I completely finish editing a Note is a real frustration to me. Do others have a simple solution?
  23. Hello everybody. I need to use Superscript and Subscript a lot, and whilst there is a Mac shortcut for those 2 actions, we Windows users are left only with the use of the mouse/trackpad, which is very annoying. Could your engineers solve this minor yet fastidious issue? I promise I go premium if you do! Thanks in advance. Alex Martini
  24. I just learned about the Insert Date At Cursor keyboard shortcut. Way cool, except... I keep my journal (of over twenty years) on Evernote. Since I had to port it over from other apps (don't ask) the Created Date doesn't help to keep it in order. Title will sort it by the month, not the year, unless I format the date by the year, then month, then day. Is there a chance the next iteration of the client could include the option of "year/month/day" e.g. 2014/02/28? It would help ginormously. Thanks!
  25. When editing a note, F2 will jump to the note's title. Is there a similar shortcut that takes you to the note's notebook or tag fields so that you can edit those without having to use the mouse to click on those fields? Similarly, is there a shortcut that will take you to the Reminder field? Edit: F3 jumps to tag field. Would be great to be able to keyboard shortcut my way over to the Reminder field.