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Found 241 results

  1. Hi! Firstly, I'm loving the new look, congrats on the updated branding and cool stuff. I've spent the last couple of days immersed in Evernote tips and tricks even though I've been a member and big user since 2012, I've enjoyed adding some new tips to the way I do things in my daily use of Evernote. Thank you for continuing to provide quality resources On to my techie issue... I've been trying to share a notebook with someone using all methods of sharing (Work Chat and right clicking on the notebook itself or using "Share"); also using my desktop client on my Mac and via the browser. However I keep getting an error message that I can't use my own email address. Which baffled me for a while because it was someone else's email address (a friend of mine). After digging around in my Settings, I noticed that I had a list of email addresses associated with my Evernote account (old ones, a work one and this friend's email address as well - I have no idea how or why I added it there!). I deleted all of the emails except for my main account email. I've waited 24 hours for the change to take effect, closed and reopened and even restarted my laptop. I've then tried again to send a notebook or note via Work Chat or right-clicking and sending to that email address again. I'm still getting the same error message and Evernote thinks I'm trying to share or use an email address that is my own: "You can't add your own user or email to chat" - and it sits in the chat window as "Pending" and identifies the person I've sent to as "You" (me) - even though the email address is no longer in the list in my Settings. Similarly, if I go to the browser version of Evernote and share note, I get this pop up. I can see who the note is already shared with and it shows me (my actual account email) and the person I'm trying to share with, the status of pending. But immediately after I receive the same error message again "You can't add your own user or email to chat". How can I reset my account so that it no longer recognises that email address as one I had in my Settings list? Thanks Cyndy
  2. When sharing a note through the Evernote windows app, the recipient get a notification in Work Chat but does not always receive an e-mail notification. Is there anything that would prevent notifications through e-mail when a note is shared?
  3. When I try to share a note from a unshared or shared notebook to a user that I have already shared different notes with in the past, the link to the newly shared note is suppose to appear in the work chat room that already exists, but instead, it always create a new work chat room. And in that re-created new work chat room, I'm able to post messages, but it's not sent to the other user that's in the room. And in my re-created new work chat room where there suppose to be a timestamp for each messages, it'll just say "...". Also, most of the time the link to the newly shared note is not sent to the user who is suppose to receive the link. But that user can access the note if they go look for it by themselves. The issues above occurred in both Windows10 and Windows7. OS: Windows10 Pro 1709 Build: 16299.248 Evernote for Windows: (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)
  4. A while back I accepted an offer to "share" a notebook. I would like to discontinue doing so. I have tried to delete the Notebook and erase the shared notes but I cannot. How do I turn this spigot off?? Thanks, Bill
  5. IncrediMetaBeta

    Notebook Sharing Failure

    I want to share a notebook but have been unable to. It’s my first attempt to do sharing. I created the shared notebook, populated it with some notes, and invited my colleague from within the notebook in EN for Windows, but he can’t see the notebook. BTW: I’m a premium user on a PC. He has a free account and works on a Mac. By some unknown, completely unmemorable series of actions I took, heaven only knows, I seem to have been able to get us to share EN “workchat emails," if that's what you call them But that’s as far as we’ve gotten. Other key information: I'm fairly saavy with computers. My colleague is not. His capacity to tolerate computer frustration is lower. He has this quaint idea: "I will use my computer to do useful things." He has not endured enough frustration to realize that this a goal to which he may aspire, but that he must soldier on regardless. So, there is the risk of souring a relationship and opportunity to work together that hangs in the balance. Also, too: I have brown hair. My colleague is bald. The whole experience has been the brown leading the bald. At the rate it is going, it will soon become the bald leading the bald, if you catch my meaning, if you get my drift. Why should people have to stumble around with something as basic as sharing functionality? I ask this not to sound grumpy. Consider: The EN folks in Deadwood City, CA continue to presume a level of computing sophistication among EN users that, as Will Rogers said, “just ain’t so.” EN’s own tacit working knowledge about how to use the app is anything but obvious to many of their users. I would appreciate any guidance and links to possible solutions.
  6. Hi, I shared a Notebook with a new user. The new user is able to see the Notebook and the notes tags. However the user doesn't see any tag in the Tags page, see attached screenshot.
  7. I was feeling frustrated by EN's lack of support for colors for text in the app, so after checking around the forums for a bit, I realized I could just make my own note with colored text and share it as a way for anyone who wants to get some colored text into their notes to reap the rewards of my small effort. I realize it's not perfect yet, I just threw it together real quick. But theoretically one can go to my note on my my postach.io blog and copy some colored letters/numbers and use them on any platform. Cheers everyone.
  8. Here's a link to a note that's in a public notebook I curate called "The Iceberg": This is how Big Oil will die – NewCo Shift When I share it in Facebook, the image attached is what people see. This is so not cool. It does not show the title of the note, and that note title is what would helps someone clearly see the relevance of the link to whatever conversation they were engaging. It shows "Welcome back". To whom is it saying this? What if the person has never used Evernote before? It's off-putting, to say the least. Here's the thing: the link is not about Evernote. Saying "welcome back (to Evernote)" hijacks focus from the conversation to Evernote, distracts from the conversation at hand, and makes Evernote look the exact opposite of relevant. It comes across as needy, insecure, self-aggrandizing... If the note title is there, and people can see that the link is relevant to the conversation in which they are engaged, they're more inclined to click on it to read what content is at the other end. And, since I've saved this note in a published, openly-shared notebook, they should be able to read the note on a free, read-only, web-version of Evernote, without having to download and install the app, which interrupts/disrupts/distracts from the conversation flow. The easier it is to share an Evernote note with someone with no obligation, the more exposure people can have to Evernote, and the more opportunity there is for someone to interact with Evernote and discover they might want it for themselves. Please fix this.
  9. I am proposing using Evernote as an LMS of sorts; to provide guided notes and rich class materials, and encourage students to have digital notes for future reference. I want to create a notebook for each student; this way I can see if they are taking effective notes and ease the submission of assignments (we have only 20 students per term maximum). So I am wondering; if you share a notebook with a student, can you effectively "turn over" the notebook to the student so that it is theirs to have at the end of the term? It would help me by not bumping into the notebook limits over time. Thanks!
  10. Hi, Maybe this has already been answered but I couldn't find it by doing a search in the past forum threads. Anyway, after you share a note with somebody, there seems to be a lack of any indication that the note is now shared. I think you should also be able to list all of the shared notes - like it is just another tag. The thing I am worried about, is after sharing the tag today, what is there to alert you in a few weeks or months later when you go to update the note and potentially put private thoughts in the note, thinking that it is not shared? Thanks.
  11. When I highlight text in Chrome (Android) and share to Evernote, I want the site's URL to be automatically included, eg as the note title. Is there a way I can make this happen? If not, please include this feature in future updates.
  12. The notebook sharing feature doesn't work - why? I keep getting a message saying it isn't available
  13. IT.Support

    sharing problem

    Hi, So i have 2 evernote accounts. 1 on personal and one on my work email. I wanted to share a notebook on my work account to my personal but with edit permissions. There is no share icon on my work evernote but on my personal one i can share the workbook via workchat Any ideas? personal work
  14. Hello, I select two different single-page pdf notes and share them via email, but the recipient gets two copies of one note and no copy of the other. I merge the two notes and share the result via email, and the recipient gets the same as above. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Many thanks.
  15. Heads up - was having issues sharing public links with people who did not have Evernote. Was on a tech support session yesterday and was told it is a #KnownIssue and iOSx public sharing is broken. The workaround is to use Mac app or web browser to share all public links. After a bit of quick testing on my end, it seems broken from trying to share a public link FROM MY iOS device shares a dead/unresponsive link that recipient cannot open if not using Evernote app if the recipient has Evernote app - tries to launch the app (not a browser) and put you in an infinite loop (spinning circle - finding note dialogue box ) trying to open a shared public link ON MY iOS device in this instance, as I have Evernote, it tries to launch Evernote (not a browser) and puts me in an infinite loop (spinning circle - finding note dialogue box ) Was informed that there is no timetable for a fix. Was informed that the fix would probably come in the next inline update - UGH!!!! If anyone else sees a fix or has a better workaround, would love to hear about it. Thanks!!!
  16. Example (see image below): The green links allow me to navigate within the Evernote app. The blue public links allow friends to navigate easily between notes that I have made public. The issue: I find it tedious to insert both links. Non-Evernote users who I share notes with are confused by the difference between the green & blue links Proposed solutions: Offer an option to automatically insert both the blue and green links at the same time, or Offer an option to insert a link that works both in the app and for the public. An icon could be used to indicate which links are publicly accessible.
  17. I need a foolproof way of sharing notes with clients who are probably not Evernote users and may use Mac, Windows, Android phone or iOS without being very techie. My attempts to share notes (over the years) always run into problems -- generally the recipient can't see the note, or finds it too much hassle to open it. I have tried most ways of sending links to Evernotes and having public shared notebooks. Is there a FOOLPROOF way of sharing so that any recipient with a browser can read the note?
  18. the option to share via messages or mac mail has disappeared from my skitch sharing options. how do I get them back?
  19. I have been looking around for this, but I have not found the info I want. I have been using Evernote quite extensively and I just changed jobs from consulting to a job with a single company. I use Evernote to track everything in my life from work stuff, to a second business to personal data. I can image life without it. Until recently I have been consulting with several companies and I have separate notebooks for many of the things I did for them. I want to use Evernote in my new full time job, but I do not want my personal notebooks and my past client notebooks to sync to my new company computer. Is there a way to do that? I definitely do not want some of my notes from the other clients to appear on my new computer. The only way I have figured this out so far is to create a new account and share the relevant notebooks from my personal account. Is there another way, I think Evernote is valuable and I will spend my own money on setting up a second account as long as it is needed, but if there is a cheaper way I would like to do that. Thanks, Scott
  20. nicholask1234

    Sharing notebooks bug report

    So you can see in attached images that there is just no option to share the notebook (except for via a link). I am trying to share it so that they also have the notebook in their EN. Thanks for any advice!
  21. My professor is attempting to share a notebook with me but I keep getting the error message "Can't open the notebook. You may need permissions to access this notebook or the owner may have deleted it." Well the owner didn't delete it and my professor already selected permissions to allow me to view and edit the notebook, however, it still won't let me open it. I can't get in touch with customer chat because they're never online. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks! Evernote_6.8.7.6387_20180116.log
  22. I am a recent evernote beginner due to my part time job as a personal assistant. My boss has been sharing notebooks with me which up until this point has been very easy and accessible. In our most recent share exchange he shared a notebook with an microsoft excel attachment. He has a macbook and I have a dell pc. I am easily able to access the note and open the excel attachment. Upon opening, I open and after disabling the feature that says enable editing I am able to freely edit within the document. He says that his old assistant (another mac user) was able to edit click save and those changes were saved and translated into evernote. When I do, however, it allows me to make the changes and save; however, once exited, the changes are not reflected in evernote. In fact, once I click save I get a pop up saying "Document Title is read only. To save a copy, click OK, then give the woorkbook a new name in the save as dialog box." I need to forgo. I need to find a solution to make it not merely read only but editable so that I can click and it updates the changes to reflect in the notebook without have to delete the attachment in the notebook and upload a second attachment. Is there any way for me to open one of his shared notes and associated attachment by simply opening, editing, and saving? He does not want me to open, edit, and upload a new and second attachment. Any help/guidance would be beyond greatly appreciated!!!
  23. greiggy

    Sharing notes difficult

    I am finding sharing notes difficult for some reason. To send a shareable link, I have to copy it from the dialogue and email it separately, for some reason. Having tested the link that arrives, it opens for me fine in iOS, but not in MacOS. I get a blank Google search page. A good reason to use Evernote is easy sharing of notes. A good reason not to use Evernote is if sharing notes is unreliable. Cannot afford for client to have ANY difficulty with a share... Any wisdom or suggestions on this?
  24. Hi all I've had a quick search of the forum but wasn't able to find what I needed. I am an Evernote Plus member. I have created a Notebook that contains various notes, all catalogued by a series of tags. I've just shared the Notebook with my supervisor but she's not able to sort the individual notes by the tags, which was the whole point of doing it this way. Is there a workaround for this or have I wasted a colossal amount of time? At the moment I've given her my login details so that she can see all of the tags but this is obviously not an ideal situation. Thanks Sione
  25. A Windows user shared a notebook with me. I can access the notebook in Evernote, but when I try to move one of my notes into it, I get a message that "only tags that are already in this notebook will be added to this note". I click "OK" and … nothing happens. The note stays where it is. Syncing doesn't help. Evernote Mac 6.13.1, macOS 10.13.1