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Found 62 results

  1. Hi, I dropped a shared notebook that I was following, and have noticed that I still have a couple of tags from it remaining in my Tag View. This is the only place they exist. They are not in The Tag List in the sidebar My Evernote web account Either of my iOS device clients Things I have tried: Right-click and select Delete Tag (I get a dialog saying that I can't because it's in a Shared notebook) Drag the tag to the Trash (Adds the tag to my Shortcuts) Select the tag and press Backspace (No effect) Select the tag and press Delete (No effect) Create a temporary tag, drag the unwanted tags to it so that they're nested and then delete the parent tag (Deletes the parent and puts the unwanted tags back where they were) Close and restart Evernote and repeat all of the above (Same results) Close all instances of Evernote (Desktop, web, and iOS), restart Desktop and repeat all of the above (Same results) Sign out of Evernote, sign in again and repeat all of the above (Same results) Search the forums and web for suggestions (Found all of the above, but nothing useful unless I was using a Windows client. And a statement that this would be fixed in "an upcoming update" which was a year old.) The only thing I haven't done (which I know would fix it) is to rename my database and download it from the server again. (I have no Local notebooks) I'm reluctant to do this due to the sheer size of the database and the time and bandwidth it would take. Plus this seems a rather nuclear option for an issue that, frankly, shouldn't have occurred in the first place if Evernote removed shared notebooks correctly. Have I missed anything that might work? Or is this yet another known bug that is being ignored while they mess around with the interface repeatedly? Thanks, Stephen
  2. I have notebook that I have shared with someone. That person is using the windows client. This person is able to add notes to the shared notebook but can not add tags. What configuration change do I need to do so they can add tags. Thanks.
  3. There's a big feature missing in evernote shared notebooks. There should be a feature of getting notifications and alerts when someone edits a share note or notebook.
  4. Hi. I get this annoying modal dialog in the current iOS app now every time I move a note to a shared notebook. Guys -- I know this is a shared notebook. I created it. I shared it. I even know what it means to share something with someone. Please quit treating me like an infant. At least give me the ability to turn this off (if it exists, I can't find it in settings). Very few things in life should ever cause a modal dialog, and this isn't one of them. Thank you.
  5. I like to know when, where, how often, etc my shared links (esp the public ones) are clicked. At this time, I've been going to the effort of creating bit.ly shortened URLs - but that it less convenient on mobile platforms. I think it would be very useful for users if you made those analytics available (I assume you have those logs) or if you allowed the bit.ly API to shorten links with the user's account Regards, Mike
  6. Seems random that we can't add shortcuts just because we didn't personally create the note. Makes it hard for businesses who use Evernote on a daily basis for projects, processes, etc.
  7. kgirl2d

    Delegate access

    I would like to be able to delegate access to my EN account for a defined period. In an account "permissions" area, I input an email address, they get a notification of log-in access for a period that I define(30 min, 90 days, etc). After the period ends, they no longer have access. BACKGROUND: I have an assistant I use occasionally for projects. She does not have an EN subscription, and generally does not need one. On those occasions when I need her to have editing access to my notes, I would like to be able to grant it.
  8. So I did a quick search and saw that this feature was discussed back in 2011 and it has not seemed to change. A colleague and I have a shared folder. He cannot add new tags to his own notes in the shared folder. This is a huge oversight! The option to allow this permission is a must. As a creator of the note, I need my collaborators to have full-functioning access. The tag system is why the lot of us are here. Search functionality is a must. If a user who is using a shared folder cannot create their own tags, they are excluded from exploring the full potential of a shared platform. I hope this can get support and ultimately implemented. The official response I saw back in 2011 was that this was not a feature to prevent a collaborator from "polluting" the folder with new tags... Allow us to determine whether that is a concern. By granting access to the folder we are obviously assured that they will contribute quality content. Mind blowing oversight, haha. Anyways... what does the community think? Let's get them talking about this.
  9. Hello friends I want to identify and delete all my notes that I share with others. It is impossible to check individually because there are too many notes Is there a solution to this issue Thanks
  10. So, after spending what I personally find to be too much time searching for the place/method for reporting a bug in Evernote, I'm reporting it here. The bug is minor, but annoying. It occured after I shared a note. I'm on a 2017 Macbook Pro, and I'm from Denmark, so my Evernote is in Danish. Therefore I'm not sure what exactly the message says in english, BUT: Now, whenever I'm in a note and activate the "Exposé" (I think that's what it's called) to show all my open apps/windows, the field in the note that says: "You're showing a note that is shared with 1 person" will turn into a weird half-transparent "Windows XP-has-crashed"-kinda effect -thing. This could be fixed by giving me the option to hide said message, but I've found no way to do that. Hope it gets fixed or that someone can help me hide that message. EDIT: WOW, it seems that even the screenshot is messed up from the bug. When I click it, the fields are black, even though they are white with grey gradients before being clicked. I've never seen anything like this. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, Every time I create a new notebook it automatically shares it with girlfriend, even though I choose "private" when creating. This means I have to into the share options and change it from public to private every time I make a note if I dont want it shared with my GF. Thats frustrating enough, but she also get an email saying ive shared when i havnt. Its very confusing and irritating Ive tried to find a setting that deals with this, but with no joy. I dont recall ever choosing the option TBH. Has anyone had similar and able to help me out? Thanks in advance!! Best Joel
  12. Is there any way to see how many times a note that was shared via a URL was viewed? I know I could share it via a bit.ly type service, but that is an extra step and the receipient doesn't really know what they are clicking on. When the URL is www.evernote.com they know what they are getting and know it is safe. But I'd like to know if it is being viewed and how many times.
  13. How exactly do tags work in shared notebooks? I am working collaboratively quite often with new users (Who I often make download and use Evernote). Suffice to say I am ussually doing most of the organisation of notes for them, to have some kind of order... The setting are users can: view and edit. I know I can tag notebooks any way I like... 1) Do they see/have access to my tags? Or Am I only one who can see the things I tag? 2) Can they add tags on a shared notebook? And if they add tags on my shared notebooks... Is it only for their eyes? Or do we all have the shared tags they decide to add? Thanks. Need to know this before I give advice for them on using tags to help me organise things systematically...
  14. I created a public note today and tested the URL, and a popup/overlay appeared right over my note (see attachment). Is there a way to disable this? I just want to share my note with the world, not invite people to sign up for Evernote.
  15. dawna

    move note to shared notebook

    When using the web version of Evernote I don't seem to be able to move a note into a Shared notebook. The Shared notebooks all appear in grey and have a lock beside them. In the application itself I can move the notes freely between shared and non-shared. Why is there this limitation on the web?
  16. Hi, After a few talks with some companies while trying to implement Evernote as their go to solution for workflows. I came with this idea and hopefully there are some plans to implement a solution like this as I think it might be useful. I know there's an activity log on Evernote installation but, how about having timestamps or logs who tells who did what or who changed what per Notebook/Notes. Any plans to implement something like this in Evernote? Thanks in advance and I hope you all like this idea and/or have some plans to implement something like this. Jesus
  17. My wife and I are basic users. I have shared a notebook with her. She can see notes in it, create new notes, open notes, but she cannot move notes from her other folders into this shared folder. What am I missing?
  18. Nathan005

    Notebook Sharing Issues

    I'm a Premium User and I'm having issues sharing notebooks/notes with a free user. I created a notebook and invited them to share the notebook it has 2 notes in it. I gave them edit and invite permission. they can see the 2 shared notebooks and the notes contained in it, by clicking notebooks and clicking on the shared notebook However the notes contained inside do not show up if they click on "notes" on the left sidebar using the web client. When clicking on where to "file" a note the shared notebooks are locked This becomes and issue when working with others apps - we also use nozbe - because they are not considered this users notes. When trying to edit the permissions of the shared notebook - it shows the word permission with no options but save and cancel Don't know if its related, but when I'm on the mac client this user icon is not updated - it is if I'm on the web client Any help in resolving this would be great
  19. How do you move a shared not in the new hub? I have a basic account and a client shares her notes with me. Once an item is actioned it is then moved to a different notebook. I cannot right click, or drag, or change the notebook at the top of the note. I really do not like the new hub because I can no longer move multiple notes at once.
  20. Hi, If someone stop sharing a notebook I no longer can access it, is there any way I can save a shared notebook locally, so if the person stop the sharing I would have the latest shared version?
  21. I just noticed earlier when visiting one of my shared public links that the display font size is about 14pt. I would prefer a font size congruent with that of my browser display settings, typically 10pt to 12pt. 14pt is a wasteful consumption of space, but there seems to be no way to control this? While on this topic, the rigid margins are also wasteful. Coupled with the giant font, it presents as a really narrow page, no matter the browser width, with unnecessarily large text and unnecessarily wide margins, which causes multiple line wraps extending the length of the note and, imo, making things more complicated. Let me control my own font sizes and margins. I'll zoom the page if the font is too small, and make the window narrower if it's too wide. This move makes it seem like something one would see on a child's tablet, or an accessibility setting with screen zoom. If I want a tablet look, I'll use the tablet. The intent may be to make the page cleaner and simpler this way, but it's a step backward in usefulness, imho, and makes what should be a simple display a bit overwhelming. Attached are a couple of examples for clarification. Note the horizontal scrollbar in the screenshot of an actual note example. (longer image file) This also serves as an example of the lack of margin control and wide margins/narrow usable note/page space. Not particularly desirable. The smaller image is a screenshot from the Evernote Support Page. I've typed a markup notation in 14pt on the full resolution screenshot of this page. Unnecessarily large, same as the web view for shared notes. Why? Love Evernote, long time paid user, but some of these changes don't make sense. Change for purpose of improvement is welcome. Change for the sake of change is wasteful. Seems like the Developers end up having to reach for ideas just to have something to present, and some of them are a sidestep or step backward, imho. Should be about refinement at this point. Stop trying to innovate constantly; it's unnecessar. Evernote's pretty solid. Some of these changes are all over the place, seemingly without any apparent reason, and it's annoying at times.
  22. I share a couple of notebooks with a small team of 3. We use these as a kind of knowledge base. It works pretty well. One problem scenario however, is that all of us have "read/write" access to these notebooks. I put some quite important info in there sometimes and in my testing, they are able to (accidentally?) delete a note and it does not wind up in my trash. It is simply purged from EN completely. Is this the way sharing is intended to work? I would much prefer if notes deleted from a shared notebook (by any user) wound up in the "Trash" folder. Any comments?
  23. Greetings. I have shared a note using the Share URL. If I change the notebook the note is filed under, will the link I already gave to others still work? Thank you
  24. Updated to EN 6.0.5. Have a few notebooks that were shared with another account. Shared note update notifications no longer working. Satelite dish lights up if share settings are changed at either site (leave sharing, start new sharing) but it does not when original user makes a change to a shared note or a note inside a shared notebook. No notifications whatsoever to the other user. I clicked on "Leave Notebook…" for a few of these and restarted sharing from the other count using the new "Work Chat" settings (which I find deplorable, btw). Sharing goes ok (they appear back in the first account). But no notifications whatsoever appear when the other user makes changes. This feature is imoprtant to my workflow. It used to work brilliantly in the previous version. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks! C
  25. A colleague of mine shared her lab notebook with me. When I go to sync it, it saves to my personal account. First of all, why should shared business notes default to personal accounts? Second, why is there no way to change this behaviour? I don't share my personal notes, nore does anyone else with me, outside of my business account. Lastly, I can't seem to change this to a business notebook after it has synced to my personal account. I am even an admin for the business accounts, and it is not clear how to do this on the PC or on the web. I have already read this knowledge base article, and as you might guess, "Convert to Business Notebook" is not an option in the menu when accessing from my PC [ (276152) Public]. I tried logging out, rebooting, as the footnote suggested, and still do not see this option. I checked for updates and Voila! Evernote 5.9 Public (276665) was available. Upgraded, but still no option to fix this sync. Why does this knowledge base article (dated 2015-5-14) not apply? Is there a way to change the defaults of shared notes to sync with the business notes rather than the personal ones? I checked Tools>Options, but didn't see anything to this effect. Thanks.