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  1. Change email address

    How do you change your email address on your account or profile. I have gone to help page and it tells me to go to the security settings, but I can't find any security settings that has anything to do with changing my email address on my account.
  2. I installed the latest update ( Version 6.13 –455673 Direct) for MacOS and noticed Evernote attempts to connect to tealiumiq upon startup. I know that tealiumiq is used for "tag management" and advertising. Can you please answer: Why exactly does Evernote want to attempt to tealiumiq's servers, is this connection necessary for the application and service to function properly, what data is sent to tealiumiq, how long is this information stored at tealiumiq, is it shared with any other organization, and is it used to advertise or market to users in any way? Thank you.

    Evernote has a large page convincing people of it's security. Everybody's information is secure, right? Has anyone noticed that hacking large companies data is becoming MUCH more frequent?! Today, Equifax said that it may have been hacked again. Yahoo was hacked recently releasing info on 300 billion accounts. But here's the thing, if Evernote gets compromised, you lose a LOT more than just a username and password, you lose everything! Evernote NEEDS to adopt a ZERO KNOWLEDGE encryption, meaning that not even employees of the company can see what is on people's accounts, and if someone were to hack EVERNOTE, all they would get is encrypted info. Evernote will say that that's all people would get now, but if employees can see the data, hackers will be able to see the data. The data needs to be encrypted on the desktop, and needs to stay encrypted in the cloud. No matter how good Evernote's encryption is, it will be hacked at some point. PLEASE adopt zero-knowledge!
  4. I'm considering using Evernote, but before I make the plunge, I want to understand the following - How do you protect the confidentiality of data at rest? Do you support, or have plans to support multi-factor authentication, e.g., Google Authenticator? Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, I lead Evernote's security team. We have received reports regarding what appears to be suspicious activity affecting a small percentage of our users. Our team is working with individual users to better secure their accounts and our security team believes that someone has learned these users’ passwords from a website or service not associated with Evernote. If you, or the people in your network receive an email from Evernote mentioning that we’ve detected suspicious activity, please know that this is not a hoax or spam message; it’s from us. To more quickly notify our customers in the future, we will roll out a new feature that will notify customers when we detect a new login from a new location or device.
  6. Hello, Anybody knowing why Evernote does not pass the brute force test in the DashLane test? They say: "Does the website allow 10 incorrect login attempts without providing additional security (CAPTCHA, account lockout, 2-Factor, etc.)?" @Evernote: Is there a special reason or are there any plans for implementing this?
  7. Is there some way to put a password on individual notes (as opposed to encrypting selections of text)? I've searched high and low ... but cant figure out if this is possible. Thanks
  8. When I start Evernote via a shortcut on my Mac I firstly want to key in my password before the opening page with my notes become visible. I've this functionality on my i phone (Touch ID or 4-digit pin code). Momentarily the application opens directly and fully when I double click on the short cut logo of Evernote.
  9. I noticed that it doesn't seem possible to remove the primary phone number while two-step verification is enabled. Unfortunately, that weakens the security of two-step verification, even when using an authenticator app. This Wired article provides a great overview of the weakness of SMS-based two-step verification and its vulnerability to "sim swap" type attacks: I'd love to see the ability to remove phone numbers as an override for authenticator-based two-step verification. I'd also love to see Evernote adopt the U2F protocol for improved two-factor security:
  10. Has anyone found a way around the fact that you can't edit text inside an encryption? I have encrypted account information in a note that I'd like to space out and bold the titles to and it's super frustrating that all I can add are spaces because it's super wonky when on a phone.
  11. On request Evernote has issued a possibility to set a password protection lock on starting the iOS app (while being already logged in). That's nice. However, it is not secure and proves to have some flaws. When starting the Evernote app, first the last showed screen is visible shortly, but you can see (privacy-sensitive) information, if you want. After that, the passwordscreen appears. A flaw is that, when your last evernote-screen was a search-screen, the keyboard is still popped-up and covers the passwordscreen partly. I count this as a severe security issue and would like this to be solved with high priority. So not dependent of the number of 'popular votes'.
  12. I am an Evernote Plus member and have been since college. Recently downloaded the Evernote Desktop app for Mac on a work machine and was aghast to find it downloading all of my personal notebooks, and notebooks from previous jobs, upon first sign-in. This is really a deal-breaker for me since I do not wish to store all of my personal notes on my work computer. I think the following solutions would work: Encrypt certain notebooks with separate passwords. Ability to select certain notebooks for local syncing. Keep the others on Evernote's servers. Separate "profiles" or "accounts" all linked to my original Evernote account, with different notebooks. I could just sign in with my work email address, for example. Thanks!
  13. I would love to use Evernote at work, but uploading meeting minutes and other confidential data to the cloud is not an option. Therefore, we would like to host our own Evernote server on our premises. We're a fast growing company with 1k+ employees.
  14. Please refer to this article. In one line, it says "if your service uses 2-factor auth based on SMS (which Evernote does), you are vulnerable to have your phone number transferred and your 2-factor bypassed" Suggested quick fix: Let users modify their phone number to 000-000-0000 if they are concerned.
  15. I got the same issue as Deworn but his post is from 2014. I have the version (304720) Public. I don't feel secure. How "encrypted" is my stuff?
  16. Pretty much self-explanatory. Text can be encrypted on a desktop and viewed on mobile but not encrypted on mobile. I know this has been posted many times before but it does not seem to be an "idea" so i thought to make it one.
  17. I like the text encryption feature in Evernote but that is insufficient for a Cloud based service, used across multiple platforms, used by a great many people, especially in these times. I believe that Evernote should provide users with the ability to encrypt entire notes, including images and attachments. Please seriously consider implementing this functionality as soon as possible. To not do so, presents loyal users with a significant risk to information confidentiality and integrity, with potentially serious impact should any such risk actualize. I believe that the lack of this functionality also highlights Evernote and its community as potential soft targets. That said, the alternative for Evernote users, at this time is to simply avoid the use of Evernote for documenting, sharing, managing or other handling of potentially sensitive or critical information (including personal notes, ideas, intellectual property and any personally identifying information - as a start) if that information is in any form other than text. Over time, this gap in Evernote security may erode the need for the service (given alternatives with better security). If EN planning/dev. staff want to discuss this further, please contact me or reply to this comment. Thanks in advance. B.
  18. Hi, Apple Notes has already done this and it's elegant. We need the same thing for Evernote. Thanks,
  19. Hi - I just got an email saying, " You recently attempted to send an email message from your Evernote account. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the email to your intended recipient(s). " However, I didn't try to send any such email (there were 2 of them, both with the subject, "Hey" Does this suggest that my account has been hacked? I also got a password reset notification from Soundcloud yesterday, saying they are resetting my password due to suspicious activity. Can someone please help me understand what's going on?
  20. First time I tried to set up two-factor authentication, on the final step the screen displayed like this - the overlay window was super tiny. I couldn't click or see anything. Reloaded the page to fix, but then the whole process was cancelled and I had to re-enable two-factor authentication. Second time it displayed ok. Screenshot attached. Note sure if this would be browser related or evernote problem. Firefox 51.0.1. Just sharing in case anyone runs into a similar issue.
  21. I would like to store some secure documents within Evernote, however Evernote for years has lacked full encryption on notes and has constantly ignored the request from many to fully encrypt our data. This should be core to the Evernote service offering. Users should have the ability to control their own encryption keys as well.
  22. Hi everyone, I've just started the process of going paperless, which has included scanning in financial documents such as bank statements into synced notebooks. Having scanned a number of these documents, I've now decided they would be better off – more secure – in local notebooks. If I move a previously synced note to a new, local notebook, does a version of it still live somewhere on the cloud? Or is the cloud version deleted? If the latter, is there an official privacy statement somewhere to say so? I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find any answers by searching. Thanks.
  23. MaidSafe -- A Revolution in Digital Security I just discovered this, but it may be the next big thing in the digital world. Don't miss this video! Please post your thoughts and reaction to this new technology.
  24. I held a recent Evernote workshop and the predominent question was "so how do I easily back-up all the material I've put into Evernote". Good question and I'd love to provide a super easy answer like..... "Evernote has thought of that so here is the easy back-up button" Thanks
  25. Any security difference ? When using Taskclone (Evernote -> Toodledo) it creates the Classic note link but this is less useful than the Public link because, this way, you don’t have the [View in Evernote] option on the web page. Thanks you!