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Found 623 results

  1. It would be extremely helpful to be able to search for specific phrases both across and within notes. For example, right now if I want search to return the exact phrase "net income", I have no way to do it. When I search "net income" across notes, I get notes that contain both of those words, but not notes that contain only that phrase. Similarly if I search "net income" within a note, I get results for "net", "income" and "net income" -- when really I just want the latter-most, complete phrase. This seems like a simple and common-sense search feature that almost all other programs have. Thanks for considering.
  2. I have a note which contains the following geeky content: If I search for just dontdie no results are returned - the note is not found. But if I search for libdon the note is found. Why? Does Evernote only search or index word beginnings?
  3. How do I search only text I've typed in the note, ignoring attachments? I love attachment searching, but sometimes I want to ignore those in a search. I want to search for lets say a country name I typed in, but I have a project docket file attached to many notes (weekly meeting) that has the same country name in it each week. I want to ignore those attachment references to the country name, and only return notes where I typed the country name into the note. Ideas? Almost like a "-attachments" to ignore attachments. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I would like to use saved searches as a link in a note. So I can click on the search-link in that note and get the results. Because I want to share this note and also these searches with another person, the quick access (favorites) and the saved searches in my own search field are not helpful. Example: I create a note "OVERVIEW". In that note I want to show a clickable saved seach (notebook:"home" tag:"invoice" tag:"paid"). With another person I'm sharing the notebook:"home". This person now should see the also shared note "OVERVIEW" and can click at the saved search "Paid Invoices Home" (notebook:"home" tag:"invoice" tag:"paid") and get all the paid invoices from notebook home. How is that possible? Or how can I solve this problem instead? Hope you understand my question... looking forward to your ideas.
  5. I have a ton of notes with multi page document attachments(PDF and Word), When I do a search in all notes I get several results, but I am just shown the note on page 1 of the pdf. If the result is on page 25 it would be nice to be flipped to that page and the result highlighted. Thanks
  6. Hi all, The exact same search yields different results in the Evernote Desktop Windows version and the Evernote App on Android version 7.12. Specifically I am using tags to filter my search, using the following search string: tag:\Home tag:!NextAction In windows, it works well. On Android, it returns "No notes were found that match your search". Note I'm using the exact same search string as this is a saved search I keep as shortcut so is accessible from both evernote on desktop and android. Any idea why this isn't working? Many thanks.
  7. Evernote is great and I enjoy the simultaneous search. Would it be possible to support it for the DuckDuckGo search engine? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm wondering i'm trying to search every note title that have the letters "GP03" in their title. Problem here is there are no spaces, or none start with the letters. I've tried intitle:*GP03 - no results intitle:*GP03* - no results SO how with I find titles like: TAAShopping_GP03Paid TAAShopping_GP03Checked TIRShopping_GP03Paid MSY_GP03Review Or is this just not possible yet?
  9. Search note with multiple tags

    Hello, I'm using EN 5.5.1 (402628) Apple Store on my mac. When i type in the search box this : tag:karine tag:voiture, this should return me all notes which contain those tags but this will return me nothing. I tried too this syntax : any: tag:karine tag:voiture Any help on how to search notes with multiple tags would be appreciate.
  10. When I use the web clipper generally, I use the search option for the notebooks selection. The search selection is able to find only the word they start with what I write. For example, I Write "CAS" it find "CASA" or "CASSETTO" but not "01-CAS", because the last case includes "CAS" but it doesn't start with it. In attach a case with "HUB" and "00"
  11. It would be nice to be able to collapse the stacks in search mode. I use search mode for quick notebook swaps because it takes up minimal screen space when taking notes. Currently other stacks take up plenty of space when they aren't being used in this mode. When I write notes in EN I enjoy having both the list of notes open as well as the smallest possible way to switch to a different notebook. I usually have a lecture opened to the left and EN on the right for a given screen. For this reason, I collapse the Left Panel, where you can collapse stacks and jump between notebooks.
  12. Hi, EN searches only words that start with the searching sequence. The functionality to search words that contain the search sequence would be really helpfully to lots of people. For example we get invoices IN0000074886 and I would search for it just by 74886 without all the characters in front of it to find this note. This will help just scanning everything in EN and be able to search for any content in it without bothering to rename the note. Or just find any content in it that is specific for that types of document but it doesn't start with it. I am surprised this is not there by default.
  13. Hello all, just started using evernote and already hit a limitation? I hope not I'm in the situation where I need to find notes that simply contain the sequence of letters I enter in the search field. E.g. I enter "top" in the search, but notes that include the words like "Laptop" oor "abctopabc" don't get listed. I can't figure out how to enter that syntax. Thanks for your help! Erol
  14. I am currently using Evernote version 8.1.352228 on my Apple iPhone. I am a Premium user. In the past I was able to search my notes offline, without internet connection. With the new iOS version I cannot do so. I CAN save all the notes offline, but I CANNOT search them. I often work in environments without Internet connection, and NOT having offline search renders this app useless. PLEASE bring back offline search for iOS app. This is a deal breaker for me and, I am sure, many others. Thanks!
  15. I would like to search phrases and have the results show the entire phrase, not singular words from the phrase. Right now I can't get any search results, because it just highlights every single word within a phrase. Is it possible to search phrases within notes?
  16. Search within tags

    I am switching from PC to Mac and am having trouble with searing in Evernote on Mac. Specifically, I heavily use the ability to search for note text within multiple tags. On Evernote for PC, this is simple -- I just use the search field above the notes list:) For some reason I am not finding this option in Evernote for Mac: Is there a setting I need to turn on? Or is this functionality accomplished in a different way on Evernote for Mac? I realize that this could possibly be done using an advanced search string, but the problem with this is that it doesn’t autocomplete the tags as you add them. Any thoughts?
  17. I am using the web client more and more because it meets most of my needs. I do create searches often (for specific projects) and can save them easily. What I was not able to check out yet is how to add a saved search to the shortcuts in the web client. Is this possible? Or do I need to raise a feature request? Hints are greatly appreciated.
  18. It is annoying when all my previous search words appear in the search field already by just entering a single letter. It would be nice, if one could turn off the suggestions. Same with the tag suggestions. Or is there an easy way to delete them now and again?
  19. Why are my searches not working?

    I have been using EN for several years, and think it's great. But sometimes it ticks me off. Just now, on my iPad, I clipped a New York Times recipe into Quick Notes, with "recipe" as a tag. A few minutes later, I open EN, and can't find the damn thing! It doesn't show in Quick Notes and it doesn't come up when I type "recipe" in the search field. In the past, I have also had problems finding notes that I knew contained at least some word I was using to search with. Isn't EN now supposed to be able to search everywhere inside a note for the word that is searched by the user?
  20. Notes won't pull up

    When home, I mostly use #EverNote on my desktop, sometimes it will not pull up my notes. Right now my #MainNoteBook, which has 55 notes in it, has a funny symbol beside it...maybe a download symbol??? And no notes are accessible. On the positive side, I can create new notes. I just cannot search notes. What is going on?
  21. I have a lot of pdf files with annotations from other pdf software, mainly adobe reader. While searching for text inside pdf files works great, searching for annotations doesn't work.
  22. See the discussion here. There should be a syntax to search for words that contain the hash symbol. Preferably "#example" would find all instances of #example and not just example. For example, I use notes for Microsoft's M Language, which has several functions like #date(), #datetime(), #infinity, etc. I cannot search for those it seems. No matter what I do, I get date, datetime, infinity with or without the # symbol.
  23. When I'm searching for a document, it would make it a lot easier to find the right file, if you first can choose a tag and then search only in documents with that tag. Off course I can use the syntax 'tag:' for this. But then I need to know the exact name of the tag. It would be nicer (and quicker) when you first can choose a tag as a filter for searching only documents with that tag. That's how it works in the Android app and Desktop version of Evernote. But not in the web version. Kind regards, Peter Bulthuis
  24. Inconsistent Search Results

    As I'm standing in the store in front of the ink cartridges, I pulled up Evernote on my phone and searched for "ink." I got some article (not relevant). I KNOW I have the cartridges I need listed here! When I got to my desktop, I started to dig around and confirmed that my two devices on the basic plan are indeed desktop and phone. Check. On the desktop I typed "ink" and got some invoice (again, not relevant).Then I typed "ink cartridges" and YES, images of the packaging appear telling me what I need to buy. In the browser. I tried both searches. No results. On my phone. I tried both searches. No results. If I'm out shopping, I NEED it to be here. VERY disappointed in this. Does anyone know what version had a working search function, and how do I revert to it?
  25. On the iOS app one cannot search for parcial notebook name. When using a notebook based archival system it is very important to find notebooks using parcial name. The current implementation only support search from the start of the notebook name. On the macOS application search yields results from both notes and notebooks, which works great!