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  1. One of the most confusing aspects of EN, for me, is the search function, it just doesn't get me the results I expect! I find myself wasting a lot of time and often end up with irrelevant results or getting too many results, that I then have to search through. When I found a "search" You-tube Video in the EV Channel that I'm subscribed to it was for Mac users and when Francesco D'Alessio clicked inside the search field he got a raft of drop-down options to select from, options that narrowed his search; including "recent searches". In Windows, I don't get anything at all when I click the empty search field! The Mac interface seems to display everything I'd need to find what I'm looking for quickly while the Window interface often leaves me with little or no help. Before posting this I "searched" for a youtube search video for Windows and found one, but it was nowhere near as good as Francesco's and it didn't have anything close to the options he got when he clicked the search field on his Mac.
  2. This probably sounds basic, but is this happening to anyone else? I haven't been able to actually search for specific things from all of my notes for a long time, I can only create a search for the content within an individual notes. I.e. If I'm looking for a note title "Content Distribution" from 2 months ago, I cannot search for that. It will only search for that info in the note that's currently open. My colleague just downloaded evernote for the first time and her search works fine. I tried deleting and re-downloading and it didn't work. Any help is super appreciated, thanks
  3. How do you search for notes clipped from particular websites? It used to be that if i wanted to find all notes clipped from, say, evernote.com, I could input: sourceURL:http://www.evernote.com/* and everything clipped from that website would come up. That feature has not worked for me for a few months now, and it is really annoying. I have tried miscelaneous variants of that and those havent worked, and i have tried looking online for the answer and the only thing i see is to use the search term i was already using. How does one conduct that search nowadays? Any help is really appreciated, even if the answer seems really obvious! Thank you
  4. Greg Brodsky Jan 26, 09:24 PST Hi team, I wanted to give you feedback that the way you have modified search is actually slowing me down within Evernote. When I enter search terms, the search box it now defaults to a search within that note book. notebook: (notebook:Finance will only search for notes within the 'Finance' notebook.) . However it really slows me down because I often use search to navigate, and now I have to delete the notebook before I can search for what I want. (also sometimes I think a note is gone, when really it just isnt in that notebook). I appreciate what you were trying to do defaulting a search to within a notebook, but it is really ***** a lot of us up. If search were slow, then we would want to search within a default notebook, but its not slow. So please provide an easier way to turn that default notebook on or off within the settings. thanks Greg Brodsky (premium plan and long time user) gregbrodsky@gmail.com
  5. Highlight Search results

    When I make a search on android phone, the results are highlighted in the notes, but when i search on my mac, there is no highlight... is this on purpose or did I miss smth ?
  6. This may not be news to power users, but I just discovered that Evernote will add tags from my search to a new note! If I put this into my search box: tag:MyTag The results show all notes tagged MyTag. If I do not clear the search box, but immediately click the New Note icon, Evernote opens a new, blank note in my default notebook. The MyTag tag is added! Is there a list of other neat tricks like this? I wonder what other time-savers I've never seen. Cheers, Mitch
  7. Search notes with several tags

    What is the correct way to create a search for notes tagged with several tags? I would to view only the notes tagged with these three tags together. Thank you
  8. web interface search function change?

    I know certain strings exist in my notes, and yet when using the search box they are not found. What changed? This used to work. And, confusing yet, is that instead of showing no results when the string is not found, it still shows a list of notes.
  9. I am using Evernote (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) on a Windows 10 machine. Could someone please tell me how to ask the program to search in only one particular notebook. Thanks in advance.
  10. Search

    Hi All. Anyone notice how the search function has changed on the Mac app? I have tried to search for notes and only one note comes back when I know for sure there should be at least 8-10 notes. There are some listed tags (which I do not use) and thats it.
  11. I need this to find bank transactions in scanned documents. As it stands now, EN does not even start searching for it, she just shows me all my notes with the highest search relevance rating being 0.4.
  12. Problem Scenario A: I am editing tags on notes. I accidentally delete the tag from the note I’m editing… it’s the one from the search filter, So pOofff! the note disappears. I don't remember the titles if it was multiple notes. The same happens when I remove a word from a note, when having a search filter active for that word. Problem Scenario B: I restore a note from the trash: it disappears from the Trash can screen: I have to search for it again. -> it also does not show up in ‘recent notes’ in the sidebar! -> ‘Undo’ does not undo the action! (like many actions that I would like to be able to undo, in Evernote.) Or at least create a way to keep the ‘disappeared' note available in the screen, like in a mall popup on the side. Please please please, let ‘Undo’ just undo this. Related request: make the ‘recent notes’ list more sensitive, so it really lists all notes that were touched. Including the ones I only removed an innocent tag from. The way it is now, I have to kiss a note and stroke its hair before it shows up there. And please provide the option to let that list get as long as I want it. Hell, give me access to the full memory of the notes edited or clicked in any way. Thanks you vary mutch
  13. (I originally posted this here, but would like to publicize it further, ... I am cautious with E because underneath my concerns I still suspect it is the best notetaking app, ... So I want to be part of the community that is trying to steer improvements) The E search function (Mac Desktop) is not working for me. I have been using E since 2009, database is 55GB and I am using Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b), I have slowly transitioned to not relying on my Desktop E installation and using the Chrome E app and Simplenote (for text only notes), I have done quite a few re-installs to no avail, Compare the attached images, searching for: "The Last" Poetry, I use E for my teaching and publish via postach.io; E is a component of my workflow but I would now very much like to start reviewing strategies for changing my workflow, dropping E, and transitioning my content to ???? ... But it is going to be quite a project, Plenty have bemoaned the Sync issues and I am in the same boat, but as previously described I do not currently see an alternative, the variety of content (Images, Word, Excel, PPT documents, PDFS, Text) I have in E is not easily transitioned to other platforms, Any thoughts on solving the Search issues are also welcome, Thanks Best,
  14. Hallo zusammen! Ich habe neulich von Premium auf die kostenlose Basic-Version downgegradet, da mir die Version ausreicht. Seitdem findet die Suche nur noch einen Bruchteil der Notizen. Ich suche z. B. nach "Meyer", da ich immer die Rechnungen von Meyer ablege. Er findet jedoch nur noch eine einzige Notiz unter dem Suchbegriff "Meyer". Wenn ich das Notizbuch "Rechnungen" aufrufe, dann sehe ich 10 Rechnungen von Meyer. So geht es mir auch mit anderen Suchbegriffen. Ich habe auch schon recherchiert, ob dies in der Basic-Version vielleicht ausgestellt ist. Negativ. Nichts zu finden. Muss ich neu indexieren oder sowas? Wenn ja, wie macht man das. Gibt es das Problem öfter? Ich freue mich über jeden Tipp! Viele Grüße, Thomas
  15. I tend to mark important notes I take with asterisks before the line eg. "***DON'T FORGET ______" I just recently realized that searching for these lines are difficult because Evernote uses the asterisk character as a wildcard in search, resulting in searches for spaces, commas, and special characters instead of JUST the string of asterisks An example of what I'm looking for would be in Excel, to search for a literal character you precede it with a tilde (~) character, this allows the search of special characters without triggering their shortcut search function
  16. Search not working

    Search isn't working in my Evernote. I'll search for something that I know is in Evernote, but Evernote will return 0 results. See the video for an example using the search term "Revenaugh": https://www.dropbox.com/s/shpc9roh4lq8rkk/Evernote search issue.mov?dl=0 Any ideas? I'm using Version 6.13.1 (455786 App Store) on Mac OSX 10.12.6
  17. Irrelevant finds

    It seems, to me, that EV searches should be more intuitive, and less fussy. I've been using EV for years and I still spend way too much time finding things. I usually give up on Searching and simply narrow my search to items that I've tagged, and search visually. I believe what complicates my searches is the default setting of filters, settings that produce unwanted and confusing results. See my attachment.
  18. Search currently cannot locate text strings in embedded URLs.
  19. I search for a term and it doesn't find all the instances of that term, and I know because I manually find what I know is there, and sure enough it didn't bring that up in the search results. The term could be inside a note or the title of a note and it doesn't bring it up. For example searching for the name "Jung", and the search result only brings up one note where I have quotes by Carl Jung, and I know I have more than that, so i find the others manually, and there they are. I've not had this problem before with Evernote, is it a bug in the new version? I can't contact them because I only have the free version. Evernote: Version 6.13.1 MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  20. After upgrading to 6.13.1, as others have described, the search function doesn't work... at all. I've done the "Recreate Full Text Search Index" routine several times, yet when I try to search for something, nothing is returned. And I know what I'm looking for is there. I love Evernote! I've really come to depend on it over the years. But until this is fixed, it's useless to me.
  21. Hi. Combining multiple tags in Android, by pressing and hold them is a very good feature. E.g. When I long press on tag "Animals", it displays me the tags that exist in notes that have also the tag "Animals", e.g. "Elephants", "cats", "dogs". Then if I long press on "dogs" I have selected both tags "Animals" and "dogs", and by pressing "View Articles" I can see all articles that they have those tags. However this is not working properly if I use firstly the "Search tag" feature, on the top of the tag list. E.g. If I search "Anima" to find the tag "Animals" among thousands of tags, and then long-press it, the other tags won't be visible as before. Only tags containing the phrase "Anima" will be visible, even thought I have selected the wanted tag. And there is way to see other tags that can be combined with the selected tag! What I would expect, is that after the long-press to "Animals" the search to be cleared, all tags that co-exist in articles with the tag "Animals" to be visible and "Animals" to be green-highlighted (selected). From there I should be able to search again e.g. "dog" in order to find "dogs" tag and be able to long-press it again. This seems to be huge problem when I'm trying to find old notes fast (e.g. during a meetings) by searching and combining tags using the press and hold procedure quickly on tags. This just doesn't work! Could you please fix it to the wanted behavior (as I have denoted with italics)? Thanks.
  22. When opening a saved search in a new tab, the title of the tab shows the name of the notebook, or "All Notes" if the search is not limited to one notebook. See attached screen clip (v.6.13.1 for Mac) – the "All Notes" tab is active and you can see in the top-right that there is a search filter applied. (But you cannot tell this when the tab is not active.) I suggest the tab title should show the search/filter being applied. Even better (although not as simple) would be to show the name of the saved search when the filter is an identical match. -- Andrew
  23. Hello, Is there any way to stop the tags to expand when you are using a saved search? I have a lot of groups of tag which I am using them with saved search function. It is very annoying that each time the tags are expanded. Evernote: 6.7.5 Windows 10. Thank you.
  24. As I commit myself to fully implementing Evernote into my workflow, I was disappointed to learn that "descriptive search", while implemented years ago, is only available on Mac (I'm a Windows user). This seems generally a lot more useful than having to learn (or reference) advanced search operators. [Or did Evernote find no one uses this feature?]
  25. Hi, I have some problems with search in actually Mac Version. When I search an item on Iphone version appear many notes. With the same item the search on Mac version doesn't returns any note. Can you help me? Thank you