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  1. I seriously need help with my search. I cannot search my old notes. (I tried to use note's title / tag / note text as a keyword but nothing worked). I never had this problem before. Although I'm not exactly sure what caused the problem, this problem occurred around the time I update Evernote to my latest version - Version 6.13 (455673 Direct). FYI, I use OS X 10.11.6. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but no luck. Does anyone have to same issue? I guess it might due to an error in indexing of old notes. I'd really appreciate if anyone could guide me on how to solve the problem. I have a few thousands of notes in my Evernote and inability to search them is a real pain in the neck. Thank you very much. I just found another post about the search issue. It suggests that I troubleshooting with "Recreate Full Text Search Index". However, I couldn't find the troubleshooting on my menu. Weird! See the attached photo for details. Does anyone know where to find it?
  2. Premium user on a Mac here, have been using EN for years now. When I am searching for something in my notes, I usually get many choices, most of which do not seem to find what I want. I use tags, so why am I getting so many results that do not even fit my search? It's really inefficient and makes it difficult to find what I want.
  3. I use Evernote all day every day. Before Evernote, I had a Blackberry for writing memos, and before that, a PalmPilot-like device. It was a Sharp EL-6890, and only cost ten bucks. The thing that the Blackberry did so well was that a search string could be converted into a new note. In other words, when you enter a search string, you would get two options: one is to arrow through the list of search results and the other is to save the search string as a new note. It was integral to the way the old device worked, because when starting a new note, a list of similar notes would appear, and you could open one of those instead of creating a new one. I deeply miss this old feature. On Evernote, there could be a button next to the search button labeled "Create new" that would create a new note from the search string.
  4. Why is Evernote the only database I've ever seen that does not allow the user to conduct literal searches? Here are two searches: 1) single mom; 2) "single mom" As far as I know, I have one note out of my 9,000 notes that contains the exact two-word combination "single mom," but Evernote will not permit me to look it up. Both searches return 254 notes. Why? On every other database system I've ever seen, I could find that one note I want in a second. With Evernote, it's really not possible at all. Why do they prevent users from conducting literal searches?? I've been asking this for years, and the only response I get back from Evernote is "we don't allow users to conduct literal searches." Why?! Isn't the ability to look up the notes I want what Evernote is supposed to be all about? Another example, I have probably 3 notes out of 9,000 that contain the phrase "cool with that" but Evernote won't let me look them up. Because even though I put "Cool with that" in quotes, Evernote has decided that the user (me) doesn't really want to see the exact phrase that the user put in quotes but rather he just wants to see all 274 notes (in my case) that contain the word cool. The stop words are removed, even though I'm trying to conduct a literal search. Look I can write a long post about why literal search is important to users, but should I really have to explain this? Isn't it good enough that everything from Google to every database system I've ever used allows literal search? Isn't it good enough that users have come to expect a literal search every time they put a search term in quotes, and that it's been this way from the beginning of computer database systems until today? Why on earth would Evernote think it makes sense to take away from users something they have always used and know from every platform outside of Evernote?
  5. When I search my notes on my desktop Evernote, it finds what I am looking for fine, but it does not seem to be highlighting the answers. Is there a way to check / change the highlighting color to make it more visible? Regards, Chuck Billow
  6. Hey rock stars, thanks for Evernote, is saving my life and sanity! I'd have a suggestion for one improvement too! Evernote on Windows, desktop app. Say I've got 50 notes written in my native language (Czech) in a notebook with each with approx 30 000 characters. Then I perform a search for a term like "rychlosti". Evernote lists notes that contain "rychlosti" but it does not locate the search term inside the note. It only shows the top of the note and then I need to perform one more search inside the note. That's maing my search a lot slower so I was wondering if you could make it a feature - to lookup the term inside the note when doing a search through all notebooks. Please see the attached picture that illustrates the situation as described above. Thanks in advance guys, Tomas
  7. I want to find all notes which have a MS Word document attached to them. I have tried to search for: "resource:application/msword". But it only finds 3 notes, although I have hundreds of notes containing MS Word attachments. I am searching in all notebooks, so the problem is not that I am accidentally searching inside a notebook without MS Word documents attached. Strangely, I have no problems finding notes with pdf attached using: resource:application/pdf. When I search for "resource:*" it does find many notes with word attachments but also a lot of notes with no MS Word attached to them (as expected). Any ideas to what I might be missing? Using Evernote: on Windows 10.
  8. It would be good if Evernote reindexes audio files especially audio recordings that are done in Evernote. For instance, when we attend meetings or lectures, we might need to review some content which we were not able to notate or transcribe. Therefore if Evernote is able to reindexes and make the audio file searchable, we can find the note with that keyword or phrase and the specific time it was said so we can playback from that point in the recording.
  9. In January 2017 and now (October 2017), I have contacted EN by email to ask for users to have the ability to exclude notes in future searches. The reply today was " The best place to make your voice heard is on our Evernote User Forum." If this idea appeals to you, PLEASE say so in replies. When I do a search, many times there are results that do not come close to what I was looking for. I would like a way to indicate that a note should not be included in future searches for a given term. For example, today a search for "tom" returned notes with auTOMatic, etc. If I had an option to "exclude this note in future searches for 'tom'," I would have more pertinent results. I am very careful with how I name notes, tags and notebooks, and I would be equally careful about identifying exclusions so I wouldn't interfere with good results. I have many notebooks and a huge number of tags for "paging" through different topics, but when I want a broader search, I don't want extraneous material returned that takes time for me to bypass . . . again and again. I love Evernote and use notebooks, tags and search everyday when I am on the computer and Internet! Having an option to personally designate a note as not pertinent to a future search with a given term would be the cherry on the hot fudge sundae.
  10. I find myself searching through PDF files fairly often, and it's a bit cumbersome. As an example: I have 50 PDFs of 75 pages each. I want to find Jane Doe's address. Jane is mentioned in all 50 of my PDFs, but I'm not sure what her address is, or which PDF it may be in. My process winds up being a a main search which gives me a list of 50 notes, at which point I have two options: - Flip through all 75 pages of the PDF looking for Jane's highlighted name and see if the address is anywhere there. - Open each note individually and repeat the search for her name using the find feature, which at least lets me skip from instance to instance. Neither option is ideal, and having a snippet view of what's on the PDF page around my search results seems like a reasonable solution. Similar to how there's a preview at the start of a PDF file if you do any markups to it, but for search results, perhaps? Hoping I made that understandable. Thanks!
  11. TL;DR Recently the webclipper fails to find notes, even when the search phrase appears verbatim in their title. DETAILS The webclipper "related notes" feature is to me one of the biggest advantages of Evernote. Recently however, it usually fails to find anything. As mentioned in [this older thread], it will not show up at all if it cannot find anything, which caused me to think the feature were broken entirely. The suggested solution of using a different search-URL didn't help. REPRODUCIBLE EXAMPLE (POSSIBLY) For example, I have a note called “Rust vs Go / Golang”. If I search Google for “Rust vs Go”, no results are shown. If I search Google for “Rust vs Go / Golang”, the note shows up as expected. Plus some additional results, where “rust” and “go” but not “golang” or “vs” appear in the body of the note, but have no relation to the programming languages – which is funny, since the search for “Rust vs Go” would have matched these notes better than the search for “Rust vs Go / Golang”. For reference, I first had titled the note “Rust vs Go/GoLang” (no spaces around slash) and then renamed it “Rust vs Go / GoLang”, thinking that maybe the search-algorithm fails to treat “Go/GoLang” as two words. This change had no impact at all on the behaviour.
  12. I'd like to create a search where all notes where the title starts with and exclamation mark ! are returned. Is that possible? I've tried intitle:! and it brings 0 notes, but I have around 20 notes with that in the title.
  13. Hello, can someone please help me with the following question if I have a note with lets say 1500 lines of text and seven of the lines have a particular word on that line e.g. Storage but the other 1493 lines do not, when I search for Storage is shows me 'all' 1500 lines and only highlights the word Storage in the lines where it appears. This means I still have to scroll through 1500 lines of text. What I need is for Evernote just to return the seven lines in question and not more (preferably with an option to return a line or two either side of the line found, just to help with context where required) is this something I can do, or is these feature (basic as it is) just not available? Thanks EBrant
  14. Dear All, My use case is that I am creating notes with images captured of a digital version of a magazine. I am then annotating mentions of certain products and or brands which I am manually picking out. I would like to be able to search these annotations, to count numbers of mentions of certain brands / products. However, when I do search it seems the search function does not cover the annotations themselves? Please help me to resolve this, or help by suggesting an alternative approach to my use case. Best regards Efe
  15. I'd like a UI element to Clear All Search criteria. On a Windows PC, I have a "click to clear search" that removes search words, but leaves the tags. This then requires that each tag's 'x' be clicked to remove it, also. I think 'clear search' used to clear everything, but not sure. It used to be considered good UI design to provide menu options for UI buttons - this allows people who are good typists [not me] to run the app w/o reaching for the mouse. The 'clear search' only exists as a clickable UI element.
  16. A previously created thread on this topic was closed in the meantime. I would suspect that the reason for this was that the yield of such a search has not been recognized or appreciated sufficiently. A faceted search is characterised by the fact that the user gradually reduces the number of search results by adding keywords that have been used in the results. For this purpose, the system displays the keywords whose inclusion would not reduce the result set to an empty quantity. Such a procedure proves to be extremely effective in discriminating against keyword registers because the user does not have to make any assumptions about the keywords actually used, since these are provided by the system, depending on the already reduced result set. In this way, the relevant entities can usually be limited to a manageable number of hits with just a few clicks, even in very large databases. At the same time, the procedure is very simple in technical implementation. It simply consists of repeating the following steps: The number of each keyword in the observed data volume is determined and displayed. The user selects one of these keywords. Taking this into account reduces the amount of data considered. Then the number of entries per keyword has to be determined again, i. e. step 1 has to be executed again. This type of successive filtering of the data makes the yield from the information value of the allocated keywords actually accessible. Individually applied, the value of a keyword must decrease to the extent that it is applied. The more often a keyword is used, the less value it has until it becomes completely useless. The procedure is inexpensive and extremely effective. Without such a filtering method, however, systematic keywording is of no practical value. The value of keywords is only determined by their combination, to the extent that the volume of data increases. I would recommend that you re-evaluate this function. The effectiveness of this discrimination procedure is evident. In Apache Solr and Lucene there are concrete implementations which make the process tangible.
  17. I have a note which contains the following geeky content: If I search for just dontdie no results are returned - the note is not found. But if I search for libdon the note is found. Why? Does Evernote only search or index word beginnings?
  18. I have a ton of notes with multi page document attachments(PDF and Word), When I do a search in all notes I get several results, but I am just shown the note on page 1 of the pdf. If the result is on page 25 it would be nice to be flipped to that page and the result highlighted. Thanks
  19. Hi all, The exact same search yields different results in the Evernote Desktop Windows version and the Evernote App on Android version 7.12. Specifically I am using tags to filter my search, using the following search string: tag:\Home tag:!NextAction In windows, it works well. On Android, it returns "No notes were found that match your search". Note I'm using the exact same search string as this is a saved search I keep as shortcut so is accessible from both evernote on desktop and android. Any idea why this isn't working? Many thanks.
  20. Hello, I'm wondering i'm trying to search every note title that have the letters "GP03" in their title. Problem here is there are no spaces, or none start with the letters. I've tried intitle:*GP03 - no results intitle:*GP03* - no results SO how with I find titles like: TAAShopping_GP03Paid TAAShopping_GP03Checked TIRShopping_GP03Paid MSY_GP03Review Or is this just not possible yet?
  21. When I use the web clipper generally, I use the search option for the notebooks selection. The search selection is able to find only the word they start with what I write. For example, I Write "CAS" it find "CASA" or "CASSETTO" but not "01-CAS", because the last case includes "CAS" but it doesn't start with it. In attach a case with "HUB" and "00"
  22. It would be nice to be able to collapse the stacks in search mode. I use search mode for quick notebook swaps because it takes up minimal screen space when taking notes. Currently other stacks take up plenty of space when they aren't being used in this mode. When I write notes in EN I enjoy having both the list of notes open as well as the smallest possible way to switch to a different notebook. I usually have a lecture opened to the left and EN on the right for a given screen. For this reason, I collapse the Left Panel, where you can collapse stacks and jump between notebooks.
  23. Hi, EN searches only words that start with the searching sequence. The functionality to search words that contain the search sequence would be really helpfully to lots of people. For example we get invoices IN0000074886 and I would search for it just by 74886 without all the characters in front of it to find this note. This will help just scanning everything in EN and be able to search for any content in it without bothering to rename the note. Or just find any content in it that is specific for that types of document but it doesn't start with it. I am surprised this is not there by default.
  24. Search within tags

    I am switching from PC to Mac and am having trouble with searing in Evernote on Mac. Specifically, I heavily use the ability to search for note text within multiple tags. On Evernote for PC, this is simple -- I just use the search field above the notes list:) For some reason I am not finding this option in Evernote for Mac: Is there a setting I need to turn on? Or is this functionality accomplished in a different way on Evernote for Mac? I realize that this could possibly be done using an advanced search string, but the problem with this is that it doesn’t autocomplete the tags as you add them. Any thoughts?
  25. I would like to search phrases and have the results show the entire phrase, not singular words from the phrase. Right now I can't get any search results, because it just highlights every single word within a phrase. Is it possible to search phrases within notes?