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Found 49 results

  1. Imports System Imports EvernoteSDK Imports System.IO Imports System.Collections.Generic Imports EvernoteSDK.Advanced Public class main dim myResultsList As List(Of ENSessionFindNotesResult) ENSession.SetSharedSessionConsumerKey("KEY", "SECRET") If ENSession.SharedSession.IsAuthenticated = False Then ENSession.SharedSession.AuthenticateToEvernote() myResultsList = ENSession.SharedSession.FindNotes(ENNoteSearch.NoteSearch("text to find"), Nothing, ENSession.SearchScope.All, ENSession.SortOrder.RecentlyUpdated, 500) ' Given a NoteRef instance, download that note. Dim myDownloadedNote As ENNote = ENSession.SharedSession.DownloadNote(myResultsList(0).NoteRef) For i As Integer = 0 To myDownloadedNote.TagNames.Count - 1 Note_tags_txt.Text = Note_tags_txt.Text + " " + myDownloadedNote.TagNames.Item(i) Next end class On Stackoverflow I was informed to use "GetNoteTagNames" instead, but without proper example in vb.net that comment sounded a bit cryptic, since I cannot find that command. I seem to be able to do all other operations on the notes just fine, such as getting the resources, the title, the content, the notebook name, and even searching note. It is just the tag name I cannot seem to be able to retrieve... Could someone post a vb.net example on how to get the tags of a note given the note GUID?
  2. Apple was Starting June 1, 2016 all apps submitted to the App Store must support IPv6-only networking. https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=05042016a Because the current SDK version is using the NSURLConnection, it does not support the IPv6-only network. Therefore, the application will be rejected that are using the current SDK version. Evernote need to develop a new version of the SDK that supports IPv6 using NSURLSession or CFNetwork APIs.
  3. Is there a way to add code such as $>this code block right here it would be super useful since I store my programming notes in here. I don't want to change the font size and indent everytime. If this isn't available please add this on. I know many others would benefit. Also, if you guys could team up with Beaker Notebook since they have the coding version of this. If you could collaborate with them it would be HUGE!
  4. I've saved the Evernote JS SDK as a Google Apps Script and then referenced it as a library in another script that looks like this as directed in the Evernote Developer Token documentation: function myFunction() { var devToken = 'XXX'; var noteStore = 'XXX'; var client = Evernote.Client({token: devToken});}When I run debug, I get the error TypeError: Cannot find function Client in object [object Object]. (line 6, file "Code"). It appears there's no Client method in the Evernote SDK? Any ideas how I can get this working, or has someone already got the Evernote SDK set up as a Google Apps Script library that I can reference?
  5. Hi guys, im totaly new here so sorry if the question was already asked. Im trying to gather all image resources from all notebook's notes. Here the working code, but after some executions, i reach rate limits. Can anyone help me - maybe there is another way to gather all resources from notes? noteStore.getDefaultNotebook(function (err, notebook){ filter = new Evernote.NoteFilter({words: 'any: resource:image/*'}); //set the notebook guid filter to the GUID of the default notebook filter.notebookGuid = notebook.guid; //create a new result spec for findNotesMetadata resultSpec = new Evernote.NotesMetadataResultSpec(); //set the result spec to exclude unnecessary data resultSpec.includeTitle = false; resultSpec.includeAttributes = false; resultSpec.includeLargestResourceMime = false; resultSpec.includeLargestResourceSize = false; noteStore.findNotesMetadata(filter, 0, 1000, resultSpec, function(err, notesMeta) { if (err) console.log(err) else { for (var i in notesMeta.notes) { noteStore.getNote(notesMeta.notes[i].guid, true, true, true, true, function(err, resource) { for (var i=0; i < resource.resources.length; i++) { console.log(resource.resources[i].guid) } }) } } }) })Thanks. UPD: ok, i figured out, that i could cache noteStore.getSyncState().updatecount but anyway, is it possible to get full list of resources without a lot of callbacks/iterations&
  6. I am looking for a document recognition SDK to develop an application with recognition function. The application can scan document and retrieve texts from it. It can support android, iOS and Windows. Does anyone have some advice?
  7. Hello, With the Android SDK I would like to: 1) Get a notebook by its name. 2) Get the notebook's notes. These are seemingly simple tasks, but the API is not very intuitive and the lack of documentation is sad. What I have tried so far: Research: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35436-getting-all-notes-for-specific-notebook/ (This does not really answer my question)http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/NoteStore.htmlGetting a notebook with the name "Diary" (which exists) mEvernoteSession.getClientFactory().createNoteStoreClient().getNotebook("Diary", new OnClientCallback<Notebook>() { // ... }This, however, will not work because you guys ask me to provide a GUID instead of a name. How do I get the GUID of a notebook? Once, I have retrieved the correct notebook, I would like like to get all notes for that notebook. Is the only way to do so, by using the `findNotes` API resource? Looking forward to read your feedback.
  8. Hello Evernote users! Announcement: We are excited to be featured in the Evernote AppCenter Travel section and Top #50 Productivity in the US & Canadian iOS AppStores. Ways to get the iOS app worldwide: 1. http://ideaplaces.com/download 2. Search "Ideaplaces" in the Apple app store. We have been working incredibly hard to build a new iOS app called IdeaPlaces. It provides a new way to use Evernote by linking your notes to locations on a map and providing a way to explore them visually. As Evernote users ourselves we really believe that one of the most valuable things in the Evernote experience is context. With each thought written down, to-do created or photo taken, we believe there is tremendous value in showing contextual information around anything created. Also, we have worked hard to facilitate the sharing of notes and context in the most seamless way possible, during the note creation process. App summary and why it matters to Evernote users: http://blog.ideaplaces.com/ideaplaces-app-a-new-way-to-experience-evernote-around-places/ ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Here are screenshots and explanations of the features to give you a good idea of how it works. Visualization of notes After you link your Evernote account to IdeaPlaces your notes are sync'd and you can view all of them from points on a map. This allows you to explore all of the notes you have that contain location meta data. You can even create places and attach notes to them. By doing this, any note added to a place will then have the location meta data of that place. We have integrated with two main API's: Foursquare and Google Places. Ability to create robust notes quickly. Sharing integrated in the process. We have realized that creating notes from your phone has to be simple or users simply wont take notes from their device. This is why we worked hard on creating an incredibly fast way to create notes. Right from the visual map screen you can tap on the create note icon or wave the phone on any screen to start the note creation process. The note creation process allows you to add and edit the following: Title Location (pre-input & editable) Users to share the note with (text or email) Standard text Photo's (multiple sizes) Notebooks (including shared notebooks) Tags Location-based reminders To-do based notes and shopping reminders are easy to forget, but with location based reminders we are hoping to make them a thing of the past. In the note creation process simply set the location and tap reminder to make sure you get notified the next time you are in a 75m radius. Location enhanced notes Understanding the context of the note while you are actually viewing the note is important for you or anyone you share the note with. This is why we have enhanced all of the notes viewed or shared within the app with both google map and street view. These images link directly into google maps and provide an easy way to get back into IdeaPlaces. Feedback and beta testers We are looking for passionate users of Evernote like us to test our application and help us with feedback. If you would like to help this app evolve into a truly amazing Evernote experience we would love your help. Here is our contact email to request a free coupon code or become an active tester on Testflight. signup@ideaplaces.com http://www.ideaplaces.com Download the app on the iOS app store now! We are actively developing the application and can guarantee a response within a few hours. We are still in the early stages of this app and believe that it can have a tremendous impact on the way that users use Evernote now and in the future. We can't wait to see what this will become! Let us know what you think and if you have any comments or suggestions post below! Thanks
  9. Hi , I am trying to retrieve all notes with in the account is is too slow for to retrieve and come with rate limition sooner for other requests. I am testing my local machine notes = note_store.findNotesMetadata(session_info[0], searchfilter, int(request.GET.get("startfrom", 0)), int(request.GET.get("limit", 1000)), result_spec)for notemetaobj in notes: noteevernotestart = datetime.datetime.now() notedata = note_store.getNote(token, notemetaobj.guid,True,False,False,False)Every time i list all notes with-in account it iterate through for loop and for each note it takes around 1.9 sec i.e for 100 notes it takes 190 sec . And when i call same note list again it come up with rate limit sooner . I am design third party app as to so user don't want to wait so much . is Evernote is too slow for time retrieve notes?.
  10. I have a function that gets a list of all business notebooks. When I try to create a note in one of the retrieved notebooks, I get the error: "Invalid endpoint URL". _getBusinessNotebooksP().then(function(notebooks) { var first = notebooks[0]; var note = _constructNote(); client.createNoteInBusinessNotebook(note, first, function(err, createdNote) { console.error(err); console.log(createdNote); }); });prints: Invalid endpoint URL: undefinedundefined I am following the Javascript SDK documentation. Is this a known issue? Or am I missing some detail?
  11. Hi guys. I'm really tired with Oauth process in Evernote, please, help me. I'm using C# SDK. I tried to connect to Evernote with different ways and still got no result: 1) When this code comes to AuthenticateToEvernote() it returns NullReferenceException. ENSession.SetSharedSessionConsumerKey(Globals.EvernoteClientId, Globals.EvernoteClientSecret, "https://sandbox.evernote.com"); if (ENSession.SharedSession.IsAuthenticated == false) { ENSession.SharedSession.AuthenticateToEvernote(); }2) This way I'm getting NullReferenceException when I'm trying to get Credentials - it doesn't open the window for Authorization - so, Oauth process is failed. Sometimes I don't recieve request token also. var EvernoteAuthorizer = new EvernoteAuthorizer( "https://sandbox.evernote.com", Globals.EvernoteClientId, Globals.EvernoteClientSecret); var requestToken = EvernoteAuthorizer.GetRequestToken("https://localhost:44300/test/test"); Session["RequestToken"] = requestToken; var callForwardUrl = EvernoteAuthorizer.BuildAuthorizeUrl(requestToken); var credentials = EvernoteAuthorizer.ParseAccessToken( Request.QueryString["oauth_verifier"], Session["RequestToken"] as RequestToken); var noteStoreUrl = credentials.NotebookUrl; var noteStoreTransport = new THttpClient(new Uri(noteStoreUrl)); var noteStoreProtocol = new TBinaryProtocol(noteStoreTransport); var noteStore = new NoteStore.Client(noteStoreProtocol); List<Notebook> notebooks = noteStore.listNotebooks(credentials.AuthToken);3) Here I'm getting oauthToken from oauth.Authorize(), but NoteStoreUrl is null. So I can't do something after. EvernoteOAuth oauth = new EvernoteOAuth(EvernoteOAuth.HostService.Sandbox, Globals.EvernoteClientId, Globals.EvernoteClientSecret);bool isEnded = false; Thread th = new Thread(() => { oauth.Authorize(); isEnded = true; }); th.SetApartmentState(ApartmentState.STA); th.Start();//... Some redirecting code here... var noteStoreUrl = oauth.NoteStoreUrl; var noteStoreTransport = new THttpClient(new Uri(noteStoreUrl)); var noteStoreProtocol = new TBinaryProtocol(noteStoreTransport); var noteStore = new NoteStore.Client(noteStoreProtocol); List<Notebook> notebooks = noteStore.listNotebooks(authToken);Please, help me. I really have no idea why that authorization is not working, any of these.
  12. Thought I'd start this discussion in 3rd Party mostly to give those developers looking for ideas to develop into applications some inkling of areas that are not being addressed in EN, particularly for writers, researchers, academics, etc. So far, most developers are walking the well-worn path of getting information INTO EN, but few are working on organizing that data and getting it OUT of EN in ways that are useful in producing a written or visual product. I'm sitting on a treasure chest of 5500 notes, but they're a PITA to actually work with when producing product. I don't know if this is a weakness of the EN SDK for output or an oversight by developers. Once a person's notes are tagged pulled into a folder or stack, they are most difficult to organize and reorganize into Storyboards (corkboards) or Flowcharts. Yes, you can turn off automatic sorting, but clicking on a card pulls focus to that card and takes over the screen. If one is working on a draft in EN, you can copy, cut and paste the content of notes into your work, but you can't drag a small representation of that note onto the page you're working on. This would be particularly useful as a placeholder you flesh out an idea around or place two or more notes on the same page weighing which is the better quote. An A/B screen environment would be more than useful; your stack of notes (in free-form sort) on one side as cards, your draft on the other, where you could grab a note and drop it into your draft without losing focus on your draft. Maybe just better Scrivener integration is the answer. So, I see three or four features or products there. There are probably more rattling around in people's head.
  13. var Evernote = require('evernote').Evernote;...var notebook = new Evernote.Notebook();notebook.name = 'Sample Business Notebook ' + new Date().getTime();client.createBusinessNotebook(notebook, function(err, createdNotebook) { console.log(err); console.log(createdNotebook); ...prints the following: [ReferenceError: Evernote is not defined]undefined However, if I call client.getBusinessNoteStore().listNotebooks(), I see that the notebook has been created. It does not contain the SharedNotebook that should be automatically created with the BusinessNotebook. Instead, its JSON shows its sharedNotebooks as null: ...sharedNotebooks: null,... Is this a problem with the Javascipt SDK? Or am I missing some detail?
  14. Hello, I try to connect to evernote with the JS SDK, I try to follow the example so my code looks like this right now: var hostName = "http://sandbox.evernote.com"; var options,oauth; options = { consumerKey: "consumer_key", consumerSecret: "consumer_secret", callbackUrl : "https://evernoteflashcard.parseapp.com", signatureMethod : "HMAC-SHA1", }; oauth = OAuth(options); oauth.request({'method': 'GET', 'url': hostName + '/oauth', 'success': function(data){ alert("Succes:"+data.text); }, 'failure': function(data){ alert("Failure:"+data.text); }});But first of all does the call always succeed(even when I insert wrong consumer key and secret), but the data is empty I dont get the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret back. I really dont know why, hopefully some of you can help me
  15. In my app I'm getting a list of all the notes in a notebook and storing an array of their addresses. Then in my scroll view I'm showing thumbnails as they are loaded into the view which is fine, since all the thumbnails are images. But when imported I need to know before note download whether a note is just content (text) or has resources (such as images) or both. I'm using the iOS cloud SDK. It doesn't seem like this is possible without downloading the whole note? I am trying to avoid this to keep my UI and responsive and asynchronous so I can build the UI components as the note downloads. Is there anyway to get information from the ENNoteRef or somewhere about what a note might contain (mime-types or at least whether it has resources?) Thanks [self.evernote retrieveNotesForNotebook:defaultNotebook block:^(NSArray *notes, NSError *notesError) { for (ENSessionFindNotesResult* noteResult in notes) { ... } }];
  16. Hello, I have an app, developed with c# for windows store apps, that I want to connect with Evernote, but I coudn't find any SDK that works for me. Is there any solution to create this connection? Thanks!
  17. Hello everybody. Help me, please. I'm using C# SDK, trying to connect to sandbox using: EvernoteOAuth oauth = new EvernoteOAuth(EvernoteOAuth.HostService.Sandbox, Globals.EvernoteClientId, Globals.EvernoteClientSecret);and oauth.Authorize();After I'm calling "Authorize" it opens a new window asking to login. When I'm writing my sandbox credentials it says "Invalid login or passord". And if I press in this window "Create new Account" and after "Sign in" and write the same credentials - I'm logged in and it opens my account's sandbox page. But, of course, after that Oauth process is failed. I checked many times HostService, tried to change adress - it's Sandbox. Also I tried to create a new sandbox account with another e-mail and it happends the same. Maybe, someone got any ideas?
  18. Hello all. I'm having a problem with the PHP SDK OAuth and can't seem to figure it out. So far, I've managed to get my web app redirecting to the evernote authorisation page to authorise my app, and then redirecting back to my callback url. This successfully returns the oauth_token and oauth_verifier which I then store in my database. What I'm struggling with is the next step of actually generating an access token from these credentials. From what I've read in similar forum posts, I need to use the getRequestToken() or getAccessToken() functions, but they don't seem to exist in my sdk anywhere including Client.php? I'm using the SDK as listed on the dev.evernote.com/doc page: https://github.com/evernote/evernote-cloud-sdk-php Any help on this would be most welcome!
  19. Greetings everybody! This is my first post here; and i am new here, so please bear with me for asking questions which might be obvious to most others. Ok! So i am following this link along, https://dev.evernote.com/doc/start/python.php, step by step, for installing python sdk. Things i have done: I have made a new sandbox account. I have got both the evernote keys. I have installed python 2.7 on my system I have downloaded setuptools; and installed ez_setup.py Git cloned the python-sdk from github. Then i ran "python setup.py install" script to install evernote on my system.Where i am stuck: After doing all the 6 steps above, i tried testing the SDK, as instructed: python -c 'from evernote.api.client import EvernoteClient' from the command line.But i am getting this error here: File "<string>", line 1 'from ^ SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal. Any help here is appreciated, so that i can move forward. Thanks..
  20. As was detailed in this blog post, Evernote has been working hard of late to simplify the process for developers to integrate with the Evernote service. This began in the summer with a new iOS SDK. Now, a brand new Windows .NET SDK is here - available as a beta version on Github. It's modeled after the new iOS API's functionality, meaning that it's now a lot easier to perform a common set functions that you're likely to be doing with Evernote. Included are sample applications in both C# and VB.NET - you can work with the new SDK equally well in either language. Additionally, this new SDK is COM compatible, meaning that you can easily integrate with Evernote from COM-based environments like Microsoft Office VBA (a VBA sample is included demonstrating how to do this). And for things not covered in the new SDK, you still have the full previous API available if needed. Especially significant is the increased ease of working with Business notes - so it's now much easier to integrate your application with Evernote Business. Here are some of the notable improvements you’ll find in the new Evernote Cloud SDK for .NET: Easy-to-use functions for creation, updating, sharing, search, and download of notes.One-liner attachment of images or other resources to notes.Ability to supply basic HTML content and generate a note from it.Automatic support for shared and business notebooks. This is completely transparent to the developer.Automatic support for the upcoming “App Notebook” style of authorization.Conversion of downloaded note content into HTML format, which can be directly displayed in a WebBrowser or similar control.An “advanced” set of functions that let you access the full traditional (EDAM) API directly if you need it for more complicated tasks.(FYI, this SDK was developed by More Productive Now under contract to Evernote Corp. - so it is an official Evernote SDK.) Please give this new SDK a spin, and let us know how it works for you. This is an initial beta version, so your feedback is important! UPDATE, October 3: This new Windows SDK is now available on the official Evernote Github location here: https://github.com/evernote/evernote-cloud-sdk-windows
  21. Evernote Cloud SDK 2.0 for iOSを利用しております。 ENUserStoreClientのインスタンスを取得しようとしましたが、その方法がわかりません。 ENUserStoreClient.hには とありますのでENSession.hを見てみたのですが、ENUserStoreClientを取得するためのメソッドやプロパティはありませんでした。実装は存在するので独自にENSessionのカテゴリーを定義すれば利用できるようですが、正しいアクセス方法は無いのでしょうか?
  22. Hi all, Given a user who administers a business account (and his OAuth token), is it possible to list all users of that business account? Also, given this: "Users of Evernote Business do not retain ownership of data they add to business notebooks. Business notes and notebooks are the property of the business, not the user who created them." (found here) is it possible to access their data via some of the SDKs? Best wishes, Haris
  23. Hi All, I am using evernote in my ios app. I have updated evernote sdk for ios. Now i want to use convertENMLToHTML method to display content of note in my app. For this i have used the code. [[EvernoteNoteStore noteStore] getNoteWithGuid:guid withContent:YES withResourcesData:YES withResourcesRecognition:NO withResourcesAlternateData:NO success:^(EDAMNote *note) { [Utility hideCoverScreen]; ENMLUtility *utltility = [[ENMLUtility alloc] init]; [utltility convertENMLToHTML:note.content withResources:note.resources completionBlock:^(NSString *html, NSError *error) { if(error == nil) { [noteContent loadHTMLString:html baseURL:nil]; } }]; } failure:^(NSError *error) { NSLog(@"Failed to get note : %@",error); }]; But app crash is occurring in parse method of convertENMLToHTMl method - (void) convertENMLToHTML:(NSString*)enmlContent withResources:(NSArray*)resources completionBlock:(void(^)(NSString* html, NSError *error))block {self.xmlParser = [[NSXMLParser alloc] initWithData:[enmlContent dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]]; self.outputHTML = [NSMutableString string]; self.htmlWriter = [[KSHTMLWriter alloc] initWithOutputWriter:self.outputHTML]; [self.xmlParser setDelegate:self]; self.resources = resources; self.completionBlock = block; dispatch_async(dispatch_get_global_queue(0, 0), ^{ [self.xmlParser parse]; });} and this exception occurs : *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[__NSCFSet _expandedCFCharacterSet]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x8c85dc0' Then how i can view content of note in my ios app
  24. I want share a note by Email and Facebook, How to get the share link?