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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I have used Evernote for a number of years and a few months ago I started to periodically experience the following issue. When I click on a notebook, then scroll down to find a note, the notes disappear as I scroll down and do not reappear when scrolling back up. It looks like they are being deleted as I scroll but if refresh the notes come back. This seems to be isolated to Chrome and I do not experience this issue in Firefox. I work in Chrome and would prefer to stay with only one browser.
  2. Evernote Win10 client doesn't scroll after creating a new order list item at the bottom of screen. Reproduce steps: Create a note Create an ordered list with multiple items, so that the last item is at the bottom of the page and focus the cursor there Press enter Result: A new ordered list item is created below the current item, but the scroll does not automatically moves to the newly created last line. The user cannot see the last line, without further typing. Expected: A new ordered list item is created below the current item, and the scroll automatically moves to the newly created last line. The user can see the last line, without further typing.
  3. When I'm in the Search notes mode of Evernote Desktop for Windows 10, I now have to scroll a little for the note to refresh. Just now, the contents of one note was copied into an old note, completely replacing the contents. This dumping was without warning, as though the scrolling mixed up the contents. Does anybody see this problem? Using Evernote (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387)
  4. I use Evernote to save all my creative inspiration, ideas, articles, videos and images in what I think of as a digital scrapbook. I would like to be able to scroll through an entire Notebook, Tag or highlighted selection of Notes in full screen, with trackpad gestures on Mac (or right and left arrows) or by swiping left and right on iOS. I know I can use Presentation Mode to scroll through images within one note but this isn't practical when reviewing a large number of images and I'd like to retain the images as individual notes. Currently, to view a number of separate image Notes, I have to jump back up into the Notebook or Tag and click on each note to view individually and they're not full screen. I'd enjoy being able to seamlessly navigate horizontally through full screen Notes as you would browsing in OS Photos.
  5. I have my mouse scroll wheel set to 3 lines, but when I get into a text window in Evernote it is jumping half a page. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.
  6. IncrediMetaBeta

    Chrome Sqeezed Note? Narrow Note?

    Why are web-clipped pages often squeezed into a box with a narrow width? It prevents you from seeing the full width and from reading text, unless you go to the bottom of the note and use the horizontal scroll bar. Is there a setting that can change this? If this problem and a workaround to it is explained anywhere, please post a link.
  7. fn + rightArrow should scroll to the end of a note in the note's window pane, and fn + leftarrow should scroll to the top. Just like every other mac app, and just like the other windows / panes in evernote. But it does not.
  8. Scenario: I have a long text file that I don't need to expose in a long Evernote page. Requested Solution: I would like to have a pull-down icon/field to merely reveal the first line or title of data. Examples: Apple's Stickies can be toggled from a single line to full display. Being able to incorporate a 'sticky' in an Evernote page would be fantastic. Aquamind's NoteTaker has the ability to expand an entity from one line to full height.
  9. Naozou3

    Finger Scroll

    To Evernote engineer Why windows version does not support finger scroll in notebook list or note? I have been waiting support this function years!
  10. Hi Evernote, I'm not sure whether this is a bug report or a feature request, but when an attachment is edited (e.g. a PDF) and saved, the note is updated and the scroll position within that note is reset to the top. In a long note, it becomes quite frustrating to have to keep scrolling back down every time an attachment is saved. Would it be possible to alter this behaviour to maintain scroll position when an attachment is saved/edited? Thanks, Jamie
  11. Borges de Garuva

    Outros Rolamento de tela no iPad.

    Quando escrevo notas longas no Ipad, o Evernote não consegue rolar a tela à medida que o texto vai ultrapassando o limite visível da página. Então, sou obrigado a ficar digitando às cegas e rolar no dedo o texto para cima a fim de poder ver o que escrevi. Já notifiquei a Evernote desse "minúsculo" problema de programação, mas não recebi resposta alguma. (Aliás, esta é uma das grandes dificuldades da empresa: relacionamento!)
  12. Jakra

    ios Scrolling Glitch

    This is my first time creating a thread on this forum, and it's because I'm having a problem with the Evernote App on my iPad. In short, I was trying to take notes upon learning a piece of software that I need to use when I go back to University. Unfortunately, as I'm taking notes, I noticed that the note page starts to scroll down as I'm typing each character into the document. At first I thought this was because I was holding my iPad landscape (Since that's how I stated) and I needed to use it portrait. Even when I do this, it still continues to scroll down when I don't want it to. It also seems to scroll down when I'm deleting my spelling mistakes! It's getting annoying now, since I'm having to stop midway my typing and then having to scroll back up, just to see what I'm typing in the first place! It can get to the point where you can no longer see what I'm typing into the document! Is anyone else having this problem?
  13. Notes not fully viewable. More than half of the note section is cut off, unable to expand the note or scroll down it, no matter which view I try (List/Snippet/Card). Window size doesn't matter, either. Content is intact, just can't see it. Shows up fine on Android devices and on Web. Running Evernote v5.8.4., WinVista, Premium account. Used to work just fine. Have been living with it for a while but am finding it really annoying. What's more annoying: this applies to some, but not all, notes. Love the app, but this is just plain frustrating. Pic attached.
  14. What I am trying to do is scroll through slides following along with my lecture and attach the audio either from a dedicated bluetooth mic or a cell phone with a compatible mic app that I can place at the front of the class. 1. Is it possible to use Evernote to attach audio to specific slides automatically as I scroll through them, or does each slide need to be imported individually? 2. What microphone is best to use at the front of the class, a cell phone or dedicated bluetooth? 3. Can I also use a livescribe sky or echo to simultaneously attach additional written notes and diagrams to the slides? I am asking these questions because I am trying to choose between evernote and a livescribe or sonocent auto notetaker. As far as I can see the sonocent system would be perfect for attaching audio to slides. So far I can not see if evernote can do this. However I like the integration with livescribe Sky that is available with evernote, but there is the limitation of using the pens mic or the headset and I do not know if it will pickup good audio from the lecturer at the front of the class. Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. motiuridentity

    windows Japanese text causing lag?

    I have a notebook with 36 notes. They're all just text; about 150-400 words each, in English. The 5 most recent notes contain Japanese text (about 3 to 15 lines each). On Evernote for Windows, I noticed when I scroll through the notes list, there is significant lag when Japanese notes are in the scroll view. Scrolling lags, and even clicking on a note lags (takes a second or two to open the note). This happens for snippet and card view. List view is fine. The lag is not present if I scroll down enough to hide the Japanese notes. Then everything is fine. It also doesn't happen on the Android app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or on the Evernote Touch app for Windows 8. Is this normal? I really don't like it... I guess for now I'll just view the notes in list view.. If it matters, my laptop's specs are: Samsung Ativ Book 8 Windows 8.1 64bit Intel Core i7-3635QM 2.4GHz AMD Radeon HD 8700M + Intel HD Graphics 4000 8GB RAM
  16. VTX1800N1

    Cannot scroll

    When using copy/paste or the Evernote web clipper to paste a large amount of text from a website (Verizon wireless bill detail page), the text extends below the vertical space on my screen. There is no scroll bar in the note for me to scroll down to see all of the text. Placing the cursor near the bottom of the screen and using the down arrow likewise does not allow me to scroll down to see the rest of the note or add anything to it. Is Evernote really this limited in the number of lines of text that can be used in a note?
  17. I love the presentation mode feature for Evernote, and finding that I'm using it a lot - I especially love the formatting... so clean and readable! My one question / suggestion is whether there's a way while in presentation mode to view the note as single pages that you flip through (like a pdf reader) rather than just to Scroll. This would be useful particularly on my ipad when I'm giving lectures. When i use the scroll feature, it's easy for me to lose my place because the content isn't always in the same spot on the page. Is there an option like this that I'm missing? If not, is this something that you see being made as an option at any point in the future? Thanks!
  18. In note view, if you tap on the star icon in 7.0.1, the resultant window is sized for an iPhone. This means I've got to scroll to find the favorite item I'm looking for rather than just tapping on the favorite. By contrast, the shortcuts on the Main page maximizes the use of additional screen real estate on the iPad and I can see all of my shortcuts without scrolling. Could this window/dialog be updated in a future version to use the full vertical resolution rather than just the iPhone resolution?
  19. Using: Evernote for Android v4.0.1 Sometimes I come across sections of text deep in the body of notes which need editing. When I tap the pencil to enter edit mode, the cursor is inserted at the top of the note, and the screen, of course, starts there as well. Am I being dense, or is this a feature request? Can I enter edit mode, and have the cursor be inserted, at the current scroll position in the note body? It's a bummer to need to scroll all the way back down the note to find the place I was just at. Thanks for your time.
  20. When scrolling the snippet window with the mouse wheel at the beginning or end, the snippet section "bounces". This is very annoying. When at the beginning or end of the scroll, I simply want it to stop scrolling, not bounce. If I use the scroll bar arrow, it will extend beyond the end, leaving a mostly blank scroll window, except for the last note. Moving the scroll bar works the way I want it. Make the behavior just like every other scrolling out there.
  21. Hello Evernote, I'm experiencing problems while trying to select/sort files. Every few seconds, Evernote jumps its Notes list to the last selected note. e.g. 1) I select a note at the top of the screen 2) I scroll down so it is no longer visible 3) Evernote bumps me back to the top within 0-2 seconds 1) I select several notes a couple PageDowns lower than the top of the list 2) I scroll up past all my selected notes 3) Evernote bumps me down so that the last note I selected is visible at the bottom of the part of the list visible to me. Something about Evernote scrolling me to the last note I selected is happening. This does not always occur, either, which makes it even harder to pinpoint, but it has happened a couple times.
  22. I'd like to make a feature request related to Evernote Widget: It would be nice to have an option to view related notes in the widget as a list, with the vertical widget scroll feature available in most launchers (and I believe built into the stock ICS launcher) supported. This would allow viewing of more than the 3 notes that are currently visible per-page on the large widget, and quickly allow access to the notes we want right from our homescreens.
  23. change something scroll note so change is not visible press Cmd-Z to undo the change change is undone but off-screen so you can't tell what changed The behavior I've come to expect from other editors is that the window will scroll to display the change that has just been undone/redone. I find this handy if I flip back to a program after a few hours/days and want to remind myself what I had most recently done.