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Found 21 results

  1. With this script you can press Control + Shift + 1 through 9, and it will set user defined custom styles to your selected note text. If I haven't made any parts of this tutorial easy to follow, please let me know. I use a lot of AutoHotKey scripts to automate Evernote, and I thought I'd share some of them. AutoHotKey is an incredible bit of (free) software that can automate anything that you can physically do with your computer. If you don't have a copy, you'll need to install it for this to work. To make sure your script is running every time you start Windows, do this. I work on a lot of documentation in Evernote, and I wanted a way to easily set standard heading and paragraph styles. I created a little script that let's me send Ctrl + Shift + 1 through 9 to set various styles that I have defined. Here's the script, and then I'll explain how it works: #IfWinActive, ahk_exe evernote.exe ^1::SetFontStyle("bold", 18) ^2::SetFontStyle("italic", 16) ^3::SetFontStyle("bold", 14) ^Space::SetFontStyle("regular", 12) #IfWinActive SetFontStyle(weight, size) { currentSendMode := A_SendMode ; Get the current Send Mode SendMode Event ; Event mode works better in the Font dialog Send {Home}+{End} ; Select the current line Send ^d ; Open the Font dialog box WinWait Font, , 5 Sleep 200 Send !y%weight% ; Style Send !s%size% ; Size Send {Enter} SendMode %currentSendMode% } The first hotkey Control + Shift + 1 sets the font to be 18pt bold. The second hotkey Control + Shift + 2 sets the font to be 16pt italic. If you want to change the settings to suit yourself, just edit the lines in the middle that are marked. You can make yourself as many hotkeys as you like, here's the format for doing them: https://autohotkey.com/docs/Hotkeys.htm Here's the explanation: First off is the #IfWinActive command. This means the hotkeys will only be active if the Evernote window is in the foreground. The next lines call a function named SetFontStyle when you press a hotkey. "^+1::" means if Control (^), Shift (+) and the number 1 key are pressed at the same time, it knows to run the function with a font style of "bold" and a font size of "18". In the SetFontStyle function, "Send ^d" sends the keystroke Control + D, to bring up the font dialog box. We then wait for the Font dialog window to pop up. Next line tabs to the font style part of the box and sets it as bold, then tabs to the font size and sets it as 18 points. We then hit enter and exit the dialog. Simple! Hope this helps someone. --- If you have another language than English, please follow these instructions to make it work with your language: You'll need to modify the name of the Font dialog. Change the word "Font" to be whatever your one is: WinWait Font, , 5 And then on these two lines: Send !y%weight% ; StyleSend !s%size% ; Size You'll need to make sure the keyboard shortcuts still work in your language. Here is my Font dialog. Notice how there is an underline under the 'y' of 'Style', and under the 'S' of 'Size'. That is the shortcut key. Have a look in your one and find out what letter it is, and then change the two lines of the script to match. I've highlighted in red the two letters in the snippet of code above. Save it and reload, and it should work for you!
  2. required_username

    Evernote and Excel

    Hope this is the proper forum since it deals with 3rd party app and scripting. Not actually an "idea," although it is tangentially.. Is it possible to open a EN notebook using Excel script? If so, how?
  3. Hey everyone, So I'm using Skitch as part of my OS X script that basically does the following: upon pressing the hotkey it lets you select an area of the screen (or takes the whole screen, depending on the hotkey), then it opens up Skitch to let you edit it and then it uploads the edited image to Imgur and gives you the direct image link. All in 1 hotkey. I've found Skitch to be the best lightweight image editor out there for OS X but there are a couple of issues right now that are bugging me. I would gladly fix them myself if it was possible to edit the source code. The issues are: 1. When saving (or rather, exporting) the image Skitch always replaces slashes in the image name (example "image_1_01/01/2016") with underscores (becomes "image_1_01_01_2016"). I find it annoying because I always have to click the exact image I've been editing to make Skitch save it with slashes, not underscores. I don't really get why do this if I'm opening the OS-compliant named image with Skitch in the first place. Would it be possible to fix this? 2. When doing an export and pressing 'Enter' to save the image Skitch always asks if I want to replace the image (if I'm saving the edited image with the same name). I wonder if it would be possible to make a checked option if I want to just replace automatically every time I choose the same image name or if I at least could use arrows on the keyboard to move the button focus from 'Cancel' to 'Replace'. I'm sure Skitch developers out there would understand why I want to use keys as much as possible instead of trackpad.
  4. dannyp

    Script to Search + Copy

    I want to automatically extract any text between two specific subheaders (say ***** and !!!!!) from all notes in a notebook into a single note every week. Has anyone ever written a script to search for and copy/export parts of notes? Any thoughts on how it could be done? Thanks!
  5. Hello All! While I know Evernote isn't tailored for coders, I've tried to set up my EN styling to help. For instance, I use a mono-space font as default this way when I paste in code, things will look readable (or familiar, at least). I use Sublime as my editor of choice, like many other programmers, and Sublime will colorize your code as you type to help visualize what's going on. While I don't expect EN to do something like this, I was wondering if there was a script or some add-on that could accomplish this. Here would be the workflow: Paste code into a new note Select the code (or portion of text) you'd like to colorize Run script or add-on The selected code is now colorized as in Sublime and other text editorsDoes something like this exist? Is it possible to create this in the EN universe? Not really sure of what can and can't be done here in EN land, but I'd sure like to find out! I've attached a screenshot of the colorization in Sublime for a visual reference. Thanks for any tips and constructive comments!
  6. Well, I got my Jot Script today. I was excited to hopefully FINALLY be happy taking notes on my iPad. I am sorry to say, that is not the case. First off, don't get me wrong. The Jot Script is the best stylus I have used. It has a nice feel in my hand, feels well balanced and the writing surface is nice and smooth. The problem is, it works better in other applications than it does in Penultimate. I guess this is my Penultimate rant. I will try to stay factual. Problem #1: I still have odd offset issues when I zoom in to write. Sometimes I have to zoom out and back in to get the pen to align properly with the "ink". This doesn't do well for me in situations I need to write quick. Problem #2: The panning effect when zoomed in would be the perfect solution if I wrote cursive. I have not written in cursive for 20+ years. I write with single letters, printing the old school way so it is nearly legible. When I jump over to Good Notes, the zoom feature on that product does exactly what I would love to see in Penultimate. Good Notes seems pretty good.. but notice it's not named Great notes. I find the zoom feature nearly unusable with Penultimate with or without the Script. I had a Jot Pro as well. Same issues. Problem #3: Getting in and out of notebooks is a chore. You can't quickly jump to your notebooks and into another without a lot of flicking and scrolling. Maybe I like the "shelf" paradigm better, but it seems quicker to get to multiple books without having to know what order your books were in based on last edit. Problem #4: This is a nit.. but Notes Plus has a feature that I'd like to see Penultimate do as well. Some sort of "smoothing" of my writing. It's hard enough to write on a tablet with crappy handwriting, but it does make it look nicer with their feature. On that note, Good Notes has the "shapes" feature. This is very useful when doing quick diagrams. I like to do quick interface designs.. and shapes (not stencils necessarily) would be a great help. The auto-shape feature on Good Notes is the right mix of speed and accuracy. Problem #5 You can't sort your custom papers, or create custom folders. I'd like folders custom for writing, scheduling, interface designs, etc I am hoping the Penultimate team steps their game up. The custom papers is a great feature. Evernote sync is top notch. There are just too many issues from keeping me using this product. I am moving on for now and taking my Stylus with me. Maybe I'll be back after some updates. In my humble opinion, Penultimate is NOT at the standard level of Evernote's product. BTW.. I have been a paying sub for Evernote from the beginning. I was 2,194th paying user. I LOVE Evernote.
  7. While not exactly the same application I think what I'm looking for would best be understood if I said I wanted to use Evernote to create a new note for each contact in a list. The list, which can be in whatever text editor is easiest, call it Microsoft Word, would contain something like the following: Bob NoName Account executive This guy is really cool and helpful. Phone number: 555-1212 Address: 1234 Peanut Lane email: bnoname@somemail.com Sarah NoName Accountant Smelled aweful. Phone number: 555-1213 Address: 1234 Walnut Drive email: Whatever automation I would use would identify Bob and Sarah as separate records, use Bob and Sarah as a header for the note and put the notes into the same notebook. It would be fancy if i could even specify somewhere tags that can be applied by record but that's not terribly imporatant. I'm familiar with Visual Basic programming and (shudder) FoxPro. My problem is just not knowing where to start. If there is any documentation, technical or otherwise, or another link or some big neon sign saying "look at me, dummy" that I'm missing please feel free to redirect me. Thanks, Randy
  8. I have a complicated notebook structure that I want to use for various accounts. So as an alternative to manually create these notebooks (and stacks also if possible), it would be really nice if some kind of script could accomplish that. Then I don't have to worry about spelling errors or other typos. Have thought about autohotkey, but anyone who has ideas on how to do this and which tool to use? Have searched for scripts but haven't come across anyone. Thanks.
  9. Hi Everyone, I've created a new (bash) script to automate the filing of documents to Evernote in the background with support for Mac OS X tags – I'm calling it Everfiler. The benefits of this script over other solutions I've found is two fold: I can deal with a file once (not once in Finder, once in EN) as I add tags when saving the file in Finder The file upload to EN happens in the background (via email) and doesn't take over my computer It is designed to be used with Hazel (http://www.noodlesoft.com/hazel.php) and/or Apple's Automator but I'm sure someone could adapt it to work with other apps. Download I'm releasing it into the wild so others can benefit from it and even improve on it. You can download the script at: https://github.com/ryanaspire/everfiler Disclaimer I'm a scripting novice. This is the result of days of googling + trial and error so I can't guarantee it won't nuke your machine. Help Wanted For someone who knows what they are doing, I see some areas where it could be improved: I'm having trouble running this as a Shell script from Hazel. When I run it as an Automator script via Hazel, it works but this is clunky and the execution is slower. My home ISP blocks port 25 so [mail] doesn't work. Setting up Mutt is a pain. Would love to find a simpler solution Currently the Pushover notification fires a success notification unconditionally. Would be great to have a success/error notification. Other Push Notification options could also be added.
  10. I am legally blind - paperless by need - and use a screen reader called JAWS. I can not get JAWS to read anything in the evernote desktop application for windows. I am a lawyer and run my own consulting practice, but will not recommend any product that I can't use with JAWS. I love evernote, so any ideas from the community would be greatly appreciated. I am running - JAWS 13, Windows 7 on a 64 bit with an I7 processor, quad core and 16G ram. cheers, Paperless....
  11. Hi Everyone - so, I'm looking archive all of my old posts on my site into my Evernote notebook. The purpose obviously is to have an archive I can readily search. I read through the posts in the Forum and came across SiteSucker.com. It's a useful app in that I now have an HTML version of ever post since 2009. The challenge now is how do I replicate this but only send the text and not the HTML file as an attachment? I appreciate the tips, suggestions, etc. Thanks!
  12. Hi all I wanted this thread to discuss the process and feedback from either Evernote or Adonit about Jot Script issues, not to talk about the issues themselves. Like many others I pre-ordered an Adonit / Evernote Jot Script when it was announced. I also just upgraded my iPad 2 to an Air, to take advantage of the Bluetooth support for the Script and better portability for note taking. To add to the problems, I had to wait 3 weeks for the pen to be delivered to Australia. Has there been any acknowledgement from Evernote about the issues we're experiencing? I'd like to believe that the experience will improve with firmware updates to the app, but without some acknowledgement that someone is listening I can't see that happening. The product has both logos on there so I see the two companies both having responsibility for the product working. Look forward to hearing from Evernote and the community on here.
  13. Hi guys, I'm having problems with my jot script. If I write with my pen tilted to the right (holding it as I would a pen) the line will not be under the tip of the stylus, it only will if I hold it straight up (and if I tilt it to the left the line will be left of the tip). This makes the stylus unusable to me. Is anyone having this or is this a factory defect? (This is actually completely unrelated to penultimate, the pen will do this in any app, and yes it is connected via Bluetooth 4 with my mini in penultimate but that doesn't help) I added a photo in which you can see how far the line is from the tip when I hold the stylus like In a writing angle, drawing a vertical line.
  14. Hi Evernoters, I've been using OpenMeta tags to organize files for a few years, so figuring out how to automate importing those files with tags intact was a big prerequisite to starting to use Evernote as my primary file bucket. I adapted a few scripts I found here in addition to the OpenMeta CLI and Noodlesoft's Hazel and came up with a system that works pretty well. If you're interested, I made a post explaining the process here: http://www.n8henrie.com/2012/06/converting-openmeta-tags-to-evernote.html It took me a few days to get working correctly, so I figured I should share and perhaps save some of you a bit of time and effort if you're looking to accomplish the same.
  15. Does Evernote have the abiility to scan a collection of notes for a certain text string and display only the lines containing that string rather than a list of all the notes with that string? Evernote has the ability to filter Notes based on tags but I would like the ability to fiter lines / paragraphs within notes using tags or keywords. Some programs such as Circus Ponies Notebook, Things, and Folding Text have similar funtionality but I would like to to use one app rather than many and I think this is Evernote's aspiration, too. I think I use Evernote the way a lot of people use it. I take notes on work projects and store them iin note pages withIn one or more notebooks. Meetings notes are typical example. A single Meeting Note entry contains multiple paragraphs -- some of which I'd like to tag on the fly and later see in a single list. A single note might contain tags I've created for all of my work colleagues. (@Rick, @Scott, @Barbara, etc.) These tags are present in many separate notes. The next time I talk to Rick, I'd like to scan through all of my notes using the @Rick tag and see only the individual paragraphs with his tag, not the entire list of Notes containing that tag and have the ability to edit the tag (or add another tag) to remove it from the next scan. Can Evernote do this now or does anyone know of an Applescript that can do this? Thanks SCC
  16. Using EV client version 3.1.0,1225 (yes, I know - it's ancient, but it works for me...), with WIN-XP SP3 -32 bit. When I read a PDF stored as an EV Note, EV pops up an info window, saying it's using the FOXIT PDF Reader inside EV, to render the PDF. That's OK... But what if the PDF (stored and rendered inside EV), contains an embeded, malicious JS script, and the JS script gets executed by the EV Foxit Reader? For my local PDF files (in my HD), I read PDF files with Sumatra PDF Reader or PDF-Xchange Reader, both with JS script execution TURNED OFF... Question: ======== Does EVs Foxit Reader have JS script execution TURNED OFF ? (while rendering a PDF file INSIDE the EV client version 3.1.0,1225). If it is not turned off, that would be a HUGE security risk in PDF rendering inside Evernote!. Is this a Security Risk? Thanks for any opinions or facts.
  17. Using EV client version 3.1.0,1225 (yes, I know - it's ancient, but it works for me...), with WIN-XP SP3 -32 bit. When I read a PDF stored as an EV Note, EV pops up an info window, saying it's using the FOXIT PDF Reader inside EV, to render the PDF. That's OK... But what if the PDF (stored and rendered inside EV), contains an embeded, malicious JS script, and the JS script gets executed by the EV Foxit Reader? For my local PDF files (in my HD), I read them with Sumatra PDF Reader or PDF-Xchange Reader, both with JS script execution TURNED OFF... So....the Question: ============== Does EVs Foxit Reader have JS script execution TURNED OFF? (while rendering a PDF file INSIDE the EV client version 3.1.0,1225). If it is not turned off, that would be a HUGE security risk in PDF rendering in EV.! Thanks.
  18. I use Peek and I want to create Notebooks that go from Chinese to English and English to Chinese. Is there a way to take an existing notebook full of cards and reverse the title with the body? Thank you.
  19. I have been monitoring activity on my ports in the past few days and was surprised to discover evidence that a note that I had saved a couple of days previously appeared to be sending information out of evernote back to the site which I had saved HTML from. Further investigation shows that Evernote Thumbnailer is being invoked to send that data. This continued even after I cleared by browser cache and cookies. See attached image. I looked to see if there was any similar IP traffic associated with other saved notes, but didn't find any, so I assume that for me it was just this one particular web-site. Nonetheless, it appears to be a security hole in Evernote.
  20. Random chance find: More here
  21. What does the script do? This script examines the tags for the selected notes in Evernote. For each tag it then traverses the Evernote tag tree all the way up to the root ultimately replacing the tag with all the tags along its path. Say, for example, a note is tagged with "apple". Also say that the tags are organized as follows: plant food fruit apple fuji honeycrisp red delicious pear bartlett d'anjou vegetable greens chard lettuceRunning Taggify Evernote on that note will result in the tag "apple" being replaced by the tags "plant", "food", "fruit", and "apple" sorted alphabetically. By the way, as the program runs it counts off the notes so you have some idea of how far along it has worked. You can adjust this by modifying the properties below. Why would I want to do this? Two reasons: If you structure your tags hierarchically, and then apply all the tags along a path, you can search for tag:fruit for example and get any note with the tags apple, fuji, honeycrisp, red delicious, pear, bartlett, or d'anjoy. It saves you from having to manually enter all the tags along a path. Disclaimer: I offer this script as-is and make no guarantees that it will do what you want. Although I have tested it extensively and use it on a daily basis, you may discover a bug I didn’t catch. Start out using it on a single note. Feel free to use the code as a basis for your own scripting work. Taggify Evernote.scpt.zip