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  1. Opening the same PDF on Dropbox on Chrome -> we clipper works and I can take screenshots Opening the same PDF (saved to local) on Chrome -> cannot open web clipper Really? ... Are there any fixes for this? I bought the premium so I could do things like this without having to install third party programs. Slightly frustrating.
  2. Counters using numbers can be added for all menus in Main Menu, also counters in title bars. The Reminders in blue text above all notes is still handy, but upon entering the app, there are times where I just want to see my reminders as its own menu settings with other options for reminders as its own entity. Please see screetshots for examples:
  3. Suggestion: Make clipped screenshot image names unique. Current state: Every cliiped image is saved in evernote as attachement to note with the same name ScreenClip.png Why it should be suggested way: because if you save different clipped images to the same folder you always get same name OS dialog and should manually handle renaming routines. Mereover there are some software such as Atlassian Confluence that can not handle same name attachments to the same page. This seems obvious but Evernote over the years lack this super usefull feature. As havy user of Evernote screenshot clipper and skitch markup I struggle of same name ScreenClip.png of all clipped images. Usual workflow is as follows: 1. Make some actions within the the software I need to document, clip a number of screenshots to evernote using clipper. 2. Annotate this clips with skitch right frome the evernote usung hover annotate button. 3. Begin writing documentation in Atlassian Confluence and drag and drop annotated clips right from evernote note window to the browser. The problem with that is that all clips has the same name, whis is impossible to confluence to handle. So I need first to save clipped image on disk, give it unique name and then drag and drop it from disk to browser.
  4. Screenshots into notes

    What would be great, is the ability to be able to add a screenshot directly into a note, where ever your cursor is. Rather than having to do a clip screenshot to note, then going into that new note and copying it to the note you are working on.
  5. Currently, you can add screenshots, However, Webclipper creates a new note each time you save it. This leads to a proliferation of notes, it should get saved to the same note. There is a default option on notebook, but not on notes. I am sure this problem would have been faced before by others. I raised a ticket where I was told this feature is yet not available. I suppose this is quite fundamental to organization of the notes, if screenshots are required to be used, else the house keeping increases by leaps and bounds which effectively contravenes the very essence of Evernote. Hope i am wrong here and there is a way around. It would really help me.
  6. There are two basic ways to get a copy of a screenshot into Evernote. I do this all the time when documenting stuff and I NEVER want it in a new note, but always inline where I am typing. Here is how I can do it: Get what I want on the screen Right-click the EN icon on the task bar, select Clip Screenshot Drag to get what I want Go to my @Inbox notebook and get the note Cut the image out of the new note Delete the new note Find my note I was in Find my place in the note CTRL-V Or, I just discovered this today: Get what I want on the screen Press the Win-Shift-S key (Win10) or Win-S (Win7) if OneNote is installed, and it is. Drag to get what I want Click back to my note on Evernote CTRL-V Delete all of the notes OneNote has created this way at the end of the day. The beauty of this is, in step 3 for OneNote, it creates a note and puts the image on the clipboard. If Evernote did the same, I'd be golden. I'd actually prefer a setting where Evernote would just clip to the clipboard and not bother with a new note.
  7. I often take about 5-10 screenshots using Mac native feature and then struggle to insert them into an Evernote note. It is painful - insert, rezise, resize again, then rezise again to make all images the same size. Please come up with a better solution, where the screenshots would automatically appear as thumbnails in a nice matrix but would still be full size without compromising quality.
  8. Web Clipper Screenshot

    The screenshot option on the web clipper should allow the user to designate BOTH corners (opposite) of the area to be included in the screenshot.
  9. Hi, For a couple of weeks now, my Safari [10.0 (11602.] web clipper [6.9.2 5decba3/] screenshot function, hangs the Evernote web clipper plugin. This is driving me crazy. I’m a premium user and depend on this functionality. It works fine in Chrome by the way. Help?
  10. Hello there I am missing a feature to take a screenshot within a note and add it to the position of the cursor or the end of the note. This button or whatever should be on the editing toolbar of the note. I am thinking it should go something like this (step by step). Click "take screenshot" button on the editing toolbar Note minimizes Crosshair for screenshot taking appears (similar to when you make a "new screenshot note") Select area to take screenshot of Screenshot is added to the position of the cursor or the end of the note Note maximizes again at the position of the new screenshot The option to take a "new screenshot note" is for me mostly not very useful, because it creates a new note every time and i mostly want to combine several screenshots into one note. Please consider adding something like this. Thanks and best regards, Leu
  11. Chrome Screenshot major issues

    I'm using Chrome for Mac - Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit). There are major issues with the screenshot feature: Screenshot tool selection highlight is not visible on websites with black background Screenshot of Youtube videos is a pain. For example, if you were to look at a video from Khan Academy (KA) website (please see attached photo and my annotations), you can understand what I am trying to say Screenshot of Youtube videos in full screen mode fails - again from the same KA website (I am not a computer person but I think they 'embed' Youtube videos) On any website/webpage, if I click screenshot and drag the tool but press Esc key before releasing the mouse drag-click, the web clipper disappears as it should but I am no longer able to scroll down the page as even the scroll bar vanishes (using the mouse scroll bar does not work as well). Sometimes, the webpage becomes blank. I can use the page normally only after hitting refresh I am actually using Evernote tools to explain visually the issue(s) in this forum, wow, it really is an awesome tool!
  12. I want to use Evernote to do a lot of web clippings. I like to clip full pages but I would like to annotate it with some of the arrows and pins you can use when you screenshot things. Is there anyway to combine them together? Am I missing something? I'm more of a visual guy rather than a typed reader. Thanks
  13. I am constantly capturing screen images, web pages, etc, but they always get sent to a "new note". This is extremely annoying. I am sure I am not doing this the best way, but I am working on a note and would like to alt tab, take a screenshot, and have it pasteable where I was working, or just go straight in at the bottom (or where the cursor is/was). Right now, I take a screen shot (hotkeyed), then it throws open a new window, I have to cut the image from this new note, close that window, find my current notes I am working on, find my position, and paste the image there. Then, I have to go and delete the empty "new note" that the screenshot got sent to. This is a disaster for such a refined product, so surely I am doing something horribly wrong. Please enlighten me and many others who I am sure are wordlessly suffering from this inconvenience! Thanks.
  14. Is there a way to scroll beyond the screen bottom while selecting material with screenshot? Often the section I want to clip is longer than my screen displays. When I drag the box to the bottom of the screen it stops. Similarly, "Simplified Article" will include all the comments which I don't want, so I need to use "Screenshot" to select only the article. If the article is longer than 1 page (screen) I'm stuck. Any help?
  15. I use Evernote on the desktop to take notes during meetings and online presentations. During them I will capture screen shots (ctrl - fn - alt - print screen) on my laptop. While the notes are being taken the screen shots stay in the note, but when i return later I obtain the missing image icon and all the screen shots are missing. I am using the evernote on the desktop - any suggestions?
  16. firefox Screenshot won't work

    I tried to cut out a screenshot of a PDF-file and I can't see it in the note.I think the picture is there but the format is wrong and it seems to bejust a thin line. If I look at it in presentation mode it is shown as a locked document. Does anyone know how to handle this problem ?
  17. Hi, I have an issue with Webclipper's Screenshot annotation only when running in IE11 (win7 64bit). Chrome on PC and Safari on Mac, no problem. If I take a screenshot using the command bar 'Add to Evernote 5' button it seems to work OK and as long as I annotate before I save, all is well. (Capture.JPG) But if I then go to annotate when the note is saved in Evernote, I get 'Sorry something seems to be wrong with the document' and the file is grayed out, I can't make any changes. (Capture2.jpg) So I can get round by using Chrome, that's hard work. Anyone else, have the same or know a fix? It's such a great feature, but I can't use it... thanks Lythy
  18. Summary: Please add a "Insert screenshot" button to menu bar so that I do not have to right-click and choose it from the context menu. New users will be happy to find this life-changing tool. Existing users will be happy to save a click. Evernote is the best tool for writing tutorials with screenshots. I knew it from the moment I discovered how easy it is to insert and annotate images I insert into a note. I quickly created this workflow Start a new note. Start typing. When I need to insert a picture... Make a screenshot with Skitch and save to Evernote. Alternatively, make a screenshot with Evernote helper in the OS X menu bar. Save the screenshot to Evernote. Open the new note which contains the screenshot you made. Copy the image Paste it to the note you are working on. Start annotating.That is 6 (six) steps to insert a picture and start annotating. Now, it took me a year (one full year) of using Evernote daily to discover the beautiful feature called "Insert screenshot" at the bottom of the context menu. It allows me to start taking a screenshot from the note I am working on. Here's my new workflow: Start a new note. Start typing. When I need to insert a picture... Right-click in the place you want your image. Choose "Insert screenshot" from the context menu. Take the screenshot. It'll show up right in the note. Start annotatingNow, can you just add the icon to the menu bar? Once it is done, there will be no workflow, just one click
  19. I trade the Forex market and I track my trades by keeping an Excel file and also by taking a screenshot of each trade. Unfortunately, this means I have the information in two separate places. I have the general trade notes (i.e. Time, Price at open and close of trade, Profit or Loss, Notes about the trade, & some other fields) in Excel, but then the screenshots that show the chart candles are not right there with the notes. It makes reviewing the trades a disjointed process. Is there a way in Evernote to have a screenshot of the trade side by side with the info I currently type into Excel? Thanks for the help!
  20. This problem actually began on a web game app called Lumosity, now has extended to typing entries in Google+. When I hit certain keys, usually on right side of keyboard, my web clipper opens and tries to take a screen shot. Repeatedly. Anyone else experienced this?
  21. Is there a config option hidden somewhere that will prevent the "markup" panel from popping each and every time I take a screen capture? One use of Evernote that I use it for is generating screen shots of websites/software when producing user guides / manuals etc. It's a quick method of taking a number of screen shots which I can then either manipulate in an external graphics editor, or simply copy/paste into my user guides/manuals etc etc. After a recent update, each time I perform a screen capture, I now have this "markup" panel loading. There doesn't appear to be an option to change this under "Clipping Preferences". Another slightly weird behaviour is that selecting "Open Clipped note in a new window" doesn't actually open up a new window with the clipped note in it. Also, "Show clipped notifications" doesn't have any effect as a notification is shown regardless of this setting. Am not entirely sure what the "Do not show the "New Clip" dialog option should do either, as setting/clearing that option doesn't appear to have any effect. And one final funny with the "Markup" tool, when viewing images from within Evernote client, if I click "Markup" on any image I have created with the "screen clipper", all is fine. The markup panel is opened with the image displayed and I can make any markup changes to the image. Likewise, if I create a new "Markup Note", the screen clipper is then displayed, I take my clip and the markup panel shows my clipped image and allows me to mark it up. If however, I open up an image that was created using for example, the Chrome "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Image", when the markup panel is opened, there is no image displayed (just a blank markup panel). If you select "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Screenshot", then a complete image of the screen is saved which you can annotate/markup fine. This is what I see when I open up an image that was created by Chrome "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Image" And if I click the resize canvas, you get this slightly weird behaviour. In this instance, it's as if the markup tool doesn't know the note is of type "image".
  22. chrome Screenshot image is blurry

    Hi guys, when i use web clipper to capture screenshot, the image appears to be blurry. I'm not sure whether it's because of compression. I doubt that it's compressed (web clipper outputs jpeg though) because when I try to compare the file size with mac built-in screenshot, web clipper's image is larger. I've attached two images below to illustrate what's happening. Blurry image (from web clipper) Sharp image (from mac screenshot) PS. I'm not trying to promote this book. I discovered it when i was trying to capture the book i've read into evernote. So i just used this as an example. Pls bear with me PSS. The images are a little larger than their original size so even the sharp image looks a little off. I'm not sure how to put it at 100%.
  23. Hi, I've updated evernote yesterday to Version 5.0.0 from the mac appstore and since making a screenshot makes evernote crash. This is what I exactly do: - select clip window or rectangle or fullscreen from evernot top bar widget - do the screenshot - the new note with the screenshot appears but is totally unreactive - I go back to another app - I choose the main window of evernote (by right clicking the dock icon and selecting "evernote" window) - It reappears but then crashes quasi automatically. I join an OSX stack trace as it might help you. I've been able to reproduce the crash 5 times by always doing the same operations. Thanks for fixing that and btw I love the new version (except that crash ) evernote stack trace.txt
  24. mac (Archived) Screenshot Issues

    Hello everyone! When I tried to "screenshot" an e-mail of mine through Evernote, nothing appeared to happen (a small blue icon appeared in the top left hand corner of my note but I couldn't see any screenshot) Is this normal? If not, what can I do to make the image appear? Thanks
  25. I have evernote 3.2.0 I searched the manual, and on page 19, it says "click the menu bar clipper". Despite sounding clear, that's not too clear to me! Where is the menu bar? The mac menu bar (top left of screen), evernote menu bar (top left of screen), the evernote chrome clipper, or the elephant in the system menu (top right of screen)? (the last one, which I don't have despite it being turned on in the preferences for evernote app) I can't find that option anywhere! Thanks for helping a challenged user, Jason