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Found 79 results

  1. Used to routinely drop PDFs from Scansnap Organizer to EN notes. Now seems to choke EN & fail: EN locks up for a bit, file never appears. Still works via create-note drag & drop to note list, simply fails when inserting/appending a PDF to an existing note by dragging/dropping from ScanSnap. No trouble doing likewise via Windows Explorer instead of ScanSnap Organizer. Anyone know what's going on? Environment: Win10 64bit EN SSO v. 5.6L40 /Schooner
  2. In an effort to move towards a paperless office, I've been scanning my documents into EN for quite some time. I haven't scanned anything in a few months and my papers were starting to pile up. I noticed that when I scanned my documents this time, the pages are out of order in EN after it is processed by the scanner (I place the document(s) in order into the scanner chute). I googled it and looked through this forum and didn't find much help. I've always scanned them as pdf into EN with OCR with no problems. I made sure that the file format was still in pdf. Anybody else experiencing this? It's driving me nuts! I'm running macOS High Sierra Ver 10.13.1, EN Version 6.13 (455674 App Store) with ScanSnap Manager Version 3.2 L91 (ScanSnap S1300i). Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. I’m trying to install the software for my Evernote Edition ScanSnap, and the installer fails right away. I get an error message that says "Unable to locate the installer package." Is there a workaround to get this working? Or is there an update on the way that fixes this? Also, am I the only person with this problem? I can’t be the only one with the latest edition of macOS and this device, but I haven’t seen anyone else complaining about this issue. For what it's worth, this is what I heard back from ScanSnap when I wrote in to them: "It is installed from Evernote's website instead, but at this time, it is not supported on 10.13 yet. I do not know when the update is supposed to release - https://evernote.com/scansnap Engineering is still working on resolving bugs."
  4. I've scanned a large document to EN. All 361 pages were in order as I scanned them and there was no delay in my scanning of the document, i.e. I continually added docs to the feed so it all scanned into one Note so I didn't have to merge documents. As I watched the ScanSnap processing box, the pages were processing for the searchable PDF format in order. When I opened the Note in EN, the document is in random page order without any pattern to the order of the pages. Each page scanned has page numbers at the top and is 1 of 361, 2 of 361, etc. Why would it do this and how do I fix it. Has this happened to anyone else before? I'm on a timeline. Quick help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. I recently set up my ScanSnap Evernote scanner. Began capturing business cards. The scanner is quick, but in some cases assumes the wrong note type or captures an image in the incorrect orientation. These are not huge issues on their own, but it does not seem to be entirely intuitive how to edit this information once it is loaded into the desktop application. For instance, I cannot change the orientation of images if they are associated with a business card, I cannot update information in automatically generated fields, and I cannot change another kind of document to a business card. If these features are currently available, they do not seem to be intuitive. Has anyone else experienced something similar or have advice on how to workaround this issue?
  6. There was an auto update of ScanSnap software done today and now when I try and scan to EN, I get a "Failed to start up Evernote" message. EN is running and updated. I am using OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). Would anyone have any thoughts about how to resolve this?
  7. I'm getting closer to beginning the substantial project of going paperless using my new ScanSnap scanner and Evernote. Most of the documents I'll be scanning are two-sided black-and-white documents that were highlighted by me. I have some questions on what the optimal ScanSnap settings might be. Looking at ScanSnap Manager... 1) The "Scan to Evernote (Document)" profile seems like it would be the logical starting point, right? What's the difference between this and the "Scan to Evernote (Note)" profile? It seems like the former creates a PDF and the latter creates a JPG? For purposes of Evernote, why would someone ever want to create a JPG instead of a PDF? Are there any advantages? 2) Under "Application > Application Settings..." there is a checkbox for "Convert to Searchable PDF". See...http://d.pr/i/bQumJ6. I assume selecting this option has it so that Evernote performs OCR instead of ScanSnap's software? Is such a setup preferable? (I see a separate "Convert to Searchable PDF" option under "File option > Select OCR". See...http://d.pr/i/ezk4HH. I assume selecting this option has it so that ScanSnap performs OCR instead of Evernote? Or am I just confused here?) 3) ScanSnap allows you to select an "Image saving folder" on your hard drive. See...http://d.pr/i/E7M5tq. If the document is being saved in Evernote, what reason is there to have an additional copy taking up space on your hard drive? Is there any way to turn this off? 4) Anyone have any tips for best practices for "File name format"? Here are the options that are presented...http://d.pr/i/bZ3n3T. 5) What "Image quality" level do folks recommend? Or do folks just go with automatic resolution? Here are the options that are presented...http://d.pr/i/DYiIxr. 6) Given that most of my documents are highlighted, I'm leaning towards setting the "Color mode" to "Color". Will this be okay? It's important to me that the highlighting I did in these documents, in yellow, is captured in these scans. 7) Is there any reason to select the "Reduce bleed-through", "Brightness", "Increase text contrast", or "Deskew by text on document" options? See...http://d.pr/i/NnPIsE. 8) What do folks recommend for "Compression rate"? Given the massive number of documents I'll be scanning, I want to be at least somewhat conscious of space, but I also don't want to have any issues with legibility. See...http://d.pr/i/6YYLqr. 9) Any other key settings that I didn't mention in the above that are worth paying mind to, including any related settings on the Evernote side of things? I'm all ears. Thanks in advance for your guidance and insights!
  8. I'm considering purchasing the Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap Scanner for the main purpose of integrating it into my Evernote workflow. I'm sure there are many others out there with this setup. I'd be curious to hear about their experience, both the positives and the negatives, as well as any tips they have on which model to purchase, the optimal settings to select, etc.. (Speaking of, does anyone know the difference between the two models currently available on Amazon...https://www.amazon.com/Fujitsu-ScanSnap-Document-Scanner-PA03656-B305/dp/B01G3JYVYM?) Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi all, I am currently having an issue with the searchability of documents when using the Scansnap Cloud service. I am currently using an Scansnap ix500 scanner. WHEN I DO USE SCANSNAP CLOUD (WIRELESS) Currently, I have Scansnap Cloud set up such that all documents go straight to Evernote (as can be seen in the first attached picture). However, when the documents arrive in Evernote, they are not searchable/OCR'd. WHEN I DON"T USE SCANSNAP CLOUD (WIRED) When I have a wired connection and send the documents to Evernote through Scansnap's "quick menu" (from the included software CD - see the second attached picture), the documents arrive in Evernote and are indeed searchable (OCR'd). Why am I having this issue? At first, I though that the WIRED option runs the OCR on my computer and THEN sends it to Evernote (whereas under the WIRELESS option there may be no OCR on the Scansnap Cloud server side before it is sent to Evernote). However, doesn't Evernote have OCR capabilities on their end as well (and so it shouldn't matter whether the document has been "pre OCR'd" before arriving)? Or is OCR only a premium feature?
  10. There is currently a known issue that affects Evernote Edition ScanSnap users who use Mac computers on the Mac OS Sierra platform (to be released September 20th, 2016). If you are a Mac user using Sierra, or are planning to do so, please read on. Our partner and Evernote Edition ScanSnap manufacturer, Fujitsu/PFU, has issued a notice warning all ScanSnap users that some pages on PDF files may be deleted when using MacOS Sierra. The details can be found on the following Fujitsu/PFU site: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/topics/topics20160914.html Please also refer to the above site for any updates and fixes on this issue. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Fujitsu/PFU through the following support page: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/contacts/scansnap_contact.html EDIT: Adding new link to Fujitsu Q&A: http://scansnapcommunity.com/features/14447-urgent-notice-for-mac-users-serious-issues-affecting-pdf-creation-and-editing-on-macos-sierra-may-cause-permanent-data-loss/
  11. Scanning into Evernote from the Scansnap s1300, on my windows machine, the notes end up in the currently opened notebook. After switching to my Mac machine, the notes always scan to the default notebook. How can I scan notes to the currently opened notebook on the Mac? Thanks!
  12. I got my Fujitsu Scansnap S1300 today. My plan was to use is for scanning my mail and documents to Evernote. I was very excited about going paperless and all until I realised that the Scansnap software does not support OCR in my language. Norwegian, that is. Right now I am wondering if I should just return the scanner, or if there might be some way around the problem. My first idea was to let Evernote do the OCR. However, Evernote does not support Norwegian text recognition at this point. So... Say I upload my PDFs now and let Evernote scan them using a dictionary similar to Norwegian (such as Danish). And say Evernote gets Norwegian support one day. Will I then be able to reprocess all my PDFs on the Evernote servers? (In one operation?) According to Evernote's public language availability chart, Norwegian OCR support is "waiting for web client". What does that mean? And what can desperate Norwegian Evernote users do to help speed up the process? I notice that I can right-click a PDF in Evernote, open it in Acrobat, and OCR scan it from there. After saving, the (Norwegian) PDF in Evernote is now perfectly searchable. It works great. Is there any way I could batch process all the PDFs in my Evernote account using Acrobat, ABBYY or some other OCR software? (In that way I could run that process every once in a while.) Do you know of any other Mac OCR software that can receive a file, process it and automatically transfer it to Evernote? (To achieve one-click scanning.) Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated!
  13. I have a ScanSnap S1100 and used to scan multipage searchable Pdf documents. The scanner perfectly works but the scans appear as just the first page in Evernote since the last day. The original scans are perfectly fine and the only option now is to open the Pdf's manually from Evernote but this is very annoying. What could be causing this? I haven't changed any settings in the ScanSnap app and it all looks to be exactly as it was.
  14. I had to reinstall Scansnap after moving up to Windows 10. In ScanSnap Manager (Standard, Scan to Evernote (Document)), under the Save tab I set the Image Saving Folder to be the same folder as the Import Folder in Evernote. The result was that I was getting two copies of the scanned note. But when I change the location of the Image Saving Folder in Scansnap to another folder - any other folder - I get only one scanned note in Evernote and another scanned pdf file in the Scansnap folder. My question: How does the file get to Evernote if I don't tell Scansnap to send it to Evernote's Import Folder? Thanks. (P.S. I realize I'm going to have to clean out the Scansnap folder periodically.)
  15. SCANSNAP evernote edition은 왜 국내에서는 정식 판매하지 않는건가요? 혹시 출시 계획이 있다면 언제인가요?
  16. Hi, I'm reinstalling Evernote on a new computer. As part of the process, I installed the ScanSnap software (as I have a ScanSnap that I have successfully been using for about 2 years). Now, when I open Evernote, it prompts me with what seems to be a mandatory wizard that asks me to walk through my auto-file settings, asks me if I have a code for 1 year of free Evernote, and then says prompts me to "Get Started." The problem is, every time I press "Get Started" Evernote crashes, and then I'm back to square 1, with it forcing me to go through the Wizard. As of now, I basically can't use the Evernote client because I'm being forced through the wizard every time. My question is: is there a way I can get Evernote to stop showing me the wizard? Also worth noting: - I was able to connect my computer to the Scanner and successfully walk through the wizard once, but then the next time I opened Evernote the wizard came back!
  17. lars-anders@rolfhamre.se

    ScanSnap Business Card formats

    When scanning a business card, the content it extracted into separate pieces of information. Is there a way to get the information in .vcf och Outlook Contact format?
  18. I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 with my iMac and scan a lot of documents directly into Evernote. I noticed that when searching notes in Evernote for Mac it allows me to search on Source=ScanSnap, but this returns zero results. If I instead search on source=Desktop, all the ScanSnap scans are found. But unfortunately this is also mixed with all the "handwritten" notes I've created within the desktop app, which is undesirable. Is it somehow configurable or fixable that scans from my scansnap scanner to Evernote for Mac can be correctly tagged with source=scansnap, or identified in any other metadata/search way?
  19. I have a Fujitsu Scansnap IX500 document scanner which has worked flawlessly for a while now. But I recently moved and after the move it won’t work anymore. The button flashes orange instead of blue for a while after turning it on, and when I hit the button to try a scan it always gives me a hardware error 0xD00400D, an “inside device exception”. I tried opening it up, cleaning the insides, etc, but no luck. Anyone have any ideas or know of a good service center?
  20. Today when I wanted to scan some receipts using the ScanSnap S1100 into EN, I was greeted with the following errors (screenshots are attached). "An error occurred with the OCR processing module" I then pressed OK and it started processing the file in EN. It then gave me the following error. "Failed to create a searchable PDF file. (0xffffff05f). Ending this process." I am running Windows 10 and have had no issues for the past 2 months. It has been about 2 weeks since I used the S1100 with EN so there may have been a few EN updates since then. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the S1100 driver and software. I can still scan to file just fine and even to EN, but I'd prefer to keep the OCR functionality. I realize I could also do the OCR later and upload to OCR, but being able to do the scan, process, OCR, insert into EN workflow in a single pass is preferable. Any help would be much appreciated!
  21. tettoffensive

    Evernote w scansnap s1100

    So I bought the Fujitsu Scansnaps s1100 a couple years ago before Evernote had the giant scansnap they now sell in their marketplace. At the time this is what Evernote recommended and I chose it because of it's integration with evernote and because it's so compact and I live in a small San Francisco apt and prefer something compact. So I was dissapointed that the new software Evernote has for Scansnap doesn't work with models like mine and the software downloads from fujitsu no longer have the "Scan to Evernote" feature that the software used to come with (I have an new laptop). Ideally, I'd just prefer Evernote's version of the software to work with the s1100 since it's much nicer then fujitsu's (this is for Mac OSX btw). But even if Fujitsu's would Scan to Evernote again that would at least work. I can't be the only person using the s1100 for Evernote? Anyone have a solution for the s1100 and Evernote?
  22. Hi Evernote fans! I'm new to Evernote, but not to the concept. Thanks for making a great product. I own a Fujitsu ScanSnap s1500m scanner (and it's awesome). For the past 18 months, I scan in all my papers, receipts, everything into Mariner Software's "Paperless" application. While I like this application, the absence of an iPad/iPhone version and/or a Web version is quite limiting. I would like to migrate my entire Paperless library (~1400 documents at last count, mostly PDF) including tags into Evernote. Does anyone know how how? I have nicely sorted all my documents in Paperless to have their correct date, and tagged - and would like to have this reflected in Evernote (i.e. tags, creation date). It's very easy to simply drag + drop all files into Evernote and have them appear as Notes but I would like my tags to be carried over and creation date saved. Anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to have to spend days figuring out how to write a script to export from the Paperless SQLite database, and then another script/tool to import into Evernote.... Thanks Ryan.
  23. Scansnap Evernote edition を購入して、Evernote と Scansnap Manager をインストールした。 しかしEvernote が起動せず Scan したものも取り込まれない。 Web では今までどおりEvernote  を使えるが、scanしたものは反映されていない。 アプリが起動しないとScansnap から取り込まれない様子。 再インストールしたけど状況は変わらず。 Evernoteアプリを起動するにはどうすれば・・・? OS は Win vista home premium です。
  24. SingRuud


    Using Fujitsu Scansnap 1300i. Although I am using the settings to scan documents to Evernote Documents, as PDF, they show up in notes. Of course I can drag them to documents, but they will stay in notes too, which I would not prefer. Any idea why this happens? Using Evernote on a Mac and Fujitsu Scansnap 1300i
  25. I have a Scansnap iX500, and want to know if I can use the Evernote Scansnap software with it. I hope so, for I want to set the Scansnap to scan directly to Evernote.