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Found 32 results

  1. hooverhoff@gmail.com

    using evernote for organizing receipts

    Hi all, I've been testing how to use evernote for organizing receipts and invoices for multiple properties i own. The reason I chose evernote is because of the support, robust platform, excellent fast phone scanning and searchable text. Mostly it's working great. The one thing I cannot seem to control is the ordering of the photos. If I take a sequence of 5 photos in one note, I would like the newest ones to come on top instead of the newest ones to go to the bottom. Is there any way to control this? Thanks Nick
  2. Johnny McClung

    paperless PDF vs Image

    As I am trying to go paperless, I was wondering what format would it be best to scan in. At first, I was scanning to PDF, but then realized that I when viewed on the web, I do not see the document. Instead I must open a new window to view the PDF. Also Evernote's OCR only does PDFs if you are a paid member. So I choose to scan my files into image format so that I can see the file on the web without opening a new window. I choose the PNG file format for its lower file size compared to the JPG. Recently, I learned about searchable PDF's which have a hidden text layer within the PDF which makes them searchable without Evernote's OCR. I can make these, but it takes more time and steps then just simply scanning the file. So, which should I scan my documents into: PDF, image, or searchable PDF? Thank you.
  3. I've used evernote android to scan documents to pdf in the past. With the latest update, the document scanner option disappeared for creating a new note. I figured out that you do it through the the camera button which has the option of saving as a document. But, it saves the document as a jpg file, not a pdf file. Is there still a way to scan to a pdf document - I sure can't find it. Thanks for any help
  4. I was all set to start scanning business cards via Evernote. Made sure all my settings were correct and then came to a realization it wasn't going to work or at least it appears that it won't work. I currently use an HP notebook running Windows 10. I use Outlook for email but my contacts are on my iPhone 6 backed up to iCloud. I like this because if I look up a contact and want to telephone them all I have to do is touch the number or the address if I want to use the GPS. The problem is that I can scan my cards using the Evernote camera and have them logged to my Outlook contact but I don't use Outlook for contacts so what I scanned wouldn't be in a usable location. If I don't scan to contacts and leave the cards in Evernote I gain the tagging ability but lose the dialing and GPS features I currently enjoy with iCloud and iPhone. Am I doing everything right or am I overlooking something that would let everything mesh in peace and tranquility? Perhaps there's a box I need to check or uncheck somewhere. Is anyone else experiencing the same delima or better yet, has anyone found a solution to the delima. I would sure appreciate the help if anyone has any. Thanks, Dan Light
  5. Hi, On the last two beta releases it seems that scanning and saving as a document is broken. The picture is fine but hitting save as a document gives you nothing but a black rectangle. Anyone else having the same issue? (Version 112 beta on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1)
  6. Hi, I'm using evernote since some years with my Canon P-215. This works fine, the only thing annoying me is this stupid software CaptureOnTouch Canon provides. It shows confirmation dialogs and doesn't let me scan multiple scanprocesses and the scanners buttonpresses aren't recognized every time. So I wonder, do you have any ideas for a better software to scan directly into evernote using Windows? Greetings Torsten
  7. Hello! I'm using a Moleskine Pen+ for capturing notes I make. I'm syncing through the Moleskine Notes app into Evernote, where the notebook pages are captured. I can search using Evernote through the content of those pages, but in some instances the OCR has not identified words correctly. Is it possible to manually adjust those imperfections, so that I can search accurately through this content in future? Alternatively, is there a commonly-used workaround?
  8. Can any multi function printers perform a completely adequate job of scanning to EN? Can such scans benefit from all of EN's features, especially OCR, or is a dedicated scanner absolutely necessary? For example, I am currently looking to replace my old MFP with an Epson WF-3620. http://www.epson.com.au/products/multifunctional/WorkForce_WF-3620.asp(Australian site). Bill
  9. I would like to use the Evernote camera to scan in handwritten notes. When it works, it is great, but I have lots of problems. It is extremely sensitive to camera shake and flatness of the image. I am scanning a Moleskin type notebook and the pages are not perfectly flat. It sometimes takes several minutes of fussing to capture a page.And sometimes, it just won't capture it at all. There is no problem just taking a picture, but that doesn't keep the pages in the same notebook or trim them to their edges (and I'm not sure if the OCR works either). I've tried putting them under glass, but this just seems to fool the focus even further. Oh, and the phone camera scanning sucks battery life unbelievably. In just a few minutes of scanning, it drained half of my my battery! Any suggestions?
  10. So today I finally got to use the new feature, well new if you're an Android user! Had to do a manual update for some reason but the business cards are there hidden under camera option :-) Just a couple of questions ... 1. Can you set the notebook you want the cards to be stored into by default ? 2. Does it capture the website/twitter/facebook? It appears not to on my sample cards? 3. Can it not put all the other data from the card it can't place in a field into notes, at least then fixing any mis-determined fields is just a cut and paste rather than re-key? 4. Any chance of adding double sided, or better multi shot cards, I have some which are 4 sides (fold on short edge to make a long card - hard to scan in one pass) and anoth with 2 columns and it fails as a single pass, but two separate pictures and it gets the data, just into 2 records! 5. Is there any simple way to export the cards to CSV or some other basic data structure for taking to our SugarCRM/SuiteCRM system? Sorry for the Cross post as this also got tacked on to the end of a completely unrelated post, so rather than get lost I have created a new post! (Sorry if this is wrong). thanks
  11. I currently have a Canon DR-3010C scanner, which I love (automatic 2-sided scanning in color, grayscale, etc.). I would love to be able to scan directly into Evernote, but I don't see any options for that...am I missing something or is that function reserved strictly for the Evernote scanner? Thanks, Richard
  12. I bought a new Canon imageCLASS MF8380Cdw multifunctional printer cum Scanner at my office recently. The main purpose is document scanning to digitize every paper documents we have in our office. We would like to store every document we scan on the cloud. Evernote seems to be the best option for that. Is there any option to automatically upload the scanned files into Evernote? Or should we upload files manually? Any suggestions will be helpful.
  13. Hi all, I'm using a Brother ADS-1000W scanner that has the capabilities to multi-scan pages into a single PDF file. This has been wonderful, and I love that the pages are readable and in the order that I want them. I save the PDF to my computer as a default, because I don't always need it set up to go directly into Evernote. However, the question I have is this: When I save a file to my computer and then "share" to Evernote, do I need to retain the original PDF file on my computer, or can I delete it and just have it in Evernote? Thanks, I appreciate your time! Keleia Using Microsoft Windows 7 Professional if that even matters.
  14. Josh Marshall

    mac Evernote simply not OCRing my PDFs?

    I've used evernote for some time and having just bought the latest snapscan scanner I am moving to becoming a power user. I started scanning tablets that I take handwritten notes on. The scanning and evernote importation went flawlessly. Everything seemed perfect. But as near as I can tell the PDFs were simply not OCRed. My handwriting isn't perfect. But I test searched certain words that are clearly legible. Ruling out other issues ... Have now waited a couple days. So presumably not just a delay. The PDFs range from 2 to 3 megs so and 10 to 15 pages. So presumably not being skipped from breaking those limits. I have occasionally in the past taken photos of notes. And Evernote OCRs them very successfully, catches words where my handwriting is terrible etc. I know there are rules about which PDFs en will and won't accept but I'm using the latest snapscan which has evernote integration built in (not the one actually from en market) but same model. So I would be very surprised if the PDFs are violating one of the rules for PDFs. Following the suggestion of one of the en evangelists I actually turned off the snapscans own internal ocr capacity and was leaving it to be done on the EN ocr servers. So, I feel like I've ruled out all the things people mention. I was about to just try using jpgs. But all the discussion I see here makes me think that even though he process is different, en OCRs PDFs quite well. So it seems like there must be something I don't know, something I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help or point out what I'm not getting?
  15. I kept thinking i should buy the dedicated evernote moleskine, even though i photograph or scan just about everything into evernote with my iphone. i don't necessarily NEED a special moleskine for the job. I had my eye on a Wipebook 1.0 even before they started their kickstarted for the wipebook 2.0 (http://www.wipebook.com/) It looks like the wipebook is a spiral bound with a dozen leaves of wipeboard 'pages'. (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1470156778/wipebook) In the kickstarted they introduced a grid page instead of a lined page so that's the one i jumped at. i can't wait to start using it to take notes, then scan them with my iphone and send them to evernote. if anyone has already been using it, please let me know how it has worked out. i'm only afraid of pages smudging while they still have data on them. hence i will probably photograph each page as i fill it up. Alas this is not a paid advertisement, because i would have loved them to send me one to play with. I am just very excited because i think this works better for a PAPERLESS note handling system then for me to buy a dedicated notebook.
  16. I've started using Penultimate in an effort to go paperless with my writing and blogging. What I do is have a Penultimate/Evernote window open on one side of the screen and a Word document or blog post on the other side so I can easily copy down what I've written. I have a giant notebook filled with writing that I would like to easily copy over. What's the best way, if there is one, I can scan the notebook and have it appear in Evernote in one note so I can easily copy what I've written into a computer file?
  17. I'm new to Evernote so please correct me if I am wrong. While scanning documents directly to Evernote is very convenient does it not contribute to an increase in upload usage? Here's a sample use case: I scan a pile of documents directly into Evernote. For simplicity sake let's say Evernote creates a single Note with the scanned documents in a single .pdf. This will count as 1 upload (let's say 100MB - it's a large document!). Once my scanned document is in Evernote I would typically want to re-name the title of the newly created note. Doesn't the simple act of renaming the note force an additional sync thus doubling my upload usage to 200MB? If the above is true then I'm curious to know if there are any work-around's. Could I work offline to do all my scanning and renaming and only go-online & sync once I am satisfied? Given that Evernote retains a history of edits for a given note I wonder if this work-around would work... or if Evernote would still send two versions of the Note to account for the history meaning we are still uploading 2 x 100MB Notes. Interested to hear what others experience with this is. Thanks!
  18. 1. Is there some small scanning device that is recommended for scanning content in for Evernote? 2. Is there a way to scan content directly into Evernote without having to use a computer? Thanks.
  19. Hey guys, I am using Evernote as a document trunk for my private analog mail. I started this by using OCRx and manually Indexing the scanned PDF documents. Since I am now a premium member I wanted to know about EN capabilities for PDF OCR/indexing. Does Evernote execute the PCR process on the server side? (Here) spg SCOTT points out, that the OCR is done on the server and it needs a magical span of time until its synced back to the client? Is the result of OCR/Indexing put back inside the source PDF? (Here) jbenson2 says "The Evernote OCR process only works in Evernote. Once the PDF is pulled and sent elsewhere it is no longer searchable." Is that true? Sincerely, Gregory
  20. Greetings, Been using Evernote more and more. I'm considering going paperless or at least storing more and more documents in Evernote. The different scanning options make my head spin. I am thinking of buying a dedicated scanner. However, I also read about using my IPhone. If one is on a budget, can someone tell me the best options? Or where I might read about the best options? What should I consider? How helpful is it to have a scanner that imports directly into Evernote? Thank you! Tom T.
  21. I was using a canon scanner on my windows PC to scan to evernote. I moved to IMAC and am out of USB ports. I am looking at using a hub but noticed the new scansnap iX500 can scan to its ios app and you can move the pdf to Evernote. Is anyone doing this, pro's and con's?
  22. What is the best scanner to digitize 10,000 photos? Want to upload some to Evernote as well. Does anyone use Evernote to back up photos in conjunction with another photo app?
  23. I have been an Evernote user for some years but only used it now and then to store simple notes and for webclips. I'm now in the process of evaluating going paperless. I've been working on a scanner and automatic filing solution for storing directly in Evernote. Just when I was about to succeed in setting everything up Evernote was hacked, and I started to question if my idea of storing all mails and importan papers in Evernote was a good idea. Should I store "everything" there (apart from obvious things like pin-codes etc of course)? E.g. Birth certificates, wedding certificates, insurance, banking info etc? I'm looking for other peoples view on whether storing "everything" at Evernote (and searchable through OCR-feature) is a good idea. - Do people consider this a safe solution? - Do you limit what kind of papers are scanned & stored here? Do you also store locally at a local disk or do you store the most important locally on a disk and the rest on Evernote? - Is additional encryption of scanned files possible without disabling searchability? Would appreciate feedback on thoughts about this and how you use Evernote for going paperless. /BH
  24. I am just getting started, but it is my goal to eventually get to a paperless life. I seem to remember reading somewhere there are special envelopes that you can place several small documents (ie cash register receipts) so can scan several documents to single page. I remember at the time thinking all I'd need was a clear plastic sheet protector and I'd be in business, so of course I ignored the source information for the product. When I took 4 receipts and placed them in a sheet protector and tried to scan it on my Fujitsu S1300, it immediately mangled the sheet. It seems the scanner thought it was a stack of documents and was trying to seperate the sheets. I have been able to scan cash register receipts individually, but the idea of several at once seems like its a good idea. I'm also a little hung up on best efficient use of storage space/file size. Has anyone tried this? Good/Bad idea? Can someone provide a source and a descriptive name to search? Thanks Dickhob
  25. Hi everyone! I just downloaded Evernote onto my Macbook Pro yesterday, and I am wondering how to get my handwritten notes into my notebook. Basically, I write all of my notes in a Five Star notebook, and I have no idea how to get these notes from my notebook into my Evernote account and in a note format. Thanks in advance...