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Found 280 results

  1. Hello, Does anyone know a good application to distord/restore the perspective of an image on Mac? Among others, I'm a happy user of Evernote and Scannable. One thing I like very much is the ability to restore/reframe the scan of a piece of paper and its perspective after I took the picture with Scannable for example. See attachment examples. I'm enquiring if you are aware of any application which does similar job on a Mac (I'm using a Mac, but I'd be happy to have a reference on Linux as well). I currently use Pixelmator. It provide something which allows to distor the image, but as far as I know, not to do what I like and as efficiently as Scannable. Thank your for your help -- Laurent
  2. 99% of the time, I use Scannable to scan something that I send to my work email account. Whether it is receipts for expenses, documentation for someone, or whatever. I wish I could set up a default email address so that when I click to Mail the document just scanned, the same email address always in the To: field. Even better would be to click on the Mail button and it just mailed it to my default email address. Thank you for the consideration!
  3. I created my Evernote account by logging in with my Google account. When I try to login to Evernote inside of the Scannable app, it does not accept my gmail address and password as my Evernote credentials (I use a password keeper so there isn't a possibility that I'm entering the password incorrectly). There isn't any option in Scannable to link through Google either. If my gmail account and password are somehow not my Evernote user name and password, what the heck is? I'm not interested in resetting the password since it's literally working everywhere but Scannable.
  4. I've configured Scannable (including Evernote integration). This worked for some time, but all settings are forgotten after: either Scannable is restarted or iPhone is restarted or iOS is upgraded Maybe settings are forgotten after some fixed amount of time. So far I have experienced it 2 times. This is very problematic, because after settings are lost I need to reconfigure all from scratch.
  5. I love Scannable and use it all the time. However, looking back at the business cards I've scanned, I often have no idea who the person is or where I met them. I really wish there were a way to take notes on business cards as I scan them in - for instance, "introduce David to John" or "will be at next month's event". Tags really don't cover this. Thanks for taking feedback!
  6. Scannable used to save direct to Evernote just from the first "save"click as long as the default notebook was set, but this doesn't appear to be the case now. Currentl;y I have to 1. Click the "tick" 2. Click "save" 3. click save again (even though my default notebook is already marked) 4. Click "done" I use scannable a great deal and this is annoying. Is there any way to reduce the clicks required? Thanks
  7. I recently purchased a new iPhone 7 and downloaded the scannable app. I have used scannable since it was released and so far have had no problems. However, for new scans the colour is not coming through right. They all look very pale and washed out. Is there a setting I need to adjust? I found the light was on and turned it off but it doesn't seem to be making any difference.
  8. So I've been using scannable for a while and was pretty happy with it until... i got nervous that my scans arent getting backed up to anywhere so i figured i'll make an evernote account and have my scans saved there. so i did. now ALL of my previous scans are gone. just disappeared completely. i am freaking out. please please please tell me that they are still somewhere!
  9. So now after every save to Evernote Scannable prompts me to download Evernote - WHICH I ALREADY HAVE. Can you please fix this annoying, stupid nag. You're pissing off real customers here - I suggest you stop. Mat
  10. Hi - Downloaded the app, and the basic scanning features look solid. However, I cannot get the app to find my Evernote ScanSnap. My ScanSnap is configured on my wireless network, and connects property to my iMac. My iPhone 6 is connected to the same network, but cannot find the ScanSnap when I select that option from the Scannable main screen. I've tried restarting everything. What am I missing? What else can I try? -------------- One other suggestion -- though Scannable appears to do an excellent job optimizing the color/contrast for relatively plain printed pages, it would be nice to be able to adjust (or eliminate) the color correction for some documents, especially those heavy with photos/graphics (a magazine cover, for instance). Thanks for your help....
  11. I'm a bit surprised that I was not able to find any texts when trying to search a number of notes originating from an iPhone via the scannable app. The scans are absolutely perfect in comparison with what a normal photo gives, but the whole idea goes into the drain if the notes are not searchable. Can this be due to delays on Evernote servers? The scans have been on the server for more than 4 hours now.
  12. On iOS 6S the Scannable app is not sending a scanned doc to Evernote. I get a message saying "Scannable Document saved to 'Scannable' notebook in Evernote." I had to manually create a "Scannable" notebook, but I still cannot find the saved document anywhere in Evernote. In the Scannable app setting my default notebook is "Scannable" and I have a "Scannable" tag that is supposed to be added. Yet still no note or tag anywhere to be found. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  13. I place the paper on a desktop. I bring up Scannable. I look at the paper through the screen. I want to align it as best I can. Scannable insists on scanning the page before I am ready. If I turn the phone away, Scannable looks for anything it can find to scan. Is there a way to turn the autoscan off? I'd really rather trigger it myself. thrak
  14. I've been experimenting with scanning business cards into Evernote, using iOS Using the scanning facility within Evernote, virtually none of the addresses on the business cards were recognised - a huge disappointment. However, when the scans were saved to Evernote they're saved with title formatted as "Firstname Lastname - Business Card" - which I quite like - it's immediately recognisable. To try to get better address recognition, I tried Scannable (which I'm afraid I didn't find quite as intuitive - I ended up saving a series of cards all with the same name, but different content). Once I'd worked out how to use it, the address resolution is very good (UK addresses), but the scans are not saved in the same format as the Evernote scanner - they come into Evernote as "Firstname Lastname" and no suffix. So, is Scannable the best way to get cards into Evernote from iOS? Is there any way of defaulting the scanning of business cards to A) a specific notebook, with the suffix "Business Card", c) adding another tag (like business card!)
  15. for this to be of any use, I need to be able to upload the file from the app directly to my Google Drive. Add this and this app is flawless.
  16. I have some post cards I would like to scan and save to Dropbox. If I use Scannable to take a picture of the front and back, then send to Dropbox, only the first picture I scanned is saved. Is there a way to save both as separate files to Dropbox? An even better solution is to have one image file with the front / back in the image. Am I correct in thinking this is not possible with Scannable?
  17. I'm unable to save / share a document from Scannable to Camera Roll. Is it because it's saved as PNG? I thought it would save the files as JPG, but when I save Scannable images to Dropbox they are PNGs and IOS won't recognise them as photos. I just want a simple: Save to Photos / Camera Roll option. Also, how can I get rid of the apps I don't even want as an option or couldn't potentially manage the file types. Edit: Photo removed.
  18. So, I can scan documents and save to Evernote but I can't add tags to what I'm saving? Am I missing something? Am I not looking in the right place to add tags? I must be just not seeing how to do this because I can't imagine you would release this app without that feature. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  19. Aloha, This is referring to the little teeny-tiny icon that appears next to the file name field when you're ready to SEND or SAVE a scanned image. It would be helpful if this icon were changed (by color preferably) so it's easier to distinguish the file type at a glance. Mahalo & Aloha!
  20. Aloha, Over the past few days, I've been using scannable A LOT. Long ago, I selected PDF as the default scan option in settings. Yesterday and today, it seems like it's automatically reverting back to AUTO. And then, as a result, it is then choosing PNG as the file format... Of course, I'm not noticing this until after I've saved the file to Google Drive and see it's PNG instead of PDF; resulting in my needing to re-do the whole thing again. I go back to settings and change it back to PDF and it sticks for a while, then it reverts to AUTO again. It seems to happen when I close the APP and start fresh with a new session (But not always.) I'm on version 2.2 - Running IOS 10.1.1 (Haven't upgraded to 10.1.2 yet) Mahalo & Aloha,
  21. I thought scannable could output as a JPEG as well as a PDF. I have the latest version and now there's only image output seems to consistently be a 72 dpi PNG file. I don't see any switch in settings to choose JPEG instead. What happened here?
  22. Getting a Scannable document into an ongoing email chain in Gmail is tedious. Can we streamline this, perhaps by adding an "Export to Google Drive" feature to Scannable? The current process looks like this: Scan with Scannable. (iPhone) Save to Evernote. Open Evernote. Find/open the same scanned document. Click "Open in...", scroll, select Google Drive. (Why isn't this feature in Scannable, or really, why isn't Scannable rolled into the Evernote app?) Go to Gmail. Attach the scan to ongoing email chain.
  23. Scannable: wie kann man es wieder schaffen, dass die eingescannten Visitenkarten in den Kontakten gespeichert werden? Ich habe es früher problemlos mit ein paar Gesten im iPhone5 gemacht. Jetzt geht's nicht mehr. Die Einstellung "automatisch speichern" funktioniert nicht. Wenn ich nicht schnell eine Lösung finde, lösche ich den App.
  24. 1) the "send my contact information" function appears to support inclusion of only one email address and one phone number. 2) it is not possible to change the default email address from which the user's contact info is sent to the new contact. 3) it would be useful if date and location were recorded in the notes field of the new contact created when a business card is scanned.
  25. I use Scannable to scan all of our receipts, then throw the receipts away. I scan to an "Inbox" Notebook, then go back later and rename with the date of the receipt and name of the store. Currently, I scan each receipt individually, then hit save to Evernote. Is there a way to scan a bunch of receipts, then hit save to Evernote, and have them save as separate notes, rather than all on one big page? Is there an easier way to handle receipts than this process?