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Found 305 results

  1. I'm scanning simple documents, but some of them have little images in color, scannable automatically respects the color when creating the PDF files, and this is increasing significantly the file size. How can I force scannable to scan in pure black and white??
  2. I am writing on behalf of a client who loves Evernote and is extremely tech savvy, but is finding some hiccups in his workflow. Thought I could share his feedback in case it will help others as well. He wants to be able to scan photos or documents in bulk, give them all a title and appropriate tags, then have them all saved as individual notes. He does not mind them all having the same title (or he will take the time to adjust the individual titles once they all have the same tags and naming convention. He just does not want to have to scroll in a very long note to find the attachment he wants. This would be in the Evernote app directly or through Scannable or Scan Snap.
  3. My mother has an iPad and I'm trying to help her make better use of Evernote and also use Scannable. I'm doing this long distance, so mostly over the phone. I'm an Android user and since the Android and iOS apps are fairly different, I'm thinking of buying an old iPhone so I can better walk her through how to perform various actions in EN and Scannable. But this plan works best if EN and Scannable are identical on the iPad and iPhone in terms of functions and menu options, hence my question.
  4. I'm trying to install the drivers for SSEE on a new Mac computer. When I enter, I'm now directed to the download page for the Evernote software not the SSEE drivers. My Evernote software does not recognize my SSEE because of the lack of proper drivers. As I recall in the past, there was one package that contained both the drivers and the Evernote software. This appears not to be the case any longer. Can someone direct me to the proper location to download the SSEE drivers and scan manager software? I've spent several hours yesterday and today trying to find this elusive software, but the only pages I can find for the iX500 scanner are for the non-Evernote edition directly from the Fujitsu web site. This is not the proper software. Help greatly appreciated. -- Carl
  5. Utterly useless unuser friendly business card scanner and even more useless customer service report.....your company cannot be expected to be taken seriously. A couple of tips - create a feature that says " save business cards to contacts on an iPhone" second tip, have the decency to provide a direct customer service so i don't have to waste hours trying to figure out how to contact you on some ridiculous forum system for a simple yes or no answer to a question. Amateur performance. You've lost me as a customer for life. Never recommended this app to anyone, particularly as there are many more better designed apps to scan and save business cards.
  6. iPhone 5 iOS 10.2.1, Scannable 2.2 I am having the same problem that a number of users have described over the past 2 years or so. I scanned several items, and now I cannot access them. I see the thumbnails, and the scan tray is visible. However, if I tap on any of the images, the app crashes and closes immediately. I can drag images into the trashcan, but that is it. I cannot open the scans to preview them or to share them. I tried rebooting the phone, and I have tried opening it in airplane mode. The scans did not even sync with Evernote, and I have it set to do that. I have an Evernote Premium account, so space should not be an issue. I downloaded iExplorer (as someone suggested in an earlier thread) and tried to access the items on my MacBook, but I only ended up with an empty zip file. I have not tried to uninstall/reinstall the app. I assume that I will lose those scans if I uninstall the app. Unfortunately, that may be my only option. Otherwise, I had been happy with the app. The quality of the scans has been awesome, but that is of no use if I cannot access the scans or if they are lost. Has anyone figured out what's going on? Any new suggestions?
  7. Hello, I will admit I'm new to Evernote. I tried it because I heard you could scan a handwritten note, upload it as a jpeg into Evernote and it was searchable. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to figure out the steps to make this happen. I am on a Mac and I have the free version. I have Scanner Pro and Scannable apps on my iPhone. Is it true that Evernote works this way? Do I need the Premium version to enable this? Is this possible with the free version and if so, how?
  8. I've just started using Scannable today. One frustration is that if Scannable doesn't recognize a business card as being a business card, there's no way to tell it otherwise. If it isn't automatically detected, there should be a way to tell Scannable, "Hey, that's a business card!"
  9. So, I can scan documents and save to Evernote but I can't add tags to what I'm saving? Am I missing something? Am I not looking in the right place to add tags? I must be just not seeing how to do this because I can't imagine you would release this app without that feature. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I'm having problems with the application for ios, when I'm going to send something by email it closes the app out of nowhere, it always happens. When I am typing the email the app closes and I lose everything I typed, is someone else having this problem? Thank you Cris
  11. Hi, I hope someone can help me soon as I need to return the ipad I just bought if it doesnt do the job. I've only got 14 days left to see if I can get this to work. I want to auto save jpeg or png images in bulk...but is that possible? I want to save multiple images transfer them to my PC to upload to eBay. Is there a work around? I have never used an ipad before so I dont lnow how to save the images to the HD & I can't see any of my uploads on Evernote yet is says I have used up half of my space? Please help...getting a bit desperate. I can sign in to my evernote account on my PC but not on my Ipad! Says wrong password but it's 100% definitely not the wrong password. Very frustrating that there is no UK phone support but there is in USA. UK citizens are not worth helping?
  12. Can someone please help. Where can I find simple step by step instructions? I have scans i took on my ipad but how do I see them on my PC? I have synced my ipad & PC but what I see on my ipad I cant see on my PC. There are no instructions on anything anywhere. Do I really have to pay for a subscription in order to get some support?
  13. More and more I'm receiving business cards that are in a shape not commonly associated with a business card. For example Moo has cards that are very narrow and long, about 1/3 the height of a normal business card. People are using round business cards, business cards that are square shaped and many other shapes that are not recognized by Scannable as a business card. How can I force the recognition of a business card, and once that's accomplished, initiate OCR in order to get the information populated into the appropriate fields. There seems to be a chasm between taking a scanned image, not recognized as a business card, and converting it into a business card with the appropriate data fields available and populated. While I do like having my business cards scanned, with the available image stored in Evernote, without the ability to convert a scanned image, not recognized as a business card, into a business card I'm essentially forced to perform a manual entry (like I had to do last century—way back in the 1900s) into my contact application. I believe that this is a situation that scannable should have a solution for, either recognizing a business card based on the content contained in the scanned image, or offering the ability to force the transition from a scanned image into a business card image with OCR. Please help!
  14. I thought scannable could output as a JPEG as well as a PDF. I have the latest version and now there's only image output seems to consistently be a 72 dpi PNG file. I don't see any switch in settings to choose JPEG instead. What happened here?
  15. Just wondering if this product has any engineers assigned to it, or is it completely dead? It was a great app, but has become quite buggy lately. The unfortunate thing is, it's the only way to use my expensive Evernote scanner (apart from installing the ScanSnap software of my laptop, but that software is even worse! Does anyone with a scanner have another workflow they use? I wish I could just use it on my Mac (or a working app), wirelessly, without the stupid software. 😕
  16. A ferramenta é fantástica e recomendo para todos. Mas acha que você poderia diminuir o tamanho dos pdf gerados. Eles estão muito "pesados" sem necessidade. Obrigado
  17. Is Scannable slowly being left out to die? Haven't seen an update in forever, and it's an amazing app!
  18. I use Scannable for scanning restaurant receipts, golf score cards, etc. It would be nice to optionally save GPS location when saving a scan to Evernote.
  19. I opened Scannable to view some work documents, everything from the last couple of years is gone. How can I get these files back?
  20. Many times when I scan documents (usually hebrew docs) the app will auto rotate them upside down and then I need to manually adjust each page. Is there a way to prevent this? don't understand why there is no setting available to enable/disable this function.
  21. Hi, my accountant started working with a new platform that uses OCR and all kinds of fancy stuff to read the scanned bills I send to them. The workflow is really cool, I can directly send the scans by mail from my evernote client, and tata it's done. But it requires the scans to be in 300 dpi or else the OCR doesn't work well. I was hoping to find some configuration in scannable that would allow me to set the scan resolution. Maybe it's possible and I'm just missing something in the big picture, maybe it's not and then I'll have to use another app, which is really sad because I love Elephants and Butterflies
  22. I have used Scannable for the last 2-3 yrs and are very pleased with how it works and are using it for everything from receipts, business cards, letter and articles - until lately. I have noticed now that it require me to login to Evernote every time I use it. That must be a bug. Can this be fixed that after I have logged in ones to Evernote and authorized it it stays logged in. /Johan
  23. Is there any difference between scanning using the Scannable ios app, versus scanning from inside Evernote? I have been using the app, but seems like it isn't necessary and actually a bit more cumbersome to scan into Evernote than just scanning from within Evernote. Am I missing something? Thanks
  24. First of all, I've scanned a business card before so I figured out at least once how to do it but it sure isn't intuitive! 1. How do I even get to the place where I can scan a business card? 2. Once I've scanned, how do I save to contacts? 3. Once I've saved, how do I get to the Home or Start screen again? Is there even one? When I open Evernote right now, it goes to the one business card that I've managed to scan so far. Tried closing it completely and reopening but still opening to that. So I do to the 3 horizontal lines and my choices are "All Notes" which bring up Work Chat (that can't be it), "Notebooks" (can't be it), "Market" (can't be it), "Explore Evernote" (don't have time for that), and "Setting" (that's not it). At this point, I don't even see a way to get back to where I was so I tap my initial and email address at the top and I get to "Current Monthly Usage", "Upgrade", "Evernote email", "Set up Passcode lock", "Invite Friends", "Country" and "Sign Out". Obviously none of those are a business card reader (and it's WAY too easy to accidently tap the wrong thing-if your screen times out of you want to scroll, you'll almost always end up going somewhere you didn't want to!. I pressed the back button twice on my phone and finally got back to the business card that I started with. There is a little box with an arrow in it pointing to the right but that looks like a chat. There there is a magnifying glass which is obviously search but when you type "business card" in it, it takes you to the one business card that I already have rather than the business card scanner. The three vertical dots give me "add to home screen" (don't know what that would be for), "sort by", "view options" (don't know what that would be for), "sync", and "setting". There is a + at the bottom right but it only gives me "camera", "attachment", "work chat", "reminder", "handwriting", and "text note". Kind of out of options at this point but the other conversations imply that you can use it to read business cards and add to contacts. If that is true, I sure could use some help with it. Heard so much about evernote but for now, it just seems like a complicated app that I'd need a whole instruction manual to use! While I wait for an answer, I think I will download some other card readers and if they work better, I may just uninstall Evernote.