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Found 296 results

  1. I use Scannable for scanning restaurant receipts, golf score cards, etc. It would be nice to optionally save GPS location when saving a scan to Evernote.
  2. Is Scannable slowly being left out to die? Haven't seen an update in forever, and it's an amazing app!
  3. I opened Scannable to view some work documents, everything from the last couple of years is gone. How can I get these files back?
  4. Many times when I scan documents (usually hebrew docs) the app will auto rotate them upside down and then I need to manually adjust each page. Is there a way to prevent this? don't understand why there is no setting available to enable/disable this function.
  5. Hi, my accountant started working with a new platform that uses OCR and all kinds of fancy stuff to read the scanned bills I send to them. The workflow is really cool, I can directly send the scans by mail from my evernote client, and tata it's done. But it requires the scans to be in 300 dpi or else the OCR doesn't work well. I was hoping to find some configuration in scannable that would allow me to set the scan resolution. Maybe it's possible and I'm just missing something in the big picture, maybe it's not and then I'll have to use another app, which is really sad because I love Elephants and Butterflies
  6. I have used Scannable for the last 2-3 yrs and are very pleased with how it works and are using it for everything from receipts, business cards, letter and articles - until lately. I have noticed now that it require me to login to Evernote every time I use it. That must be a bug. Can this be fixed that after I have logged in ones to Evernote and authorized it it stays logged in. /Johan
  7. Is there any difference between scanning using the Scannable ios app, versus scanning from inside Evernote? I have been using the app, but seems like it isn't necessary and actually a bit more cumbersome to scan into Evernote than just scanning from within Evernote. Am I missing something? Thanks
  8. First of all, I've scanned a business card before so I figured out at least once how to do it but it sure isn't intuitive! 1. How do I even get to the place where I can scan a business card? 2. Once I've scanned, how do I save to contacts? 3. Once I've saved, how do I get to the Home or Start screen again? Is there even one? When I open Evernote right now, it goes to the one business card that I've managed to scan so far. Tried closing it completely and reopening but still opening to that. So I do to the 3 horizontal lines and my choices are "All Notes" which bring up Work Chat (that can't be it), "Notebooks" (can't be it), "Market" (can't be it), "Explore Evernote" (don't have time for that), and "Setting" (that's not it). At this point, I don't even see a way to get back to where I was so I tap my initial and email address at the top and I get to "Current Monthly Usage", "Upgrade", "Evernote email", "Set up Passcode lock", "Invite Friends", "Country" and "Sign Out". Obviously none of those are a business card reader (and it's WAY too easy to accidently tap the wrong thing-if your screen times out of you want to scroll, you'll almost always end up going somewhere you didn't want to!. I pressed the back button twice on my phone and finally got back to the business card that I started with. There is a little box with an arrow in it pointing to the right but that looks like a chat. There there is a magnifying glass which is obviously search but when you type "business card" in it, it takes you to the one business card that I already have rather than the business card scanner. The three vertical dots give me "add to home screen" (don't know what that would be for), "sort by", "view options" (don't know what that would be for), "sync", and "setting". There is a + at the bottom right but it only gives me "camera", "attachment", "work chat", "reminder", "handwriting", and "text note". Kind of out of options at this point but the other conversations imply that you can use it to read business cards and add to contacts. If that is true, I sure could use some help with it. Heard so much about evernote but for now, it just seems like a complicated app that I'd need a whole instruction manual to use! While I wait for an answer, I think I will download some other card readers and if they work better, I may just uninstall Evernote.
  9. I've just started using Scannable today. One frustration is that if Scannable doesn't recognize a business card as being a business card, there's no way to tell it otherwise. If it isn't automatically detected, there should be a way to tell Scannable, "Hey, that's a business card!"
  10. iPhone SE iOs 10.2.1 Evernote Scannable 2.2 (998) When scanning a bunch sticky notes with scannable and trying to save them in evernote, sticky notes randomly are converted into a set of PNG or a PDF document. Most often, it acnnot save in pdf format, even when forced in parameters or using format button near the name of the document.
  11. Hi After i scan a Business card it's possible to automatically send an email with my contacts details (and maybe a custom virtual business card) to the contact?
  12. Just wondering if this product has any engineers assigned to it, or is it completely dead? It was a great app, but has become quite buggy lately. The unfortunate thing is, it's the only way to use my expensive Evernote scanner (apart from installing the ScanSnap software of my laptop, but that software is even worse! Does anyone with a scanner have another workflow they use? I wish I could just use it on my Mac (or a working app), wirelessly, without the stupid software. 😕
  13. My mother has an iPad and I'm trying to help her make better use of Evernote and also use Scannable. I'm doing this long distance, so mostly over the phone. I'm an Android user and since the Android and iOS apps are fairly different, I'm thinking of buying an old iPhone so I can better walk her through how to perform various actions in EN and Scannable. But this plan works best if EN and Scannable are identical on the iPad and iPhone in terms of functions and menu options, hence my question.
  14. A very brief "one'minute tech tip" video
  15. I am very new to this so bear with me. Firstly my images are not being automatically cropped and enhanced - am I on a wrong setting somewhere? Secondly if I crop a scan manually the only option is to save it to Recents but from there the only option is Delete. How can I save or send the cropped scan? I am using IPad Air2 . Thank you.
  16. iPhone 5 iOS 10.2.1, Scannable 2.2 I am having the same problem that a number of users have described over the past 2 years or so. I scanned several items, and now I cannot access them. I see the thumbnails, and the scan tray is visible. However, if I tap on any of the images, the app crashes and closes immediately. I can drag images into the trashcan, but that is it. I cannot open the scans to preview them or to share them. I tried rebooting the phone, and I have tried opening it in airplane mode. The scans did not even sync with Evernote, and I have it set to do that. I have an Evernote Premium account, so space should not be an issue. I downloaded iExplorer (as someone suggested in an earlier thread) and tried to access the items on my MacBook, but I only ended up with an empty zip file. I have not tried to uninstall/reinstall the app. I assume that I will lose those scans if I uninstall the app. Unfortunately, that may be my only option. Otherwise, I had been happy with the app. The quality of the scans has been awesome, but that is of no use if I cannot access the scans or if they are lost. Has anyone figured out what's going on? Any new suggestions?
  17. Hi… Default capture usually works fine, but it's a bit of a bother when you use a tripod or anything else that keeps your smartphone stationary. Use case: Scanning lots of papers, covers, whatever. Scannable discovers the edges, take the picture and… proceeds to take the next photo. Of the same thing. Unless you pay attention and yank it away at once it had been processed. It would be better if Scannable would take the photo and then wait until it sees something new. I think this could be done entirely with the code you have now, as any picture is defined by the four angles of the rectangle scannable detects, And the lengths of their sides. As long as the phone is stationary, those won't change until the user takes the paper anyway and places another one.
  18. Hi All, I'm using an iPhone 6. When I first started using Scannable back in December, there was usually a lag of several hours between e-mailing from Scannable and the e-mail actually being delivered. However, now when I send from Scannable, the e-mails are not showing up at all. I've tried re-starting my iPhone and have contacted the Support team on Twitter, but no answer so far. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  19. I have scanned multiple documents. I select a document (or I think I am selecting a single document) I click the send or share a document.....the app is sending/sharing all of my scanned/storeddocuments. How do you select/manage only one document? Also--- are these scanned documents stored in my evernote app? If I log on to the web version of evernote - can I see/view the documents I scanned with scannable? thanks
  20. Hello, Does anyone know a good application to distord/restore the perspective of an image on Mac? Among others, I'm a happy user of Evernote and Scannable. One thing I like very much is the ability to restore/reframe the scan of a piece of paper and its perspective after I took the picture with Scannable for example. See attachment examples. I'm enquiring if you are aware of any application which does similar job on a Mac (I'm using a Mac, but I'd be happy to have a reference on Linux as well). I currently use Pixelmator. It provide something which allows to distor the image, but as far as I know, not to do what I like and as efficiently as Scannable. Thank your for your help -- Laurent
  21. 99% of the time, I use Scannable to scan something that I send to my work email account. Whether it is receipts for expenses, documentation for someone, or whatever. I wish I could set up a default email address so that when I click to Mail the document just scanned, the same email address always in the To: field. Even better would be to click on the Mail button and it just mailed it to my default email address. Thank you for the consideration!
  22. I created my Evernote account by logging in with my Google account. When I try to login to Evernote inside of the Scannable app, it does not accept my gmail address and password as my Evernote credentials (I use a password keeper so there isn't a possibility that I'm entering the password incorrectly). There isn't any option in Scannable to link through Google either. If my gmail account and password are somehow not my Evernote user name and password, what the heck is? I'm not interested in resetting the password since it's literally working everywhere but Scannable.
  23. I was introduced to scannable as a way to capture important documents last week so I could have them with me when I needed them. I have scanned a number of documents over the last week and was able to access them yesterday, however today when I opened up the app, all of the documents has disappeared from the tray. Is this an expected behaviour and if so, under what conditions will it happen? Whilst looking through the web site today, I have learnt what the approve button does (I was not aware of this before and had not approved the docs I had scanned since they seemed fine and kept appearing in the tray every time I used it). I also had not connected it to my evernote or any other online accounts yet, but had assumed I could use it offline only. Have I done something wrong or is this a bug? If its a user error, then it would be great to know what I missed since its stunningly inconvenient to lose everything. Looking at the app store reviews, it does seem that there are others who have had a similar problem. I am using it on an iphone 6 with ios 8.1.2 and Scannable 1.0
  24. I've configured Scannable (including Evernote integration). This worked for some time, but all settings are forgotten after: either Scannable is restarted or iPhone is restarted or iOS is upgraded Maybe settings are forgotten after some fixed amount of time. So far I have experienced it 2 times. This is very problematic, because after settings are lost I need to reconfigure all from scratch.
  25. I love Scannable and use it all the time. However, looking back at the business cards I've scanned, I often have no idea who the person is or where I met them. I really wish there were a way to take notes on business cards as I scan them in - for instance, "introduce David to John" or "will be at next month's event". Tags really don't cover this. Thanks for taking feedback!