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Found 320 results

  1. BlackSnow

    Scanable Not Saving Contact Data

    A few weeks back my scanable app, running on an IPhone7+ on IOS 11.0.3 decided to stop saving contact details to my iphone when requested. It will scan a card, pull in the Linked-In data and then try and save contact, but not complete the process. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling the app appears to correct this. The app has the relevant permissions and worked fine for several years. However now Save Contact gets pressed and nothing ever gets saved, largely defeating the purpose of scanning. Has anyone had this happen and any ideas on how to fix this? I'm not seeing other people reporting it, which is concerning! Thanks. -Scott
  2. If I scan a document (say a sales receipt) that has contact details on, such as name and phone number,, Scannable by default scans it as a business card, when I really want it to be a standard document. There doesn't seem to be a way of changing this.
  3. Daren

    Source scans from Camera Roll

    I'm curious it is possible to instead of taking photos/scans, but leverage an existing photo in the camera roll as an input to Scannable to leverage it's scale/reshape tools. The application: I attend trade shows and find the presented powerpoints useful. The actual presentation materials are not physically shared with the audience, just projected. Sitting in the audience I take the photo and have a number of slides in my camera roll. The majority of these are trapezodial and would love to leverage scannable to reform the image like it would normally. Then take several of these images to produce an output PDF. Please let me know if this is possible. (or if anyone knows of a good app to take a set of photos of presented slides to reform and make a PDF.) Then I would love to save the OCR'd PDF to Evernote. Thanks, Daren
  4. Margarida Afonso

    Receipt Sum Calculation

    The request is to be able in Evernote to add up the total amount from the receipts scanned (ScanSnap ).
  5. Using Scannable 2.2 on an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.3.1. I used to encounter occasional crashes, but now have not been able to attempt any kind of image sharing or editing without the app crashing. As a result, I cannot access several images which I collected in Scannable. I have tried upgrading iOS and the app, closing and restarting the app, closing all apps, shutting down and restarting the phone. I have not yet tried removing and re-installing the app, as I fear losing the images I have scanned. Any advice on how to extract my scanned images would be very much appreciated. I don't have these anywhere else and they are rather important.
  6. So, I can scan documents and save to Evernote but I can't add tags to what I'm saving? Am I missing something? Am I not looking in the right place to add tags? I must be just not seeing how to do this because I can't imagine you would release this app without that feature. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  7. Hi I love Scannable, and it immediately found a spot on my iPhone home screen and I use it most every day. However, unless I'm missing something obvious (or not so obvious) which is entirely possible I can't see a way in which multiple scans in Scannable can be saved one at a time to EN - it saves everything sitting there in a multi-page PDF. I mostly use Scannable for one off single page scans and I'd love to be able to select and save a scan one image at a time. Thanks Simon
  8. I downloaded the Scannable app from app store and try to log in to my Evernote account for saving pdf files, but failed several times getting "The service encountered an error. Please try again later" I have tried several times to remove the apps (scannable and evernote) and download them again but still doesn't help. Not sure if there's any setting problem that I didn't notice before or what? Phone: iPhone 7Plus Version: ios 11.2.5
  9. Is the app still under active development? There wasn't a update for almost 1.5 years. At least on iOS. The business card scanning feature went into the EN app already and for the scanning of documents there is a bunch of other apps out there which offer more features. I wonder whether it makes sense to stick with Scannable. For some reason I always thought Scannable is the best option to use with EN but the app is so slow now and especially syncing with EN takes forever... Doesn't feel it works well with iOS11.
  10. seven_neves

    Australian Scannable User

    Hi All, I have been a premium Evernote user for many years and I recently decided to download Scannable to scan my customer's business cards. I like the integration so it works for me, however the way the phone numbers are stored are pretty frustrating for an Aussie user - who typically use this formats: Mobile numbers: xxxx xxx xxx Landline numbers (xx) xxxx xxxx Being US-based, it's creating numbers in Evernote (and my phone) in these types of formats, which are doing my head in: Mobile: (xxx) xxx-xxxx Landline: (xxx) xxx-xxxx Don't even get me started if there's a +61 on the card somewhere - it's giving me different results each time - is there a setting buried in the app somewhere that allows me to choose my preferred format?
  11. I have an app that I would like to launch Scanable and allow my users to scan a photo. Then have Scanable pass back captured image. We worked with an other developer, Turboscan, to allow this. Does Scanable have similar support? If not, if the Sanable developers are reading this would they like to work together to add such a feature. -Scott
  12. I have a iPhone X. I scanned 38 documents on my iPhone in Scannable. Scannable indicates "Saved to Evernote, Photos". I am able to view the documents in my iPhone's camera roll but not in Evernote. I opened Evernote both on my iPhone and my PC but the documents do not show up. Scannable settings show Scannable as the default notebook. I have tried synching but it did not resolve issue. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. E-NoteForum

    Has Scannable been abandoned?

    It hasn't been updated in a year. Submitting feedback through the app just gives you an error message. The Evernote support Twitter account hasn't replied to a status request about it. This forum is super low-traffic and hasn't had an Evernote employee reply in forever. Scannable sure feels like abandonware to me ...
  14. Maurício Araújo

    Scannable Para Android

    Olá Boa tarde, Usando o forum pela primeira vez, ;-)) Há scannable para Android e quando sairá? Abraço
  15. Scannable has told me I reached my limit of scans saved to Evernote. This is disturbing since I thought I was saving one scanned document, but instead I was saving everything in my tray. For the most part, only the first document ever shows up in Evernote. I have deleted most of these as they are useless to have duplicates. However, the pop up tells me that I can send scans in email. Well, scannable will not send any emails, nor will it allow me to shar. The app is rendered usel as at the moment and I have wasted an afternoon trying to get two documents to email. I use an iPad. It has no t been very user friendly, but I was succcessful 2 days ago when I first installed the app. I now need to find another scanner app. There is no way to contact Help. I cannot find a way to submit a ticket. I have not found this problem in the community.
  16. Scannable no longer saves scanned business cards to my iOS contacts. The bug occurs only if the person has a LinkedIn profile; if there is no LinkedIn profile associated with the email address, the contact information saves to my iOS contacts with no problems. Please fix this! Running iOS 11.03 on an iPhone6S 128GB
  17. I am currently using Scannable to scan receipts and then sync to a evernote folder. I have three or four employees that collect receipts. Is there a way for them to use the scannable app, and have them upload to my evernote folder?
  18. Claire W

    Scannable crashing

    Hi, I have been using Scannable on my iPad, and today noticed that many of the files had not been saved to Evernote. I went into the Scannable app to see what was happening but every time i clicked on an image it would crash. I restarted my iPad but it didn't help. After looking on the forums I followed the advice to reinstall, but my old images have now disappeared from Scannable and are not in Evernote either. There is nothing in the restore option. Is there anyway of getting my previously scanned images and how can i stop Scannable crashing? Thanks in advance for your help!
  19. iPhone 5 iOS 10.2.1, Scannable 2.2 I am having the same problem that a number of users have described over the past 2 years or so. I scanned several items, and now I cannot access them. I see the thumbnails, and the scan tray is visible. However, if I tap on any of the images, the app crashes and closes immediately. I can drag images into the trashcan, but that is it. I cannot open the scans to preview them or to share them. I tried rebooting the phone, and I have tried opening it in airplane mode. The scans did not even sync with Evernote, and I have it set to do that. I have an Evernote Premium account, so space should not be an issue. I downloaded iExplorer (as someone suggested in an earlier thread) and tried to access the items on my MacBook, but I only ended up with an empty zip file. I have not tried to uninstall/reinstall the app. I assume that I will lose those scans if I uninstall the app. Unfortunately, that may be my only option. Otherwise, I had been happy with the app. The quality of the scans has been awesome, but that is of no use if I cannot access the scans or if they are lost. Has anyone figured out what's going on? Any new suggestions?
  20. Hello Evernote Scannable users, Here's the situation - Just got a card. Scanned it. All good. Want to email the person my contact info. Great. But it's sending from the wrong email - likely the email in my LI account or my Evernote account, neither of which I want to use in this business setting. How do I change the email address the contact email is coming FROM? I want them to be able to reply to the email (not click the email link) and have it come to my relevant business account. Many thanks! Ellen
  21. I am consistently having a several hour delay receiving my scans via email. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps evernote and scannable apps and keep having the same problem and this has been happening for months. It's not a very useful app if it's going to have this long of a delay in receiving. Here is the Activity Log if it helps: Client Version: 998 ((null)) Hardware/OS Version: iPhone/iOS (11.1.1) 2017/11/22 13:53:05:468 Evernote Scannable 2.2 (998) 2017/11/22 13:53:05:468 Device: iPhone (iPhone8,2), iOS 11.1.1 2017/11/22 13:53:05:519 No crash checkpoint. 2017/11/22 13:53:05:526 Bundle ID com.evernote.Scannable 2017/11/22 13:53:05:529 Error retrieving archived session data from NSUserDefaults 2017/11/22 13:53:05:529 Error retrieving archived session data from NSUserDefaults 2017/11/22 13:53:05:529 Error retrieving archived session data from NSUserDefaults 2017/11/22 13:53:05:530 Error retrieving archived session data from NSUserDefaults 2017/11/22 13:53:05:723 unable to enable background fetch (background scanning unavailable) 2017/11/22 13:53:05:723 background fetch = NO 2017/11/22 13:53:05:736 [EMP] Database is ready. 2017/11/22 13:53:05:736 [EMP] Creating OperationQueue "Processing" with 1 threads 2017/11/22 13:53:05:737 [EMP] Creating OperationQueue "Notification" with 1 threads 2017/11/22 13:53:05:737 [EMP] Using parsers: 2017/11/22 13:53:05:737 [EMP] com.evernote.emp.PageCam: 1 2017/11/22 13:53:05:809 refreshScannerList 2017/11/22 13:53:05:854 Added capture layer (null) 2017/11/22 13:53:05:860 Reachability Flag Status: -R ------- networkStatusForFlags 2017/11/22 13:53:05:880 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. Generating outputs for app version: 2.2 2017/11/22 13:53:05:891 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'WelcomeFLE' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:893 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'InstallEvernote' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:894 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'CollectExperience' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:895 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. Generating outputs for app version: 2.2 2017/11/22 13:53:05:895 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'WelcomeFLE' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:895 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'InstallEvernote' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:896 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'CollectExperience' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:896 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <ENUXPuppetmaster: 0x1c410d920>. Evaluated script at path: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/44D4D945-28C2-46CA-B7ED-5F08B9A11B0F/Library/Puppetmaster/puppetmaster/UXPuppetmaster.remote.js, version scannable.13 2017/11/22 13:53:05:900 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. Generating outputs for app version: 2.2 2017/11/22 13:53:05:901 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'WelcomeFLE' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:901 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'InstallEvernote' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:901 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <JS>. ### Applying rule set 'CollectExperience' ### 2017/11/22 13:53:05:901 [UXPuppetmaster] Object: <ENUXPuppetmaster: 0x1c410d920>. Evaluated script at path:
  22. FeuerEngel

    Scannable and/or Evernote

    Hi all, why should i use Scannable instead of Evernote App on an iOS device for all scanning tasks? As far as i can see is Evernote offering all scanning features as well!? Thx in advance, Ralf
  23. Hello, I work at a school district and have recieved a brand new out the box Scan Snap Evernote Edition scanner. I don't run into many issues at all with the fujimax line of scanners and can generally trouble shoot the issues myself. I am stumped here, after a fresh install, and fresh fujimax scan snap evernote edition drivers I am scanning, evernote opens up, stalls, and crashes. This happens 100% of the time. I went through and deleted all the files on OS-X through applications and deep inside the operating system folders. I did another re-install to no avail. I am running 10.10.5 OS-X Yosemite. The error I get is EXC_Crash (SIGSEGV) Thread 1 Crashed: : Dispatch queue: com.apple.libdispatch-manager Any ideas? Detailed answers and steps are appreciated.
  24. MAKE Mom

    ANSWERED How do I rename scans?

    I am scanning receipts. Almost all of them are labeled "scannable document". I want to rename them more specifically. I apparently did this once by accident, but cannot figure out how to do it again. And, I would like to know how to do this immediately after scanning, AND for the files I already have. I am saving all of them into Evernote.