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Found 34 results

  1. Whenever I'm typing something in the new note, every 5-10 seconds it updates into the previews in the main window, and that makes the note hang for a few milliseconds which is very frustrating. Auto save\save interval was disabled in options menu, turning it on/off did nothing. I even found a registry value (it was set to 120, same as I set it in settings) and set it to 0, which, once again, did not change that annoying behavior. Any tips would be appreciated. (306921), Windows 10 x64
  2. Hello, some of the business cards my assistant scanned to Evernote were saved as notes, not cards. Can I save the notes as business cards so the text will be recognized without having to delete & rescan? Thanks!
  3. I have updated a note and synced it, and repeatedly my new changes were lost, over-written by an old version. There was no warning, no error message. The changes were just lost. Evernote acted as if it doesn't recognize the edits I have made. Finally I enabled detailed Activity Log and seem to have found the problem to this particular note -- However the bigger problems is that Evernote encountered a problem and didn't flag it to the User. So changes were lost but the User was not informed. The file is 10,202 characters long, mainly of text, some links, some cut-and-paste which may contain formatted text in addition to plain text. It is a file I use multiple times a day. There may have been some kind of unacceptable character in the file that Evernote couldn't handle. The messages in the Activity Log are: 17:55:43 [12520] Client synchronization finished, status: complete 17:56:01 [14764] Note 4285 ENML Validation error: Excessive depth in document: 256 use XML_PARSE_HUGE option 17:56:01 [14764] Can't save note uid=4285, error: CantConvertNoteContent 17:56:32 [9020] Client synchronization started It is just a text file, including some URL links, also includes some double-byte Traditional Chinese characters and some double-byte Simplified Chinese characters. There is no graphic, no picture. 1. The file size is below the maximum. 2. There shouldn't be any content that Evernote cannot handle. 3. If Evernote cannot handle some content, it should flag it right away during edit. It should not have accepted the edit. 4. After accepting an edit, it should be able to save. 5. If it fails to safe, it should notify the User instead of acting like everything was normal. Please open bug report and fix it. Sorry I don't have the original buggy note. In the process of discovering the problem, I've copied it to Notepad and back to Evernote, which eliminated the error. (That's why I suspect there was some special character that Evernote could not handle and caused the bug.)
  4. JErnestGo

    Exporting EN Notes

    How do you export EN Notes to Google Drive as a Google Doc, or PDF File? and/or save EN Notes on Desktop as PDF File?
  5. JErnestGo

    Pinned Notes

    I am wondering if a Pinned Notes on a Notebook is already in effect, or implemented. "IF NOT" then I hope something as easy as this one could be implemented - The benefit of this feature may be on using Notebooks on a Per Project Basis. A Pinned Note may serve as the Project Charter, or Summary which if pinned, will immediately be seen on top of the list.
  6. While editing a particular note, and doing lots of big edits at the same time (say replacing a whole lot of data at the same time), suddenly an error message shows up saying "Couldn't save the note [note title]" upon Evernote web, when it automatically tries to save the note. (Screenshot attached) Due to this, I've lost a large chunk of data from that particular note which I edited, as when I reloaded the note, the old data was lost and the new edits were not saved. This issue needs to be fixed. Possible solutions: 1) Either auto-save should be disabled and notes should be saved only if user clicks SAVE button. (Which is quite limiting the already available feature, not recommended) 2) Note edits should be stopped while evernote is trying to save the instance of note over web. (Another limiting solution, not recommended) 3) Note edits should be stored as cache so that even if the data connection (internet connection) is lost or if there is some error in saving the note over web, the data is retained over the web page which the User then can use again for saving the note after solving any saving or syncing error. Is any other solution possible for this problem? I must say, the problem is quite frequent in my case, as there are lots of big edits over one single note from one single login, without stopping for evernote to save the note. Do share your views.
  7. Suggestion: Make clipped screenshot image names unique. Current state: Every cliiped image is saved in evernote as attachement to note with the same name ScreenClip.png Why it should be suggested way: because if you save different clipped images to the same folder you always get same name OS dialog and should manually handle renaming routines. Mereover there are some software such as Atlassian Confluence that can not handle same name attachments to the same page. This seems obvious but Evernote over the years lack this super usefull feature. As havy user of Evernote screenshot clipper and skitch markup I struggle of same name ScreenClip.png of all clipped images. Usual workflow is as follows: 1. Make some actions within the the software I need to document, clip a number of screenshots to evernote using clipper. 2. Annotate this clips with skitch right frome the evernote usung hover annotate button. 3. Begin writing documentation in Atlassian Confluence and drag and drop annotated clips right from evernote note window to the browser. The problem with that is that all clips has the same name, whis is impossible to confluence to handle. So I need first to save clipped image on disk, give it unique name and then drag and drop it from disk to browser.
  8. I just recorded an hour-long web seminar using the audio note feature. There was a lot of valuable info in there. I then stopped the recording and hit save, and then then nothing. Must be a bug because evernote didn't save my file for some reason. A few minutes later I tried recording a test audio note and it worked perfectly. I'm pretty upset that I lost seminar file, is there anywhere that Evernote caches audio files where I might be able to recover it?
  9. It would be good if the web clipper had the ability to save the URL of a site as an option alongside bookmark and screenshot etc. This would be useful as often I want to save a site but be able to access the newest version of it. Furthermore, Evernote for Windows handles this very well when dragging a URL into a notebook, the link is saved as a note and the title of the page is picked out and used as the note title
  10. rafa3lico

    Optional complete backup

    Hello, this is a feature i'd really like implemented Is there anyway to backup all my notes in my device (in text format, readable with other programs/apps on mobile) without copying them all one by one? That would be very time consuming I'm thinking maybe a feature that lets you backup everything to a file in the most standard format possible just for safe keeping in case of something happening to your account or simply losing all of them. I keep so much in my evernote that i am concerned about this, i will probably do this manually soon, but a feature would be much appreciated. I'm sure some people would appreciate it as well.
  11. Aresende

    Favorite "Pen style"

    I use Penultimate as my school notebook, and I have my own title/importance system using pen thickness and color. I would love to see a favorite style set where I can save the styles and just touch them once (instead of up to 4 touches) to switch to a color/thickness style of my choice. It could be on the top of the zoom panel (each side of the "resize" button would be fine), the top left of the page or as a second row below the top bar. Anyway, thanks for having a space just for feature requests!
  12. mcmullan0

    Note not saving

    Dear Evernote Team, I have found that a particular note is not saving. This is quite disconcerting as I save important information here. I am using a evernote on my mac. When I write in this note and change to a new note and change back to the original note the text I wrote moments before is missing. Other notes do not seem to be affected. I do also have evernote on my andriod phone but I rarely use it there. I am a premium member, please can you advise me on this? Best, Mark
  13. danwalter

    New Notebook?

    I"m a new user. When saving something while on the web, it would seem natural for there to be a way to add a new notebook. Am I missing something?
  14. I have been working on a note within one Pomodoro, that is 25 mins. At the end I ended up with 17 different notes in my notebook instead of just one - Evernote saved each change that I was making while writing as a separate Note. Now it shows each one of them as being in conflict with the most recent one, the final version of the text. This has happened to me several times in the past. Any idea what might be causing the trouble? I use Evernote on Chromebook, Android app. I also use it on my Android phone. After syncing, the phone shows the same thing: 17 different notes. Thanks!
  15. secretnation

    Where is "Save Pic to Evernote" ?

    Hello, now i am wondering, the Option "Save to Evernote" is no longer available in the Context-Menü? LG And the other is: Why can´t i Upload a Pic in the Forum ? I cant minimize it to 1,1 KB ! That is horrible - i do not understand that way !!
  16. Hi all, I have seen various threads on editing files saved in evernote, but none answered my specific question. I am trying to edit a password protected excel file saved in an Evernote note. I have excel installed on client PC. I enter password and the file opens. I click on "Enable Editing" in Excel. After I make a change, I save. When I re-open file in Evernote, changes are not reflected. Am I missing something basic? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks. Edit: I think I need to use a sync solution such as dropbox. For some reason I thought I wouldn't need to. If I do not need to use a third party synching solution, that would be great. Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!
  17. I just spent all day on a note and am freaking out because it is now gone and it is due tomorrow and I had so much information in there. I created the document at 10am, worked on it all day. In the morning I was at a place with no wifi and was working on the note. I got home and continued working for several hours, where I have wifi (but I didn't press anything or try and sync anything). I eventually switched to my email. Then when I went back to evernote I went to a separate note, typed two lines, and when I returned to my other note I'd been working on all day it was COMPLETELY BLANK. It said it had been created at 10 and last updated at 10. It had NO details on any other updates and not a single word, sentence, anything, just completely blank. Is there a number I could call? Has anyone had this happen before? I'm not a Premium subscriber. I'm thinking about paying so I can do the "view history" thing, but I'm worried that won't help since how can a note that was supposedly created at 10am and updated at 10am that's blank have a "history"? HELP! Anyone! I'm bumming and would be so grateful for any assistance.
  18. aeon

    mac Image scaling quality

    I use a retina macbook pro so need to scale screen grabs to 50% size before saving so that they end up the 'correct' size when shared with other users. When I look at the saved files I am always disappointed by the quality. Lines which are near horizontal exhibit bad aliasing. The output from Skitch is so poor that I have taken to grabbing and annotating in skitch and then resizing as a separate operation in another application which maintains image quality (trying the lightweight 'RePix' at present which so far I like.) Also - a feature request. Could the 'crop / resize' control please remember in which mode it was last used and default to that when selected? Annoying to have to select to resize each time. I have to say I preferred the much greater ease of use of the old Skitch in this regard.
  19. Hi there,my new Question:I use IFTTT - (If this than that) to save Pinterest Activity to a Notebook (but synchronized) an later, i put it to an offline Notebook (Local Notebook).Is it possible to do that so that Evernote can save the Pinterest Activity with IFTTT directly to the Offline Notebook (Local Notebook)?Thanks for help.Patrick
  20. Hi, I'm using AlterNote Editor chrome plugin to be able to edit table. After I've been logged in web evernote connection as requested from plugin I stumbled into this error (and looks like the connection is dropped) ------------------------------------------ | ERROR | The operation failed because Evernote's servers detected an error with: authenticationToken ------------------------------------------ and i cannot use anymore the SAVE from the plugin because that error. Can anyone help me, please? Thx in advaced
  21. This is what i did 1.clicked the new note in the web client and the new note with the untitled note came , 2.when i change the title into my preferred title and i waited for some few seconds for the evernote to save it automatically 3.After the the tick symbol which will show a green circle signal (which is placed near to share button which will indicate the things which you written got saved) 4.the title and the things which i written not getting saved , it becomes again untitled even the body of the note becomes blank like a new note page . This is what i did to getting resolved 1.restarted google chrome -> problem not resolved 2.tried with firefox -> problem not resolved3.reloaded evernote -> problem not resolved4.Tried with different notebook -> problem not resolveddetails chrome Version 35.0.1916.153firefox 23.0network connection speed - 600 - 900 kbps This is happening from 1.10.14 (indian date ) onwards (GMT +5.30)
  22. I've just read posts detailing the capabilities of EN to save changes on an attachment, but I'm not sure if anything's different now; I imported a word doc attachment to EN where I made edits. Throughout these edits, I was connected to a network and saved frequently (clicked 'save' without specifying a destination). When I closed the note, I chose "Append New" butmy Nexus 7 froze on that process so I had to do an improper shutdown and restart. Now I cannot find the modified file. Any chance those edits ended up somewhere? I've already tried syncing, checked my Drive, and it's not in downloads. EN just loads the original unchanged attachment. So what was the point of me "saving"? Where did it save to? Please help, thank you. Edit: Ah I found it. It saved to my tablet's word processor "quick office" app, which I dont remember if it was stock or downloaded but im so damn happy it went somewhere.
  23. As an SSD user on a very stable system, i tend to tone my autosave settings down a bit. Evernote seems to be autosaving just waaaaaaaaay more often than really needed. Multiple times per sentence if i'm interpreting the UI cues correctly. [i'm not referring to 40wpm stream-of-consciousness straight-from-brain-to-screen typing here... casual with thinking kinda stuff - not that any of that matters...] Anyhow, i've searched my menus and this forum to no avail. I assume there is no way to either "slow it down" or turn it off - but alas, i gotta ask. Then again, maybe it's autosaving alot less frequently than i am imagining. Any for-sure numbers on that would be appreciated as well. Thanks Much ! EDIT: Ok so there's a corresponding Registry entry [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEvernoteEvernoteNoteAutoSaveInterval - default = 30], which leads me to believe that there likely is a setting im overlooking. Probably something reeeaalllly simple too. I'd tweak it - but i won't. Yet. If 30 means 30 seconds... well... yeah, i'm going to have to sooner or later, though.
  24. Hi! As I understand from using Evernote and this discussion, Evernote does not sync on save/close and does not support Push. This means I have to press F9 or sync manually every time I edit or create a note. Why? Because I never know when I'll switch from my Android phone to my PC. I could also use the 15 minute sync option, but this uses battery and I still would have to sync manually if I needed a note synced right away. So therefore I ask are Evernote working on sync immediately on save/close and a Push service for Android and PC? That way Evernote would work just like OneNote does today, and I wouldn't need to see the Synchronization Complete notice every 15 minutes. Could this be a Premium feature, or would it cost even more to implement? http://jooh.no/web/Evernote_saves_but_doesn't_sync_2014-05-01-17-49-54.png
  25. Hello! I have a Mac with a very small SSD, so I save everything to Copy (it's like Dropbox, if you haven't heard of Copy). I heard that all Evernote notes are saved as local files for backup, too, but I can't find anything that will let me change the location of the backup. Is there a way to do this? I don't even know where they're being stored now, let alone how to change it. Thanks!