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  1. Hi, Could you please upgrade my sandbox account to Premium ? I need to test the OCR & Office document search. My sandbox username is mikael287 Thanks, Mikael
  2. Hi, I have a full access api key on sandbox. While authorizing, I do not get the option to select which notebook. Is there something else I need to do to get this working? I have read that app notebooks might allow this, but I do not see any option to request this on sandbox.
  3. Get Evernote tags from Sandbox

    Hi! The method "noteStore.listTags" returns all tags, including deleted tags from an Evernote Sandbox account. But in API Reference it is said that: "only include active tags". Environment: Java, evernote-api 1.25.1. 1) In my case I need it to return only active tags. Can it be fixed? 2) Does this issue occur only in sandbox or is it happening with premium accounts too? I don't have a premium account, so I can't check.
  4. Sandbox is down

    Hi there, There is this message shown while trying to access sandbox. Evernote Service is unavailableAny idea when this service will be up? We are in middle of trying something on this. Thanks, Ashwini
  5. Hi , We are developing an App Using the Evenote APIs. That App Deals with searching for keywords in Photos taken by Android Mobile App. Is it possible to check this without a sandbox account as we just bought a new premium Normal Evernote Account. We read the option "Search In Office Docs & attachments" only on the side of Premium Account.So is it possible to Convert the premium normal account to a Sandbox Premium Account so that we can test our Search functionalities using the APIs. Kindly suggest us some way of getting this done. Thank You Very Much, Regards,
  6. Is there any way of giving a client access to a sandbox folder that we're using in developing an app for them (using the PHP SDK), so that they can test functionality before it goes to production?
  7. I am using the Node Evernote module. It is working fine in the sandbox environment but when I have changed it to production then it is giving an 'INVALID_AUTH' error. I am using the same API keys for production environment as it is approved by Evernote to use in the production environment as well. Any other setting I have to change for the production environment? Please advice. Thank You
  8. Hello everybody. Help me, please. I'm using C# SDK, trying to connect to sandbox using: EvernoteOAuth oauth = new EvernoteOAuth(EvernoteOAuth.HostService.Sandbox, Globals.EvernoteClientId, Globals.EvernoteClientSecret);and oauth.Authorize();After I'm calling "Authorize" it opens a new window asking to login. When I'm writing my sandbox credentials it says "Invalid login or passord". And if I press in this window "Create new Account" and after "Sign in" and write the same credentials - I'm logged in and it opens my account's sandbox page. But, of course, after that Oauth process is failed. I checked many times HostService, tried to change adress - it's Sandbox. Also I tried to create a new sandbox account with another e-mail and it happends the same. Maybe, someone got any ideas?
  9. Hi all, I'm writing a server application using Java Evernote API. Everything is ok with SANDBOX, such as get access token, read note... But when I deploy into my server, and change EvernoteService to EvernoteService.PRODUCTION, I cannot get authentication token. This is my code: EVERNOTE_SERVICE = EvernoteService.PRODUCTIONClass<? extends EvernoteApi> providerClass = EvernoteApi.Sandbox.class;if (EVERNOTE_SERVICE == EvernoteService.PRODUCTION) { providerClass = org.scribe.builder.api.EvernoteApi.class;}OAuthService service = new ServiceBuilder() .provider(providerClass) .apiKey(EVERNOTE_KEY) .apiSecret(EVERNOTE_SECRET) .callback(callbackUrl) //callbackUrl is testdomain.com/blah_blah .build();Token scribeRequestToken = service.getRequestToken(); //<== Exception hereException: org.scribe.exceptions.OAuthException: Response body is incorrect. Can't extract token and secret from this: '<html><head><meta charset="utf-8" /><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9,chrome=1" /><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1" /><link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /><link rel="stylesheet" href="/redesign/global/css/reset.css" /><link rel="stylesheet" href="/redesign/global/css/fonts.css" media="all" /><link rel="stylesheet" href="/redesign/global/css/header.css" /><link rel="stylesheet" href="/redesign/global/css/layout.css" /><title>Evernote Error</title></head><body> <div class="header"> <div class="logo-bar"> <a class="evernote-logo" href="http://evernote.com/">Evernote</a></div> </div> <div id="container-boundingbox" class="wrapper"> <div id="container" class="wrapper"> <div class="main"> <div class="page-header"> <h1> Oops, we encountered an error.</h1> </div> <div> <p> Sorry, we've encountered an unexpected error.</p> </div> <div class="clear"></div> </div> </div> <div class="shadow wrapper"> <img src="/redesign/global/img/desktop-shadow-full.png" /> </div> <div class="footer wrapper"> <a class="footer-entry" href="http://evernote.com/tos/">Terms of Service</a><a class="footer-entry" href="http://evernote.com/privacy/">Privacy Policy</a><span class="footer-entry last">Copyright 2014 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved.</span> </div> </div></body></html>'at org.scribe.extractors.TokenExtractorImpl.extract(TokenExtractorImpl.java:41)at org.scribe.extractors.TokenExtractorImpl.extract(TokenExtractorImpl.java:27)at org.scribe.oauth.OAuth10aServiceImpl.getRequestToken(OAuth10aServiceImpl.java:64)at org.scribe.oauth.OAuth10aServiceImpl.getRequestToken(OAuth10aServiceImpl.java:40)at org.scribe.oauth.OAuth10aServiceImpl.getRequestToken(OAuth10aServiceImpl.java:45)at com.tuanchauict.app.ChromeExtensionHandler.service(ChromeExtensionHandler.java:165)at org.glassfish.grizzly.http.server.HttpHandler$1.run(HttpHandler.java:217)at org.glassfish.grizzly.threadpool.AbstractThreadPool$Worker.doWork(AbstractThreadPool.java:565)at org.glassfish.grizzly.threadpool.AbstractThreadPool$Worker.run(AbstractThreadPool.java:545)at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:724)
  10. Using iOS SDK version 1.3.1. Calling the EvernoteSession's authenticateWithViewController:completionHandler: brings up the the Evernote app for authentication, as expected. After signing in with a sandbox account, the url passed back to my app is "en-<my-key>://incorrectProfile/Evernote" This effectively restarts the Oauth sequence in a web view inside my app, requiring the username and password to be entered again. What is going on and what can I do to let the Evernote app take care of the whole authentication and authorization process (like expected). I also get the same behavior when using the Sample app bundled with the SDK. Regards, Robin
  11. Resource recognition not working in sandbox

    Since August of this year resource recognition has stopped working for me on the Sandbox. I'm certain that it's not an issue in my code, since searches retrieve no results on the sandbox.evernote.com website, either. Also, the same code works fine within the production environment. What's going on? There has been a thread about this here since June with no response. Could you please look into this? I prefer to test my apps in the sandbox but I can't do anything until this issue is fixed! Thanks, Ben
  12. Hi there, i have set up sandbox environment at my server.i have set up the following: define('EVERNOTE_CONSUMER_KEY', 'xxx');define('EVERNOTE_CONSUMER_SECRET', 'xxx');define('OAUTH_CONSUMER_KEY', 'xxx');define('OAUTH_CONSUMER_SECRET', 'xxx'); define('EVERNOTE_OAUTH_HOST', 'https://www.sandbox.evernote.com');define('EVERNOTE_REQUEST_TOKEN_URL', 'https://www.sandbox.evernote.com/oauth');define('EVERNOTE_AUTHORIZE_URL', 'https://www.sandbox.evernote.com/OAuth.action');define('EVERNOTE_ACCESS_TOKEN_URL', 'https://www.sandbox.evernote.com/oauth');define("noteStoreHost", "www.sandbox.evernote.com"); but i have redirect to evernote then i get the following error: CURL error: Couldn't resolve host 'www.sandbox.evernote.com' Please help me with this. Thanks in advance Regards,
  13. We need to completely empty a sandbox account (i.e. delete all notes, notebooks, resources, trash etc.) before running a series of automated sync tests of our Evernote Sync API based implementation. Is there a way to do this programmatically, so we can make this part of our test code? It is not practical to manually delete all notes and notebooks and then use the Evernote app to empty the trash for each test case. If this is not currently possible, could you please add a way to do so? Thanks.
  14. I tried yesterday (and just now) to open a dev support ticket to enable premium on two sandbox accounts, but it's throwing JS errors (see image below; also happens on safari and FF latest on osx 10.8.4). Poking the JS in the console I was able to get the form to appear, and it appeared to successfully submit (got some json back with https://devevernote.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/2143.json in it). So, here are my questions: * mods, can you check to see if support actually got my ticket? * how long does it usually take dev support to respond to these tickets to change sandbox accounts to premium? * is there an alternative method for making sandbox accounts premium? * is the broken support dialog set up that way to make sure only folks who can debug web pages can submit support tickets? Thanks!! Jason p.s. the sandbox accounts I want to be premium are betamatch_jason and betamatch-vendor-1
  15. I'm working on an app that relies on image recognition. It seems like the sandbox server isn't doing recognition, though. I uploaded the same image to my normal account and to my sandbox account. The normal one was recognized within an hour, sandbox hasn't recognized since Friday. You've used the term "wedged up" before. Does sandbox need unwedging? Was the feature removed from sandbox? Should I upgrade to a full api key and work on the primary server? Thanks, ~Aleks Litynski
  16. i have tired the following Close the Evernote app Copy the bootstrap file to the /sdcard/Evernote directory Restart the Evernote appbut that bootstrap.bin in following path but didnt get success can anyone pls tell me what m doing wrong
  17. Currently working on our python based web app's evernote intergration. I appear to be getting very slow or no responce whe performing any action that uses the notestore (user store and oauth are fine) in sandbox. i am using the python evernote library (version 2.23.2) the calls in question are:- - EvernoteClient.get_note_store() (feeds into notestore variable) - notestore.listNotebooks() - noteStore.findNotesMetadata it dosent appear to be a network connection issue as i can access every where else fine and even the sandbox webapp runs fine. is any one else having this problem, or conection problems with sandbox? Any help would be apreaciated.
  18. 1) My developer just sent me a copy of the Evernote application I had him develop but it requires that I set up a sandbox account, which I did. However, while i can log on the sandbox account on the web, I cannot log on to the sandbox account on my iPad or within the Evernote laptop version on my Mac. And if I can't log into those versions of the software I can't import notes from my regular evernote account. 2) Also, my developer sent me the following note. Could you please answer #1 and then also let me know if the following note is correct: "...you’ll have to create your account on sandbox.evernote.com and test using this account as it is impossible to synchronize with evernote.com as our app is still in development and not uploaded to AppStore."
  19. Hi, I'm not able to receive note thumbnails from my sandbox account programatically in reason of missing permission. I use this URL: "https://sandbox.evernote.com/shard/shardId/thm/note/noteID") Can somebody help me? [Moderator: Moving to developer's section]
  20. As part of last night's service release, we updated sandbox.evernote.com with new settings that invalidated passwords and auth tokens on sandbox. If you are having trouble authenticating to Sandbox, please follow these steps : 1) Reset your password using the standard email round trip. https://sandbox.evernote.com/RForgotPassword.action 2) Log into the web client and revoke all of your existing OAuth tokens. https://sandbox.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action 3) Log into the web client and revoke your existing dev token, then generate a new one. https://sandbox.evernote.com/api/DeveloperToken.action
  21. Working with the sandbox evernote and developer token. Want to - for now - turn the displayed title into a link to that note in my sandbox evernote on my dev machine. It looks like I'd build a URL that looks like: https://sandbox.evernote.com/Home.action?#st=p&n=42125d8e-b99d-4e4e-89de-50826693cff2 with n=guid. but this forum entry: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18854-best-way-to-handle-note-display/?hl=%2Bopen+%2Bnote#entry94258 talks about "shard ids". Only mention I've found is in http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/note_links.php What's the right way for newbie baby steps in the sandbox? And, once I start using Oauth, is there a way to ask the API for a Note Link for a given note?
  22. Hi, Here is an (quite) easy way to use the sandbox with the evernote desktop client. The idea is to use a proxy application to rewrite the http request on the fly. Tested on Mac Os X Lion. SAVE YOUR DATA FIRST ! First, you need to download and install http://www.charlesproxy.com/. You can use it freely for 30 days or buy a full version for 50$. Be aware that the free trial version limits you to 30 mins for each session. Once installed you have to install the charles certificate bundle as described in the documentation : Now launch Charles and go to Proxy > Recording Settings > Include and add the following location : Then, go to Tools > Rewrite and import the following rewrite rules : evernote_charles_rw_rules.xml Click on the record button.Relaunch the Evernote desktop client. Log-in with your sandbox account.Enjoy. evernote_charles_rw_rules.xml
  23. I'm trying to test web clipping with web app. Problem is I can't seem to log into webclipper plugin with developer id. Is this a deliberate limitation? Am unsure how to go forward with testing.
  24. Hi: I've started getting and INVALID_AUTH exception with parameter "consumerkey" when I try to run my in-development app against https://sandbox.evernote.com. The username (on sandbox) is also inspiredmars. I havent tested this functionality in a while. Do you expire api keys if they haven't been used? Thanks in advance,
  25. So I have started working on another API to be added on our social networking third party integration on android. Currently I am using sandbox to authenticate and create a note store using Android SDK and the sample program. So whenever I login, it authenticates me to sign in on my sandbox user ID. But when I try to select an image and save to evernote to create a new note, it always throws me an error - "Error creating new Evernote note". It always happens at this line : Note createdNote = session.createNoteStore().createNote(session.getAuthToken(), note); I have already authenticated and received the authentication token, but I never pass this line. Where shoud I start debugging or am I missing any steps in between ?