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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! I’ve been a Evernote user for many years. I have a setup that automatically sends all my important emails, account statements and email receipts to my Evernote account. I also scan ALL my letters into Evernote using my ScanSnap scanner. While most of my workflow has been automated, once it gets into Evernote, I’ll need to manually sort and organise all the paper mail and emails in a strictly adhered to tagging system. I used to spend a 1-2 hours every month sorting out my inbox notebook on Evernote. I looked for a rule based sorting system. Found a few but none of them were reliable enough for me to adopt. I even hired a VA to help me sort my Evernote account for a while. But that didn’t work as well as I hoped. Hence I created http://Autocron.co. For the last few months, my Evernote workflow has been running automatically. An example automated work flow is attached as an image in this post. The web-based app is currently in beta stage and I’m opening up invites to a select few users to help me out some real-life load on the server before I move the development into its next phase. Being in development stage, there are bound to be some bugs. But as a beta user, you'll have the privilege in shaping the future of the App. If you’ll like access to AutoCron.co, please following the following link! AutoCron.co
  2. I want to have certain incoming emails automatically redirected into Evernote. I know how to Create rules to do this but I don’t know how to get them in a specific notebook that way, it redirects to my default notebook. In order to do this I have to be able to change the subject of my mail when setting the rule for this automated action. This is not possible in gmail or Apple mailclient. Solution?
  3. Is there a way (and if there isn't could you please feed this into your new features requests queue) to automate sorting of notes that land up in the default notebook into other notebooks according to title, tags and content. Please note that I am aware of the features of being able to put notebook names and tags in the subject line of an email and these are NOT suitable for my situation. I am also aware of IFTTT but cannot find any recipies that do what I need to do. At work I am working on anythign from 3 to 10 projects at a time. Each project has a unique 6 digit code. Whenever I send an email relating to a project I put the project code at the start of the subject line. I am gradually training my co-workers to do the same. In Outlook 2010, our corporate mail client, I have rules set up to put any mail with the project code in the subject line into a matching category, for mails from co-workers who don't yet put the project code in the subject line (now few in number) I manually add the category. This means that if I want to find all the emails to do with, say, project 104985 I just have to filter by category to category 104985. Now I'm using Evernote more I'd liek to set these rules to forward project emails to my Evernote email address. Unfortunately Outlook doesn't support adding to subject lines when you forward with a rule so I can't specify the notebook name in the subject line. Ideally what I'd like to be able to do is set up a macro of some kind that will periodically scan through my default notebook and apply sorting rules to each item. As a minimum simple rules like "If the title of a note contains the string '104985' then move it to the '104985 do the thing at the place' notebook" and the ability to set priority of rules (simple move up or down a list and execute in the order of the list, once a note has triggered a rule the rest of the rules aren't executed for that note). Ideally also be able to call other rules from within a rule and have them execute so the above rule may call a rule that is something like "If any line in the body of the mail contains the strings 'From: *John Williams*' or 'To: *John Williams*' or 'CC: *John Williams*' (where * is, in common with many systems/applications, a wildcard for 0 or more characters) then add the tag 'Half a Job'".
  4. Hi Everyone, I am implementing a "rules engine" in the form of a web-application. The rules are composed of a filter and an action. Thus far I have implemented filters on note metadata. You can match on the Note Name, Text, Date, Size, Tag, Folder, or custom Checkboxes (generated from within Action Rules). Actions implemented thus far are Move or Copy Note, Add or Remove Tag, Add or Remove AR-Checkbox, Check or Un-Check AR-Checkbox. I am currently making adjustments so that image recognition data, and office document data will be included for searching along with the metadata. Additional actions I am considering are "assign reminder", document conversion (like Word to PDF), and maybe some form of encryption. What do you think of these? What additional filters do you think would be valuable to add to this system? What additional actions do you think would be valuable to add to this system? Thank-you, Perryn Gordon
  5. Hi Everyone, Thank-you for your interest in Action Rules. Action Rules is a web-service that automatically takes action on any note that has been created or modified, based on user defined rules. Use Action Rules to automate your notes.
  6. Folks, I'm very sad to see that the list of 'filter rules' that comprised my saved search are no longer visible to me in the interface (Lion OS 7.6.2). In previous releases when i clicked on my saved search i would see the filter rules being used, for example: tag:Active, tag:P1:, etc. Now when I click on the saved search it filters my notes but I no longer have access to the original rules being used ... can I have that back? Am I missing it? Can someone help me here or take this User Story as input .. "As a user, I want to see the filter rules being applied when I click on a saved search, so that I can understand the resulting list of notes. I also want the power to edit the list of rules so I can modify and tune existing searching creating new ones. " Help!!