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Found 15 results

  1. I can have pdf show inline or, as an unopened attachment in a note. I can open the note in a separate window and try to read the pdf inline without opening a new program to read it. The problem rises that while the text is the correct size in the new window of the note, the pdf is shown very large inline this means I can see only a third, or half of the pdf in full screen mode in the new window of the note. So, I cannot comfortably read it. Is there a way to resize the pdf while it is shown inline? If there is no such feature now can I expect a feature to be added for this? Plus, I think it would be easier if we could annotate the pdf while it is shown inline without having to open a new window for annotation every time.
  2. kato.news@gmail.com

    Resize Image (weight)

    Dear All, I use Evernote for making a report with a lot of photos 4Mb each ; so I got a problem because my note's weight is too important. Then do you know how reduce the weight of each photos ? inside evernote ? The option of Evernote for modify the dimension is good but don't change the weight of the note. Thanks in advance for your help. Kato
  3. I was having trouble with the last column of a table not having the text wrap as it should. And often I couldn't make the table wider -- the marker to resize on the right wouldn't appear, and it would be darker than the usual column boundary. It's been a pain for a while until I found a workaround. The problem is easily duplicated: create a 2x2 table in a new note put some long text in there that needs wrapping, especially in column 2 shrink the window's width past the right edge of the table. The table will retreat in size leaving a margin on the right and a darker edge to the right border of the table. Now the right column cannot be made wider and any long text in it will not be visible unless you use your mouse in the text To resolve: widen the window out enough so that the thin right border of the table appears. Now all the text is visible and wrapping normally, and you can adjust your table size. Then you can readjust the table width if you want and resize the window. Hopefully this helps some others, at least until EN fixes it. I'm on Win 10 running (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) but it's been a problem for a while.
  4. Guest

    image resize

    I often upload images to evernote and resize them by dragging the blue square. Occasionally, these images all revert to their original size causing me to have to manually resize all the images. I use Evernote on mobile, mac and web. Is there a way to turn off the resizing? or other way to avoid this? Chris
  5. hi, i use evernote web, firefox 56.0.1 (64-bit), linux centOs 7. After I have run a search, in the search result pane only small portion of note titles is displayed (see the pic attached). I need to be able to increase the area with search results so that I can see the titles in full or at least greater fraction of it. This is possible in the Windows client, but unfortunately impossible in the New Evernote Web. please do. tnx.
  6. I want to resize the width of one of the columns in a table that I just entered but nothing I try works, To see this behavior, insert a 2x2 table with a 100 pixel cell width. The table looks like this: Now enter "word1 word2 word3" The table now looks like this: I would expect to drag the column to make it wider. Is there a way to do this?
  7. The search item window or box in the toolbar is too small. When I search for notes with a specific tag, and when the tag I select is a longer word, I have no chance to add in the search box an additional search criteria. Therefore, the search box should be larger. In the previous Evernote versions it worked fine but now? evernotesearchnoteitem.pptx.pdf
  8. I just installed the Evernote app for Mac and was setting up the screen layout to my preferences. First I switched the view to "Top List View," then I started resizing the columns so I could read everything. Unfortunately, when I resized the "Title" column by double clicking on the right edge of the "Title" column header (similar to what I do in Excel to auto-resize a column to fit to contents), it resized that column to take up the entire screen, and now I cannot resize it to be any smaller! When I put my cursor over the right edge of the column, instead of resizing the column it wants to resize the overall app window, since the column now stretches to the edge of the app. Any ideas for how to resize a column when I can't access the edge of the column?? I've already tried: Removing the Title column from the view and adding it back. The old sizing is remembered and it takes up the whole screen as soon as I add it back. Re-ordering the columns so that the Title column is between two others. It doesn't make a difference - Title still takes up the whole window and I can't view the other columns. Toggling between view modes (i.e., Side List View, Top List View, Card View, etc.). Changing settings in the other view modes does not seem to affect the Top List View settings. I'm willing to uninstall and reinstall the app if needed, but wondered if there is an easier way to fix this. Thanks!
  9. Gauthier

    Image Size Optimization

    Hello, I often take screenshots on my Mac that I directly copy within Evernote. Nevertheless, the resolution and the size of these screenshots is bigger than what I need. The size could be lower, and the quality the same. Is there a way to optimize the picture size, when I copy one into Evernote ? I know I can change the size in another software before importing it into Evernote, but it takes ages to do it over and over again. (I'm a Premium member, but this is annoying when I want to export what I saved into Evernote later on. For example, when I export a screenshot to Anki that I previously saved into Evernote, the size is way too big) Thank you for your ideas
  10. aeon

    mac Image scaling quality

    I use a retina macbook pro so need to scale screen grabs to 50% size before saving so that they end up the 'correct' size when shared with other users. When I look at the saved files I am always disappointed by the quality. Lines which are near horizontal exhibit bad aliasing. The output from Skitch is so poor that I have taken to grabbing and annotating in skitch and then resizing as a separate operation in another application which maintains image quality (trying the lightweight 'RePix' at present which so far I like.) Also - a feature request. Could the 'crop / resize' control please remember in which mode it was last used and default to that when selected? Annoying to have to select to resize each time. I have to say I preferred the much greater ease of use of the old Skitch in this regard.
  11. Hi guys I use the side list view in my Evernote application... I cannot however make the side list view smaller than a certain point... Also there is no option to 'collapse' it and to 'reopen' it... A button to do this would be awesome... I like viewing my notes n the actual evernote application without opening a 'secondary window' for full view... Is there anyway to expand/collapse the side list, for increased space? This is important to me on my Laptop, as I am almost always using two apps side by side... I need to be able to easily increase/collapse my view size of my notes... If not possible I think this would be a welcomed feature... Thank you
  12. Hello, The old web interface used to allow me to resize the uploaded images by draging them diagonally. It seems the new interface does not allow you to do that anymore ... Is there still a way to achieve that? Sometime when you want to compare two images in one note, a smaller image is useful. I have tried the client in linux with the help of wine, but seems to me it doesn't have this function either. Did anyone have similar experience? Do you have a solution for this? Many thanks. JM
  13. A couple times, we've inserted photos into a note, and the photos (as one might expect) end up huge. This is because the source files are taken directly from jpg files downloaded from the camera. It would be nice if Evernote would provide a drag handle at the corner of the attached/inserted image to resize it to a size courteous for sharing with friends. (Perhaps this is available and we simply haven't stumbled upon it. If so, my bad for this suggestion!) Until such a feature is available, we'll take the time to create resized images in advanced before copying/pasting into an Evernote.
  14. Like we had in that fantastic solution before you guys bought it, when will we see: 1. Fill tool? 2. Dropshadow? 3. Simple drag-n-drop resizing on the fly? 4... Let's start there. Thanks.
  15. I'm trying to create a note by sending an email. Everything seems to work correctly with one exception. When the mail contains a photo, it always appears in its original size. I use evernote especially on my android phone and images uploaded by other means are always resized to the screen (same thing when viewing them from my pc). how can I make the images sent by mail "resizable"? thanks for the answers and forgive my bad english ..