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  1. Hi, I'd like to suggest that EN be able to extract itinerary information from notes and create reminders automatically based on time and/or location from them. As it is, Gmail has this feature but it only works on air travel and hotels. There are some Android apps out there that do this too, such as App in the Air. However, other details such as airport transfers, train tickets, tour confirmations, spa confirmations, (and the like) are not captured. I have recently downgraded back to Basic because i dont find much value to justify the expense. I think if EN could do the above, it would be worth subscribing again. thanks, steve
  2. Reminder date

    I believe the usability of reminders can be quicker and more effective. Once I click the reminder button on the desktop, how about already have an option to click a calendar date and set a time instead of having to click to "add a date". Usually people want to be reminded of something, so the date and time part of it is quite important, and almost a given.
  3. While migrating notes from Google Keep to Evernote Premium I was stunned to learn that there is no geofencing capability. Location-based reminders is not a new concept. It allows people to be reminded to do something the next time they are at a particular place. Some use it for shopping lists when they get to a particular store. Others remind themselves to do something when they arrive at a client or place of business. This is a BIG GAP that needs to be closed to stay relevant.
  4. Dear community, Let me introduce a new product called Calendar Cloud. It is a cloud-based service that helps you to sync events from different sources to Google or iCloud calendar. In contrast to others solutions available on the market we are focused on simplicity and want to solve end user's problems. We started early access around 2 months ago, but last week we released Evernote integration. Now, I want to share it with you. Check out Calendar Cloud is the simplest way to sync Evernote's reminders to Google or iCloud calendar If you are interested. Use any of the following communication points to ask your question, share your experience or report any problem. Product page: https://calendar-cloud.com/ Blogger: https://calendarcloud.blogspot.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calendarcloud/ Support email: support@calendar-cloud.com (generally we respond within 24 hours) Moreover, you can ask your questions in this thread. Thanks for your attention.
  5. Hello, I was hoping for assistance in linking my Evernote reminders to my google calendar. Secondly, is it possible to connect Evernote notes to calendar events? I look forward to hearing others insights and suggestions. Thanks, Ed
  6. I tested recurring reminders last month, and now can't turn the darned thing off! I set up a recurring reminder to "water garden" for every-other-day. I can delete that day's reminder, but can't find access to the original reminder to delete or turn off. Thanks!
  7. In the hundreds of notes I have, I can’t find the few that have reminders set until they go off. It would be nice to be able to filter or list them. The work around would be to tag reminder, but seems link another unnecessary step.
  8. I am trying to get reminders from evernote to sync to my Google Calendar as 'All Day' events. I use the all day event section of the google calendar as a daily to do list for non time specific things I need to do on a certain day. I have my reminders synced through 'Evernote Calendar Connector' by Cronofy. When I make a reminder it automatically sets the time at 8am and puts the event in my calendar. If I go into my calendar app (default calendar app for Mac) and change it to an 'All Day' event it screws the reminder up in evernote. It either changes the time of the reminder in evernote to 6PM (which in turn changes it in my calendar app automatically) or it changes the date of the reminder in Evernote. If I could just make an reminder in Evernote that had a date and no specific time that would fix this I think. Is there a way to make this work?
  9. Counters using numbers can be added for all menus in Main Menu, also counters in title bars. The Reminders in blue text above all notes is still handy, but upon entering the app, there are times where I just want to see my reminders as its own menu settings with other options for reminders as its own entity. Please see screetshots for examples:
  10. Annoying Reminders

    Hello, Just would like to request the feature of being able to decide whether a reminder should be eliminated or not when is market as done. At the moment if you mark it like done, basically stays there with the rest of your notes... This is ANNOYING. I know I can have as many notes as I want, but I don't want to have notes of a title "call mom" repeating over and over next to actual useful ones. Thanks.
  11. I am using Chrome version 60.0.3112.78 (Official Build) (32-bit). Under "REMINDERS" the default sort order is flagged as "Custom". When I change this to "Due Date" it is sorted accordingly but the sort setting (and sort order) returns back to "Custom" the next time I visit the home page hence my question : Is it possible to retain the sort setting for listing reminders ?
  12. When I create a new note on my iPhone in 11.0.1, there is no click face to click on to designate it as a reminder. What has happened? I need my reminders.
  13. List of reminders supposed to be like in pic.1, but after some time it becomes like in pic.2 Restart helps, but it is not normal. Before MacOS update to High Sierra never happen.
  14. EVERNOTE FANS android users.i am a heavy user of EVERNOTE and huge fan. i use it for everything. the use of reminders was not good enough for me , so , i have developed, for my own use, a 3 dimensional unique view of REMINDERS.Looks great , easy to use , colofull i would love to get you input before uploading it to the EVERNOTE app center. interested ? , send me a request , manny@REBO.com and i will send you back the APK. ( no tricks , no malware , no virus )
  15. [Request] Reoccurring Reminders

    I would love to see reoccurring reminders. I currently use the reminders app in IOS but would gladly ditch it so I can continue to use Evernote for everything. Thank you.
  16. I'm not sure this is possible (I couldn't figure out how), to receive notifications for updates (edits, added files) for a given notebook I'm sharing (or within a notebook someone has chosen to share with me). I see that I can make reminders to myself (or chat to others), but it really would be helpful in my case at least. As a teacher, I like to receive notifications when a student has altered a notebook (esp. ones that they created). Is that at all possible, desirable?
  17. hello evernote fans. i have developed for my own use , a specialty designed REMINDERS VIEW. android based for now. allows three dimensions , filtered and colored view of reminders. interested , let me know , and i will supply the apk. no charge. attached are some screen examples contact me on Mrosenblum@gmail.com
  18. I have the Outlook app for iOS and I love the feature that picks up the EN reminders and puts them in your calendar. It even has the green EN icon next to the reminder. However, I can't figure out if my desktop version of Outlook can do the same thing? I would love to create an "EN Reminder Calendar" in Outlook that I can overlay with my normal appointment calendar. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  19. I love reminders and know how to do them via email but I can't find hot to do them in the Windows desktop client. I have a note I'm creating (or already created) and want to add a reminder. Can't see anything that looks like an alarm clock icon like the Mac interface has. I've looked in the menus, had the note open and closed (highlighted), etc. No luck. Please advise. Thanks! For context, I'm using the classic Windows client (because, and I've posted about this, the new client is completely impractical for how I use Evernote...so I hope the answer isn't "Use the new client to get reminder support").
  20. Hi, I keep a different note within my "meetings" notebook for the many different meetings I attend. In each note I am constantly using the "to do" check box to keep track of my take aways from the meeting and what I'm responsible for completing. It would be really nice if there was a feature that could be turned on that highlighted any notes that had unchecked to do boxes. This would help to make sure I don't forget to go back to a note to see what I need to do. If it was highlighted or popped up some kind of reminder when I opened Evernote I would know I still had a action item from a meeting I needed to complete before the next one. Once all the to do boxes are checked off, then it would go back to not being highlighted/the reminder would go away.
  21. I love using evernote but the reminders feature is very poor. It feels very much like an addon rather than a true feature. I use evernote for everthing and would love to get rid of using e.g. calendar and tasks in outlook and focus on Reminders in Evernote. Some of the issues. 1. the reminders don't have an easy way to switch off/cancel when its been seen. E.g. it stays as a red mark on the app. Often I don't want to delete the whole note just to get rid of the red reminder icon. 2 I would also have a shortcut into reminders from email or the other webapps such as the @XXX feature that is added when you want a note to go straight into a specific folder. I believe reminders can be a much more powerful tool 3. Reminders could also have multiple options for saving at different priority levels.
  22. iCloud Integration

    I love the integration now between Google and Evernote. I would love to see similar integration with iCloud and/or the macOS Apps Calendar and Reminders. The idea is simple enough (though I know execution is far more difficult ): If I create a checklist in a note, it can sync to the Reminders app, a due date would appear in Calendar, and a meeting in Calendar would allow for a meeting note to be made in Evernote.
  23. I just installed Evernote on a new Windows 10 PC. On the notes, there is no clock icon (reminder icon) showing at the top. I have to click on the little down arrow in the top right corner, then click on "reminder" to set a reminder. Then, once I have the reminder set, there is still no icon showing me that reminder date/time. I can't find anything in the settings to make the reminder icon visible. Can anyone help? I love the reminder feature but I need to be able to see that a reminder is set without having to go through a couple of clicks. Thanks!
  24. NEED Keyboard shortcuts to access Reminders, (as well as Send a Copy aka Email Note). Can I recommend Control+r Also, setting certain set times to have notes remind you, in the style of Google Inbox, would be great. "This Evening", "Tomorrow Morning", etc. -Ben S.
  25. One of Evernote's primary strengths the workflow provided by its keyboard-friendly UI, which allows you to accomplish many things in a fraction of the time required to point and click. Reminders have been without keystroke support for a long time, and it's a major workflow disruption. Please consider a quick fix, which could be accomplished without dedicating an official "Keyboard Shortcut," by simply adding a keystroke sequence that lets you move through the File menu: Just as Copy Note Link is available mouse-free (Alt, N, L) , Add Reminder could be accessible via Alt, N, R (currently unused)