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Found 10 results

  1. SoftwareMarcus

    Evernote for Mac 6.3 Released

    We're starting to roll out Evernote for Mac 6.3 to customers. The official release notes are: New: Some people were unwittingly deleting notes by hitting ⌫. Totally our fault for not putting a safety on the deleter. So we changed the key command to ⌘⌫, which is much harder to do on accident (and is equivalent to Finder’s shortcut key). We also added a preference to disable auto-formatting of bulleted lists and emojis, for those who want a little more control. Fixed: Fixed an issue where font information was lost when copying from Evernote. Fixed an issue where URLs for web-clipped notes wouldn't appear. Improved tag auto-complete menu performance. Improved El Capitan visual and stability performance. Thanks again for directing any issues or comments to this post so it's easier for us to find and address. I also want to apologize to Mac App Store free users who may have seen the upgrade notice a lot around Black Friday. I want to assure you that this was not intentional or a change in policy. This was simply a bug that was introduced by our service team when creating this one-time promotion. I'm also hoping you're seeing an improvement in stability. We are seeing a significant drop in crashes with the release of 6.2 and we believe 6.3 will continue this progress. If you do crash we display a dialog that asks for your name and email when you launch the app again. Please fill this out. This is how we track crashes and we are actively fixing the top issues in every release. If you want to download the app now you can get 6.3 here. We've submitted 6.3 to the Mac App Store and will release it once Apple gives us the go ahead.
  2. SoftwareMarcus

    Evernote for Mac 6.5 Released

    Today we're releasing Evernote for Mac 6.5. Here are the official release notes. New We changed the key command for increasing or decreasing font size. To increase, hit “⌘>” and to decrease, hit “⌘<”. This aligns with other office productivity applications and allows us to use “⌘+” and “⌘-” for a future Zoom feature. Fixed Fixed an issue where checkboxes didn’t print. Fixed an issue where tags with periods or other symbols wouldn’t be found in the tag filter. Improved initial Mac setup performance for accounts with 1000+ tags. Fixed 7 of the top 10 crashing bugs. Beta Features (NOTE: These are only available on the Direct Download Version) We have a couple of features that are not quite finished yet but are available for beta testing purposes. Zoom - Use “⌘+” and “⌘-” to temporarily zoom in and out. There are a few bugs, including an issue with resizing images when in zoom mode. To try it out, go to Preferences -> Software Update -> Enable zoom. Code Block - This feature basically takes any selected text and converts it to a monospaced font and creates a gray background around the line of text. This also has a few bugs. It’s not recommended to turn this feature on if you’re an Android user because editing the note on Android will undo the code block. This works fine if you’re using the Common Editor beta version of Android, but will break using the standard Android app. To try it out, go to Preferences -> Software Update -> Enable code block. Please let us know if you find any issue and reply to this post so we can find them quicker. If you want to download the build you can get it here. P.S. I also wanted to add with a lot of sadness that this is my last day at Evernote. It's been a real pleasure working with all of you. I think Version 6.5 will be the most stable version of Evernote Mac ever and I'm really proud of the work the team has made on fixing crashing issues and working on sync errors. I also can't wait until you see 6.6. Now that the product is in a pretty stable state, we started to focus on some of the long standing issues that many of you have been asking for and also working on some cool things that will be totally unexpected. I'm disappointed I won't be here when 6.6 finally ships but as an Evernote user I'm going to be ecstatic. Thanks again to all of you in the Evernote community who have commented in these forums and played a big part in making our favorite product better.
  3. Anyone else have your Evernote application rendered unusable when updating to the newest version (October 2, 2016)? Error message result: It took quite a while to download all existing data (i have about 1,200 notes) and then even longer to migrate notes from an old version to the new. I would suggest not doing the update during a busy work day, or it may seriously impact your productivity. Save it for the weekend! After finally updating/migrating/synching, I got the following additional error: Unfortunately, after following the "To resolve this error..." instructions, I lost critical data which was neither saved on my MAC nor saved on Evernote servers. The critical data was regarding bank account transfers--lost forever--something that should never happen with a personal data base backed up by the Cloud, and supposedly syncs everything as you work with it. Warning: Before updating to the new version, be sure to save all notes in process, and even safer--also back up data on your computer.
  4. SoftwareMarcus

    Evernote for Mac 6.0.7 Released

    Today we release version 6.0.7. Official Release Notes Work Chat Attachments button shows all shared notes and notebooks in a chat Save from anywhere Click the share icon in many Mac apps to save what you see to Evernote Customizable toolbar Rearrange or remove options in the toolbar to fit your needs Performance improvements Numerous bug fixes More Detailed Release Notes Performance Fixes Made improvements to high CPU issue and general note editing sluggishness but we still have not resolved all of the issues in this area. We are working on a much bigger fix for the next release that we hope will finally resolve this issue for everyone. Made improvements to high CPU issue and general work chat sluggishness especially around sharing a note. Fixed drag and drop issues when dragging an image within a note or dragging an image or attachment over the title, context or white area at the bottom of the note. Attachments are now always appended to the end of the note. Fixed attachment preview breaking if switching between Automatically Resize, Zoom in, and Zoom out. Fixed issue when pasting URLs with & or ? on Mavericks. Fixed an issue where updating a Tag would change the Update date. Fixed an issue where searching a PDF would not work some times. Fixed issue where some business users wouldn’t show up in the work chat drop down. At this time, this is only for download customers. We have submitted this release to the Mac App Store and once Apple reviews and gives us approval we'll release it to customers. This typically takes about a week. As always, let us know if you run into any new issues with this release.
  5. EvernoteAlex

    Evernote for Mac v6.6 Released

    Hi folks, I’m excited to announce the release of Evernote for Mac v6.6. Before I present the new features, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the community. I joined Evernote HQ earlier this month as the new product manager of the Mac client. I’m absolutely thrilled to manage an app that I have extensively used and loved for years. Evernote has been the essential tool that I’ve relied on to capture ideas and accomplish goals in my work and personal life. Since 2011, I’ve created more than 4000 notes. Over the past several years, there’s been no app besides Gmail that I’ve used more frequently on a daily basis. This new role is so much more than just a job to me. I truly feel that it's a privilege to work with the Evernote team — and community — to continually improve a product that I’ve long been passionate about. I’m committed to doing what it takes to ensure that the product continuously provides a great experience for our users. The team has done a great job delivering Mac v.6.6! Please reply to this post and let us know how you like it! And if you find any issue, please also let us know about it in a reply to this post. You can download the new version here or from within the app. Here are the official release notes: New Effortlessly switch between notes. Introducing a new navigation/search feature that lets you switch between notes and notebooks with the tap of a quick key. Just hit “Command-J” to give it a try. (The previous notebook selector is still available with a new shortcut: “Command-Option-J”.) Zoom is here! Now you can use “Command-Plus Sign (+)” and “Command-Minus Sign (-)” or pinch gestures on the trackpad to zoom in and out of a note. Two of our developers responded to the call of this long-standing user request and knocked it out in our first ever Hack Week. Enjoy! You can now easily duplicate a note from the “Note” menu. Manage tags from the note view. Right-click a tag in the note editor to bring up a menu that lets you filter your notes by the tag, remove the tag from the note, or delete the tag from all notes. We redesigned the audio recorder for easy, intuitive recording and playback (OS X 10.10+). Fixed For a long time the left side nav used to just highlight the “Notes” tab regardless of what you had selected. We know. Now it highlights your current selection. Fixed an issue where local file system URI’s in the source field of a note would open up without notifying you. Fixed several issues that were causing crashes. Ongoing improvements to stability and sync performance. Cheers, Alex
  6. SoftwareMarcus

    Evernote for Mac 6.4 Released

    Today we be launched Evernote for Mac 6.4 (build 452969). Here’s a link to the release. The Mac App Store version has also been released. Here are the official release notes: New Start discussions in the Work Chat view with a New Chat button. Improved search behavior: When you clear a search you will be returned to your previous note or view. Search highlighting now highlights only words that start with the search phrase. Fixed When you restart Evernote, there was an issue that it sometimes didn't remember the last note you were on. Now it does. Improved overall stability. Let me know if you see any issues. P. S. An interesting fact is that a majority of Evernote users have upgraded and are now using Apple's latest operating system El Capitan. It's amazing how fast the transition happens on Mac vs Windows.
  7. SoftwareMarcus

    Evernote for Mac 6.2 Released

    Today we released Evernote for Mac 6.2. The key changes are: A redesigned note editor toolbar and window view that allows Evernote to be shrunk so you can use Split View on El Capitan but continue to use Evernote. Even before I switched to El Cap I found it useful because one is always trying to copy stuff to or from Evernote to another app and these new features allows one to do that.Work Chat is moved to the bottom of the sidebar to emphasize note taking again but to also give messaging it’s own separate space. Along with this is an all new note sharing infrastructure that we believe is a lot more stable and reliable. Finally we added some text-editing shortcuts. Type an asterisk and hit space to create a bulleted list. (“* ”). Type a number then a period and hit space to get a numbered list. (“1. ”). I know some of you have already expressed that you don’t like this capability but we do believe many will like the way this works and will appreciate that it’s much more like a word processor. If we auto-format the text just hit CMD+Z to undo it.Of course we also fixed a number of bugs including some of the top crashing issues and some weirdness caused when running Evernote on El Capitan. The Mac App Store version (6.2.1) was released on 1/17. As always, please give us your feedback and/or issues with this release in this forum so we can spot them quicker. You can download the app from here. NOTE: Beta users who ran 6.2 Beta 4 and do not use English as their primary OS language will NOT be able to upgrade to the final version of 6.2. Unfortunately there is a bug in Beta 4 that prevents the upgrade process from working for non-English systems. Please download the final version of 6.2 from the link above after which everything will work fine. The issue is in the upgrade dialog and not Evernote itself.
  8. SoftwareMarcus

    mac Evernote for Mac 6.0.3 Released

    Today we shipped Evernote for Mac 6.0.3 today. It includes: Continued sync improvements.Fixed the Classic Note Link issue where you had to hold option before opening the menu. Now you can push the Option button after the menu is up.Updates should work in-app. Otherwise, here's the direct link: http://goo.gl/pBvwku Thanks, Marcus
  9. I'm using Evernote with the newest Android Version on Samsung s4 and Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 edition 2014. Since yesterday I have the following problem: after updating (editing in the sense of adding some text and adding tags) between 20 to 50 records the evernote app freezes. The thinn blue line is running continuously, synchronization seems to run for ever. I have the feeling that it seems to hang on "downloading headers". The list of notebooks and the list of tags on the left cannot be displayed any more. Notes cannot be read, but the list of all notes can be displayed. I have around 12.000 notes on my free evernote account. Additionally I should mention that I am situated in Germany. I can't find any useful information in the forum or in the internet. Do you have any suggestions how to solve the problem or about the cause of the trouble? The Evernote server is running smoothly, but there have been a new release. Is something wrong with that release? Do you have similiar problems? On the internet I found reports about similiar problems under iOs and other platforms after a release. I changed already the synchronization frequency, but it didn't solve the problem. Any other suggestions what I could check? Thank you for your kind help in advance
  10. megsaint

    ios New version

    I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the new home screen. I can see the value in moving the buttons to start new notes to the top of the screen. However, I think I preferred the previous format. I'm not happy about the Notes section on the Home screen. Before, I had thumbnails of the recent notes. Now it's just titles and the day they were created. I can't seem to find a way to get the thumbnails back. I doubt I'll ever use the color choices. But, for those that like that sort of thing, it's a nice option. So far, I haven't noticed any performance issues or changes. Keep up the great work!