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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! Evernote is quickly becoming essential for my research as I'm able to quickly take screen shots/pictures right from the quick note pop-down tab. I love how you can just click the tab and have your note right at hand without having to quit an application or go anywhere. The trouble starts when you click "save to evernote." The note gets dumped into the unsorted notes, often without a meaningful title making it difficult to locate and tedious to recompile back into one note. I've tried just working with the actual note open through the evernote app, but there is no easy way to toggle between programs/windows, no easy way to capture screen shots of work done in another program (The note window must be open and in front, blocking any screen capture attempt). So my questions are these: Is there a way to specify where to save the quick note? Is there a way to have the content of your quick note join an existing note? Is there a way to annotate images directly from the quick note task bar? Lastly, I've never been able to get the shortcut keys for screen capture to work on my mac, any advice? Thanks everyone!!
  2. With the Evernote widget, you can create notes from the Today View in the Notification center, even on a locked screen. Without needing to launch the Evernote app itself, you can now create new notes, save locally-viewed content such as web pages, photos, and audio recordings. The Evernote widget comes installed with Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch on version 7.5+ running iOS 8. The widget is not automatically enabled, so you’ll need to follow these steps to add it to the Notification Center on your device: 1. Enable ‘Access on Lock Screen' on your iOS device Go to iOS Settings > Control Center and enable ‘Access on Lock Screen' 2. Edit the notification center settings Swipe down from the top edge of the screen to bring up notifications in the ‘Today’ view Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, tap Edit, then tap + to add to the ’Today View’ list (tap and drag Evernote up and down to change the order it appears in the notifications list)You will need to run 7.5.0 at least once before the widget or extension will show up as an option in the menu. If you can’t see Evernote as an option after tapping More from the share panel or in the ‘Edit’ section of the notification center, make sure the device is unlocked, and you have started the Evernote app since upgrading.
  3. Please allow tagging from Quick Note. Great tagging is one of Evernote's premiere features. Not being able to tag notes severely limits the utility's usefulness.
  4. mac Tagging Quicknotes Shortcut

    Using Evernote on my mac I find very comfortable to add a quick note with the shortcut ^-cmd-N , anyway it looks like it is impossible to tag it. Is there actually a way to tag a quick note and I'm missing how or there is no way to do it?
  5. Dear forum, I have developed a small application for windows that helps you to quickly take notes in Windows. The idea is similar to the "Evernote Qiuck Note for OS X" but with more features: Right-to-left,Markdown,Evernote Reminder,Inline Tags and Notebook assignment,and ...It is fast, easy to use and powerful. Take a look: NimbleBox. Hope you like it.
  6. mac Suggestion

    I think that the quick note is a great feature in evernote and I couldn't live without it anymore. However there are a few things that make using quick note a bit of a drag: Firstly I think that there should be a button, maybe even a shortcut, for the user to take a picture with the default camera. This would be extremely helpful as i don't have a smart phone which I assume has a feature like this and adding a picture quickly would probably make evernote replace the photobooth app for evernote users.I think the user should be able to cycle through 3 areas using the tab key. The first the title, second main text with main content and third tag's. This would make quick note less simple however it would make all the difference for people who want to make a fast note using quicknote and keep their notes organised without loosing the ability to do it quicker than the main evernote program. I apologise for the post if these features are already in development or if the question has already been answered and I failed to find it.