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Found 9 results

  1. Jewishgenproject9

    Quick Note Issue

    The little elephant icon on the apple toolbar (NOT EVERNOTE WEB CLIPPED, EVERNOTE QUICK NOTE.) I used to take a screen shot and the cursor would appear below the image and then I could type; go back to work; take another screen shot and that screen shot would appear below the previous one and I could type below it. now they do it so the screen shots are appearing at the top and you cant write one thing underneath each one. how do I get the images to appear at the bottom again. its pissing me off
  2. DayEntryHave one single Evernote note for any day. Log your thoughts, notes, records, timestamps, photos, reminders, geotags to the note quickly. All your notes are stored in the special Evernote notebook chronologically. The note is labelled with the current date automatically. You can have many journals selecting different notebooks. It’s best for doing your journal, diary, life log in Evernote. You can choose the date to make an entry freely if you miss the day. App automatically inserts geotags and timestamp. When offline the entries are stored locally until app is online. You can choose prepend or append notes, any date format. Link to download https://itunes.apple.com/app/dayentry-does-your-diary-journal/id909943922 Features: - Separate journals for each notebook. - Choose any date for entry. - Take and attach multiple photos per record. - Quick recent photo. - Insert checkboxes, bullets. - Add tags to the note. - Auto geotagging and auto timestamp. - TextExpander support. - Offline record queue. - Gestures: “Undo” and “Redo” with a two-finger swipe; move cursor with one finger swipe; Close/Open keyboard with one finger swipe. - Font size options. - Hardware keyboard support. - Auto-save in case device crash or battery depletion. Settings: -Append/Prepend note modes. -Option for timestamps, geotags. -Switching day time. -Default notebook. -Default tags. -Font size. -Date and time formats. -Save to camera roll. -Photo size. -Photo quality. - URL Schemes: dayentry://new dayentry://new?content=c dayentry://new?content=c&notebook=n&tags=t1,t2 Twitter: @Gosubits
  3. Andrey Belonogov

    Textever 3 has been released!

    Try new version of popular Evernote tool for iOS Textever 3: https://itunes.apple.com/app/textever-3-quick-notes-diary/id955342150?mt=8 Textever is a quick and easy app for your diary, journal and life log. One tap to open, one tap to send and quick edit your plain text notes. Quickly add checkboxes, images, dates, times, reminders, bullets, tags and select notebooks. Quick and reliable synchronization between devices through Evernote. Import Evernote notes. Use 'Textever' tag to send your notes into Textever. Text editing assisted with Clear/Undo/Redo and auto-save even in offline. Additional gestures help moving cursor and undo/redo. Select one of several notebook paper choices. New Textever 3 Features: - Inline Images. - Text Search Highlighting. - Favorite Notes. - Open favorite and recent notes from Today Widget. - Recent Photo. - Tag, Notebook URL Schemes. - New keyboard tab. - Sort Options. - Save to Camera Roll option. Features: - Mutual Synchronization. - Take and Attach multiple photos per note. - Import existing Evernote notes. - Evernote Reminders. - Capture Links. - Bullets. - Preserve indents on new line. - Auto checkbox and bullets on new line. - Syncing edit cursor position. - Command+S key. - Discard (Hold Save button). - Send your notes to Evernote quickly and sync back. - Insert checkboxes and timestamps. - Passcode lock. - Select and create Evernote notebooks/tags in place. - Offline mode. - Location support. - TextExpander support. - Auto-save. - Paper choices. - Support Chinese yinxiang.com Evernote server. - Gestures: “Undo” and “Redo” with a two-finger swipe; move cursor with one finger swipe; Close/Open keyboard with one finger swipe. - Queue posts when offline. - Queue indicator. - Quick launch for typing on the go, keyboard is up by default. - Font size options. - Hardware keyboard support. - Redo/Undo/Clear Buttons. - Background sending. - 'Facebook', 'Twitter' support. - Delete or archive choices. - Export tracking. - URL Schemes: textever://new or textever3://new textever://new?content=c textever://new?title=t&content=c&notebook=n&tags=t1,t2
  4. Some important notes I've added through quick note can't be found. Even tried searching using one single word that is positively written in the note. Are quick notes saved or cached elsewhere on my computer?! I've searched the forum and can't find the answer. Thank you!
  5. I really dig the overhaul that EN received for iOS7, however, I really miss the ability to quickly launch an audio note. With my attention span, by the time I have a new note created and manage to get the audio feature selected, my ideas (which are primarily songs) have often vanished from my mind or been interrupted by life or troubleshooting. I think the "Type a quick note" banner is done super well! I just wish I that I could customize what those quick launch buttons were (IE: choosing to have the audio note as a shortcut instead of something like "Reminder" or "Camera" which I personally rarely use EN for). Would anyone else benefit from this feature?
  6. I've discovered - after a degree of frustration - that copying and pasting an image from skitch, on the mac at least, always creates a TIFF image. This default - as far as I can see - can't be changed. This has the unfortunate effect of messing up a workflow which I have otherwise found very useful - Using Evernote's Quick Note feature to produce simple tutorials on procedures on the mac by writing a text as I carry our the procedure myself and pasting in screen shots. This is no problem with snaps from quick note itself - but sometimes I need timed snaps of part of the screen - which Skitch can do so well - and I can't simply drag the images into the Quick Note pop up window (the window pops off when you try). Copying and pasting seemed the obvious workaround to this problem - but while the image is displayed in the Quick Note window, and while the resultant note can store the TIFF, Evernote itself can't display the images in the saved note. It would be very helpful if one or both of the following could be done 1. Skitch no longer defaults to TIFF in copy and paste (or this can be an option) 2. Evernote supports TIFFs - i.e. can display TIFFs inline. Of course, I may be missing something. Is there another solution (rather than workaround) to this problem?
  7. himion0

    mac Suggestion

    I think that the quick note is a great feature in evernote and I couldn't live without it anymore. However there are a few things that make using quick note a bit of a drag: Firstly I think that there should be a button, maybe even a shortcut, for the user to take a picture with the default camera. This would be extremely helpful as i don't have a smart phone which I assume has a feature like this and adding a picture quickly would probably make evernote replace the photobooth app for evernote users.I think the user should be able to cycle through 3 areas using the tab key. The first the title, second main text with main content and third tag's. This would make quick note less simple however it would make all the difference for people who want to make a fast note using quicknote and keep their notes organised without loosing the ability to do it quicker than the main evernote program. I apologise for the post if these features are already in development or if the question has already been answered and I failed to find it.
  8. Quick note - the little pop down window summoned with command + control + n - does not appear on the main display, it always shows up on the secondary display. I have not been able to find a setting that changes this behavior, so I'm wondering if this is a bug. There don't seem to be any reports about this, yet this has been a problem for months (or more). I'm currently using 5.4.0 Beta 1. This was happening on stable builds as well.
  9. Hi, I have been using Evernote on my mac for many years without any problem. But since I use the latest release and the new Quick Note, I have a problem : when I write some text in Quick Note, or clip a picture, theses elements are not saved into Evernote. This problem takes place only if Evernote app is closed. If Evernote app runs, text or image are correctly pasted. Is it normal ? Thanks for your help.