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Found 24 results

  1. To be clear - when I type I can type 1-2 letters and then it stops (sooo frustrating) working and a red exclamation mark appears up over the sync wheel. Pasting is completely disabled. I am not trying to sync (as my limits up), just need to be able to still add/edit notes (offline). I am running on a Mac Sierra and have the latest app version of Evernote. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I used some command once I think that closed my sidebar. I reopened it, but now every time I bring up evernote the sidebar is closed by default. Anyone know how to fix this? Edit: It's a mac
  3. I have a folder in my hard drive which contains subfolders, jpgs, pdfs, word docs and so on. If I dump the entire top-level folder to my Paid Evernote (Version 6.14 Beta 3 (456163 Direct)), I then get a zipfile in Evernote that opens all the subfolders and files. So what happens if I put the original Master Folder (in my Hard Drive) in the Trash and empty the Trash. Will the zip file still open all my subfiles? My understanding is that it will.
  4. See how the text on the right corresponds to the keywords on the right, and the text won't overflow past the next keyword? It's a beautiful format and I wish I could use it
  5. So, I'm trying to figure out how to create a local notebook and there seems to be very little information about it except how to create one. Which doesn't work in my case. Edit: I'm speaking of the EN on OS X El Capitan 10.11.1, latest version. Incase you didn't recognise from the screenshot.. Here's a screenshot of when I try to create a new local notebook trough the menu -> file -> new notebook -> : http://imgur.com/N1FS53n So, is this normal, a bug, or because of I am on basic evernote and I need to pay to unlock a local notebook feature?
  6. isabellemcneill

    linked documents?

    Hi, I love using Evernote to work on a big research project. However I still have a lot of documents relating to that project saved on my iCloud drive. Is there a way I can put links in a note that will take me directly to a document? To give a specific example: I'm making notes (with pictures - so great!) about a film, that I'm researching, in a note. I want to put links in the note to all the .pdf and Word documents (stored in folders on my iCloud drive) relating to that film. Can I do that? I don't really want to store all those docs in Evernote (which I think I can do, right?) because it will create a really massive note with a lot of scrolling. Much easier to have a bibliographic list with links to the docs I want. Does that make sense? I'm probably missing something here... All advice welcome!
  7. Hi, I would like to ask a question about publicly shared notes. If I share a note publicly and allow others to save copies, will I be able to see who saved it?
  8. I was wondering if there was a way to have multiple Evernote accounts tied to the outlook add-in. I have a business account and a personal account and would like to have the option to chose which account I save my emails to. Is there anyway to add a second save to Evernote button, or tie two accounts to the same one? Thanks.
  9. Hello, all, Recently, I have begun to use Evernote for a summer class I am in, and my teacher has embedded pdf's into the notes he shared. They appear as attachments in the note, and if I am on an iPad I can open all of them with no problem. However, if I am looking at the note on a desktop computer, when I click on an attached PDF it simply opens a new tab and goes nowhere. Are there any suggestions? I really need to see these pdf's on my computer.
  10. Hi, I'm picking up EverNote very quickly but have come unstuck in the end. The issue I have run into is the limitations of only being able to use ANY or AND logic but NOT a mix of the two (AND/OR). This is causing me problems such as being forced to use ANY logic which is pulling in unrelated notes from the ENTIRE database. An example of this occurring is when I search in all notebooks for: intitle:"_Glossary" any: tag:"fld-Information Science" tag:"fld-Statistics" tag:"fld-Programming" tag:"needs info" You can see that the intuitive goal is to see all my glossary notes that "need info" within the specified fields, however I will literally get every note in the ENTIRE evernote database tagged with all the "field names" or "needs info" tag. TLDR: I really require, in all-notebooks: ( intitle:this AND tag:that ) with tags x OR y OR z Does anyone have any advice, thoughts, workarounds? It's a shame because I designed my entire structure before recognizing the lack of search logic...woops!
  11. Here is my situation: Assume that there is a premium user who has a bunch of notes, like a 2 - 3 GB in amount each larger than 25 MB (which obviously exceed Basic account limit). That premium user want to share his notebook (well, it consists of a hundred of notes) to Basic account subscribers. Would he be able to do that? and Can basic accounts open the note (that is larger than 25 MB) or note book? (that would exceed upload limits per month?) Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm new to Evernote and I was wondering if there was a way to add additional information to items my notes that are lists without cluttering the look of the list. I know you can add as much as you like to a list including photos, links, and long form text, and that a more simplified version of what I am describing could be achieved by insetting bullet points under the primary list items with the additional information, pics, or links -- But I make a lot of lists and some of them are quite long and complex, so I was wondering if there is a collapsable version of this that would keep the list looking more streamlined and as a result easier to brows through and manage. I will give two short examples to further illustrate what I mean as I realize I may not be explaining it well. Say I have a very long list of movies I love, and with each movie I want to include a brief summary and my personal thoughts. I wouldn't really want to clutter it by having the descriptions and my thoughts (which could be lengthy) initially visible under each primary list item. Is there a way to have sub-notes (I don't quite know what to call it) which, by clicking on any given movie would expand out? Say I went on a vacation and made a list of all the cool places I went to and all the great restaurants I ate at. In this list I would want to include pictures for reference but if I included pictures under every item the list would look very bulky and become unwieldy. Is there a way to expand and contract the photos attached to specific list items so that they are not initially visible and the list can appear stream-lined?Thank you so much for your help and thoughts!
  13. Grad

    Notes on Desktop

    For those of us who use Evernote for to do lists, is there a way to have the list posted on the desktop for a window machine? Something like the window's sticky notes.
  14. Can you tell me if i get it right ! If i make a reminder on my mac ...! To sync to my iPhone evernote app without open the app i must pay premium account ? Otherwise the only sync is when i open my iPhone app ?
  15. I wanted to ask a few things about copyright before I upload my ideas to Evernote. I'm working on a video game, and every time I get a new idea that I'll add to my game, I need to write it down somewhere. Evernote just seems more convinient than an actual notepad, and if get a new idea when I'm away from home, I just write it down in Evernote on my smartphone, and when I come home, I can already access those notes on my PC. However, as many of you probably know already- sometimes when you upload information or pictures online, that service may get the copyright to it...for example Facebook. If you upload information or picture to facebook, they become the owners of that information etc. It's pathetic! So I want to know what's the deal with Evernote? When you upload information to Evernote is it always your ownership? Do you keep the copyright to it? I need to know before I start making any important notes... Please answer. Thanks in advance!
  16. I don't know how they got there, but I have two <no name> tags. I cannot click on the first one. Clicking on the 2nd one, gives the message: "No notes were found" I cannot delete either one. Thank you for any suggestions on how they got there or how to get rid of them?
  17. Afternoon folks, Been setting up a notebook for locations around Scotland that I want to visit, all nicely geotagged so that they display beautifully in Atlas. As I've slowly been working around the locations I move them to a second notebook (and tag them as being visited). Is there any way that I can view only the one notebook at a time in Atlas? Or is there even a way to filter notes appeaing in Atlas by tags? Seems like it should be a fairly simple thing to implement so I'm sure that it's there somewhere and I'm just being daft! Please help, you'd make my day if it's something I'm overlooking. Cheers, Dougie
  18. Can anyone share links to examples of how people organize and utilize their notebooks and tags? I think way you organize tags, notebooks, and how they work together is critical to staying organized - and mine could use improvement. I've read a lot of the Ambassador Tips and they tend to say "I organize my research in Evernote", but I'd love to see the details. Do you use a notebook for each project and sub-notebooks for research? Or maybe a great big notebook for all projects and then lots of tags to keep the separate projects organized? Or some freaky hybrid? I know there are a bazillions ways to do it and there is no right way. But hope if I see a few examples I can find a process that works for me. Thanks! Mashugana
  19. Hey friends, whenever I try to make a note, the standard Title that it puts on every note. All I want the default title to be is "note" rather than my friend's name... which is what it is right now. haha Additionally, whenever I make a quicknote, it always tries to put it in a folder I don't want to put it in. How do I change the folder so that I don't need to keep changing it?
  20. Hello, over a year ago, I began using Evernote on my Android phone. The syncing function broke soon after; it just said 'synchronization failed' every time, but since I'm not the most competent person around, I disregarded the issue - I really only used Evernote on my phone, so syncing was practically useless to me at that time. Now, still being unable to sync, I urgently need to move all my notes to a PC. I could try to fix the syncing issue, but here's the catch: I have a year's worth of unsynced notes, a lot of which are very important, on my device. Reinstalling/logging out is out of the question for now. I'm in a bit of a pinch! Here's my question... Is there any way to either: 1) fix the syncing issue without logging out/reinstalling, 2) export/share notes without syncing? [the 'Share' function itself doesn't work either, it says it 'failed to connect to the server'] (Upon connecting my phone to a computer, I was able to find a lot of .enml files which I *think* may be what I'm looking for. If all else fails, would copying them onto a PC be a sufficient way of exporting? Is there any way to open .enml outside Evernote's mobile app?) Thank you in advance & hope my English is understandable, it's not my native language.
  21. I'm having trouble figuring out how to clip an image or diagram from a powerpoint slide or PDF. I don't see any option to web clip in the powerpoint and the only option I can seem to find for PDFs ends up sending the entire PDF to evernote instead of just one image or diagram I wanted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. hi am new here, and i am wondering if there is a possibility that other EN users could see my my evernotes?
  23. When I clip from a web page, the clipper panel correctly defaults to the appropriate Notebook, but it seems to have picked up a default tag. How do I remove the tag? If I actually want a default tag, how/where do I set it? Pardon my lazy search technique, but I eventually found the answer in the Knowledge Base where I discovered the smart tagging option!
  24. Hi there - I was hoping I'd be able to get some smart opinions how to go about solving a specific need. Within my business there are about 5 people who would contribute to a shared EN notebook with a range of materials but ideally we need the rest of the business to be able to browse and use these materials. The likelihood is that on average, each 'browser' (as it were) would only need to use the shared space once every couple of weeks. The idea of paying $3.75 / month per user for those guys who are just browsing once a fortnight won't be signed off by management. Has anyone else found a smart way of doing this without breaking EN's Ts&Cs? The only thing I can think of is creating 6 accounts. 5 for full time use by the contributors and a single shared login for the rest of the business to use as and when they need to - obviously being restricted to one per at a time being able to use the account. I haven't checked the Ts&Cs but it sounds like the sort of thing that wouldn't be allowed. Any ideas? Thanks.