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Found 76 results

  1. Hello I am writing about the probems i have with evernote and auto titling I absolutely use auto titling with every note, i dont want to specifically write a separate note title each time I like to write a note and after it takes the first part of the note and makes it the title / introduction to the note... however ... in Mac. app there doesnt seem to be any auto title...!!! every note is always Untitled NOTE !!!!!! unless i must go and write specifically a new title for each note , this is terrible then in android, it does make the auto title thank goodness... but if there is a calendar event , the auto title wont work , it will put a title like - Note from groceries or something Unwanted ......... or with gps, it will but always note from Milan every time........ what the hell is this ? why not just the basic option of ..... Auto title note ..... without the need for GPS or Calendar...??!!??!?!!! its INSANITY am i the only one that realises this ?? how could it be so ?
  2. Bom Dia, Hoje ao iniciar meu expediente acidentalmente exclui uma tabela (muito importante, pois estavam todos os meus registros de expediente nela), querendo excluir somente uma coluna da mesma e logo na sequencia tentei usar o Ctrl + Z, não funcionou, nem na versão local instalada na minha maquina e menos ainda na versão web; gostaria de saber se alguém já passou por isso e se tem como recuperar a nota perdida, é um ponto crucial o poder desfazer uma ação, pois erros acontecem. Este fato me levou a reconsiderar o uso do Evernote para questões importantes.
  3. I change my mobile and try to login to my evernote account, But cannot login. Then I try to reset my password by use function "Forget Password" to send link to reset password to my email. I check all inbox, junk, spam box on my mail box not have any email from evernote. How can I solve this problem. Who can help me.
  4. First Problem About Font: I really hate the Evernote app. If there's one strong alterantif, I won't use Evernote again. Now, in the "Evernote Web" app, some 12 of my notes seem to have been prepared in 14 fonts. When I look through the Windows app, it all looks like it's written in 12. This program is really freaking out. All my buddies complain about similar problems. I don't want to do any more experiments. Please make an update hurry. Second Problem About Font: This is definitely a bug. It's a matter of update, believe me. I wrote in the table, tried it in the new note, or wrote it in the ongoing paragraph. The problem is that the "Evernote iphone" program appears to have a font size of 12 when the small font is set. In fact, the Evernote installed on the computer has a size of 10 fonts, but the phone says it's like it's written at 12. How did I know that? I tried in order. When I set up 12 font sizes in Windows Evernote then there's no problem. Because the little typecharacter from the phone adapts immediately to it. But if we make one step smaller, it doesn't matter 11 or 12. Then again it seems as if the iphone is writing at 12. Well, it doesn't actually say 12, but it's the way it looks. Like the photo I had before. I say it's a little complicated, but I can tell you there's no other way. * Windows Evernote If font 10 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 but it actually writes with 10 (when l look at pc). * Windows Evernote If font 11 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 but actually it is written with 11 (when l look at pc). * Windows Evernote If font 12 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 and it really writes with 12. Third Problem About Font: I erased Evernote and seduced him on the phone and on my computer. The writings came in the size of 10 fonts and the character "Segoe UI". Everything is normal. However, I enter a note from the phone (you can see from the enclosed photos) and see how big it looks from other posts. At first, I thought you were writing a different size font. But when I go through the computer and look at it (the yellow mark) I see that it's a font that's 10 written on it that's not different from the others. But it looks like it's still bigger on the phone. This is seriously disturbing. I hope I can be descriptive. I'm sorry for my bad English, by the way. My native language is not English. Finally: This is literally rude and disrespectful. I'm a "premium" user. There are millions of "plus" and "premium" Users like me, which means "Evernote" makes millions of dollars a year, thanks to us. And what does he do for our problems? I have almost 100 emails about this "font size problem". They're stalling you with Mail traffic. Everyone is turning on each other. No results. Why can't I get a quality service from my premium purchase? The only thing Evernote needs is a rival. He acts like a spoiled little boy, Evernote. All they need is a strong opponent.
  5. I search for a term and it doesn't find all the instances of that term, and I know because I manually find what I know is there, and sure enough it didn't bring that up in the search results. The term could be inside a note or the title of a note and it doesn't bring it up. For example searching for the name "Jung", and the search result only brings up one note where I have quotes by Carl Jung, and I know I have more than that, so i find the others manually, and there they are. I've not had this problem before with Evernote, is it a bug in the new version? I can't contact them because I only have the free version. Evernote: Version 6.13.1 MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  6. I'm trying to use Evernote at work. I work with two ladies. Lady one receives my work chat notes but she can't reply. Lady two neither receives nor can she reply (or even send a new one to me). What criteria do they have to meet before they can send work chat messages? They both use Gmail. This is on Evernote Web.
  7. Hi all, I've just updated to Mac beta 6.13.1 Beta 1 (455772 Direct) and the app no longer displays any windows. The app launches, the menu bar appears, but there are no windows and most of the menus are greyed out (notably the File and Window menus). I'm kind of stuck. Anyone else seen this, or have any ideas? Thanks, S.
  8. Copy and pasting text from Evernote occasionally, includes the html for spaces within the text. See attached. This never used to happen in previous versions. Evernote: Version 6.13.1 MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  9. Since few week I am having this problem: when I forward a mail to my evernote account from gmail I face this problem: 1. I can see the correct new note with the mail text and attachments in the web interface 2. In the desktop client a new note is created (with the title of the mail subject) but the note is empty: NO mail text, NO attachments Note that I can a small preview of the mail in the snippet column. Any hints? Windows10, client 6.7.5 Thanks, Gianluca
  10. Really like Evernote but one think that continues to frustrate me is how all activity in Evernote is halted during the sync process. I would like to see an improvement make in this process that would allow me to continue to work on my Notes while sync is in progress. I understand the difficulty in doing this but I am sure that it can be implemented with a bit of work.
  11. So I was just doing a lot of marking up of a PDF in one of my notes. Then when I exit out of the annotating window, all my annotations are gone, including ones that had been saved previously. Is there any way I can recover those annotations, or at least a way to ensure something like this never happens again? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have the following problem: A friend of mine sent me a note via work chat. I've reseved it and I can open it as well. But when he makes any changes, my note isn't up to date, it's always the same edition from the beginning and I don't know what to do (I tried some basic stuff like delete it and than download it again). Do you have any ideas? Thank you for your fast responds! Chris
  13. Hello, I tried to upgrade my Evernote v4.02 (I think) with the upgrade function within Evernote. It failed with the message (translated from Dutch) An error occurred while using transforms Check if the transform paths are valid. Afterwards, Evernote disappeared from the Start Menu. So I downloaded the standalone installer from the website. The same message showed up, and now I am stuck without the Windows Evernote Client. Any clues? Regards, Martijn.
  14. wavemose

    Problem with Tags

    At times there is a problem with my Evernote Interface (GUI). The Tags Icon is covered by a Tips Icon (resembling a light bulb). When this occurs it is impossible to use the Tags Icon. Does anyone know why this occurs?
  15. Just received my new Jot Script 2 through the Evernote Marketplace - cannot get it to connect to Penultimate via bluetooth. Using an iPad Air 2, latest iOS update, latest Penultimate update, fully charged Jot Script 2, bluetooth enabled, multitasking gestures disabled, blue light blinking - but - not connecting on the Penultimate "Connect Jot Script" page. Tried doing it both in settings and also in a new note. Just emailed help@adonit - will update here if I get an answer from them that works - appreciate any others!
  16. Nicole Wyman

    iOS Version 8.0.1

    The iOS app version 8.0.1 is so slow I want to throw my phone across the room every time I open the app. Keep in mind, I use Evernote constantly throughout the day and use it to write down everything, from things to do, to random ***** I don't want to forget. Please fix this issue preferably quickly. Thanks.
  17. On PC-Windows, I used to see (from left to right) the left panel, showing my notebooks, the note list, showing the notes within the selected notebook & the note panel on the right, providing the note contents. I had the ability to scroll through the note to view contents or the option to double click on the note from the note list to open that note to full screen. Now, the note panel has been replaced by a useless google login screen. After attempting to sign in, it now shows a temporary error (404) screen, equally useless to me. I'm signed in to my google account in my browser so it's not a google problem. Is there a way to change my note panel view back to showing the contents of the notes?
  18. When i started using evernote i created many notes on computer application of Evernote. But when i reinstalled the window and evernote application on computer it only sync few notes not all. but on web and android app it shows every note i ever written. I tried many times after reinstalling and latest version of evernote.
  19. I just installed the latest Evernote update a few minutes ago on my Mac Powerbook. Ever since, the typing function is completely glitchy. If I'm typing a new sentence, everything is fine. It's when I have to edit the sentence that things go wrong. I click my mouse cursor somewhere in a word, and the editing does not happen at the point—it skips forward or backward a few letters, and completely throws off all the letters. Actually, I'm noticing that it's happening RIGHT NOW IN THIS TEXT BOX as I try to contribute to the feed. What the heck is up, Evernote? I just want to be able to backspace, type, and click accurately. Example: Let me attempt to demonstrate. The sentence below SHOULD say "Hello, I am trying to type in Evernote." I'm going to click behind the word "type" so theoretically, I should be editing it to say "Hello, I am trying to type a page in Evernote." Hello, I am trying to type i a page n Evernote. >> SEE HOW WEIRD THAT IS???? Imagine this happening ALL THE TIME. Is there a solution for this?
  20. Hello Everyone, for some weeks now, since around the time Evernote changed it's business model and had basic users choose two devices, my Evernote is behaving oddly. Both of my devices (Win7 machine and iPad) are correctly listed as connected, but sync on the PC is only working sporadically (red !) and I recieve lots of unwanted status notes (see image). Do you have any ideas on how to solve that problem? Kind regards Christian
  21. Recently I discovered two unusual sync problems by accident. I am a premium user and have multiple devices with different platforms syncing. First issue; - I had 65 notes tagged with a project number on a PC (work laptop). I noticed at my home PC, there were 32 or so notes. So I went online to see what the online showed, it was the same with 32 notes. I kept trying syncing but the notes that were tagged with that project number was not sending the tag for some reason. The rest of the note was there and another tag. For example I had one note with "@home" tag and the project number. Online note and the home PC note showed that tag but the project number. So I deleted all the project number tags and reassign that tag, now it is 65 notes everywhere for that project. Second issue I noticed today; - I pulled a note on my iPhone and it had the first part of the note. So I pulled the same note on my Work PC and online, both had more information on it, my updates basically to the first created note. So I added a line on my iPhone to see what would happen. It deleted the rest of the stuff on the PC and online! In both cases, I keep syncing and it showed everything synced. Anybody encountered anything like this? If I have to worry that not everything is syncing and I am not receiving an error about it, that worries me. Like the second case, I pulled that note out and about and I was sure that I had more information on that matter. That's how I realized, not every part of the note was synced. I could have missed this one easily. Any help and suggestion will be appreciated.
  22. Hi there, I have searched the forums but can't find anyone with this issue. I can send notes out or emails or anything like that but I don't receive anything back. Even people replying to the note I have sent out doesn't come back to me. I have checked all the settings etc but I can't see anything amiss and none of the guys who use it with me have had this problem before. Does anyone have any ideas of what to check? Thank you!
  23. Peter Pan In

    Unblocking someone

    Heya folks! A few weeks ago, I wanted to stop getting messages from someone so I blocked them on the work chat. Now, things are resolved and I want to unlbock them, but... impossible! How can I do this? I've looked through every single option, literally.
  24. ddr

    Bad printing

    Bad printing preview of common notes > bad printing results. Bad text formatting, very bad tables. See attachs (_1 orig, _2 print preview — real printing results are the same)
  25. So, it's the same old problem Evernote haven't fixed - problems installing Evernote on Win 10 I get the message: Evernote was already installed by another user. Online one per-user installation is supported. An adminstrator can install Evernote for everyone after the per-user installation is removed. I went through the registry and removed all instances of the product as per the installation records here. I cleaned the registry and temp files and spent several hours buggering about trying to get Evernote to install. This is my install log: [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Evernote Installation has started [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Running as user: Admin [07/04/2016 01:23:56] (User is an admin) [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Initializing installed product finder. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking if product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is installed. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is not installed. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking registry for product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4}. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Product GUID {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} was not found in the registry [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Initializing installed product finder. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Located product {5EDC25EC-D966-11E4-9E5C-00163E98E7D6} with upgrade code {AE2C091E-CF5F-4e30-8659-D640E23A8B99}. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Error getting product version: 1605 [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Error getting product install location: 1605 [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Initializing installed product finder. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking if product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} is installed. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} is not installed. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking registry for product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29}. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Product GUID {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} was not found in the registry [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking for already installed products [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Detected version installation [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Installed version () did not support admin check. Attempting to use MsiEnumProductsEx. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] PerUser install by another user: abort. What next? Apart from switching to OneNote? (PS Can you tell I'm fed up with Evernote yet?)