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Found 80 results

  1. Currently the business product is disjointed with workflows not allowing pins to be created or removed in IOS on our iPad Pros making people load the website on the same device. You guys have got have basic parity with workflow experiences so people don't have to exist the IOS native app and literally load a website on safari to edit and pins basic notes via "Spaces". Extremely frustrating
  2. WeCanLearnAnything

    Printing Glitches

    I think there is a glitch in the way Evernote goes from actual notes to "Print Preview" and actual paper prints. Here is a partial screenshot of my shopping list when using Evernote normally... oh wait, I can't attach it because the Evernote forum says that the max size of attachments is 0.01MB again... I'll try again later.
  3. I need to be able to print on Android.
  4. Hello, I've been looking for a solution for this for what seems like an eternity. My problem is that I wanna be able to export a complete notebook to pdf format, which seems to not be possible. I know I can save single notes as pdf documents, but the problem is that when I select all notes and hit the print key it only detects the first note. The preview window doesn't show all the notes, even though they are selected, and that way I can't export the entire notebook. The other option would be to export every note separately, which would be very time-consuming. In the image uploaded below, you can see that even though all my notes are selected, when I try to print in order to save as pdf it only detects the first note - which would only have 3 pages, and the whole documented would only consist of that first note, and that is not what it is meant to do. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. cleverusername

    Evernote Print Options Moved

    The print dialog in earlier versions of EN ( included an Options button; this allowed control of what EN elements printed in addition to the note content. In, the button is missing. The print options have been moved to Tools>Options>Printing. This is not helpful. I choose different options for printing different notes. Having the print options in the print dialog makes sense. Placing these options under the program options is unintuitive and inefficient. It would be great to get this reverted.
  6. Is there a way to change the margins when printing an Evernote note? I use evernote for my lecture notes and have found that if I ever need to print a note (from my computer), the margins are ridiculously large. How can I make better use of the page and make the margins smaller?
  7. required_username

    Printing in EN

    This should be VERY easy. When I print a note, more often than not, EN prints an extra page containing only a small rectangle containing "Save PDF to Evernote." How do I get rid of this?
  8. chicagochick37


    Sorry for the rookie post but I am trying to print out the calendar templates (monthly) and I can't seem to get them to format 1 month per page. What am I doing wrong? I'm on a Mac if that matters. Thanks!
  9. When will the bug that doesn't allow text that I highlight or text that I underline to print that way be addressed? This has been going on for a number of versions now and I would think that this would be a simple fix? Is it being looked into?
  10. Today, I am beyond frustrated with Evernote. Up until I updated to 5.0, I had no issues printing to my HP Wireless (AirPrint capable) printer. Well now, it no longer works. But not just that it won't send anything to the printer, it does, and that's where the problem is. So regardless of whether I create a new note, or use an old note, instead of printing the note it will just send multiple pages with nothing on them to the printer. I've tried it on my iPad and my iPhone to the same issue. Nothing at all has changes, I can print to the printer fine with any other app, just not with Evernote. Please help, this feature is absolutely a must have for me. Thanks. Nick
  11. I have created a Master Note with Table of Contents Links to multiple separate notes and would like to print or export the entire thing. I can't see any way to accomplish this. Currently, I save each note individually as a pdf then merge all of the pdfs using Preview, etc. and, finally, save or print that. So much effort for something that should be the perfect sweet spot for EverNote. Am I missing anything?
  12. Many of my notes are short. I would like to be able to print them one after the other so that they will fill the printed page before continuing onto a new page. At present I have to consume a sheet of paper for each printed note. I don't want to have to merge many notes into one in order to make efficient use of paper. I think many users would welcome an option to print multiple notes on a single page.
  13. I am having a strange issue. When printing any italics they come out with characters cut off. Have tried different fonts.... same issue. Running Windows 7, Latest Evernote (, Canon MX310 printer, also PDF printer. Please see attached screen grab from print preview. Print out is identical. Thank You Paul
  14. Taliesin2

    Other Printing Issues

    NOTE: I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I upgraded to v. 6.12.2 since I downloaded/bought Evernote in the Apple App store. I have a note with a table made of several rows and three columns (across). But when I print it out on a letter size (8.5x11) sheet of paper, it only prints TWO COLUMS. I have not tried printing in landscape, only portrait. And the groupings of tables will not "fit together" like I had them previously. Thank you for any assistance given.
  15. DivineKataroshie

    Adjusting print result ?

    Hello ! So, I used web clipper for some of my notes in my notebook, some I did on my own, and as a result when I select some of my notes in order to print them the images are sometimes cropped weirdly on 2 separate pages, or text is literally croped in half . Is there any way to adjust the print results to what i would like it to look like ? EDIT : And some of the pictures have blank Strips like this : https://gyazo.com/fbd7a79b4cc09b29f628910ac7030b8b
  16. Genekoz

    Android Print Feature

    Currently Evernote has an easy way to print notes for the Apple IOs operating system; however, there is no easy way to print a note for the Android OS. Users have come up with workarounds, but they involve several steps and most require the use of various third party apps. Android is now the most widely used platform for mobile devices and it surely would help Evernote sell more units of Evernote if an Android Printing feature were added to Evernote. Evernote is a good product but with an built in Android Print Feature, it would be an even better product. Please Evernote, add a simple to use Android Note Printing Feature to Evernote.
  17. Hi Evernote, I keep up to 40 pages of text in some of my notes but only want to print the most recent single page. Why do I only have the option of printing every page of the note? Please change this so I can just print say page 1, 5, 9 and 30 of a note containing 40 pages of text. Thank!
  18. I need hard copies of some of my notes, which have many many attachments. However, when printing, the attachments all get printed separately at the end, as full pages. Is there away to print so that the output is the same as what I see in Evernote?
  19. It would be great if you could print a notebook in it's entirety, into a notebook style format, with the date and time stamps and title for each note. This could even be done on an Evernote branded notebook. I would really like to have the diary style notes that I've created in this way...kind of surprised it doesn't exist yet!!
  20. Hi guys, I got a real newbie question as I am just starting to use evernote. I have a note that I would like to print in landscape mode. How do I do that? I cannot find that in the "Print Note" menu... Any ideas?
  21. saur321

    Print selection

    Feature for selecting text in a note and then printing it will be great to have. Additionally/ Alternatively, having the option to provide page numbers in a note will also be good and then one can print specific pages. Thanks!
  22. GM12345

    Printing notebooks

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any way of printing out an entire notebook rather than having to print each note off individually ? Many thank
  23. storygirl

    mac Printing on Mac

    Printing multiple notes on mac is broken. 1. select a few notes 2. hit command p print dialogue only shows the first note. if you continue to print (in my case i used print to pdf) it prints multiple pdfs instead of one with all the notes combined even worse, if you print with 4 pages to a sheet it just barfs an error and only prints the first one i wanted to print multiple pages to a sheet so i could use my notes like index cards and pin them across a board while working out a story line
  24. I have Notes where I have highlighted text using the EN Windows editor. The highlighted text shows on screen but not on my printouts. Am I missing something or is this a bug, or perhaps just a shortcoming of Evernote? Either way I wish they would fix this! RS
  25. Caitlin Rice

    Printing Struggles

    I was attempting to make a physical copy of several of my clipped articles for a presentation, but they were consistently cut off towards the bottom of the page, and sometimes images were cut through the middle to be split between pages. Is there a way to format the notes so that they fit appropriating onto a typical sheet of printing paper?