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Found 68 results

  1. Is it possible to print a note without the note title? Sometimes I have titles that are only for organizational purposes (to find the note in a list of notes) and the title includes date stamps and other characters which are only relevant in the bigger picture. I'm running El Capitan and I would like to be able to print only the body of such note. How do I do this – is it even possible? Thanks in advance. –Martin
  2. Sean Murphy

    Where is the Print Note feature

    Has the latest version for the iPad lost its printing capability? I can’t find it anywhere.
  3. Ctl-P and Shft-Ctl-P keyboard stroke not functioning. Selecting from the file menu print not functioning. Print preview displays Save-as dialog. Windows 10 desktop running Evernote app. Evernote Version: (306921) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) Any help is welcomed.
  4. Over past 24-48 hours the icon to print Evernote notes disappeared from the page (running latest version 8.12.xxx). Thoughts from the community? Thanks,
  5. When clipped a webpage and send to evernote i wanted to print to pdf. When printing evernote seperated pdf file multiple pages and some graphics distorted. I wish it can print to pdf as single page. I added an example page about this problem.
  6. Having the ability of a service that allows users to have all of their notes physically in a spiral notebook after typing them. There could be organizing options for tabs/sectioning, and blank page options too for addition.
  7. EricBonar

    Checkbox in Print Layout

    Is there a way to make the bottom of a checkbox align with the bottom of the text when printing from the Windows desktop version? When viewing the note normally it's lined up, but when you look at the print preview and the printed note, they aren't lined up. I've had this issue with Windows 7 and 10.
  8. I make extensive lists in Evernote using the "check box" icon. Suddenly, when I print a document, those boxes no longer show up. Just the text next to it. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. I printed a pdf from a web page. It should have been one page. TWO pages printed. On the second there was only an advertisement from Evernote saying I feel this is unacceptable behaviour and Evernote should NEVER use any users print media to promote itself. 1. You have stolen a page of my paper. 2. Of course I know - you have been popping up reminders top right of the browser for xxxxxx months! That in itself has been a significant annoyance, as I could not get on with what I was doing until I clicked a button to dismiss the pop up. I have disabled the add-in for Firefox, which makes Evernote less useful but at least gives me peace. 3. Your grammar is wrong. There should not be an apostrophe in PDFs. It is not "of PDF" 4. You are not doing your best to save the planet. This waste is absolutely unnecessary. To upload an image, I had to reduce the size because I am only allowed to upload a total of 501.76kb! That is without doubt the smallest upload limit I have come across since broadband.
  10. When printing notes more than one page long, it would come in handy to be able to insert page breaks manually, to prevent the driver to break undesired paragraphs and the like. A "remove all manual page breaks" would be a nice companion as well. Keep the good job!
  11. When printing a note, I'd like the option of printing hyperlinked notes too. In other words, given a "master" note with linked to three other notes with internal links, I'd like to be able to print all four by just printing the master note. Is there a way to do this w/o having to print each one individually?
  12. Greetings, Is it possible to print a listing of my all tags (the names I use for tags in alphabetical order)? I want a printed out list to edit and rethink how I use tags. But I can't figure out how to print such a listing. Thank you. Tom
  13. Today, I am beyond frustrated with Evernote. Up until I updated to 5.0, I had no issues printing to my HP Wireless (AirPrint capable) printer. Well now, it no longer works. But not just that it won't send anything to the printer, it does, and that's where the problem is. So regardless of whether I create a new note, or use an old note, instead of printing the note it will just send multiple pages with nothing on them to the printer. I've tried it on my iPad and my iPhone to the same issue. Nothing at all has changes, I can print to the printer fine with any other app, just not with Evernote. Please help, this feature is absolutely a must have for me. Thanks. Nick
  14. Hi, I have my notes set to a font size of 14pt. When I print the notes, some of them come out with a very small font size when printed, yet all notes are set to the same font size in the note. The notes that have the much smaller print font size seem to be the ones with more content in them. How can I make all of my notes print out in the font size that is selected in the note?
  15. I like the evernote clipper tool for websites. But I really want to clip a "print view" or maybe even have a print to evernote option. My use case is when I find a recipe online I want to be able to save to a note a nice clean recipe view which you typically only get in print mode. Otherwise you save the whole page or a sceen shot and get all the ads and other foo I dont need or care about.
  16. DivineKataroshie

    Adjusting print result ?

    Hello ! So, I used web clipper for some of my notes in my notebook, some I did on my own, and as a result when I select some of my notes in order to print them the images are sometimes cropped weirdly on 2 separate pages, or text is literally croped in half . Is there any way to adjust the print results to what i would like it to look like ? EDIT : And some of the pictures have blank Strips like this : https://gyazo.com/fbd7a79b4cc09b29f628910ac7030b8b
  17. There is no simple way to print notes with PDF's in them on a Mac. Can you please add better print features for Mac users? Maybe a print icon next to the save as/annotate/quick look at the top of the PDF's or maybe a right click on the title to print option? I'm a Realtor and I like keeping all my files in Evernote but not being able to print them with ease makes my job a lot harder.
  18. Hi, I require the ability to print out notes, which very frequently contain embedded PDFS. However, when I try to print out the note, or even export the note as a PDF, the note prints out as multiple files, 1 files for the word content and formatting, and "n" additional files, each containing one of the "n" embedded PDFs. So a note with 2 embedded PDFs will print out as 3 different files, with the PDFs no longer inline as a standalone file. This is problematic since my notes have embedded PDFs at certain locations for citing figures and relevance. It is getting to the point that I have to create a whole new document in another program just to write up a report with the note content and embedded PDFs, since almost every other word processor or note-taking app can print out inline PDFs. I am unsure whether there is a way to do this, it does not work on Mac or Windows for me, although I usually use the Mac app. If someone has a workaround, that would be great, otherwise I would consider this a bug, which has become a nuisance. With the rising prices for my premium account, the absence of this feature will very likely cause me to change note-taking apps soon. If anyone has a solution, it would be much appreciated, thanks.
  19. I think there should be an option to print the due date in the header.
  20. Olivier CLEMENCE

    Improve printing note

    Hi, when i print a note, the title and checkboxs are not displayed. It would be great to fix that :).
  21. It would be great if you could print a notebook in it's entirety, into a notebook style format, with the date and time stamps and title for each note. This could even be done on an Evernote branded notebook. I would really like to have the diary style notes that I've created in this way...kind of surprised it doesn't exist yet!!
  22. Hello everyone, Longtime Evernote user, but I'm new to the forums so apologies if this is somewhere that I missed when searching. I just setup my printer for Google Cloud Print, and I'm wondering if Evernote has the ability to work with that very helpul feature. This would be for printing to my printer when I'm not on my home wifi, but when I'm at the local javahouse, etc. I know there's an obvious work-around (import note into Google Docs and print from there)--but I was hoping someone had an easier answer. Thank you
  23. According to the article about printing notes here https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314398-How-to-print-Evernote-notes I should be able to shift or ctrl click to select relevant notes but as soon as a click to another note, it just unselects the first. What am I missing here when I'm in https://www.evernote.com/Home.action ? Thanks in anticipation
  24. Times of global uncertainty. I would like to highlight selected notes, documents and content. These are then created and tied by Evernote like a photo book in a print shop.
  25. We use penultimate to print out pages from the ipad for our son. It used to print on 11x8.5 pages. Now it defaults to the 4x6 photo paper in our printer. I have tried looking for print setting both on the iPad settings, penultimate settings and on the printer itself. Is there a way to configure it so I could choose what size and type of paper to print to? Thanks