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Found 33 results

  1. Please let us select the thumbnail picture shown in the note previews. I read the forum and I saw there is an annoying work around, but that's why I'm requesting this feature for real. Something like: • right click the image and select "Use this as Preview image" (I believe this should be the easiest to implement) • right click the note preview and select "Pick a thumbnail" that leads to a small selection of the images available inside that note • right click the image and set a priority that overrides the current priority These are just ideas, but any of those would be amazing so we have decent control over the thumbnail pic!
  2. About a month ago after an update I noticed one of my notes was showing content in the preview bar but the note itself was empty. How can I fix it? It doesn't appear to be happening to any other notes. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys. New to evernote. Basically the issue I've been having is I've been annotating PDFs in evernote and only partial annotations/or none have saved to evernote. These are the steps i have taken. 1. Firstly I've opened a new note inside a notebook. 2. Dragged a pdf into evernote. 3. Opened the pdf in preview by right clicking on the right side clicking on open with - Preview. 4. Annotated document with highlights, text boxes/bubbles etc. 5. Saving the pdf in preview via the file tab at the top of the screen and pressing save. 6. Then closing preview and checking evernote. In some cases some annotations are viewable, mainly the first few I've done. In others no annotations are viewable. One time closing evernote and reopening restored all annotations, tried that since and and no annotations are viewable. Also once I've opened the pdf again via evernote the annotations are gone(same with original file)
  4. My workflow: Every couple of weeks, an employee scans a couple dozen graphics-heavy documents, which the scan software (ScanSnap) automatically turns into a PDF and uploads to a company Evernote account. Then I go through and rotate pages on the (many) occasions that the software doesn't correctly detect orientation. I used to just right-click on the PDF, select "Open" which launched Preview, scroll through and occasionally use Cmd-L or Cmd-R to rotate pages, then close the window. Done. Now when I rotate pages, I get a message: "The original document can't be changed, so a duplicate with your changes has been created." Making changes and closing the window no longer affects the PDF stored in Evernote. Is this caused by a change to MacOS (I just upgraded to Sierra), or a change to Evernote? Either way, it's annoying. I can download the PDF, open it in Preview, save it, then delete the PDF in Evernote and replace it with my edited copy, but that's tedious and I'd like a better solution. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. I want to be able to keep preview on for certain files (for example png, giff, txt) and off for others (xlsx, html, docx...).It would be useful to be able to set that by default. Thanks
  6. Nabijon Masharipov

    Link Preview

    Hi. It's my first time to send feature request in my life, your product is GREAT! I wish evernote had link previews like telegram does. Really do! Thanks in advance for your response.
  7. Hi, I am having some note with extensive (>100 pages) PDF files attached. Whenever I open the notes the Evernote App hangs for 5 to 15 seconds. To me it seems Evernote tries to open the documents and preview them inline in the note. Is there a setting in Evernote Mac that gives me the option to only preview documents of a certain size within the note? Or even disable preview altogether? regards Dietrich
  8. Aleksandar

    Tags not in preview

    Hello, In Evernote for iOS (iPad, iPhone), you could see in the preview of a note its associated tags. In Evernote 8 for iOS, this is not more available. I wonder why have they removed tags in the preview of a note. There should be an option where you could choose which elements can be seen in the preview of a note. Now you could only choose images and texts, but not tags. Best regards, Aleksandar
  9. Hi, I used to open my Evernote PDFs in Mac Preview (mainly to delete or rotate pages) and they would automatically save back to the Evernote document. I have noticed that this has stopped working recently - possibly since I upgraded to MacOS Sierra but not entirely sure. Does anyone else have this problem and/or know how to get that functionality back? thanks, James.
  10. Hi All I think I have probably discovered already that this is not possible, which is disappointing considering I learnt this after I signed up for premium, but is there anyway I can get PDF's into evernote so that they show as the file contents in the web and ios apps rather than just the attachment that needs to be downloaded each time. I admit I am a "late comer" to evernote and many have been using it for years but alas I have not. I have tho been "scanning and chucking" for a number of years which means I have quite an accumulation of PDF's that it would be great to have in evernote (rather than having to use two services) that I cannot see how I can recreate to put into evernote and I no longer have the originals. Any suggestions on how to do this or plans to change this? Thanks PS I have Wndows, Iphone and Ios app and also use webapp. I have access to a snapscan (not evernote version tho) but this is not on the machine with evernote installed.
  11. Halogenbarn

    mac Password on single notes...

    I think the feature for the ability to protect single notes would be nice. This would make it possible for me to keep Evernote running and not worrying about some notes that is more personal then others.. This could work by right clicking a note and add password on it, the password could be the same as your standard password... On a side note the "Preview" text of a note also shows some lines of preview (of what is in the note). If again this was a personal thing it would be nice to be able to remove the preview of the first lines of text, to not show whats inside the file.. The current work around is to insert some lines of "blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla" to hide the text from the preview. // Poul
  12. Uploading PDF documents automatically displays them in in-line mode where the content of the document is visible automatically. Is it possible to do the same with other documents, especially Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote without the need to click the 'Quick Preview' icon? Thank you for any tips!
  13. I want to attach files like a excel file or a word file in a preview way. Now all my files are are view as an attachment. I am wondering whether I can view it inline. (direct display the content of the file in this note page). Clicking the quick view button all the time is kind of annoying. Thanks
  14. I have honestly been off and on with Evernote. I will say the (last yearish) interface improvements are very good and I am using the app more - particularly for scans. I was thinking today that one area that I believe could significantly Evernote - especially for power users - would be to actually show (the current preview just shows a small snippet of two notes - when multiple notes are selected) - lets say 2-5 mini 'true' notes in preview when they are selected. Ideally, these could also be manipulated in certain ways - I am thinking along the lines of allowing simple compare/contrast - expand/collapse one of the previews. I think this kind of functionality would be unique in the market and very useful when users are wanting to compare several sources of information - but want to see three or so 'images' on the screen (at the same time). Also, another key item I haven't seen mentioned is the batch renaming of notes being built in - versus - say - an apple script such as here. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I have a note that contains an Excel file. Here are two bugs: 1. The preview is stuck and shows how the Excel sheet looked long ago. This same preview has been around a long time, even after Evernote updates. 2. The green field results are shown double. Thought you wanted to know this ... Have a great day!/Bosse
  16. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere: I can't find exactly what I am after. I am a relatively new Premium user. I deal with large PDFs of typed words - hundreds of pages at a time. I need to highlight and bookmark the relevant parts. At the moment I scan, OCR, then highlight and bookmark in Preview. Is there any way to simplify this in EN? I can put the document into EN, but I can't have the highlighter lock to lines of text: it's like a big wobbly pen rather than the tidy highlighting of lines or paragraphs I get in Preview. I can open the document in Preview (EN gives me the option) but (as I have seen elsewhere) the OCR is left behind. It looks as though, with 'Include Annotation Summary' checked I have all I need save for the tidy highlighter - any clues please? Thanks.
  17. Last season I created a number of fact sheets about products. I added pictures/scans to some. Now when I open the notes the text is there, a small box/link shows a picture file but no picture. If I click on this it opens the picture in Preview but not in the note. If I print the note then I get text only. Help please.
  18. Hevyman

    Useless Preview Screen

    Hi there. My Evernote for Mac just updated and now my preview screen is not working as it should. I single click on the note and about a minute later teh doc becomes visible. This will make the program about useless for me. The sad part is that I was just going to convert my whole office to using this...but not if this is normal. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  19. Kevin Sholder

    Note Preview Image

    How do I change the image that is displayed in the preview of the note if there are multiple images in the actual note? Thanks, Kevin
  20. I managed to change the view to only show 1 line of the list view. Now I want to change it back and see a whole bunch of lines of the notes I have. How do I do this as I can't find the double arrow between the summary view and preview of the selected Note
  21. Hello, I have been using evernote for about 6 months now and so far have loved it. I have been using it to keep my paperwork organised and have been scanning in pdfs. The pdf always used to preview in the right hand pane when i clicked on the note.......now i just get a pdf icon. This really is a pain as it means I can no longer flip through notes to visually identify them (prior to renaming). I have worked out i can right click on the pdf icon and untick "view as attachment" but this really is a pain when organizing a lot of pdfs. How can i set it as default to preview the pdf NOT show as attachment? (i know in the options menu there is a box i can tick to force viewing as attachment but it does not seem to force the preview if i untick it). I do not know why it has suddenly changed to not previewing but it is causing me a major headache. Can anybody please show me how to set it as default to preview the pdf not show as attachment? (pretty please!)
  22. Hi! I have a pretty simple feature request! I would like the ability to toggle whether an embedded file (e.g. ppt, doc, pdf) shows a preview of the content or not. For example, if you click the title, the preview would disappear, just showing a link to quick view/download, or you could toggle it so that the entire file shows. This would make it easier to quickly see how many embedded files are within a note or the other plain text that might be in a note. Thanks! Amanda
  23. SergeGardien

    mac Document preview of local files

    Is there a way to have EN showing the preview of a local file (excel, word, pdf, etc.) linked in an EN note via a link similar to file:///Users/<username>/Dropbox/Evernote/excel_file.xlsx (Mac link but for Windows would be similar)? What I'm doing is to keep some shared documents in Dropbox, so I can work collaboratively with other people, and link these in EN ideally having a preview of the document in the note itself. Then, If I need to work on the file, I'll open it on my machine with the editor I prefer. I specifically don't want to copy files in an EN note because at the moment I find it cumbersome for different reasons, although in that case I would have a perfectly working preview of the file. Thanks
  24. unfrostedpoptart

    mac Why use Skitch instead of Preview?

    Hi. I'm still trying to get into EN. The other day I selected part of a PDF doc and pasted it into an EN Note. I quickly found out that EN can't resize a graphic. The program suggested using Skitch. I installed it since it was free and was able to open the graphic in Skitch and save back to my Note. However, I found the Skitch GUI extremely non-Mac (or Windows, for that matter) and was also missing simple features like filled shapes. So, I tried again, opening the graphic from EN to Preview - which is on every Mac and has been very powerful in since Lion. I could do any of the manipulations I needed and then save back to my EN note. So, why were people so happy when Skitch was released and linked to EN? Is there something I'm missing or are people just used to it? I don't see any reason to use it over Preview - or PE for more complex work. David