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Found 25 results

  1. gpattersonm

    Presentation Mode Support

    Please make presentation mode available from the android app.
  2. Hi Guys, do you know how can I setup mouse buttons, so left click shows next slide and right click shows previous in presentation mode?
  3. I use Evernote to save all my creative inspiration, ideas, articles, videos and images in what I think of as a digital scrapbook. I would like to be able to scroll through an entire Notebook, Tag or highlighted selection of Notes in full screen, with trackpad gestures on Mac (or right and left arrows) or by swiping left and right on iOS. I know I can use Presentation Mode to scroll through images within one note but this isn't practical when reviewing a large number of images and I'd like to retain the images as individual notes. Currently, to view a number of separate image Notes, I have to jump back up into the Notebook or Tag and click on each note to view individually and they're not full screen. I'd enjoy being able to seamlessly navigate horizontally through full screen Notes as you would browsing in OS Photos.
  4. feghobrial@gmail.com

    Bring back Presentation Mode !!

    I'm a speaker and I use my iPad almost every time I speak in public or present. I used to use Presentation Mode all the time and it was super helpful to just scroll through my notes in a seamless way, especially without worrying about accidentally clicking the screen and bringing up the keyboard. Please bring back Presentation Mode!!
  5. I'm finding the font size in Presentation mode is too small. If I make it bigger in the original note it scales it down. This makes things less valuable for larger groups. --- I've checked out the forums eg https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/63966-presentation-mode-why-do-i-have-to-scroll-the-page-to-get-the-note-body/https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54959-presentation-mode-formatting-and-font-size/But there doesn't seem to be any clarity at the moment, so I've started this new single issue thread My first posts here. So Is there a place for "Feature requests"? or an Evernote roadmap? Does anyone know of information about this fonts issue or a hack or a workaround? Best regards Derek
  6. I've love to be able to easily use Evernote with a Chromecast, especially in presentation mode on Windows (and Android, ideally). Currently I need to hook up an HDMI cable. Not terrible, but being able to simply send it to the Chromecast would be really useful. I wouldn't be tied to being close to the wall jack, and nobody would be tripping over my cables. As a workaround, I'll use the web client in Chrome, use the Chromecast extension, and just go full-screen. Not perfect, but workable. I'd much rather be able to do it directly from the desktop client if possible.
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum, although I've been a loyal Evernote premium customer for 6 years. Last week while preparing an important lecture in a note to be presented in presentation mode, all of the images simply disappeared! It happened just a couple of hours before i was due to present. Nothing I did could retrieve the lost data. Incredible. I always assumed I was backing up to the cloud in evernote and that all my stuff was safe. This has come as a shock. Even more shocking was the attitude of Evernote. I appreciate that the guys who give assistance have a thankless task, but really this was more than an 'inconvenience' as it was described. I was told that the technicians would examine my activity logs and find out what happened. But I haven't heard anything yet.That's all i want at this stage as all the images are gone forever as far as I can tell. I can see from this forum that his has happened to other people too. How can I avoid this ever happening again? The most bizarre part was the fact that there was no history of the note on either my laptop or my iPhone. I've been a huge advocate of evernote for years but this has truly shaken my confidence. Does anyone there not realise the consequences for individuals when something like this happens. Universities are not interested in lame excuses about an Evernote failure. It could turn out to be very costly.
  8. Helllo Forum Users -- I am trying to implement a workflow where I use Presentation Mode for Confluence page. I have used Web Clipper to clip a Confluence page (e.g. https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DOC/Embedding+PowerPoint+Presentations+in+a+Page ). When I am running this page in Presentation Mode and want to adjust the layout, the Layout icon is grayed out and it says "Uneditable content" on hover. The note seems to be perfectly editable -- I couldn't find uneditable content. So here are my questions: Is this a bug? I am using Evernote-Mac (6.0.5 451190) Is there a way to locate and remove uneditable content in a note?Thank you, -- Sasha Update: there is a workaround: when I copy the full content of the note and paste it into a new note, it all works, so most likely, it is a bug.
  9. The keyboard shortcut for presentation mode is command-enter All too often I find my screen going into presentation mode due to accidentally hitting that particular shortcut combination. I think it has to do with me using Shift-Command-H to draw a horizontal line and then immediately hitting enter. Perhaps it is a delay or perhaps my fingers are too quick for my own good but for whatever reason from time to time the shortcuts get confused and I go into presentation mode. It would be great to be able to remap that feature or turn it off. Thanks
  10. A web article captured from Safari by the Evernote plugin. This displays perfectly until set to view in presentation mode, when it becomes garbage text. Evernote Version 6.7.1 (453574 Direct)
  11. AFrisch

    No Presentation Icon

    Hi, I've looked through the Forum and help guides and I haven't seen anything on my particular question. How do you access Presentation Mode? I just upgraded to Premium yesterday, and I have no Icon. I have an alarm clock, a star, an "i" with a circle around it, a trash can, and the ellipse (overflow menu). I am accessing this on a Windows desktop Is there something that needs to be done to enable this feature? I have also switched back and forth between the Beta and standard version.
  12. I LOVE!!! presentation mode. I'm a public speaker, and Evernote has become my personal teleprompter. It's amazing. Thank you so much. I have one teeny tiny feature request. Right now, presentation mode does not save settings or state. So, when I practice I go through a few steps: I click presentation mode on. The presentation is often at some random spot, not the beginning, so I scroll back. Then I set the font size. control-F, control-F, control-F. Then I click the side bar and "convert horizontal rules to slide breaks." Finally, I'm ready to go. It would be *SO AMAZING* if I could set all of these up before hand, and the next time I open presentation mode for that same presentation, all these settings ARE THE SAME AS LAST TIME! Presently, when I get up to speak, I've got two options. Pre-set my computer with the above steps, so everything is ready, and then just leave it on stage, partially open, so things don't shut down. That's not always an option for me. The other choice is that I have this awkward transition where I'm opening my computer, doing all the above steps, and then starting. It's a terrible intro. So, please-I beg you-allow some kind of saved state or controllable default for presentation mode. Thanks much!
  13. Dear Evernote developers, Another request for the absolutely wonderful presentation mode. It would be fantastic if, in addition to being able to run presentation mode full-screen, to also be able to run it in a window. That is, keeping the wonderful interface & design of presentation mode but making it something that can be dragged around and resized like any other window. I find it very useful in my presentations to be able to show my presentation slides next to another window where I demonstrate something - for example, when teaching a programming language or doing a software demo, it's great to be able to have the slides on the side while also working on the same screen with the software. This would be a wonderful feature, I imagine the interface could just be an extra option under presentation mode to run windowed or full screen. In windowed mode it's also easy enough to drag it to a secondary screen. best wishes
  14. Dear Evernote developers, I find presentation mode to be one of the really stand-out features of Evernote, but it would be even more useful if it were possible to tag certain content in the note to not show up at all in the presentation. I like to take notes while presenting, and also write notes to myself which are for only my own use. It would be wonderful to be able to have these embedded in my notes, and then when it's time to present only the beautiful, well-formatted content is shown to the audience while the scratchy notes are hidden. This could be done, for example, by selecting the content to hide and clicking a toggle button to mark it hidden. best wishes
  15. Is it a correct behaviour of Evernote to use smaller margins on tables (and images, apparently) than normal text? I'm not sure if I'm the only one who finds this undesirable. The text in tables is aligned too far to the left. Also, the table borders disappear and text colours are discarded. See the image attached. Is there a fix for this?
  16. Recently I've experienced some annoying issues with printing on the mac and presentation mode on both mac and iPad. The common thread on both platforms is that long lines of text are mishandled. When printing on the mac, long lines are not wrapped. Instead they are simply truncated. So a three line sentence is turns into a single line when printed, with the content truncated mid-word. On the mac, printing seems to have acquired an additional annoyance as well: font size appears to be ignored when printing. When I purposefully choose a large font, this is ignored when printing and I get arbitrarily sized small text when printing. Presentation mode on the mac behaves differently but not correctly when handling long text. Instead of simply truncating long lines, it does wrap the text but instead of word-wrapping, it indiscriminately wraps it mid-word. Presentation mode on the iPad is similar to the mac: long lines are not wrapped. Instead they are simply truncated. Part of this may the result of cutting text from other sources and pasting it into Evernote. On the other hand, shouldn't all this just work? Word-wrapping lines of text is really fundamental.
  17. Hi, I am trying to created a presentation. As a photographer it always has images in them. The problem that i am facing is to fit 2 images next to each other on 1 slide. In the note in evernote it fits nicely but when in presentation mode they are displayed above each other. I tried making them smaller, but there is enough room around the images to be displayed. does anybody know? or is it not possible yet. thanks
  18. Hello everyone!! I find really useful de presentation mode in Evernote, but most of the time I present more than one slide. Normally the order which slides are arranged is by modification order (which most of the times isn't useful). The only workaround i have found is to add reminders to the notes and then re-arrenge them in the desired order, select them and present them. Does anyone knows another workaround for this?
  19. I'm trying to create a lecture using Evernote Presentation mode. I want to display a heading and some notes, but not all of the notes under that topic. The rest of the notes would be on my computer for me to refer to as I speak. Is it possible to do this? Conversely, is there a way to hide portions of my notes so only some of them display on the screen? (I use a Mac.) Thank you!
  20. Origin of idea: I was walking down the street earlier and was caught off guard by an unscheduled conference call. (A major flaw I have is memory, which is why Evernote is such a huge part of my life. That said, I was concerned I'd agree to doing something over the call, only to forget as soon as I hung up.) It was a moment of frustration, as I thought, "I depend on EN to be my memory but I won't be able to use the app in this moment b/c I'm on my cell and my laptop is at home. And the EN APP won't be easy to use while I'm on a call." Here's a solution: Evernote can create an EN PHONE app to optionally replace the current default PHONE app on iPhone. If you have no clue what I'm talking about here, this is an example app that replaces the default: https://www.humin.com/#/product User will set EN PHONE as their default dialer. Then, whenever someone calls them or whenever they call someone, they can record the call (or not). Now that the work call they are on is being recorded, the user can press a DIVIDER button (think presentation mode dividers but for an audio note) to separate one topic of conversation from another. This doesn't create multiple/separate audio files... it simply marks the timecode/spot/location in the saved audio file. A separate and also cool feature would be the user being able to PRESS and HOLD a separate button within the dialer app to allow the user to NOT record non-work related parts of the call (the beginning when everyone engages in small talk). Once your work call ends and you hang up, the audio file is saved to your Evernote and you can open the note and label the DIVIDER marks you placed during the call. Would anyone use this or not so much?
  21. Recently, a separate Evernote window opens up, offering me a free trial of Presentation Mode. The only way I can get rid of the window is to shut down Evernote with Task Manager. If I can't resolve this impediment, I'll need to try one of the other products like Evernote. None of these are as utile as Evernote, but they don't lock me out of my work the way that Evernote currently does. Any thoughts?
  22. Hi there I'm wanting to start to use presentation mode for my presentations - however I can't get YouTube to work in this mode. It's perfectly happy when I click the link from a normal Evernote note - however once I turn the same note into presentation mode, the YouTube site says 'blocked plugin' - how do I sort this? Cheers K
  23. Will Presentation Mode be available for Android?
  24. I love the presentation mode feature for Evernote, and finding that I'm using it a lot - I especially love the formatting... so clean and readable! My one question / suggestion is whether there's a way while in presentation mode to view the note as single pages that you flip through (like a pdf reader) rather than just to Scroll. This would be useful particularly on my ipad when I'm giving lectures. When i use the scroll feature, it's easy for me to lose my place because the content isn't always in the same spot on the page. Is there an option like this that I'm missing? If not, is this something that you see being made as an option at any point in the future? Thanks!
  25. There's way too much wasted space at the top of this note. Scrolling down makes it look right, but we shouldn't need to do that.