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  1. Hi , I have used Premium plus and I upload some picture to the note and there is a notification that my note is exceeding note max size. I have search how much size does the maximum size for plus and premium but I can't find it . Is there Anyone can help or know about this this ? I would appreciate your answer and Thank you
  2. Hi, Could you please upgrade my sandbox account to Premium ? I need to test the OCR & Office document search. My sandbox username is mikael287 Thanks, Mikael
  3. Twitter? Really?

    So, let me get this right.... If I want the "enhanced customer support" that comes with my premium package I have to go over to Twitter to get it? Really? Because I have a very simple question about how to make a notebook available for offline viewing. The answer should be a simple Google search away... it's very straightforward. But the information I am getting from a Google search is dated and inaccurate. So, really? Are you going to make me sign up for Twitter? Because that was not what I had in mind when I imagined "enhanced customer support," or any kind of support at all for that matter.
  4. Hi, Just wondering that if you have a premium account and share a note with someone whether you'll be able to see who made each change when looking though the note history (like how Google docs does it) I'd really appreciate an answer!
  5. In premium version I want the possibility to manage links. That is a list of all public and private links, so that I can stop sharing many or all notes at once. The problem is that I have many notes totally and not an overview of which is shared or not. Could you check the link management function in sync.com. That I like quite well, with end dates, possibility for getting notifications on visits. Password for note sharing is possible in evernote, so that part is solved.
  6. Regarding ticket: 2144222 After losing my smartphone in July I have been unable to log in to Evernote on any of my devices. Recovery codes are not working and customer service rep could not tell me why (“that’s strange behaviour”). I had one MacBook which could still see all my notes (years and years of notes). With the failure of the recovery feature on iPhone and web app, the customer service rep told me to log out of my Evernote account on my last MacBook, and export my notes to a new account. This seemed super risky to me, so I emailed him back confirming that I would not lose access to my notes forever: He responded with: So I took the plunge and logged out. Then Ctrl + Option + Cmd + E did not work. Customer service rep claims that the local export feature was disabled between him confirming it was safe and me logging out!!! This is fairly distressing. I have years of very valuable notes in my Evernote account. Both business-related and personal. And finally, after all this, all the CS rep could comfort me with was: Is he joking? I can prove that I am the owner of the account by any means necessary. I have backup codes that for some reason are not working. Can anyone advise how I can regain access to the notes in the account?
  7. add keywords to existing notes

    When I started using Evernote a few months ago I simply clipped selections for project notebooks. Eventually I had enough notes in a notebook that I could identify keywords. Now I'm trying to go to these selections and add the keywords. How?? I am using Chromebook for retrieval and Android tablet for clipping. Thanks.
  8. Application Support - 4.5 Gigs?

    My Evernote "Application Support" folder is taking up 4.5 gigs on my puny 2011 MacBook Air. Is there a way to safely reduce this huge footprint? Why is the app such a juggernaut when all the data is stored online?
  9. I accidentally registered for Evernote Premium without the 50% discount. How to I switch to Premium for students and receive my 50% refund?
  10. I had a Student acct and just realized I was switched to Premium and billed $69.99 for it! I never asked to be switched from my student account! Please fix this-reverse the charge and bring me back to my student account
  11. First I had to upgrade to premium to try to retrieve a note evernote lost upon upgrading to Plus. Yes that happened. No it's not in the cloud. Now I don't see any option to split up a document when in presentation mode. I see: 'uneditible content' How do I split up a doc for presentation mode??
  12. I've been using Premium for work as a solo user since May. Today our tech guy decided to open a business account for our company. After accepting the invitation and joining our business account, it seems I have a basic business account. The basic account does not serve my needs, I need the premium benefits. Am I missing something, doesn't a business account have the premium benefits? Or is there a premium business account he needs to purchase? Hope I'm just missing something.
  13. According to Evernote upgrade webpage, "Find text in images, PDFs, and Office docs" is a premium feature. Unfortunately, I found it also works in my Plus account. Is there anyway to turn it off? I do not want to upgrade to Premium exactly because I hate this feature. I have a lots of PDFs, and search any term will give me tons of results, which makes the search function useless.
  14. Dear Team and community members, I am so disappointed about the business practices of Evernote. I did read Ellen G's post on cancelling subscriptions, but I disagree with 'Oh, you just have to remember to cancel before the date'. That's very convenient for you guys! But since it is a year one needs to plan this ahead, this is a nuisance. Would you simply grant that tiny service to your paying members of sending out an auto-renewal info before it actually happens? In that case I would have been able to cancel, as you have so kindly pointed out, and I would have continued to be a happy Evernote customer instead of a disgruntled one. Instead, I am now sitting here, having just received my auto-renewal note, writing this forum post while I would have gladly used my time better. I have already submitted a ticket as it is and asked for a refund. I actually hastened to the website the very minute I received the info and switched my account to basic. Guys, this is not acceptable. I am asking for a statement and a refund as a goodwill gesture. Kind regards, Juliane
  15. Will my uploaded file lost after the premium period (over 10 GB) Since I use evernote for my learning tools, I hope my notes can last after the premium period. Also I want to ask you guys that how you make your notes being more colourful and more interesting since this is a tools for my learning. Hopeful I can get more method to increase my interest for learning. Thanks so much and sorry for my worst english haha~
  16. Ticket# 2118058 My account has been taken down to BASIC even though I paid for an Annual Premium Subscription on 11/19/2016 - it hasn't been a year yet! 11/19/2016 Premium Annual plan 1314796016309653 Credit Card $69.99 Please restore my account to premium ASAP!! Thank you very much! Stephanie Harkins
  17. I purchased the Plus subscription and only to find out there is a student discount for Premium now. Is it possible that I can get an upgrade to Premium account with the student discount?
  18. Notebook questions

    Hello! I am new to Evernote. Would someone answer a few questions? 1. Is there no ability to create a notebook cover? 2. Is there ability to organize notebooks that are in the stack? 3. What is this "deeper more powerful search" offered in the premium services and how exactly does the search differ using the plus service and the premium service? 4. In creating a notebook, I saw the ability to share it but there was no ability that I saw to make it private. Can I assume then, that it is private by default? 5. Is there no customization of paper in the notebooks? Thank you!
  19. Choose CORRECT statement, please. Or can you explain me, how it work. Thanks, for attention If I upgrade my account to premium, when I already bought plus year plan... I lost money, which I spent on Plus, and must pay anew for Premium. I will have discount for Premium. Or anything else...
  20. I've been using Evernote for a very long time and as time goes by I have seen many new features implemented making this tool we all move, more and more usefull for our life, being business or personal memo, memory notes and so on. I could not trade Evernote for anything. Evernote manage your business, your medical documents, your best ideas for that book you are writing... And many if not, all of those activities requires a money variable, being the fundings you need to manage to get that project runing or maybe managing a groceries monthly list that is usually requiring a budget and so on, would be nice to have the possibility to add financial records with a simple "money Tracker" addition. it's a chaos to add your expenses or earnings on those diferent variables just by typing the numbers on a note. I've been using third party app for all of that. But none is posible to be integrated or sync to Evernote si it ends up being anoying to Match each thing with each spends. I suggest. Since there is a huge community who deal with money on a daily basis that would be greatly beneficial to have such tool. Just like notes, photos, or audio entries, it could be a "income/expenses" entry, maybe a $ symbol that let us add (positive or negative) balance to our money, adding the entry to. Each specific books or maybe just a separate money tracker feature (if per book is more complicated). I don't know. A money tracker for us, Plus and Premium would really improve and enhance the quality tools we already have at hand. If you like this idea, please Vote this up. This could be a really usefull tool for everyone.
  21. Other Merge Accounts

    Hi, I want to merge my two accounts so I have all my content in just one account. The thing is, the account I want to merge to is a Basic subscription. The account I want to terminate is my premium account. The email associated with this premium account will be deactivated. So my question is, how can I merge my premium account to my basic account mantaining my subscription?

    Im a premium subscriber and I have posted 2 tickets about not recieving password resets to my email. (first one nearly two weeks ago) Email is verified. Im accessing my account via Google Sign on, but I cannot reset my password. This is really poor service. No replies at all.
  23. I noticed the other day that when I am offline, searching in my offline notebooks is no longer accurate. More specifically, searching for a given term in an offline notebook returns far fewer hits than when online and searching within the very safe offline notebook. Support is trying to tell me this was fixed recently, but I just tried the same search and the results were the same. Four hits when offline and 14 hits when online and searching within a particular offline notebook. Are other people seeing the same thing?
  24. paypal Changing PayPal accounts?

    I used to pay for my Evernote Premium with a PayPal account I had created for my home-based business. I have switched jobs and now have a new PayPal account that I'd like to use to pay for EN. I can't see how to change my billing info to allow this switch. Also, I used to have a premium account and noticed that it expired last month and now I'm set to basic. I'd like to keep my account, have it be premium again (but it used to be 49.99 and now seems higher?) and now be paid by a different PayPal account. How do I do this?
  25. Suggestion: title. If you expect people to pay for something most other notebook apps offer for free, well good luck with that. I switched from Google Keep because I wanted to try Evernote, but the "no free offline access" even to the notes I take on that very same device is definitely a deal-killer. You have my email. Call me when this changes. Bye.