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Found 15 results

  1. alexivanoff12

    Chrome Clipper captures the wrong article

    Okay, so I can only confirm that this happens on both Mac and Windows, I cannot say if this happens on any browser or website. But particularly when I view an article in Pocket, and use the web clipper (most often happens with "Simplified Article" feature), there are a ton of bugs. The two most annoying ones are 1) When selecting Full Article or Simplified Article, Clipper previews the wrong article that will be sent to my Evernote. It typically previews the last article I clipped, forcing me to refresh the page. 2) When selecting clipper, almost every time will it fail to pop up on the first click, even though the web extension logo changes. I am forced to keep clicking it on and off until the window pops up that lets me click my options to clip that website/article/bookmark. This happens with other websites too, but mainly Pocket. Extremely annoying. There are a ton of problems with the Web Clipper that need to be addressed, please please PLEASE address them soon.
  2. Hello Evernote pals! First post here. Pretty happy Premium user. Experiencing a few issues with Web Clipper. In roughly descending order of importance (to me of course :-) ) tl;dr: In 2017, I need <1s clip speed, near-perfect page parsing (preferably using the *already locally parsed and downloaded content*), and no changes in scroll position of the page should *ever* happen when I click the Clip button. 1. Speed. Clipper needs to be fast and it just isn't. RIght now Pinboard and Pocket are absolutely blowing it out of the water on Firefox on a reasonably quick 2014 rMBP with 8 GB RAM. Pocket may have some advantages due to being "built in" with native code, but as far as I can tell both services are hitting backend servers to do the actual clipping and saving (of course, please correct me if I'm wrong - and that brings its own issues - see #2 below). In any case, I consider the Clipper's speed to be so poor as to be a usability bug. Since I started playing with Pocket recently, clicking on the elephant and waiting for that slow, lumbering spinner of doom while it loads up whatever and talks to whatever is something I have begun to dread. This is too bad since Evernote is quickly becoming my "system of record" / "external brain", as it has for many others here I'd imagine. The performance issue is especially difficult to tolerate as a user given that it's a paid service, and the output of the clips is not always outstanding (and in some cases quite poor actually - see #2 below). 2. Clip Quality. Clipper doesn't do a *great* job with a lot of web pages. I've done a bit of a "bake off" with Pocket and also the Mercury Chrome extension, and found Clipper to be left somewhat wanting - esp. considering that it's attached to a paid product. In a few cases it just barfs on a page that Pocket or Mercury can parse and display just fine. More to the point, I've deduced that it must talk to a backend server that does the actual fetching and parsing, since I've clipped a page on a site that I'm viewing just fine in my browser (e.g. a NYT page), only to go to my Evernote later and find that it clipped the partial page with the "you've hit 10 articles" or whatever warning, making the clip effectively useless. And there's no way to know that a clip "went bad" except by checking my Evernote compulsively, which is ... kind of defeating the point of computers. This is especially annoying considering that I've already downloaded the content locally, with access to the entire page and all images, etc., only to have the article clip extremely poorly because (apparently?) the client is not actually driving the clipping, but some backend service. 3. One Really Serious UX issue: When I clip a page, it jumps back up to the top of the page from where I am. Especially when I'm partway through a long article, this is *extremely* disorienting because I lose my place. Nothing software does should change the user's position on a page, or jump the UI around in a janky way without the user's input.. Evernote PMs, I don't know if y'all are reading these forums, but: please think about prioritizing the Clipper. I use Evernote in large part because I want an external brain where I save things I read on the web. If it isn't "a darn near perfect clip, in less than a second, every single time", it's making me think about its existence, in which case it's not necessarily solving a problem for me but creating one. I would *love* to be delighted by the Clipper instead of ranging from the best-case "it's OK I guess, but I dread clicking because it's going to hang for 3 seconds and possibly lose my place in the article" to the worse "why doesn't this work as well as Pocket, it didn't clip my page correctly at all, nooooo". I love Evernote. It's very very good, and I want it to be amazing. I know y'all are working hard and have a lot of various codebases to maintain, and probably not enough people to do it all to the level you'd like. So I'll close by saying: thanks for your hard work, and thanks for listening.
  3. I save a lot of articles I find on the web with the Evernote Clipper and clip them as a Simplified Article. It would be super awesome if the mobile Evernote app would display the Simplified Article in white text over a black background in full screen on your mobile device... a la Pocket [http://getpocket.com] [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ideashower.readitlater.pro] I would like to read my articles in on the Evernote app as if I was reading an eReader... like how Pocket has done. Hope Evernote can make this happen!!! Thanks!
  4. I have been using Pocket to clip articles and, from there, share to Evernote. Pocket's clipping is far more elegant and accurate than EN's. But lately I've noticed that Pocket only sends the link to EN, not the full clipping (iOS). Anyone else experiencing something different?
  5. I'm beginning to use Evernote Clipper to save my bookmarks, but was looking for a way to import my existing bookmarks from Chrome, without having to clip every. single. one. I don't really know how to code, so Applescript, etc. was out for me. But I figured out this work around. It requires signign up for a few things, but once you're done, you're done! and the import is quick. Note: This is a crude import system. You may not get pictures imported with the links, or tags automatically added (other then from what you set in IFTTT). It's quick and dirty, but gets the job done. Also, this will probably work with services other than Pocket, that's just the one I already an account with. In your browser, export your bookmarks into an HTML file. Login or create account at getpocket.com (we'll come back to this, but you need a Pocket account setup before the next step) Login or create account at IFTTT.com Create new recipe: IF...Pocket...Any New Item... THEN...Evernote...Create New Link Note... (Fill in settings as you want. I add the tag ".Bookmark" for easy sorting later) Go to: http://getpocket.com/import/delicious Under "2. Import your bookmarks", Upload your HTML file from Step 1 Click "Import" Wait for the magical elves in the cloud to do their work. It will take longer for the more bookmarks you have, but is still way less than doing this all manually. Now all your old bookmarks are in the same place as your new ones, as you add with Clipper. You can choose to go back through and organize with notebooks and tags as you like. If you're not familiar with IFTTT, I recommend it for other actions, like adding Facebook posts and photos to your Evernote.
  6. Hello to the evernote community! So, I was a evernote user a few years ago, stopped to use it and switched to other services. Today, I have given Evernote another try, found that many things improved, starting with the fact that I simplified my usage of Evernote. Less is more. Biggest problem I have right now is that it doesn't seem to exist any usable data migration tools. I am sure the Evernote community has a lot of die-hard fans that are here since years, but welcoming new users is also very important for it to grow, and an essential point for new users is the data-migration part. Proof is that this topic comes up again and again, and it seems no response come. See for example: bulk import HTML file with links REQUEST: Save full text automatically Read it later articles Is there a way to import my articles I already have in pocket to evernote? Evernote and Pocket http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/how-can-i-move-my-pocket-bookmarks-over-to-evernote/ http://www.cultofmac.com/221894/move-over-instapaper-and-pocket-dotdotdot-adds-notes-tags-and-comments-opinion/ http://www.cultofmac.com/221894/move-over-instapaper-and-pocket-dotdotdot-adds-notes-tags-and-comments-opinion/ People want to import the data they already have in their current read-it-later service. I'm not talking here about tools like ifttt or zapier that are useful for new data, but don't migrate your existing data. I am talking about tools like Pocket ReadingpackInstpaperWallabagReadbility...A lot of us have hundreds of notes there that currently can't be exported to Evernote, thus for us, Evernote would fail the "Remember Everything test". Most of those tool either have an API (that's why ifttt and zapier can make use of them) or can export the data as a list of urls. For pocket for example that would be http://getpocket.com/developer/ and https://getpocket.com/export So please, give us a way out of our current services Jean-Michel EDIT: better display questions of people having a similar problem
  7. Hi everyone. I'm an evernote pro user from a few months, and I'm loving it! I want to better organize my daily news reading, so I was thinking to use feedly+pocket+evernote: feedly to browse through all of my daily feeds, pocket to save the interesting, and evernote to save only the important one. I use these services on my windows pc and on my android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3). I have found a problem in this chain: when try to share an article from the pocket app to evernote, it simply clips the text and loses all the images and the other attachments. I made a test with the ios version of these 2 apps, and it worked perfectly. Is this a known problem of the android app? Can I make something to bypass the problem? Thanks to everyone and sorry for my poor english
  8. Hi I'd be really grateful for any help someone can give implementing a solution I found to saving full articles from Flipboard to Evernote. We've all seen the Pocket + ITTT solution whereby you send a Flipboard article to Pocket and ITTTT sends it to Evernote, but that only pulls an excerpt and I want the full article. This solution I found seems to enable the saving of full articles: https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote However after trying for hours to get it to work, I'm admitting defeat and seeking help! - I set up a URL and hosting account, let's call it: www.myurl.com - I created a folder on that domain: www.myurl.com/evernote - I uploaded the add_to_en.php file from here https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote/blob/master/add_to_en.php - I edited and uploaded the settings.php file from here https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote/blob/master/settings.php - I tried to work out what, if anything to do with https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote/blob/master/css.php but couldn't see any instructions so just ignored it! Then I started to get lost: - I went to the IFTTT Webhook PHP Github page (https://github.com/captn3m0/ifttt-webhook) and tried to follow those instructions. - Changing the ifttt.com wordpress server to http://ifttt.captnemo.in was straightforward - I then uploaded the xmlrpc.php file (https://github.com/captn3m0/ifttt-webhook/blob/master/xmlrpc.php) to myurl.com (not sure if this was the right thing to do or not). On to the Emogrifier step: - I went to http://www.pelagodesign.com/sidecar/emogrifier/ - Couldn't find any PHP code. - Followed a link to https://github.com/jjriv/emogrifier - Uploaded composer.json as a PHP file to myurl.com (admittedly clutching at straws) I activated Pocket in ITTT and then tried to create a new recipe but got lost again. - I typed: “{{Url}}<a href="http://www.myurl.com/evernote/add_to_en.php?salt=password"></a>” but that didn't seem to be correct as the recipe failed. After reading up everywhere and trying everything I can think of, I'm throwing myself on the mercy of strangers. Would really appreciate any advice - trying to do this as a surprise gift to my wife who loves evernote and clipboard! Many thanks paul
  9. I have been using Pocket (getpocket.com) for years as my web bookmarking tool. Now I want to use Evernote (Evernote Web Clipper). Is there a way to export my data from pocket, including tags and import them into Evernote? I know I can use IFTTT recipes for any new URL but how do I migrate my old URLs? Thanks
  10. I have been using evernote for years to save articles I like from the web. Clearly works well if you are using desktop but on mobile, nothing as good as pocket. The thing about pocket is, I don't have to format anything to have the article comfortable and beautiful to read. I also reject the idea of posting to evernote from pocket, an extra step * thousands of articles down the road! The option of saving to evernote directly does not work as neat when you are working from mobile devices. I now change my habit to saving articles to pocket. Archiving it there is a much more pleasant experience. I hope it becomes a part of evernote though. Some point down the road, I would like to decide which premium is more worthwhile as paying for both does not seem to make sense, especially when some functions seem to overlap. All evernote has to do, is to make our reading experience better.
  11. Hi, everyone. I was about to link my Evernote (OS X app) account to Pocket (OS X app), and I noticed Retrieve Notes in the approval settings. Does anyone know what this means? I'm guessing it's not allowed to retrieve "all" notes, but I'd rather not guess in this case. Thanks for your time. Edit: Screenshot attachment wouldn't upload.
  12. Hi Guys, I recently switched from an iPhone to Android. What I used to do in iOS was to use a bookmarklet to save the articles I wanted to Pocket, and then from Pocket, I'd export it to Evernote. That worked fine for me. Now in Android, I share the articles from my browser to Pocket (works fine), but when I find that the article is good in Pocket and I share it to Evernote, it loses all it's formatting and images, and everything is in plain text. This basically makes it pretty tough to read. I end up sharing to Evernote, going back to my desktop, re-opening the link in a browser and saving it to Evernote again, which is pretty silly. Is anybody encountering a similar issue and have any solution to this? Thanks a lot! Cheers, Matt
  13. In the following I'm not only addressing the browser extensions, but also take into account Javascript bookmarklet solutions. I hope it's the right forum for both. Clipping websites takes too long! Especially on mobile devices with bookmarklets and sometimes weak connections, it's simply a pain. You click, it takes ages to load. You can't change the tab because the clipper closes when you do so (Chrome on Windows with Extension, Safari on iOS with bookmarklet). The browser extensions are getting slower than faster, by introducing features like tag detection (which I switched off immediately). The best "clipping" service I've seen so far is from the Read it Later service "Pocket". You only have to make one click and everything is stored. Optionally you can set tags after that. An approach like this would make things much easier and faster (works very fast, also on iOS browsers with weak connections) Of course there's the thing with the clipping area which you'd have to set. My suggestion herer would be: if something is selected, clip selected area if nothing is selected either clip (default changeable in the settings) URL whole website article (if detected) Give the pocket clipping a try, and you'll see that the en clipping unfortunately feels very oldschool and slow. Of course the service behind is a different one - and that's exactly why I'd love to see my favorite service with the best solution out there. As the EN community can be a little bit conservative sometimes it might be an idea to make this a seperate extension/bookmarklet code. Is this request somehow realistic at all? Any thoughts? Best, philipp
  14. kkrishnamurti

    Evernote and Pocket

    I dump a lot of long reads into Pocket, which I later read offline. As I read, I'd like to copy passages and send them to different Evernote notebooks. When I highlight a passage of text, I'm given the option to either copy or share. When I choose share, I'm given several more options, including send to friend, tumblr, buffer, and Evernote. When I choose Evernote, though, only the link and title of the article show up in my folder. I've also used the share arrow in the upper right corner of the Pocket reader, which gives the same share options. I 1) I'm a very new ipad user. Is this the optimal way to read long articles and send passages and notes about what I'm reading to my notebooks? (I find the reading experience more pleasant in Pocket than Evernote's webclipped files.) 2) When I read offline, Pocket says it's sending the notes I share into a queue. But they never turn up in Evernote. Not even when I'm back online and hit the sync buttons in each app. What happened to those notes? Thanks for any advice.
  15. I have a To Read notebook in Evernote. These are URLs of articles I want to read. Is there any way to export this list to Pocket (Read It Later)?