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Found 19 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug, but I hope it's a bug that can be fixed. I used the Chrome Plugin to bookmark, clip, etc. And I use tags very heavily. And in the past, I have always been able to type in maybe 3 letters of a word and have every tag pop up no matter if it was part of the first word, or second word in a tag, etc. But now it seams I have to know the first 3 letters of the first word in the tag. Look, I'm not some savant that can remember every single tag I have used in the past. So I used to use tags where maybe I had 20 different kinds of marketing tags. Dental Marketing, Roofing Marketing, etc. So I could just type in MAR and all the marketing tags I had would pop up and I could select one or add a new one that I hadn't used before. That system worked amazing. But now with the search restricted the the beginning of the tag I am constantly adding tags that mean the same thing. Can we please get back the full text search of tag selection?
  2. The 'Save to Evernote' Outlook plugin works really well and helps to take more workflow out of outlook. However, a small detail would make this workflow sooo much better. When I save an email to Evernote, a link to the email message should be included as a source URL, so I can easily go back to the email if I need to. I also use Todoist and their Outlook plugin does exactly that - something that has proved very valuable. Hope it is possible
  3. I use Outlook 2010. I know how to disable the Outlook add-in once it is installed. But every time I upgrade Evernote I have to go in and disable the plugin (it prevents outlook from launching, but even if it didn't, I do not want to use it, or even have it active - ideally it wouldn't even be installed). How do I keep the add-in from being installed ever again? If this is not possible, how do I at least keep it from being activated every time I upgrade Evernote? Thanks
  4. Circuxx

    Outlook Plugin MAC

    Hi, I am using outlook on my mac and would love to see a plugin for my mac to integrate evernote in outlook. Many Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi there, I am in the process of trying to fix a Wordpress plugin that at one point acted as a link between Evernote and Wordpress for posting notes as blog posts. Basically, using the API, it linked your two accounts and any time you tagged a note with a specific tag, that note would sync as a draft blog post on Wordpress. It was very useful, but something went wrong and it no longer works properly. In the process of trying to fix it, our developer has run into a road block and said: "Hi Bridget, so I have tried few tests and I think the issue with Evernote servers, possibly they have changed how external servers handshake/connect with them. At this point, we won't be able to make much progress. We will have to connect with Evernote Support to resolve this. Let me know how you want to proceed." I know that it is possible, since there are external programs that use the API to link with Evernote (including the web-app If This, Then That, which does exactly what we're trying to do). Does anybody know what has changed about the handshake/connection for the servers? Thanks in advance, let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Does Evernote have any plans to do as follows in some near and not far far away distant future? Allow to write sections in HTML or Markdown, and have the viewer interpret/render the section - look at Confluence's wiki product, it has the beauty to have plugins that allow to render whenever their own editor falls short, so people can format their text in more suitable ways. Proper code blocks with color coding according to type of context - simply look at how many only web editors support for multiple language code format: json, javascript, bash, perl, ruby, C++, C#, java, python, Go... - it is not just a code block it allows to format the the code in the proper color code (examples http://collabedit.com/ or https://jsfiddle.net/). 3rd party plugins that allow evernote to expand its capabilities - this is specially useful so Evernote's features can grow without always putting demands on the dev team. Anyone can tell me which of these are already available on the product? Thank you .
  7. Hi, What I'm looking for is a feature like my post in this stack overflow post:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27950710/in-... If you scroll down on the page, you will see my post with the heading 'Try "Python Script" plugin'. If it could be possible to extend the desktop Evernote app so that I can add custom macros (e.g. using Python or another language/platform, such as .NET), it would really enhance my experience with using Evernote. The reason for the feature request is that it's great that new notes are timestamped when created, but if I realize that there was a typo or mistake in one of my previous notes, when I go to edit the note, it replaces the timestamp (of when it was created) with the timestamp from when it was *edited*, which causes me to not actually know when the note was created. This has caused me to instead depend on adding the actual time to various parts of a note so that I can easily find notes that are associated with a particular date or time by searching them for the string with the date. Despite my original motivation, I can see the utility of adding custom macros for inserting text. The potential is pretty limitless.By the way, the plugin pattern is super useful from an engineering perspective in general, and if you're using an IoC / DI container (such as Ninject or Castle Windsor) in your framework, it's very easy to extend the application to take plugins by reflecting over the namespace or file directory and loading the assemblies or modules at runtime. The key would be to ensure that you get the security right (to prevent malicious code from reaching your server), but I'm sure that there are ways to restrict the code loaded as 3rd party plugins.
  8. The package: EVND (Ever Notedown) So this is a plugin for Atom Editor by Github that acts like an alternate editor for the Evernote Mac Client. Basically it extends Atom's Markdown editing capacities with features like LaTeX/MathJax equation editing, TOC, footnotes, image insertion via pasting, etc. And it communicates with the Evernote Mac Client via AppleScript so it can do things like creating/updating notes (as rendered HTML), import notes from Evernote and convert to Markdown formats, etc. I initially wrote this for my own use, and over the course of about a year, it has become increasingly…complicated. And I’m guessing that other people might find some use with this, so I thought I’d share. (And if there are developers out there interested in this project, that wuold be great -- it's open source under MIT license). I’ve been using EVND to write my notes, but I don’t have the time or means to do more serious tests, hence I can only say the status is “Works For Me”. Since it uses AppleScript, so obviously it's OSX only. But as Evernote has similar scriptibility for OSX and Windows, so it should be very easy to extend it to support Windows, if there are developers out there interested in doing so. Demo 1 (Overview, creating notes from Atom/EVND and send to Evernote): http://i.imgur.com/fPmoN2F.gifvDemo 2 (Text formating with shortcut keys - bold, italics, highlight, underline, etc.): http://i.imgur.com/6FLTdjh.gifDemo 3 (Update note content, tags, etc. and push the changes to Evernote): http://i.imgur.com/zN5Ey8P.gifDemo 4 (Create note in Evernote, import to Atom/EVND with notelink and convert the content to Markdown, featuring lists, functioning Checkboxes, etc.): http://i.imgur.com/g6bZzN0.gifDemo 5 (Create note in Evenote, search in Atom/EVND with query string and import the target note and convert to Markdown, featuring image attachments): http://i.imgur.com/PbUf1Ss.gifDemo 6 (For a EVND & Evernote syncd note, annotate the image attachments in Evernote, and sync the changes back to EVND): http://i.imgur.com/nQVkv4H.gifMore to come...More demos (as gif animation): http://imgur.com/a/UCVGi Some features: OS X only (See Installation and Status section for more info)Local note editing: This plugin works by communicating with the Evernote OSX Client via AppleScript, so all the work is done on your local machine, no authorization required.2-way editing (…ish): (1) Edit notes in EVND or in Evernote, and sync changes… to some extend; (2) Import notes from Evernote and convert to Markdown format.Evenote meta info: notebook and tagsImages and Attachments: (1) Pasting, drag-and-drop, markdown syntax, etc.; (2) 2-way sync (get changes/annotations made in Evernote)Functioning TOC (table of contents) and footnotes: Clickable links even in Evernote client!LaTeX Mathematical Expressions with MathJax (and user-defined Macros)Icon fonts and emojisAll the regular Github-Flavored-Markdown features (links, lists, tables, etc.)Quick notes from selected text: code snippets, etc.Configurable themes for markdown rendering: Several markdown rendering themes are available to choose, you can also edit the stylesheets yourself.Auto backup and version control (with GIT)Sort & search notesExport well-formated HTMLsEnhanced Markdown editing experience in AtomSupports inline-HTML syntax highlightingSyncronized scrolling and tab switching of editor and preview panelShortcut keys for formatting text (bold, italics, udnerline, highlights, blockquotes, etc.) Please read this shared Evernote note for more info (it's best viewed in the Evernote Mac Client, you can use "Save to Evernote").
  9. My Outlook 2016 Mac (Office 365) latest update crashes when I press the Evernote button in a message. I have upgraded to the latest version of EN as well but nothing helps. Anyone to there with suggestions? The crash says: Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0 Error Signature: Exception: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION Date/Time: 2016-02-04 03:33:26 +0000 Application Name: Microsoft Outlook Application Bundle ID: com.microsoft.Outlook Application Signature: OPIM Application TimeStamp: 0x5690ff12 Application Version: Crashed Module Name: CoreFoundation Crashed Module Version: 1256.14.0 Crashed Module Offset: 0x00187f79 Blame Module Name: osf Blame Module Version: 1.0.0 Blame Module TimeStamp: 0x5690ff0c Blame Module Offset: 0x00000000000f7e02 StachHash: ffff9c58 Application LCID: 1030 Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0406 Crashed thread: 0 uncaught ObjC exception, reason: -[NSNib _initWithNibNamed:bundle:options:] could not load the nibName: OsfLoadingStateView in bundle NSBundle </Applications/Microsoft Outlook.app/Contents/Frameworks/osf.framework> (loaded).
  10. longcn

    New outlook plugin

    In the new outlook plugin in, any idea how to: type in a tag without having to use the mouse to click into the tag field?tab from one field to another?
  11. I love the idea of a cloud-based note taking system, and I currently use Notepad++ to make lists which I store on my desktop. I'd love to go the extra step and simply write/edit the note in Notepad++ and save to the cloud, removing the clutter of text files on my desktop. Is there anything right now that lets me "log-in" to Evernote via Notepad++ so that I can Open/Save files to Evernote as easily as I Open/Save files to my desktop? If not, would anybody be interested in it?
  12. Hi, I'm using AlterNote Editor chrome plugin to be able to edit table. After I've been logged in web evernote connection as requested from plugin I stumbled into this error (and looks like the connection is dropped) ------------------------------------------ | ERROR | The operation failed because Evernote's servers detected an error with: authenticationToken ------------------------------------------ and i cannot use anymore the SAVE from the plugin because that error. Can anyone help me, please? Thx in advaced
  13. I have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI (11.0.03) installed. Clipping pdf files with the Evernote Web Clipper was going fine... Right up until I decided to disable the Acrobat Pro pdf plug-ins for Safari (so that pdf files in Safari would open in the browser's default, not Acrobat Reader). I followed the instructions on the Adobe site here: http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/display-pdf-browser-acrobat-xi.html Now, however, I get an error when trying to use the Evernote Clipper, telling me to try reloading the page. When I reenable the Adobe plugins in Safari (by putting them back in the Internet Plug-ins folder in Library, by reversing above instructions), the Evernote Clipper works again. Disable it again—same problem. I've tried uninstalling the Web Clipper, and also tried closing Safari and restarting the machine before each step of changing the plugins—none of that makes any difference. Anyone have any ideas? I'd love to use Acrobat, Safari's preview of pdf's, and Evernote Web Clipper all together—and everything but the Web Clipper works fine. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. W.
  14. Feature Request : Plugin inside Evernote Products Ability to create plugins for add new features inside evernote softwares. Like in greats softwares... Evernote could be also more popular with this... ?
  15. I use the portable Canon scanner P215 with the CaptureOnTouch software that comes with a Evernote Plugin so you can scan directly to Evernote. After installing te Capture software and the Evernote Plugin, I can't select anything in the Capture software to scan directly to Evernote. In the settings of CaptureOnTouch, I find out that the Plugin is installed, but where does it fit in the scansoftware?? If I look in to the manual of the Canon scanner, there has to be a extra outputsetting to Evernote, there isn't one! Ofcourse there are a few work arounds, like scanning into a folder that is set as auto import folder in Evernote.. Or scan to a selectable EXE in CaptureOnTouch, and select the Evernote.EXE... But thats not the meaning of installing a plugin. Does anybody have information for me what is wrong and solve this Issue? Edwin. System: Windows 7
  16. I would like the option to include the originating URL with anything I clip from the browser. Today, my workaround is to clip the content, then to create a second note with just the URL, then merge the two. I'm envisioning something simple like having a checkbox in the web clipper panel with a label like "Also include URL" (see attached sketch), or including the URL could just happen automatically. oops... I'm now seeing this topic is feedback for the forum itself, not a forum for product feedback. I don't see any way to move or delete this, so I guess that's my forum feedback
  17. Hello all, I noticed a fellow user of Evernote could copy his emails directly into ENote using a button integrated into an Outlook toolbar (plugin?). Awesomely useful button, which avoids sending an email and allowing you to place the note in a given notebook. Does something like this exist for Lotus Notes? thanks, Mike
  18. Hello.. I am not able to the web clipper for chrome or firefox to work after I have updated to Mac OSX 10.8.1. I am wondering if there is something I need to do to the security settings or if there is something I am missing. I have tried several different pages on both browsers. It looks like it is working but the clipped article will not show up. However I am able to get it to work in the latest version of safari.
  19. Hello guys, I use Evernote as my main tool for writing blogs. Our company has managed a person to proof read my blogs for any grammatical mistakes. I want to know that if there is any utility or plugin with Evernote that can help the proof reader have inline comments to my notes? Any help or tip would be appreciated.