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Found 37 results

  1. davideroccato

    Best way to add Hundreds of Pictures?

    Hi, I would like to find a way to upload more than 500 photos. It's ok if there is one photo per note. How can I do it automatically? Or what's the best way I could do it? I can create a dedicated notebook, or tag. Thanks, Davide
  2. my photos in notes are now all of a sudden viewing as stretched in wrong proportions .... how can i stop this from auto happening and to show the pics in proper proportions? SOLVED AS I FINISHED THIS POST! LOL =>just had to "pinch-zoom" out ?? my photos in notes are now all of a sudden viewing as stretched in wrong proportions .... how can i stop this from auto happening and to show the pics in proper proportions?my photos in notes are now all of a sudden viewing as stretched in wrong proportions .... how can i stop this m auto happening and to show the pics in proper proportions?
  3. I'm new to Evernote and trying to organize my crafting supplies into categories and add images as well. I can add the pictures just fine, however, I want a thumbnail to show up in the folder column, so I don't have to click on each one seperately to view the picture. A few are showing up but most are not. Anyone know how I can accomplish this on each and every note? I wondered if it may be due to the size of the pictures I add, but I am not sure how to make them smaller. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hello, I am a new user of Evernote Premium and have a somewhat generic question about saving images. I am creating Evernote notes that include various images of hand written notes, photos, typed documents, and clipped web pages. I am trying the various Evernote tools to capture these images. Probably the most common is my iPhone using the Evernote app. When capturing images I am able to "save as" Photo, Document, Color Document, Post-It Note, or Business card. Post-It Note and Business card are self explanatory but it's not clear to me when and why I would select Photo or Document. If I take a picture of something that doesn't have text should I select photo? When something has text should I select document? Is it that simple? Thank you,
  5. SharonaDuchne

    Attach pictures to a note

    I didnt manage to attach at once several pic to a note (less than 10 pic) I use chrome. I tried alt+A I even tried choosing the pic and pressing ctrl or pressing arrow and then choose another one, when i moved to another one the first one wasnt kept. (I did manage doing it with Google keep). thanks
  6. music-words-engineering

    Request - default display resolution

    As phone makers battle to up the pixels it makes photos taken on the phone huge, on the devices they look crisp and stunning in proportion on the device screen. However in the evernote desktop app they appear so large that it makes writing text around them and formatting them really hard and even after editing them and making them smaller if you move them they revert back to their incredibly huge size. I'm asking for pictures to be displayed at a default size with the option to view them at their huge over the top size with a little tap or to be able to edit picture quality within evernote. Anyone else feeling this?
  7. Greetings everyone, I'm seriously in need of a cloud backup storage and as Premium Evernote user, I was planning to use it as a main hub for keeping and organizing my general files. I'm not willing to pay for another service (I have a 100gb Drive plan and that's my limit), so I wanted to work with I already have. Here's what I thought, so far: - Mirror my HD using Notebooks and Notes, maybe even Stacks, in EN. Every note would be a directory with lots of files (documents - texts, PDFs, scans -, mainly). - Use a Note as index with links (I'm still thinking if I do it or not, maybe it could be the most difficult part, keeping it updated). - Use Flickr to store photos. - Put everything that doesn't fit in Google Drive (videos, etc). I wondered if you have thought of different systems or even have hints on how to set this up. I never read anything about it and wanted to hear opinions and suggestions, if possible. Thank you.
  8. emily.barraball@gmail.com

    Annotate wont appear

    I hover my mouse over the image and annotate doesn't appear. It also doesn't appear when I right click on the image.
  9. I'm running out of space on my tablet and the gallery is one place to get space. If I take a picture on my tablet and put it in Evernote, can I delete the picture from my gallery? Or if I delete the photo in gallery does it also delete in Evernote?
  10. critterbass

    iOS iPad app not showing PDF's

    Hello, Firstly I'm sorry if this has been posted before or in the wrong place.. I'm trying to organise my study notes for university, and i've been copy and pasting PDF's from lecture slides into my notebooks in evernote on my macbook. I dont take my macbook to university with me, instead i use my iPad. When i go to view the notes on my i pad, the pdf aren't "embedded" in the note. Instead they're a "file clip" that i have to tap to open. It's very frustrating... Does anyone know a work around or how to make the iPad app download the pictures into the notes? Thanks so much for any help ps. i've attached a photo for you to see what i mean, if you need more information please let me know Evernote PDF problem
  11. Hi everyone, I am having trouble previewing pictures in evernote. The pictures are 14mp and evernote does not downscale them for preview. Are there any settings that will allow me to easily see photos in the note body?
  12. (gbarry) i would love to be able to select all/deselect all for the checkboxes in my lists that I reuse over and over (groceries, packing, travelling, camping, and so on) i would also like to be able to toggle off and on the images in a note, maybe even the formatting! So for those that use lots of images in their lists, you toggle off images in notes, and you are left with the same list taking up considerably less room. Toggling back on the images allows better description between work chat, while shopping, printing, etc. *shameless plug i love Evernote and use it everyday! It's always open in my workplace, even though my department uses a different collaboration tool/file manager. It's my digital brain for coordinating events at home, at work and everywhere in between. It is my emergency information notebook when I take my kids anywhere, leaving their health/insurance cards with mom, means I always have the digital copy or image as backup. Who do you think presents the data more, the one who always has access to Evernote, or the one that forgets the cards at home?
  13. HI All, I have a Galaxy Note 4 and I take a lot of picture notes for work. I noticed that once I hit around 3 pictures per note, every time I try to add more pictures to that note my phone will shut off and restart. To be specific, it won't shut off when I press the camera icon, it does it when the camera is active for more than 3 to 4 seconds. Is anyone else having this issue?
  14. Camera light is always on while taking pictures through the app. Any way to turn it off? Thanks
  15. Last season I created a number of fact sheets about products. I added pictures/scans to some. Now when I open the notes the text is there, a small box/link shows a picture file but no picture. If I click on this it opens the picture in Preview but not in the note. If I print the note then I get text only. Help please.
  16. Can anyone tell me how to change the main image that is displayed on each note? For instance, I have a note with several pictures in it but the wrong picture is being displayed as the note front.
  17. Hi, all, I am trying to understand why the Evernote android app (on my Nexus 5) is inserting attached pictures rotated 90 degrees to the left. Anyone have any ideas? The photos orientation is correct on the phone. In fact, if I tap the image inside the Evernote it is displayed with correct orientation. However within the Android app and on my Mac Evernote shows the pictures rotated 90 degrees to the left. What gives? In addition to stopping this from happening with other photos, how do I fix the rotated photos in the notes? Thanks!
  18. When I use the "Win + A" command to "copy the selected section" all information and formats are saved but not the photos. In many cases this is a good thing, but in some cases you would also want to include the pictures. This is a new problem and I don't know what triggered this. Any suggestions for help and troubleshooting?
  19. Hi! I tested so many apps but I can't find the right one for me.. First of all, my problem: I keep taking tons of pictures on the go to remember stuff, but because no photo capturing app with Evernote integration is fast enough or even has the necessary features, they alle end up in the iOS camera roll. Then they get synced across all my devices into Photostream and when I finally get to importing them into Evernote and deleting them from my iPhone, they still remain in my Photostream until I have time to manually check and delete which are already in Evernote and which aren't. So what I have in my mind is a separate app in which I can take those pictures which should end up in Evernote. They don't even get to the camera roll. Then later organize them by cropping, combining then into groups/folders and finally creating new Evernote notes with multiple pictures with title, tags an maybe some text. The ultimate features would be adjusting the jpeg compression ratio and resolution, and retaining the GPS coordinates! An alternative would be all of the above but without the Evernote part. Just the possibility to easily get them to my mac and do the rest there. Hopefully someone has some tips, many thanks in advance!
  20. My request is simple Let us Rotate images that are being taken with the evernote app itself on ios so that we can change their orientation so we can look at them easier. it seems natural to be able to do this as ios it self allows it but dosent have the advantage of having the image go directly into evernote like the evernote app does. I would appreciate being able to do that as it would make taking images in evernote much smoother. __This feature is intended to improve both the regular evernote camera within the evernote app and the evernote page camera within the appp. I am also eagerly awaiting the ability to see reminders in the windows desktop client.
  21. I love Evernote and I use a lot of pictures notes using the cameras on my android phone and tablet. Since Evernote saves pictures in the same folder that my phone camera does, I really have a mess of pictures and some of them are unnecessary because are both in the /pictures folder and in the Evernote note. So that, It will be useful -at least for me- that Evernote would be able to save pictures in a different location of the pictures of the camera. Thanks!
  22. Hi there, I know that there has been discussions on how to move "personal notes" to "business notes". Apparently, there is not yet a solution for it (only through a work around). What happens with pictures? I want to upload my written notes to my business account. Unfortunately, all pictures are automatically uploaded to my personal account. Is there a way of uploading pictures directly to the business account (hopefully without a work around)? Otherwise this would become really painful. Thanks a lot mucki100
  23. I have 1 picture per note (they're photos of exercises) and I want the full picture to show in the thumbnail. But, each thumbnail is zoomed in and crops out a lot of the image. I have the Windows Desktop version, and the Android version on my tablet and phone. Thanks.
  24. Hi, I am an art teacher using Evernote with about 300 pupils in secondary education to document their process. One problem that crops up regularly is that images that students paste from the web as inspiration show up in my account as blue question marks. I have opened and shared all the notebooks from a premium account on a mac and the children use a variety of different home computers and mobile devices, mostly finding their own way to use Evernote. Is there any general advice that I can give my pupils so that I can see the images that they post in their shared notebooks?
  25. One of my main uses of Evernote is storing screenshots. Each time I paste an image into a note I have to manually right click on it and switch "Automatically Size" to "Actual Size". I do this dozens of times a day. PLEASE make "Automatically Resize" and option that can be turned on/off and let me choose Actual Size as the default. Then if I so choose I could rescale an image.