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  1. Best way to add Hundreds of Pictures?

    Hi, I would like to find a way to upload more than 500 photos. It's ok if there is one photo per note. How can I do it automatically? Or what's the best way I could do it? I can create a dedicated notebook, or tag. Thanks, Davide
  2. Hello guys, I'd like to suggest that you remove the need for full read&write to photos on iOS11. A new option is now available that can give you "Write only" permission. Since this is a scanning app, the base use case is completely covered (take a camera shot then save it to the camera roll). I'd feel much better if this was the case in this era of zero privacy. I gave the same suggestion to Microsoft Office Lens, hope you guys are quicker. Thanks
  3. my photos in notes are now all of a sudden viewing as stretched in wrong proportions .... how can i stop this from auto happening and to show the pics in proper proportions? SOLVED AS I FINISHED THIS POST! LOL =>just had to "pinch-zoom" out 👌🏿 my photos in notes are now all of a sudden viewing as stretched in wrong proportions .... how can i stop this from auto happening and to show the pics in proper proportions?my photos in notes are now all of a sudden viewing as stretched in wrong proportions .... how can i stop this m auto happening and to show the pics in proper proportions?
  4. First of all, it took me forever to find out how to crop a photo in Evernote. Put "crop photo" into the Search menu and nothing really relevant pops up. Please fix this. You call it "annotating" a photo. I call it crop. Ask any photographer if they annotate or crop. Second, if I have to crop, say, 30 photos, for instance, I have to manually pick each photo from the annotate menu, do my crop, save, go back to annotate menu and repeat. You could cut down on the number of steps required if I could just go to "next" photo (EN automatically saves my previous crop) and do my adjust. Next, adjust, next, adjust, next, adjust, etc. EASY, instead of always forced to return to the little annotate icon to pick another photo. Third, I take a lot of photos sitting in class of whiteboards and TV displays and LED projections. A lot of times they can be hard to read because the color balance is way off, or the contrast is low, or color is washed out. PLEASE add a set of simple tools where I can adjust the quality of the photo. AND be sure to enable me to apply that adjustment to each photo with a simple paste command. I do not want to have to do it manually again for each of those numerous photos in that notebook. Thank you, I hope this will be forwarded to a development team there.
  5. I am using Chrome on a MacBook pro with the Evernote webclipper to capture article plus photos from sites like Architectural Digest and Dwell. Unfortunately, the photos (the important part!) don't come along. I've tried 'full page' and 'article'. what's wrong?
  6. I would like to drag images, including groups of images, from the finder and the mac photos.app into a note in evernote.
  7. Images not showing up

    I installed the newest versions of Evernote on my Mac Pro (Sierra) and iPad & iPhone (iOS 10.2) and when I take a picture and update Evernote, a new note with the correct title shows up, but not the picture I took. To be more specific, photos do not show up at all on the laptop, and only in the preview pane on the iPad. The title shows up, and date stamp, but no photo. Can you help me with this? Please see partial screenshot below. "Note" should contain a photo of lyrics, but contains nothing. The note title "Checks" contains nothing, either. If it's any kind of clue, the EN icons for all devices show a red circled "2" but there's no immediate indication in the apps what I am presumably being notified of. TYVM.
  8. I have opened an encrypted note and tried adding a photo via drag and drop, paste, and attaching with pin, but it doesn't work. Can photos be added?
  9. Hi everyone! I'm new to Evernote, so I know this is probably an easy question (I've tried searching the forums but I haven't found an answer yet). I have the Evernote app downloaded on my Android phone. I've been uploading some of my photos into notes and organizing them. In a few notes, I want to delete some photos that were unintentionally added to the incorrect note. How do you delete photos that you uploaded from your phone into a note? I've looked everywhere, tried right-clicking on the photos, no such luck. Uggh!
  10. When I save/convert a note to PDF (using the Evernote desktop program) which contains a photo, the photo will often be distorted/broken up in the resulting PDF, meaning that it'll appear in several separate portions. For example, a note that I create and attach a photo (which was taken with an iPhone 6 and attached in the Evernote app on my iPhone) will ultimately result in a three page PDF with the photo split up into three portions when I save/convert the note to PDF using the desktop Evernote program. Is there any way to prevent the photo(s) from being split up into separate portions when converting? I’ve attached a PDF of how the conversion appears when converted using the Evernote desktop program to illustrate the resulting conversion (Evernote Backup (converted to PDF in Evernote) REV.pdf) and another PDF of how it should appear and how it looks in Evernote prior to converting (Evernote Backup (as it appears in Evernote) REV.pdf). I have many notes with photos attached and typically back them up in PDF format but haven't been able to reliably save/convert the note when there are photos attached. I would really like to preserve the original look and format of the note. Here are some details about the software I'm currently using: Evernote Premium; Evernote desktop version (303788) Public; Windows 10 Home, version 1607, OS build 14393.447. Thanks! Evernote Backup (as it appears in Evernote) REV.pdf Evernote Backup (converted to PDF in Evernote) REV.pdf
  11. Hi! Newbie to Evernote here. I am trying to add multiple photos within a note. I would like to have text in between the photographs. I can't seem to make the cursor go below the photo. I can type all I want above, but not below it. I hope I am just missing something. Thanks in advance!
  12. Image Slideshow

    Hey I'd like to be able to view my photos within a note as a slideshow, not as a presentation and not as scrolling through the note. Just a basic image slideshow. I am on the Mac application and seems like this is an obvious easy feature that should be there. Thanks.
  13. Crop photos / images

    I would love to be able to crop photos I've taken via the camera - there's usually excess content in the image.
  14. Evernote, please bring back the ability to change the picture size when taking photos. Syncing huge images takes so long that I've had to downgrade to Evernote 7.7.1.
  15. Excuse my english as it's not my first language. A very important request for me (And I'm sure for others too) is the way evernote organizes images within the notes. Most of my notes are recipes with photos of the steps needed. Evernote just places all the images simply in the note and so I have to scroll down to see each one. For me this has been very annoying because: 1. Too much scrolling needed to view the images, 2. Big hasstle of scrolling up and down to edit the note or while viewing, 2. Text under a group of images gets neglected because lots of scrolling involved which usually makes me miss reading them, 3. It just looks very ugly and not organized. At first I had no idea how to improve this or what's the solution. But today I came across an app called Instructables and it had very similar pages to how evernote notes look. This app allows you to see images within the page in a very dynamic and organized way which solves all the issues I have with evernote. I have attached 2 screenshots from this app inwhich I use 2 different views (you have an option to expand all images on the button on the top right corner.) Here is the first screenshot with the images expanded (which is similar to how evernote displays images ??) And here is the improved way of organizing images and viewing them compactly and neatly ???) This app displays images that are grouped together (meaning no text inbetween them) in a gallery like structure which allows you to view the images one by one without scrolling. I hope very very much that evernote adops such image view within the notes to solve all the issues I am facing and make the app a lot better. By the way, as a side note I'd like to say one more thing, the image used as a note thumbnail is chosen from the images in the note depending on the image with the largest dimentions. This is extremely horrible and have not been fixed for many years now. Please allow us to choose the image to become a thumbnail rather than making me edit all the images to make sure the one I want as a thumbnail has the largest dimentions (simply horrible) Thanks a lot for reading this long post and I hope you guys implement this soon.
  16. Hello, Typically I am able to open a photo that I have saved in a note and post it from the Evernote app straight to Facebook. For the past week, I can see the photo in the Note, but am unable to post it to Facebook or even save it back to my phone's camera roll. I have had to take a screen shot and then crop around it lessening the quality of the photo. Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution? Thank you!
  17. [Had this in iOS Beta and forgot about this forum, so I deleted so I could put it in the proper place!] I have been noticing this awhile and maybe there's a way to do it faster, but I'm not sure I know it. I like to use the iOS Evernote App to import multiple photos pretty frequently. The way I do this is tap "Photos" on the Evernote Homescreen. This takes me to Camera, which is not what I want half the time. From there I have to tap Photos. Could there be a way to not have to load the Camera? One thought would be to hold longer on Photos button instead of a tap. Probably could happen other ways, but something to avoid loading Camera would be awesome. Thanks!
  18. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.14 earlier today. This release focused on improving Search UI and fixing a slew of bugs and crashes. Notable fixes and improvements: Search UI improvements Suggested search changes to make it easier to understand that the results being shown while typing are suggestions and not full results Search messaging to let users know that the search results may not be complete if offline or if network connection was dropped Sync improvements Reduced note sync conflicts when editing note body and note attributes sequentially on multiple devices Fixed sync error for very large attachments Photo fixes Consecutive images added to the note at one time may not save to Camera Roll or may appear as mostly grey; they are now saved correctly Saving to Camera Roll is controlled by Settings > General > Camera > Save Snapshots Live Photos shared into Evernote resulted in blank notes; the static image is now saved Images shared from Photos app to Evernote now appear correctly on the Mac and Web clients Additional fixes: Unable to sign into LinkedIn Unable to save Biz Card scan if you try to send LinkedIn request Quick notes from Today widget were incorrectly saved to last used notebook; they now go to your default notebook Cannot close overflow menu in iPad split view Removed non-functioning expand/contract arrows when creating new notes on iPad Updated PDF viewer to address several top crashes Crash when logging out Crash for certain tags with emojis Crash when viewing notes from Tags Crash when creating a private business notebook You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  19. It would be really handy and helpful if I could pick a picture inside of the note to make as the default note picture. Right now it just kind of randomly picks a picture but its not always the picture that does the note the most justice of whats inside the note.
  20. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.13 earlier today. This release focused on fixing bugs and crashes and introduced an improved way to insert photos into notes. Notable fixes and improvements: Photo selection Selecting photos to insert into a note now has a numeric indicator increasing as you tap pictures to add - this is the order they will be inserted into your note Deselecting an image will decrement already selected images with higher numbers to reflect the new order Improved VoiceOver support, specifically around note editing Fixed issue where text formatting bar disappeared after adding a photo in some situations Fixed issue where keyboard buttons disappeared when editing a business card note Fixed issue where extra characters were added to saved search names Fixed crash after dismissing the camera and a new auto-capture occurred Fixed crash when tapping triangle icon after renaming a notebook stack Updated PDF viewer You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  21. I want to protect my Evernote images (i.e. photos and saved with Evernote, business cards that were photographed with Evernote, photographed documents and cataloged in Evernote, etc.) so that they do not get deleted when I batch delete all the other images in my iPhone's Photos app. (Since I am using Lightroom which automatically copies my iPhone photos and syncs them with my desktop photos, there is no need to keep my iPhone's images.) Is there a way to identify which ones are tied to Evernote and then protect them? Thanks! David
  22. I've used Evernote for a few years. When you folks added the photos feature and the ability to quickly capture documents and receipts it was an amazing useful feature. Recently though on my iPhone 6, the feature has failed to work properly. It's become increasingly difficult for it to grab a receipt even on highly contrasted backgrounds like white on black. What's up with this. A feature that's been very useful has now gone down the tubes ...
  23. Hi, It would be very useful, intuitive and time saving to be able to set a title, folder location and tags for newly created image notes. Currently you have to save the image note and then open it again and add the above details. A post photo wizard/screen would make the process more intuitive. Thanks Dave
  24. Can't share to my photos app?

    Not sure what I have done. Before I could take a scan then send it to photos on my iphone. Now that option seems to have disappeared? I can share the scan to message, mail, notes, gmail, evernote but not photos? My airdop is turned on. What I normally do for some scans is to transfer them to photos so I can have more editing control.
  25. Hi, I recently used Evernote on trip where I was taking some photos and also writing notes under them. Workflow on Evernote it's now quite easy for this kind of work. I really liked that when you take photos, there is list of photos and you can easily delete some photos before saving them into note. But it can still use some refinement. My main problem was ability to get cursor under photo to be able to write there my notes, specially if it was last photo on page. Usually I had to create few empty lines under photo, so it's easier to write there. And after some time (sometimes few minutes, sometimes longer) whole Evernote started to be very slow and I had to restart it. I was creating fairly big notes, because there was even 40 photos (large size) in one note. Main problem was battery drain, if I didn't brought battery pack with me I would not be able to use it at all. When I used it first time, it drained battery on my iPhone in 1,5 hour, then I turn on "synchronize on wifi only" and battery life improved greatly (it lasted about 3hours), because I was not on wifi. But still I had to charge iPhone at every possibility to get through whole day. I did synchronization only in evening when I was on wifi. At the end of trip I was satisfied, because I was able to use it, even with those problems, but if you improve it a bit, specially battery life, it would be better. Thanks